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What do you think about the word ‘diet’?

Have you ever wanted to lose weight soo badly that you ‘went on a diet’? I wouldn’t blame you if you have; most people have. Even as I type the word “diets” into google, the first recommended phrase to search is “diets to lose weight”, and third is “diets that work fast”!

Losing weight and ‘dieting’ are so ingrained in our culture that some people only think of losing weight when they think of the word diet. But, the true definition of diet is about what we regularly eat, not what we eat to lose weight!

Everyone is always looking for that quick fix; especially when it comes to losing weight (and especially when it comes time for summer). But how many people are actually thinking about the consequences of the quick fix?

Probably not many, if I were to guess.

Why do people make themselves suffer on ‘diets’?

Too many people (and by that, I mean at least 1 person), believe that losing weight is the be all/end all in their lives. They’re too worried about losing weight and what they think they will feel like if they do. Some people think that if they could just lose some weight that they’ll be happy; regardless of how that weight was lost.

But, being thin due to unhealthy habits is not going to make anyone happy. It may change their attitude and make them grouchy, but not happy; since food has an affect on emotions and neurotransmitters.

Fortunately, it seems as if quick weight loss and fad diets may be going out of style! FINALLY!

I mean, they are still relevant and the focus of many people’s lives. But, I have high hopes that my generation and the generations to come don’t have the quick fix mindset. For example, 4 to 5 years ago the same google search would have resulted in more recommended searches about losing weight fast. The example I gave before was the only recommended searches that concerned losing weight fast that popped up.

And, to show why I’m so hopeful for my generation; when I type in “millennials diet” the first thing that pops up is “millennials and a plant-based diet, better food, better choices”. So, something we’re doing must be right!

Fad Diets (hopefully of the past!)

My nutrition professor warned us about these in college.

Fad diets are not something you want to mess around with. They’re called fads for a reason, and I’m thankful for that. But, some have seemed to stick around longer than should and have even made it onto the little nutrition sparkcharts sheets that I still have from college.

If you don’t know what a fad diet is then you are probably very young, or have been hiding under a rock. Fad diets are simply diets that promise quick weight loss without exercise and without a balanced diet; they can be detrimental to your health and ‘experts’ are advising against them. And, honestly, if you lose weight too quickly, you ought to know that’s not good for you.

Yo-Yo dieting

Many people who go on fad diets are also usually yo-yo dieters; they jump from diet to diet in hopes of losing the weight they gained from stopping the last diet they tried. You can’t stick with a fad diet forever, they aren’t meant to be a lifestyle change, simply a ‘quick fix’. And, people who try them usually end up gaining back even more weight than they had lost; so, these ‘diets’ actually do the opposite of what they promise to do.

Is this any way to live or lose weight; being so fearful trying to lose weight and look good that we ignore the science and facts that it won’t stay off or be healthy?

Unfortunately, some fad diets are so popular people may actually think they ‘work’, and therefore use them to lose weight quickly. Like the atkins diet which is a very unbalanced diet focused on consuming a lot of protein and very little carbs. Personally, even if I didn’t know this was bad for my health, would not be able to go on this diet. I like my bread and pasta too much! But, for this diet, weight gain after quitting the diet may not be the only bad side effect; too much protein is really bad for our kidneys. And, we kind of need our kidneys, so let’s not make their job any harder than it already is.

“Fad Diets- Don't let them destroy you; your health, physically or mentally. Don't go down that road; you won't like what you find.”Click To Tweet

Other fad diets

The atkins diet is probably one of the most familiar fad diets there are. But, other fad diets, not so popular ones, are also destroying our health and well being. So, let’s not forget about those; or maybe we should forget about those and just focus on eating healthy foods and enough of them. (And maybe some dark chocolate in moderation, too.)

Maybe it’s just my way of thinking, but ever since I started weighing more than 120 pounds I never tried to lose weight through a fad diet. I wanted long term results (and to be healthy) and I guess (even before taking courses on food) on a subconscious level, I knew that quick fixes weren’t the way to go.

It’s still entertaining to look up fad diets and see what people do to lose weight. But, then again it’s sad that people don’t have the knowledge to know better and not aim for quick and temporary results; or that they ignore the facts because their desire to lose weight is too strong.

Other, less common, diets include slimfast (because drinking chemicals for more than half your meals in the day is the way to go…*sarcasm*), the grape fruit diet (at least you don’t have to think about what to eat), and other weird diets where you restrict certain food groups and put emphasis on others (or emphasis on an individual food, or chemical food product).

The results of “diets”

The point to this post is that I don’t want you to harm yourself or your body to lose weight or “look good”. There is no ‘quick fix’ for being happy or healthy or thin. If you think you’ll automatically be happy when you’re thin because you’re thin, then you’re in for a big surprise. This is especially true if you get that way in an unhealthy way.

I’m going to let you in on a little known secret (that has actually been known since Hippocrates said it); food is the best medicine. This is not only true for physical ailments, but also mental. So, if you eat poorly and unbalanced you’re going to feel poorly and unbalanced, too. And, not to sound too much like a millennial (I am one by the way), but eating a balanced plant based diet is probably the best way to go!

The best result of a fad diet would be gaining back the weight you lost; the worst is health complications you have to live with for the rest of your life. I don’t care if your best friend told you that a specific diet works fast and is fool-proof. You need to look into it yourself to be sure. If it’s restrictive or tells you to consume non-food or food-like products, or puts far too much emphasis on a single nutrient (which at the time may not seem like it because you’re in the honey moon stage of dieting); then it’s probably not all that good for you.

They even warn us to seek doctors permission…

And I know, just as well as you do, that diet companies tell you to speak with your physician before you start any weight loss or exercise program. They only say that to save their own butts.  This way, if you end up with health complications through following their diet or consuming their products, they can point their finger at you.

Because, let’s get real here, do you really do ask your doctors permission to go on a diet? And, does you physician really have enough training in nutrition to determine what is best for you? Possibly, but possibly not; unless you see an actual dietitian, or if your doctor cares about nutrition enough to take more than the minimum training on it.

If you do actually speak with them, like you are ‘supposed to’ do, then good for you; but either way you are responsible for what goes into your body. Whether it’s the healthiest food in the world that will bring you to optimal health; or something completely made of chemicals and produced in a factory. You are the one who determines what you eat and drink.

Plus, you could be told a thousand times what you should and shouldn’t eat. But, that doesn’t mean you’re going to listen.

“Diet” in the eyes of a millennial

Being as how I would be considered a millennial, myself, since I’m only 26; I feel as if us millennial’s are eating better for our health than other generations, or at least trying to. And, no, I don’t own a home, and yes, I do have student debt. Oh, how some of the cliches of being a millennial do ring true. But, I am not lazy, far from it, just like others in my generation. We work hard! Whether other generations believe it or not! I could go on and on about this issue, but for your sake, I won’t.

But, to get back to the term “diet”, we (or at least those of us with any education in nutrition whatsoever) consider the term to simply mean ‘the food we consume on a regular basis’. No more, no less. It’s pretty simple, really. If it doesn’t seem simple then think of it as if we were in a zoo; what would we be fed to stay healthy and alive? I know, that example may be used too often, but it may also be the simplest way of understanding what the word diet really means.

To the Future… with the Word ‘Diet’

I’m hoping the real meaning of ‘diet’ catches on; at least, more so than it already has.

I know I’m raising my girls to know the correct meaning of the word. And, I’m sure many other millennials will raise their children the same way. We don’t want our children to worry about their weight, just their health and well being.

I’m not able to predict the future; but I’m hoping that my generation is well versed enough in nutrition and how to eat well; to have obesity rates decrease and the ‘diet’ subculture decrease or come to a halt.

I know I’m raising informed little girls who prefer avocados over cookies.

Are you teaching your kids about nutrition?

Whether you know it or not, you’re teaching your children about food, simply by giving them the food that you do, or how you talk about it. They trust you and believe that what you give them to eat is what they should be eating. So, please, let it be something good for them; that will truly nourish them and not just something easy and packaged and chemical, because that’s easier.

Let our generation be the one to steer our health, and the health of future generations, in the right direction!


What are your thoughts on this topic? Please share in the comments

If this post makes you feel like you’re behind on eating well and feel discouraged about your eating habits, I apologize, try reading No one is Born Knowing How to Eat Healthy! instead.

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No one is Born Knowing How to Eat Healthy!

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No one is Born Knowing How to Eat Healthy!

Have you ever wanted to start eating healthier, for just yourself or to feed your family better, as well?

But, you don’t even know where to start!

You feel that just because you don’t eat as healthy as you want right now, that it’s too far out of reach? Like, you’re already too far behind everyone else; as if the people you admire who eat a healthy diet have been eating like that since they were born?

Well, guess what? Eating healthy isn’t something we’re born knowing how to do! Even those health nuts you know, weren’t born knowing how to eat healthy! (LIKE ME!!!)

Some of them probably didn’t even grow up on a very healthy diet, either. I know I didn’t! At least compared to what I believe as being healthy today. Pretty far from it, actually. Especially when I was a teenager!

Yet now, I totally consider myself a health nut!

Looking for more to help you live a healthier lifestyle? Check out this year’s Healthy Living Bundle! It’s only on sale through 9/10 this year (2018), but will save you thousands of dollars on resources!. So take advantage of the sale while it lasts!

What I ate as a Teen

Shhhh….don’t tell my mom, but my diet as a teenager was pretty horrible, and it wasn’t her fault at all. I was a bit of an over achiever in high school. I gave up my lunch during the day to take extra classes. Didn’t know what a study hall was. And, I skipped my senior year of high school, just to start college when when I was 17!

I ate processed cereal in the morning, if I ate at all. I’d get a few candy bars from the vending machines at school to eat. I was always drinking soda back then, along with energy drinks…all the time! It was bad! Oh, don’t forget the fact that I started drinking coffee at 14.

When I wasn’t eating candy bars or processed foods; I was eating pizza and home made baked sweets, with quite a bit of sugar. (My favorite was peanut butter swirl bars!) I had a bit of a sweet tooth when I was younger. If you knew me, you would not have known. I was the girl who could stand behind a pole and her friends would joke they couldn’t see her. I stayed the same weight from 7th grade til I started college. That’s when I started to gain some weight….

Freshman 15 (or should I say 30)

Eating healthy wasn’t even on my mind, until I started to gain weight and couldn’t figure out why….I had gained the oh so famous freshmen 15, or in my case 30.

It wasn’t from partying or drinking, like how some new college students gained weight, I never did that, I still don’t. (I’ve been either pregnant or nursing since I was 20, so it’s never even been an option.)

The only other thing I could think of was the fact that I was eating A LOT more. And not the good kind of food, either. Learning as much and as quickly as you do in each college semester isn’t easy on anyone’s brain. My brain needed more, and more glucose to perform better….meaning I was going to the dollar store and raiding their candy and cookie isle, along with their brand of energy drinks. Like any typical broke college student would do. That, along with long naps, is what I thought was getting me through my days in my first semester. But, it wasn’t so gentle on my waist line.

Changing My Diet

That’s when I knew something had to give. My pants were getting tighter and I didn’t like the feeling. So, I did what any sheltered 17 year old would do; I looked for answers on eating better to lose weight, online.

The internet back then was not like it is today, to say the very least. There weren’t as many options for sites to choose to learn from, and I didn’t know who to trust or how to go about knowing if what those people were recommending were any good or not. I remember most of the sites I found showed what models would eat in a typical day to keep their shape…I didn’t know any better not to follow those diets.

So, I’d listen to complete strangers on what to eat; I’d buy rice cakes and celery sticks (both of which I cannot stand, even to this day). I’d force myself to eat them and avoid carbs as much as I could, you know, a couple hours here and there. Avoiding carbs was like cutting off my brains life support.

Then I started working and going to college; I was too busy to care about what I ate. I practically ended up living on ready made instant carnation breakfasts and redbulls. Now I cringe even thinking about it!

A Little More Progress

The next time I reevaluated my diet was when I became pregnant. At that point, I knew I was eating for more than just myself and made sure I ate plenty of fruit, protein and other foods that I thought were healthy. Like kashi cereal, or off brand organic cocoa puffs (they weren’t called cocoa puffs, I can’t remember what they were called). I even made a fruit baby in a carriage for my own baby shower!

And luckily, I didn’t have many cravings while pregnant, and I was able to really kick myself into high gear when it came to eating well. I had even cut caffeine out of my diet about a month before I even knew I was pregnant; I guess my body knew I was pregnant before I did! I was told to cut juice from my diet by my doctor. With the explanation that there’s not really any benefit from drinking juice, and that I’d be better off just eating real fruit! But, other than that I was eating better than I ever had. 

Everyone Changes at Their Own Pace

Everyone has their own reason why they want to eat healthier, or what eating healthy means to them. I want to show you that it’s alright to not be where you want to be right now. And, where you want to be right now with your eating, may not be where you want to be 5 years from now, and possibly not even in 1 year from now!

How we think and feel about what we eat will change over time with us. You can’t compare your journey to eating well with anyone else’s. Eating healthier is a journey that we will always be improving on, on a personal level.

Our perception of what eating healthy is will change with us, through each season and phase of our lives. Reflect on where you are with eating well, and simply make improvements and work towards where you want to be!

Green Smoothies and Salads!

10 years ago, if you were to tell me that I was going to be obsessed with drinking green smoothies and love eating salads….with lettuce in them; I flat out would not have believed you. I just wouldn’t, case closed.

I was not a health nut as a teenager, far from it. I didn’t even really know anything about nutrition. I knew that we needed to eat to live. And, if I wanted to be a part of a sports team, that meant I had to eat more because of all the extra calories I was burning.

Now, I consider myself a true health nut and aiming towards a whole food plant based diet! Sure, I’m not perfect, I still have my coffee with my dairy free creamer or grab a pizza from dominoes once in awhile. But, I’ve come a long way from where I was! Simply the fact that I regularly spend half of my grocery money on fruits and veggies would shock my 16 year old self! I even own a juicer; and use it!

Raising a Healthier Generation!

Because I was able to realize the effects food has on us before my daughters were born, and was already on the path to eating better; I’m able to raise my daughters on healthier food than what I knew growing up!

And, don’t take that the wrong way. Wherever you are on your journey towards health; include your children. Let them pick out some fruits and veggies they want to try (as long as they’re in season). Include them when cooking healthy meals and show them how important eating well is to you.

Let them play in the dirt and grow a garden full of fresh fruits and veggies. Let them be a kid and watch as what they planted grows into delicious, healthy food, that they can eventually eat! They may be amazed at how such a small thing can turn into something so large, like a watermelon or pumpkin. It maybe even as amazing to them, as you having been able to grow your child inside of you!

Let’s grow the next generation to be a healthier one!

Click on the picture above to get a FREE Recipe Ebook!!

Learn how to meal prep with this course to help you with your health journey. So it’s not as slow as mine.

Start Today!

So, if you are still thinking about eating a healthy diet and living a healthy lifestyle; just know that it’s not too late! You’re not ‘behind’ by any means. People gravitate their way towards wanting to live healthy on their own terms and at their own pace. Don’t compare yourself, and your journey towards health with anyone else’s.

Determine what a healthy diet for you is (because we all have our own standards). Then find one thing that you can change, to move in that direction and just go from there; implementing one new change every so often, or when you’re ready. I’m not going to tell you it’s going to be easy. But, you have your why to eat better, so hold onto that as you work your way towards your optimal healthy diet!

Who knows, maybe in a year or two you’ll be eating healthier than you could have ever imagined, and raising little health nuts of your very own!!

What’s one thing you want to change in your diet to eat healthier? Share in the comments!

Looking for more to help you live a healthier lifestyle? Check out this year’s Healthy Living Bundle! It’s only on sale through 9/10 this year (2018), but will save you thousands of dollars on resources!. So take advantage of the sale while it lasts!


journey to health, no one is born knowing how to eat healthy #healthy #healthyeating #healthjourney
journey to health, no one is born knowing how to eat healthy #healthy #healthyeating #healthjourney

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Meal Prepping for the week

The Benefits of Meal Prepping

Save Time | Save Money | Be Healthier


Do you hate cooking? Or feel as if you just don’t have time for it? So, you just grab fast food, or easy frozen meals you can just put in the oven, instead? It’s so much easier that way, right?

What about your health, though? How do you feel? Do you have energy to get through the day, or are you relying on caffeine and sugar for that?

Would you like to know how to eat healthy all week long? Without paying a ton of money, or having someone else cook for you every night….

Learn how to meal prep here!

You can meal prep! Batch cook, and bake, the foods that you enjoy and are healthy; it just takes a few hours each week! If you’re making food yourself instead of buying it already processed, or from a restaurant or fast food place; it’s bound to naturally be healthier, and, without too much effort!

Once you start meal prepping, you may want to check out some containers to hold your food for the week!

And, there’s more benefits to meal prepping than simply eating healthier; that’s just the best one in my own opinion!

It Saves Time

You can literally meal prep all, or at least most, of your food for the week in one morning (or afternoon) during the weekend!

Cook your grains, roast your veggies, bake any desserts or breakfasts you’ll want for the week. Prepare whatever you usually eat, or wish you could eat if you could just find the time.

If you usually buy a frozen pizza; make the dough and prepare the toppings during your meal prep session, and store in the fridge til you want it! If you are like my husband and like buying frozen pot pies for dinners; make and freeze your own instead! Check out Pinterest for some ideas, there are thousands of ideas and examples to for meal prepping on there! Just search for the type of food you and your family enjoy! Save yourself some more time and follow some of my boards for plenty of healthy meal ideas to make!

Take this course to start saving time by meal prepping!

Less Mess

Making all, or most, of your food all on one day means less dishes to do! YAY!! I don’t know if you have a dishwasher or not, but I don’t. So this is a big deal for me! I hate doing the dishes, yet I’m the only who does them.

If for some reason I don’t meal prep over the weekend, I end up have two sinks full of dishes to do every day of the week!! That’s enough to make me just want to order food out instead of cook, and I’m a bit of a health nut! So, meal prepping once a week saves me from dreading to do the dishes, and saves a ton of time with only have to clean up from making food once. It’s a win-win; no eating out, and less of a mess!

Save Money

Along with having saving time, and stress, from having to cook everyday; you also save money from meal prepping!

You will need to meal plan wisely though, to make the most out of saving your money with this process. I’d suggest to start by learning How to Make a Healthy Meal Plan on a Budget!


There are actually a few ways you can save money by meal prepping.

First, you save money by not having to eat out.

Second, you save money but not buying as much processed food!

And, third; you save money by creating meals out of the groceries you buy, right after getting them. This makes sure that the food you buy doesn’t go bad before using it, meaning less waste. And, who likes paying for food that ends up going to waste? I don’t think anyone does, but it happens all the time. So, let’s only buy what we need and prepare it right away!

If you start to realize that you bought more food than what you needed for the week and some of the food may go bad; make meals and freeze them! You’ll save even more money and have an extra meal for later in the month, just in case you need one!

Take this course to start saving money by meal prepping!

Eat Healthier

I know I already mentioned this in the beginning, but it’s soo important that I needed to say a little more about it! Plus, there’s multiple ways to meal prep to eat healthy. There’s how I’ve been describing, where you prep once a week. But, you can also make freezer meals; this will reduce stress, save time, and save you money, even more so than weekly meal prepping!

I’ve dabbled in making freezer meals a little bit in the past, but I haven’t turned it into a habit yet. Some people have though, and will make a whole months worth of food at one time. From how I did it, and understand how to do it; it’s basically just cutting up a lot of veggies and protein, adding in spices, and putting it in a freezer bag to freeze til needed. I’d recommend checking out pinterest for some ideas and recipes to use!

I may not make freezer meals regularly, but I do have two little girls and all three of us have a bit of a sweet tooth. If you can’t tell yet, I don’t enjoy buying processed food for myself and my girls. So, all the muffins, cookies, and other snack type foods we eat are home made with mostly plant based ingredients! All our breakfast foods that are sweet, like pancakes and waffles are home made, as well! I always double the recipe and freeze whatever we don’t eat that day!

This way I can get 3 to 4 meals for us out of the breakfast food I made (and only have to make it and do the dishes once!!). And, for most of the snacks I make, they’ll last all month. Which is amazing! Not that I hate baking, I actually enjoy it and my girls love to help, too. It just takes so much time, so being able to bake once a month saves me quite a few hours through out the month!

Take this course to start eating healthier by meal prepping!

SOO Many Benefits to Eating Healthier!!

So, you can eat healthier by meal prepping, but why eat healthier? How will it benefit YOU?

I sure hope you can guess at least a few benefits! Like the obvious ones of being in good health, losing or maintaining weight, and preventing certain chronic diseases.

But, with eating healthier, you’ll also have more energy (to chase after your little ones), and be happier!!

You won’t feel as groggy at 3pm or 4pm when a lot of people need a sugar or caffeine fix to last through the rest of the day. You won’t be hangry!! Because you’ll be meal prepping and have food almost immediately available when you need it, and be feeding your body the nutrients it needs.

There are so Many Benefits to Meal Prepping!

Now that you know how beneficial prepping your meals ahead of time is; do you think you’ll start meal prepping now?

Will you spend a few hours on the weekend making healthy food for yourself and family to have all week long? To save you hours through out the week making food and cleaning up. Saving you a good chunk of change from avoiding fast food or eating out, because you already have food ready to eat at home! And to help ensure that your family and yourself are getting the healthy food you deserve and nutrients you need!

You’ve learned why you should meal prep, now learn how to meal prep to benefit from it!

Comment below with what you plan on meal prepping this week!

Meal Prep

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Why You Should Meal Prep Save Time | Save Money | Be Healthier #mealprep
Why You Should Meal Prep Save Time | Save Money | Be Healthier #mealprep

The 8 Best Appliances for Moms Trying to Be Healthy!

Being a mom, we know it’s important to be healthy and take care of ourselves, however, this can sometimes be harder than we expect. We can easily get too busy to care about our own health, and it’s too easy to get sucked into the convenience of packaged or processed foods. We may also not have the right tools to be healthy, or forget about the ones that we do have!

(Or, maybe we never had the time to find out how to use the ones we have, such as the ones other people bought us for Christmas, like my crock pot I got about 3 years ago and used for the first time a few months ago…I never knew how easy it could be to just throw a meal together, by literally throwing ingredients into a crock pot and turning it on!)

But, our health is too important to ignore, and we need to get a handle on it. The best thing we can do to make this hassle into something we enjoy is by having the tools we need, that give the most time savings and health benefits for our buck, and investing a few minutes into learning how to use them or finding recipes to use with them! (Pinterest is a great place to start to find recipes if you don’t want to spend money on cookbooks!)

What Kitchen Appliances Do This?

Well, I’m glad you asked! Since having my own children, I feel like I’ve been experimenting with so many different kitchen appliances, ones I didn’t even know existed when I was growing up. And, I have quite a few more than I want to buy to try out for myself (like the instant pot, that has been getting a lot of praise recently). Below is a list of the ones that I own, love, and use for various things!


To be completely honest with you, not that I’m ever not, I have no idea how I was able to live before I got my nutribullet! It’s more powerful and faster than a blender. It makes making home made baby food (and cereal) a breeze, and it still looks brand new after more than 4 years of being used every single day (sometimes more than once a day)!

This is one appliance that I don’t keep hidden in my cupboard, I use it way too often to put it away! Plus, it makes it super easy to get extra servings of fruits and veggies into my diet, and my childrens diet! My five year old actually requests for me to make her smoothies, milkshakes, or ice cream with this, and she loves to help make it, too! And, the thing is, everything I just listed that she asks for is mostly made of frozen fruits, even the milkshake (which consists of frozen banana, strawberries, and some soy milk)!

I could not live without my nutribullet, just like I could not live without my coffee pot!

If you want anymore information on my thoughts about my nutribullet, make sure you check out:
10 Reasons You Need a Nutribullet as a Mom
10 Amazingly Healthy Things You Can Make with a Nutribullet

Coffee Pot (with K-cup option)!

Alright, so a coffee pot may not directly help you be healthy, but indirectly, it does! My logic is that if you drink coffee and are able to stay awake and fully functioning during the day, because of that coffee; then you’re able to think more clearly and make better food choices through out the day!

Now, with that being said, the coffee pot I currently have is my favorite of all time! It’s on of those special ones that has a coffee pot on one side and a K-cup option on the other. And, I have to thank one of my friends at an old job for recommending it to me!

With the amount of coffee I drink, it would be pointless for me to get a keurig; it’d just be another thing sitting on my counter waiting to be used every once in awhile. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy feeling fancy once in awhile and making myself a single serve of a specialty coffee; it’s nice to treat myself to that once in awhile! But, it’s just not realistic for my life, or my husbands. We go through a full pot of coffee a day, between the two of us. (Actually, I had to make a second pot the other day on his day off! Our girls seem to have much more energy when he’s home from work!!)


My husband and I bought our juicer after being inspired by the documentary Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead. Now, we didn’t get the same juicer they had in the documentary, but we did get one, and I had been contemplating getting one for a few years. So, when he got fed up watching people on the documentary change their lives for the better and get healthier by juicing, you could say I was quite pleased! (He’s the spender and impulse shopper in our relationship, and I’m the saver- sometimes contemplating on getting something I want for a year or more before deciding on getting it or not.)

The first week we had it, we made fresh juice for ourselves and two little girls every day. After that, it’s been every couple of weeks that I take it out of the cupboards to make some juice for myself and girls. It can get a bit expensive to buy enough fresh fruits and veggies to make fresh juice everyday for four people. (On the documentary it says approximately how much it costs to juice everyday for one person; if my memories correct then it’s between $15 and $30 a day when that’s all you consume! For our first week where we each had one small glass a day, it cost us about $40 on top of our regular grocery bill.)

And, I’m not the type of person trying to avoid being healthy because it’s too expensive. I’m one of those people who will tell you how much cheaper it truly is to eat healthy, and how much more expensive it is to eat a diet full of processed and packaged foods. But, I still have to admit, buying enough produce to make juice everyday becomes a bit pricey.

But, just knowing that we have an appliance that makes fresh juice and can get all of the enzymes out of fresh produce to provide my family with more nutrients than we’re able to eat in a day; it’s a peace of mind that I enjoy having! Even if we just cheap out and make grape juice or orange juice with it, it was completely worth the money! (You haven’t had grape juice, til you’ve had freshly made grape juice, with grapes being the only ingredient!!)

Food Processor

If you asked me 5 years ago what a food processor was; I would not know what you were talking about! I was still trying to get into eating well; my husband and I were still in our teeny tiny first apartment with our new baby. To be completely honest, I didn’t even know these appliances existed! I didn’t know what it was until I started finding all of these healthy recipes that required a food processor to make. This was about 2 years ago, and I got so fed up with finding all of these amazing recipes and not being able to make any of them, that I finally just gave in and ordered one off amazon.

I’m so glad I did, too. The first thing I made with these were cashew bars, and boy were they delicious; just cashews, dates, and a pinch of salt; I was sold! Then I started using it to make cookies, vegan mac and ‘cheese’, and ice cream! I haven’t bought any type of snack bars since getting my food processor. I also can’t remember the last time I bought the cashew ice cream I used to love so much! The kind I make is a bit healthier; it mostly consists of either bananas, or some other fruit and coconut milk!

I’m sure there are other ways to use a food processor, and I’ll eventually get to use it in all the different ways it’s meant for. But for now, using it for what I do helps me avoid high calorie processed foods. And, it helps me enjoy eating more whole and real foods on a daily basis!

Crock Pot

Funny story, I’ve owned a crock pot for 3 to 4 years, it was a Christmas present one year; and, I just started using it recently. I’ve got to tell you, it’s pretty amazing! I love how you can just chop veggies, open veggie broth and a box of pasta or some beans; throw it all in the pot in the morning, turn it on, and then by dinner time it’s ready!

It still amazes me how easy it is to use. It’s certainly helped me make my soups. However, with only recently starting to use it, I don’t know very many recipes I can use with it. So, I know I need to invest some time into finding some healthy crock pot recipes that my whole family would enjoy. Ones that are vegan, or preferably plant based!

Waffle Iron

My family went the longest time without a waffle iron. In fact, the only reason we have one is because we found one, that is a spiderman one, and it was on clearance. I’m a big fan of things being on clearance. And, if you don’t know, my husband is a big spiderman fan. Don’t believe me? Look at the picture of our wedding cake below! Half traditional wedding cake, and half spiderman!

This is how much my husbands love of all things Spiderman is in our lives!

At first, when we got the waffle iron my husband didn’t want me using it because it was new and spiderman; therefore he claimed it to be his. However, it’s been about a two years since then, and the new-ness only lasted about a month, anyways. It’s amazing how many vegan waffle recipes exist online! Some even use such basic baking ingredients that I always have on hand! I can use the recipe as a back up meal in case our meal plan doesn’t go as planned!

Or, I can make a few batches of these healthy waffles and freeze them! I love batch cooking. It saves time, energy, money, and having to do as many dishes!


What? A toaster? How does that help us be healthy? Are you talking about making toast?

Well, yes and no. I love eating avocado and tomato toast, or sandwiches; delicious! But, that’s not why a toaster made it to this list. If you are to batch cook and freeze breakfast foods, like pancakes and waffles; how do you think you’re going to warm them up?

If you’re a mom and the purpose of you batch cooking is so you can get your kids, and yourself, breakfast super quick on busy mornings; you can’t be waiting around for the oven to preheat! And, the microwave would make the food soggy. Sure, a toaster oven would be nice. But not everyone has one of those (or, at least I don’t, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon!) So, a toaster will prevent food that needs to be reheated from becoming soggy, and is pretty quick!

To Sum it All Up

I know eating healthy can be a challenge; especially when you don’t have the right appliances (or don’t take the time to learn how to use them). But, don’t feel like you have to start trying to use them all at once. Start by introducing one new appliance into you life as you can; get comfortable using it before going onto the next. Just like any other new skill, learning new recipes and how to use different appliances can take a little time.

Personally, I try to learn how to use a new small appliance every 6 to 12 months. This past Christmas I got a veggie spiralizer; before I move onto a new appliance (like an instant pot). I’m determined to find a recipe my family and myself love with that!

Are there any other appliances you can think of that helps you eat healthier?

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Trying to be a healthy mom? Try out these appliances! healthy mom, appliances for health, kitchen appliances, small appliances, help with health, trying to be healthy
Trying to be a healthy mom? Try out these appliances! healthy mom, appliances for health, kitchen appliances, small appliances, help with health, trying to be healthy

102 Different ways to use Coconut Oil


Coconut oil is amazing. It has so many uses, and it smells good, too!

It was only a couple years ago when I started buying it. And boy, am I glad that I did! It has so many uses!

When I started buying it, I simply used it for recipes, like muffins and pancakes. I’ve come a long way from simply using it in recipes! And, I’m going to share some of those ways with you, along with ways other people use it. In fact, I’m going to share 102 ways that coconut oil can be used!

*Note: some links may contain affiliate links (meaning if you end up purchasing something when you click on the link then I may get a commission on it, with no extra cost to you, of course). For more information on what this means, visit my disclosure page

For Your Health

  1. Oil pulling. I know, you may not have ever heard of this before and you maybe like ‘what?!? What is oil pulling? That sounds weird.’ And to answer your question, it is simply swishing oil in your mouth somewhat like you would mouth wash. I’ve been doing this on and off for the past year. And, more recently about every other day. It takes a little while to get used to. For best results you’re supposed to use about a tablespoon of coconut oil and vigorously swish for about 20 minutes first thing when you wake up. I find this easiest to do in the shower, as long as that’s the first thing I do when I wake. Just make sure you don’t spit it down the drain or swallow it.The purpose of this is to draw out toxins and have the coconut oil pretty much absorb it. So, when you spit the oil out, out goes all the bad stuff, as well. Another awesome bonus oil pulling has is that it whitens teeth and helps freshen breath. I don’t smell my own breath, but I can definitely tell that my teeth are whiter. Even with doing it every other day! So, make this a part of your morning routine.
  2. Baking. Like I said before, this is how coconut oil started to find its way into my home. Use it in place of other oils when baking.
  3. Cooking. Instead of using butter or canola oil, or those sprays like pam, to keep food from sticking to the pan, use coconut oil. The only time this may not benefit you, is if you use water to prevent sticking. Using water is what I was taught to use in my nutrition course while I was attending college. But come on, who is that healthy?
  4. Make chocolate. You can even make reese’s copycats with this! And those are delicious, all you need is coconut oil, pure maple syrup, peanut butter and cocoa powder!
  5. Use in place of coffee creamer. I have read about others doing this. They rave about how good it tastes and how good it is for them. I’ve tried it, maybe I’m too spoiled with flavored almond coffee creamer. To be honest, I thought it tasted oily.
  6. Use in a smoothie. This is another one I personally have not tried yet. But it should help the smoothie be smooth, and like anything you put coconut oil it, it has a ton of health benefits.


  1. Give pans a non-stick surface. I have not tried this on cake pans or muffin tins. I use silicone baking cups when I make muffins- which are always non-stick. But I know it works as a one time use on cooking pans. Coconut oil is what I use on my pan when I make banana pancakes, to keep them from sticking.


  1. Lip balm. Simple as that. It moisturizes your lips. No need to buy chap stick that will eventually get lost and need replacing.
  2. Lipstick. This one may seem a little odd. You may even be thinking isn’t that that same as lip balm? Or really?, how do you get the color in it then? And you get the color in it by melting together chopped crayons of the color that you want the lipstick to be and coconut oil together. A double boiler would work great for this. Or a small pot inside a larger pot of boiling water works just as well.
  3. Condition your hair with coconut oil. I have tried this before and I think I did it wrong. My hair seemed to feel greasy even after washing with shampoo. Maybe it depends on hair type, too. I haven’t tried only applying it to the ends of my hair. Possibly, that may work better. Anyways, it does help some people with dry or damaged hair, and even with dandruff.
  4. Shave your legs with it. I may start doing this, it makes sense. It moisturizes your skin and helps prevent cuts. The only issue I see with this is it may be tricky to keep it from going down the drain. Definitely something to try out, though!
  5. Deodorant. Yep, some people make their own deodorant with coconut oil. They mix it with cornstarch, baking soda and a great smelling essential oil.
  6. Make up Remover and face moisturizer in one. Coconut oil can easily remove your make up, and it’s a great natural moisturizer. So, no need to buy an expensive facial moisturizer. Yes!! Staying natural and saving money!
  7. Toothpaste. Just add enough baking soda to turn it into a paste and brush your teeth with it. It’s all natural, and if simply oil pulling can help whiten your teeth, this sure can, as well. I personally have not transitioned to this yet. But, I do always brush my teeth with just water after I oil pull. My teeth feel so clean, even just after doing that!
  8. Soften feet. As summer is coming up soon, this will have to be something I start to do. Right now my feet are anything but soft. Use the powers of coconut oil to get ready for good weather, and flip flops! Simply slather on feet at night, put socks on and go to sleep.
  9. Hand cream. If it can be used for feet, it can be used for hands, too. I’ve actually used coconut oil like this before. And, before I did any research, but by accident. It sure did make my hands soft though.
  10. Eye Cream. Use it as you would eye cream. Just place a little under you eyes to help moisturize and keep young looking. I’ve heard of models doing this with Vaseline, it’s probably better for you with coconut oil.
  11. Heal new tattoos.Use as you would any new tattoo healer.

Other Random Uses

  1. Goo be gone. Yep, coconut oil can help get rid of those annoying sticky residues after you peel off a label on an item.
  2. Soothe bug bites. Just rub it where the bug bite is to prevent it from itching.
  3. Prevent and soothe sunburn. It’s not very high in SPF (only about 4 spf), you should probably use another form of sun tan lotion as well. But, for soothing sunburn, it should work just as aloe vera does.

And there are so many more uses for coconut oil. The following list are all of those uses that I have not really given much thought to yet. If you decide to use one of the following ways to use the amazing powers of coconut oil, you may want to look up how to. Some of these require other ingredients, as well. There are just so many things you can do with coconut oil. If I were to write about every single one then this would be a never ending post.

  1. Fix squeaky hinges.
  2. Keep dirt from sticking to garden tools.
  3. Polish furniture.
  4. Clean your tub.
  5. Remove crayon from walls.
  6. Remove scuff marks from floors.
  7. Moisturize and clean leather.
  8. Make playdough.
  9. Make litter boxes be non-stick for easier clean up.
  10. Remove gum from hair.
  11. Remove rings when they get stuck.
  12. Light a fire.
  13. Make stainless steel appliances shine.
  14. Prevent food from sticking to measuring cups.
  15. Clean and condition wood cutting boards.
  16. Prevent stains on tupperware.
  17. Condition or clean utensils.
  18. Prevent water stains in sinks.
  19. Clean cookie sheets.
  20. Use in place of butter.
  21. Make peanut butter with it.
  22. Use it in the bath with Epsom salt and essential oils, for a spa day.
  23. Clean make up brushes.
  24. Aromatherapy.
  25. Clean cuts and scrapes.
  26. Vapor Rub replacement.
  27. Moisturize dry skin.
  28. Exfoliate.
  29. Facial mask.
  30. Moisturize cuticles.
  31. Calm frizzy hair.
  32. Improves immune functions when consumed regularly.
  33. Lowers cholesterol when consumed regularly.
  34. Helps relieve constipation when consumed regularly, first thing in the morning.
  35. Can help you lose weight if consumed on a regular basis, by increasing metabolism and reducing appetite.
  36. Baby lotion.
  37. Diaper cream.
  38. Help prevent stretch marks.
  39. Nipple cream. It’s healthier than commercialized nipple cream. You have to remember, you’re breastfeeding child is ingesting your nipple cream. Might as well use something that will benefit both of you.
  40. Bug repellent. Just add peppermint oil.
  41. Use in home made soap.
  42. Energy booster.
  43. Massage oil.
  44. Soothes rashes.
  45. Cleans up ink.
  46. Metal polish.
  47. Grease a bicycle chain.
  48. Get rid of, or prevent lice.
  49. Use instead of butter on popcorn or toast.
  50. Lubricate small motors in appliances.
  51. Help with dry nostrils.
  52. Fade age/sun spots.
  53. Help with little ones chapped nose.
  54. Ease Arthritis pain. Massage thoroughly on the joint one to two times a day.
  55. Help fight off athletes foot.
  56. Soothe a sore throat. For extra relief, mix melted coconut oil with honey then swallow.
  57. Eases a dry cough.
  58. Boost bone health. There have actually been studies with rats to show that coconut oil helps strengthen bones.
  59. Help prevent yeast infections
  60. Remove stains. Combine coconut oil with same amount of baking soda, leave on the stain for 5 minutes, then wipe away.
  61. Detail your car. Buff out little scratches and detail the inside of your car.
  62. Soothes and prevents hangnails.
  63. Get rid of cradle cap.
  64. Reduce fine lines.
  65. Remove rust.
  66. Teething gel for infants.
  67. Prevent split ends.
  68. Prevent dust.
  69. Make shoveling easier. Helps prevent snow from sticking to the shovel, making it heavy and hard to use.
  70. Unstick a zipper.
  71. Maintain lawn mower blades.
  72. Enhance eyelashes.
  73. Helps fight acne.
  74. Helps prevent Alzheimer’s.
  75. Use in lotions.
  76. Helps prevent exposure to chlorine while swimming.
  77. Home made laundry soap.
  78. Use for pets issues. Such as for dry skin and allergies.
  79. Add to hot teas to reduce the length of a cold.
  80. Recover from UTI’s.
  81. Increase mental alertness.

I almost can’t believe that there are at least 102 different ways to use coconut oil. I’m sure there may even be more ways to use it in beneficial manners. There are numerous health benefits to consume it, and only a few are mentioned above. Benefits from helping to burn fat, helping with brain disorders and strengthening the immune system. The fatty acids in the oil turn into ketones which helps with the brain disorders. And they contain fatty acids called Lauric Acid, which help kill bacteria, viruses, and fungi!

There are simply so many ways to use coconut oil! Do you have coconut oil in your cupboard?

Please comment below and let me know what your favorite use is!

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ways to use coconut oil
ways to use coconut oil

12 Ways to Get Veggies into a Childs Diet

veggies for kids

We all know that veggies are good for us and our children. It’s one of the first foods we give our children as babies, in baby food, along with fruits and baby cereal. But, how do we get them to eat their veggies when they no longer eat baby food? Which veggies for kids do we try to start with now?

**Disclaimer: I am not a registered dietitian or a professional nutritionist. I simply believe in eating well for people of all ages, and I believe that a whole foods plant based diet is eating well, whereas processed foods are not.

It was so simple back then, right? And, for some reason we forget how easy it was to get veggies into their diets; especially when our kids start being more independent and trying to choose what they eat all by themselves!

But, there are a few options to choose from when trying to help, or guide, your kids’ eating habits to those veggies you know are good for them!

You could explain to them how important veggies are for them to grow healthy and strong. Or, if they’re still young, you could just sneak the veggies into their food and avoid the ‘I don’t want to eat it’ fight, all together!

Then, explain to them, when they’re older that they actually do like the veggies; also, show them how you hid their veggies in their food, so they know how to do it themselves. But, you may want to wait to tell them this until they understand the importance of eating veggies, and will eat them willingly. Such as what vitamins and minerals they contain and what would happen to them if they didn’t get a certain nutrient. (And, you might want to expect for them to be a little irritated by your tactics, but don’t worry; they’ll thank you when they’re older and living on their own…hopefully!)

If you would rather have the fight with them every day, several times a day, about eating their veggies; go right ahead! It’s up to you! I tend to do half and half with my two little girls. Half the time I hide my girls veggies, half the time they’re right there in the open on their plates. Can you guess which ones they eat first!


1. Start with Smoothies!

I love smoothies! I got a nutribullet almost 4 and a half years ago and have used it practically everyday since!

My girls also love to have what I’m having! Even if they have the same exact food in front of them; they want my food. So, instead of getting upset that I can never eat my own food, or drink my own drinks; I double the food, or in this case drink, and just share it with them! Win-win; I get to actually have some of my smoothie, and I get tons of fruits, veggies, and healthy fats and proteins, into my girls!

You can put so many amazing things in smoothies, and adding in certain veggies won’t really alter the taste too much. My girls will drink my all time favorite smoothie without a second thought! And, I put in at least half a cup of squished down spinach!

They love it!

If you want to really hide the veggies, using a green leafy veggie may not be your best choice. They tend to turn the whole smoothie green. I’d recommend adding in softened beets, or another softened veggie that has the same color as the fruits in it. Unless of course, if it’s St Patrick’s Day, then go right ahead and keep it green and tell them a leprechaun did it!!

Find out why else you need a nutribullet and what other things you can do with it, in my posts below!!

10 Reasons You Need a Nutribullet as a Mom

10 Amazingly Healthy Things You Can Make with a Nutribullet 

2. Popsicles

If your kids love popsicles, whether in the summertime like most people do, or in the winter time like my girls do; you can certainly make your own and add in veggies! It’s much better for them this way, even without the veggies! It’s always best to have complete control over what ingredients go into your kids food!

In fact, I usually make popsicles from the smoothie recipe above! It’s as simple as making a smoothie, adding it to a popsicle mold, and then leaving it in the freezer over night.

You could be as creative, or as lazy, with this as you want. If you’re kids don’t get offended with you adding veggies into these, they could even help make them!

3. Pancakes

Whether you want a sweet or savory breakfast, you can do so by adding in veggies! You’re kids may not even notice a difference! (Depending on which veggies you add in.)

The recipe I usually make for my kids, I thought was pretty healthy; until I came across the recipe below! See, I usually add fruit to my girls pancakes; like bananas, and apples or blueberries. But, the thing is, I can get my girls to eat fruit plain, and anytime during the day. They love fruit, and if I ask them what they want for snacks; 9 times out of 10, it’s going to be a piece of fruit! So, adding in a veggies, like sweet potatoes, instead of bananas is just brilliant! It’s still going to be sweet, but add in different nutrients.

In the recipe below, the sweet potato takes the place of eggs in the pancakes, which in my eyes makes them way healthier. It takes the cholesterol and saturated fat right out of them; and adds in healthy carbs, vitamins, and minerals. Yay!

Check it out:

Sweet potato pancakes recipe!

4. Waffles

Like pancakes, you can also make waffles with different veggie ingredients. Take the recipe below for example. Those waffles won’t only give you more energy through out the morning from the extra nutrients from the pumpkin, it also just looks pretty! (Click here to see.) Of course, what the waffles look like will depend on your waffle maker. (Mine will have a spiderman spider imprint on it…always. Get it here to have some superhero fun at breakfast with your kids; they may even enjoy what you make with it more, simply because of the way it looks!)

Check out the recipe:

Pumpkin waffles recipe.

5. Muffins

Who doesn’t love muffins! Both my girls are big fans of muffins, as am I! Hmmm….I wonder where they get that from….

But, in all seriousness, I make a couple dozen of muffins a month and keep them in my freezer for snacks or quick breakfasts. (Or, early breakfasts, when we’re starving and wake up too early to think about what we want, or I just don’t feel like making anything.) And, I have a few go to muffin recipes. The two recipes below are always made every couple of months, along with my blueberry muffin recipe and/or a chocolate chip muffin recipe. We have to have some sort of balance; one muffin focused on veggies, and then one that is super sweet and healthy!

Try out this Zucchini carrot muffins recipe, but I alter the recipe a little since we eat more of a vegan diet; I simply sub the egg out with a flax egg.

And, we absolutely love this Sweet potato muffins recipeBy the way, the recipes on this site are amazing, whenever I search for some healthy and vegan dessert, his recipes always come up; I try them, and I’m always super impressed by the outcome! I don’t know why I get so surprised by this anymore, I’ve been coming across his recipes for almost 2 years now!!

6. Breads

Kids love bread, or at least my kids love bread, especially when it’s banana bread or zucchini bread. And, what’s not to love! It’s moist, delicious, and you don’t even taste the zucchini; perfect for feeding our picky eaters who claim to ‘hate’ veggies, or think they’re ‘disgusting’! You could even make zucchini carrot bread and use the muffin recipe above! You may need to add some extra time for it to fully bake, though. The time, in general, just needs to be doubled. (It’s usually about 20 minutes for muffins and 40 minutes for bread, at the same temperature. Just check it with a fork or toothpick to make sure it’s done!)

7. Cakes

Just like breads, you can include veggies in cakes, too! Ever heard of carrot cake? Just cut the sugar in half if you can, and maybe make some other substitutions to make it a bit healthier. As parents, we don’t need our kids to have any more sugar than absolutely necessary for the cake to taste good.

When searching through recipes, I tend to find that I can easily cut the sugar in half, or even replace it with maple syrup to make it even healthier, and less harmful for our kids.

You could even take a bread recipe, cook it in a cake pan instead and add some frosting or icing to it. Do this with carrot cake, or a zucchini bread/muffin recipe. What kid is going to turn down cake?!

It’s kind of amazing how many different types of food we can make with the same recipe, simply by changing the shape and baking time!

8. Cookies (yes, I said cookies!!)

Cookies for breakfast!! And, no I’m not talking about Cookie Crisp; that cereal is horrible for you!

I’m talking healthy, nutrient filled, cookies for breakfast. The kind that has some fiber, vitamins, and minerals to them. The kind that you’re kids will ask you for in the morning, simply because they want to get away with eating cookies for breakfast. Cookies that even you will approve for them to eat first thing when they wake up! Go ahead, and try out the ones below!

Pumpkin cookies recipe.

Carrot cookies recipe. 

Zucchini cookies recipe.

9. Banana Ice cream

Call it monster ice cream and add some spinach to home made banana ice cream, or completely hide it in chocolate peanut butter banana ice cream! Either way, I find it hard that a child wouldn’t eat this; unless they’re just entirely against any type of cold treat, or despise bananas!

For the chocolate version; simply cut up a few bananas and freeze them for a few hours, or overnight. When they’re frozen, blend them with some soy milk (or milk of your choice), add in some peanut butter (or almond butter), some cocoa, spinach, and a drop or two of vanilla (optional) and blend! If they like it extremely soft serve; use a nutribullet. If they like it thick; use a food processor. Or, you could always use a regular blender, but I honestly don’t even own a regular blender. So, I’m not sure on how it’ll turn out.

10. Home Made Vegan MAC

There seems to be a lot of ideas on this list about getting veggies into our kids through their snacks and sweet breakfasts, so I’m going to try to add in some actual meals for lunches or dinners!

So, for a lunch or a dinner, you could really hide veggies into this mac and cheese recipe. It’s just like macaroni and cheese, but a super food powered version (and without the cheese)! It’s from Vegan Insanity, and my girls actually beg me for this, and they’re 2 and 5 years old. If I use the small shell pasta to make this, my older daughter calls it the mac and cheese from Panera.

Vegan Cauliflower Mac & Cheese recipe.

11. Home made fries (call them french fries)

One food that your kids may actually eat without even having to sneak in the veggie, are fries. If your kids are used to eating out, or love the occasional fast food trip; then they probably love french fries.

And, sure, french fries when from fast food chains or restaurants, aren’t all that great for you. But, what if you made them. At home. In your oven. With real ingredients! It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, time consuming, or difficult.

I make fries at home all the time for my girls, myself, and my husband, and no one complains that they’re eating veggies! Use white potatoes, or red, purple, or even sweet potatoes; it doesn’t matter! Or, if you want to try something really different, make them with eggplants or zucchini!

12. Pizza

Pizza is a little different than other foods you can hide veggies in; the veggies tend to be a bit more noticeable on the top of pizza. Unless you eat cheese, like the majority of people in this country do; then you can go ahead and hide the veggies underneath the cheese. But, they’ll probably show through anyways.

Or, go ahead and make eggplant or zucchini mini pizzas! My two year old is a huge fan of these; they’re a little more her size!

Note on Hiding Food

I know there is controversy on whether or not you should hide veggies for kids. There’s certainly pros and cons to doing it.


  • kids get the vitamins and minerals they need and maintain optimal health
  • if they don’t know they’re eating veggies, they can’t get mad at you for feeding them veggies


  • they could get mad at you when they find out they are eating veggies
  • they don’t learn to love veggies on their own

All in all, it’s really up to you, what you choose to do for your kids; you can certainly use the recipes above whether you want to hide veggies in your kids meals or not. It’s going to depend a lot on you and your child.

I would highly recommend to not hide food if your child is a pre-teen or teenager. They’re old enough to understand the importance, as long as you teach them about it! Don’t just rely on your childs school to teach them about nutrition; good chance you’ll be disappointed in how little is actually taught. Plus, the older they get, the more independent they will want to be; they should get a choice for what goes into their body. But, you, as the parent, need to teach them how it will affect their minds and bodies; they won’t know unless they are taught!

If your child is little still, like 5 and under, and they ‘don’t like’ veggies because someone else said they don’t like veggies, then hiding them in other foods, at first, may be beneficial. Then, just make sure to explain to them how yummy those veggies actually are, and that they already eat them, they just don’t notice.

My 5 year old has been at a stage lately where she thinks about 50% of the food I give her is disgusting, so believe me, I get it! It’s hard to get kids to eat what we want them to. Whether it’s making sure they get enough veggies, or protein; it can sometimes be a real struggle. So, take the food ideas from above and use them to your advantage; either in the way I suggested, or in your own way!

If you found this post useful, please share; or comment below with more suggestions or your thoughts on sneaking veggies into food for kids!

veggies for kids

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veggies for kids

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