You’re about to go through an email bootcamp with 5 action taking days to better prepare you for transitioning your kids to a vegan diet, take it to the next level of being prepared with the accompanying workbook!!

Keep track of all of your plans, recipes, thoughts, and more in the workbook. You can edit it online or print it out for safe keeping!

Inside you’ll find:

Links to MORE resources for raising vegan kids, like an Ultimate Guide
A list health documentaries, vegan children’s books, and books for you
Pages to take notes from the documentaries and books
Pictures of food ideas
A list of places to look for vegan recipes
Pages to keep track of your family members favorite foods (& ones they will tolerate)
Common vegan food brands (so you know what to look for in stores)
Vegan substitutes
A list of foods to keep stocked in your kitchen
A place to keep track of new foods/recipes you’ll try with your kids
A tutorial & worksheets to teach you how to break down meals and make them vegan/healthier
Tons of food customization tips
And so much more to help you on your way to raising vegan kids!
[BONUS] Ebook with all 5 days of the bootcamp so you can work more at your speed and in the time you have (without having to dig through your emails to find each day)


You can go through the bootcamp fine with just the emails…

But, this workbook will help keep you going and make things much easier to keep track of.

Plus you can even edit it on your phone, no printing needed!

Prepare to Succeed; Going Vegan with Kids 5 Day Bootcamp!