This is where you get to learn all about me and this site! Not really though, because I’m a complete introvert!! (And, you probably don’t want to know that I used to own a pet boa before I became a mom.)

But, what I will tell you is that my name is Shawna and I have two beautiful little girls and a wonderful husband (obviously, or I wouldn’t have married him)! We also recently, like last year, moved from the east coast of the U.S. to the west coast. That’s when I started being a stay at home mom, and my husband started working to support our family. (I was the one who worked before, for about 4 years… call centers, and I despise talking on the phone.)

And, after being a stay at home mom for a few months I started realizing how it really was. Being a stay at home mom is no joke. My husband made it look so easy! Like, I have a degree in psychology, my first 2 years of college were focused on child psychology; it shouldn’t be this stressful. But, IT IS! Raising children can be sooo frustrating sometimes. I get that, I also get that us moms try our hardest to do the best we can by our kids. No matter what!

I created this blog because I know how hard it can be (and is) to be a stay at home mom. Other people do not give us enough credit for all it is that we really do. What we do is considered invisible work; we cook, we clean, we raise our children, we’re responsible for all the things! It’s not easy, but I want to help make it a little less frustrating.

(psst…..I also have a degree in psychology and understand what this kind of stress can do to the body, especially when eating a poor diet….which is another thing I kind of obsess over. I’m a bit of a health nut! I haven’t always been though. As a teenager I didn’t really care about health, I was one of those kids who thought they were going to live forever and never really thought about what I ate….I went from monsters and candy bars to green smoothies and salads! More on that here.)

Why Blog?

I blog to reach you, a fellow mama, who feels just a tad bit overwhelmed with life and knows things could be better, just a little bit easier than they are right now. To show you that you are not alone in this lonely stay at home mom life. I’m right there with you, my kids drive me nuts sometimes, and won’t stay out of the fridge, either. Along with climbing on the counters and making our home look like a tornado went straight through it!

Sometimes you feel the only way you can get through the day is by drowning your frustrations in coffee and chocolate; I get that, I’ve been there, and some days I’m right there with ya!

I want to help you, and myself, get through this mom life in one piece, with our sanity in tack! And, not just get through it, but make it actually enjoyable.

Maybe you just don’t care….

If you don’t believe that food effects our mood, or that we can be the change we want to see in our own life or in our children; then I have nothing to offer you. If you want to be negative about everything and dwell on how things were in the past and allow that negativity to influence your future, then I don’t want you here. Simple as that. I talk a lot about health, how to be a better parent (and how you’re already a great parent), and ways to improve your own life on this site.

If you’re not into being a better person then there should be a little button at the top of your screen to the right with an ‘X’ on it; go ahead and click on it.

Or, maybe you do….

If you do want to be a better person, or mom, or want to improve your health through nutrition and conquer your overwhelm as a stay at home parent then I’d recommend some of the posts below; it’s a mixture of some of the posts others love reading and ones I very much enjoyed writing! (This section will expand! I have a lot of posts concerning health and parenting in the works right now, and can’t wait til they’re done and on here for you!)

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This stay at home mom life isn’t easy, and I kind of despise whoever came up with the thought that it was! So, when you get a spare moment, I’d like to help you out, give you some practical tips, or maybe even some inspiration!

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