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What to Eat When You Have Morning Sickness All Day: 54 Ideas

Wondering what to when you have morning sickness all day long? Check out this list of 54 ideas to get you through your days in early pregnancy! #morningsickness #firsttrimester #pregnant #pregnancyfood #stresslessbehealthy

What to Eat When You Have Morning Sickness All Day: 54 Ideas

If you’re reading this, then you’re probably feeling super sick and pregnant, in the first trimester. Maybe you feel well enough where you want to attempt to eat, but unsure what may be a good choice, aka – won’t make you get sick. So, you want to know what to eat when you have morning sickness all day long and can barely get any relief from it. But, you know you need to eat, for you, and the little one you’re growing inside you!

If you are not familiar with this site, I tend to stick to only supporting vegan options to eat. But, when it comes to morning sickness and needing to eat and keep the food down, I decided I wasn’t going to limit the options to only vegan.

It’s hard enough finding something that sounds good to eat; if that something happens to be cheese and crackers (and not vegan cheese), then so be it. You need to eat, and shouldn’t feel bad about what you’re eating when you have horrible morning sickness and having to fight to keep the food down every time you eat!

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Wondering what to when you have morning sickness all day long? Check out this list of 54 ideas to get you through your days in early pregnancy! #morningsickness #firsttrimester #pregnant #pregnancyfood #stresslessbehealthy

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What to Eat When You Have Morning Sickness All Day

When you can barely keep your food down in the first trimester, you want to stick with small meals, or even snacks, often.

So, the ideas in the list below may not look like full meals, they’re meant to be manageable to eat at one time. You never want to feel too full when you have morning sickness, since that can make you puke; then again, you never want to be too hungry either, because that’ll make you sick, as well. It’s a tough balance, and will require you to listen to your body to know when to stop, or start eating again!

Some things you end up eating at this point in your pregnancy may be food you ate as a child; these foods will feel comforting and very familiar to you, even if they aren’t the healthiest.


  • Cheese and crackers
  • Crackers (by themselves)
  • Graham Crackers
  • Banana
  • Pretzels
  • Plain Chips- Like Lays Originals, or Ruffles (not the healthiest thing in the world, but then again, you need to eat something)
  • Pita Chips
  • Salsa and Tortilla Chips
  • Baked potato (feel free to use the microwave)
  • French Fries
  • Thinly Sliced and Baked Potatoes with olive oil, salt, and garlic
  • Corn
  • Cold Apple Sauce
  • Cranberry Sauce
  • Watermelon
  • Yogurt (I still ate soy yogurt, but eat whatever you feel most comfortable eating)
  • Berries (maybe even in your yogurt)
  • Apples with Cinnamon
  • Baked Apples
  • Apples with peanut butter
  • Oranges
  • Grapefruit
  • Plain Rolls (with butter) or biscuits
  • Popsicles


  • Plain toast (or add some butter/cinnamon/sugar, jam, or peanut butter)
  • Dry Cereal
  • Cereal with Milk (any kind of milk, I needed to have milk on my cereal- just drinking something without food in it would make me sick in the morning)
  • Bagels with Butter or Cream Cheese
  • Waffles
  • Crepes
  • Peanut butter and Jelly sandwich
  • Mac and Cheese
  • Couscous (the NearEast boxes aren’t that bad)
  • Pasta with Marinara Sauce
  • Pizza
  • Tortilla Pizza
  • English Muffin Pizza
  • Bagel Pizza
  • Simple Quesadillas (just tortilla and cheese)
  • Soup (I enjoyed Amy’s Brand soups)


  • Water
  • Cranberry Juice (such as cran-apple)
  • Water with lemon
  • Orange Juice (be careful, this does not feel good coming back up)
  • Ginger ale
  • Gatorade
  • Store bought Smoothies or Green Juices (or make your own if you have the energy)
  • Peanut Butter and Chocolate Smoothie


  • Crystallized Ginger
  • Hard Ginger Candy
  • Sour Candy to suck on
  • Peppermints (like candy canes)
  • Molasses Cookies
  • Sorbet

Wondering what to when you have morning sickness all day long? Check out this list of 54 ideas to get you through your days in early pregnancy! #morningsickness #firsttrimester #pregnant #pregnancyfood #stresslessbehealthy

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A Few Tips When it Comes to Eating with Morning Sickness

Eating anything when you have morning sickness can be a challenge. You know you have to eat and keep hydrated. But, you also have to balance so many things to help ensure the food, and drinks, actually stay down.

You have to balance how much, how often, what, and when you eat.

For the what, the lists above can be your best friend and help you find something that sounds good.

For how much, it can get a little trickier; if you eat too much, you may get sick, too little and you’ll be starving or getting sick in about a half hour. Small meals, or snacks are usually best. Don’t eat until you are 100% full, but make sure you eat enough so you won’t be hungry 5 minutes later.

For how often, this will be different for everyone. But, with morning sickness and all day nausea there’s usually a window in time you need to eat in, or you’ll get sick. For me, I had to eat every hour and a half to two hours or I’d get sick. That’s why, in this post, I suggest you eat as often as a baby.

If you have to eat as often as I do, then I hope the suggestions above will help you through this unpleasant time in your pregnancy. Just know, YOU are NOT alone in this, and it’ll all be worth it when you baby is born!

Let me know in the comments any other food suggestions you have for morning sickness, if it helped you then there’s a good chance in may help someone else!

5 Practical Ways for Dealing with Morning Sickness in Pregnancy

Morning Sickness in pregnancy is probably one of the worst symptoms you can have. Get some tips, relief, and learn a few facts about it here.  #morningsickness #firsttrimester #pregnant #pregnancyfood  #stresslessbehealthy

5 Practical Ways for Dealing with Morning Sickness in Pregnancy

Morning sickness in pregnancy sucks, let’s just call it as it is.

And, I can tell you first hand that it’s not just something that happens in the morning. It’s all day long. It’s relentless and feels like it will never go away.

It usually only sticks around for the first trimester of pregnancy, but for some women, it lingers into the second trimester. For some, it will last through out the whole pregnancy!


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Morning Sickness in pregnancy is probably one of the worst symptoms you can have. Get some tips, relief, and learn a few facts about it here.  #morningsickness #firsttrimester #pregnant #pregnancyfood  #stresslessbehealthy

What is Morning Sickness and What Causes it?

Morning sickness is the lovely nausea feeling you have during pregnancy, it often includes puking (often, like everyday). It is not pleasant, and DOES NOT only occur in the morning. For many, like myself, it’s an all day phenomenon.

Though, I personally tended to get sick the most in the morning time. Which could be explained by the stomach not having food in it for a long period of time.

Morning sickness is cause by an increase in hormones, usually just in the first trimester, but not always. It’s a sign that the pregnancy is going well, though it’s not the only sign, and there are some pregnant women who never had morning sickness. I don’t know any of them, but I’m sure they exist!

Just remember that your sickness, and the change of hormones, is a good thing for your developing baby, and it’ll all be worth it in the end. You know, when you trade all the annoying pregnancy symptoms in for an adorable little bundle and sleepless nights!

Know, you are not alone in this morning sickness ordeal.

Ways to Help with Morning Sickness

Maybe you’ve tried all the usual remedies, like I have.

  • Ginger ale, ginger tea, ginger everything
  • Eating something small before getting out of bed in the morning (for me, this ensured I puked as soon as I got up in the morning)
  • A prescription to help ease the nausea (I couldn’t swallow the pills without throwing up)
  • Preggie pops (at least they taste good)
  • The wrist bands with plastic things in them that are supposed to press on a pressure point
  • And more

Maybe, you’re like me and none of them worked.

If you find yourself still suffering after those recommendations, know you’re not alone. I am right there with you suffering through the first trimester of pregnancy.

Luckily, I’ve found a few things that actually do help, at least slightly. But if I can find a slight relief from morning sickness, maybe you can, too.

First, give yourself grace in pregnancy

You’re growing a baby inside of you for goodness sake. That takes a lot of work. Be appreciative that your body is capable of such things. Not everyone can grow another human being inside of them, not even all women can. As sad as that is to think of, and as hard as it can be to feel thankful when you’re puking every couple of hours; be thankful for what your body can do.

Also, if you have horrible morning sickness, like I have, make sure you give yourself grace.

This is not a time to be hard on yourself, nor to put more on your plate of responsibilities.

Don’t feel bad if the dishes sit in the sink for a few days or if you can’t cook dinner because the smells make you sick.

If the kids end up eating more cereal for dinner than you’d like; know that this time will pass. It’s only temporary.

If you can’t take on as much as you used to, that’s ok.

No one is expecting you to take on the world in your first trimester of pregnancy. If your home doesn’t look like a tornado literally went straight through it, then consider that enough, especially if you have other kids to take care of too.

Do what you can, and don’t feel bad about what doesn’t get done.

5 Things You Can Do That Might Actually Help with the Nausea

Cranberry juice

More specifically for me, cran-apple juice. The strong and slightly sour flavor of this drink was one of the only drinks that helped me not feel nauseous. That is, if I was able to drink it before my toddler drank my whole cup.

Add lemon to your water

I’m a huge water drinker, like I usually can drink a gallon of water a day no problem. Unfortunately, during the first trimester this pregnancy, I couldn’t stand the taste of water.

It was too plain and just blah. Adding some lemon juice to my water seemed to do the trick to help me stay hydrated.

I would simply use the lemon juice that you’d get in the produce section in the shape of a lemon. I’m sure you could easily swap it out for lime juice or some other juice of your preference. Or, simply add fruit to your water for some flavor.

The lemon juice was another thing that I’d have to get to before my toddler. She literally drinks the juice from the lemon itself, though she will also eat a whole lemon if I cut one in half for her….

Eat as often as a baby does

Growing a baby takes a lot of work, and nutrients. I’ve found with this pregnancy, that eating about every hour and a half helped keep me from getting sick. Any longer and I would end up in the bathroom.

What is eaten doesn’t seem to matter as much as how often in this phase of pregnancy. Just make sure it has some nutritional value to it, and it’s not just all junk.

You don’t have to eat a lot, either. Just a small snack will do.

Eating too much can make you feel even worse, and you don’t really need to have more calories in your diet in the first trimester. (Unless of course, if your doctor tells you to eat more than usual. But, that will usually only be if you’re underweight in the first place.)

Try to stay in touch with your body and what it’s telling you. It’s pretty good at telling you how much you should eat, and when.

You may want to remember this advice again in your third trimester. With my two children, now 3 and 6, I felt like I ate as often as a newborn baby does when I was in the third trimester. Yes, I even remember waking up in the middle of the night to eat, too. I was up anyways to use the bathroom, with my baby jumping on my bladder, that tends to happen often in pregnancy.

Rest when you can

Just as you need to give yourself grace, you need to rest when you can.

If you have to be on your feet for an hour or longer, make sure you have some time to relax and put your feet up, too.

I understand this can be difficult if you work outside the home, or if you have little ones running all over the place.

If you’re morning sickness is bad, maybe let your employer, or at least friends at work, know. That way they won’t question why you’re going to the bathroom so often, when you get sick, or when you don’t seem to have the energy you used to.

As for dealing with morning sickness and other kids, don’t feel bad if you let them watch some tv while you rest. Honestly, some shows aren’t that bad, especially pbs kids shows like Daniel Tigers neighborhood, Super Why, and Peg + Cat.

*If you don’t have cable, some pbs kids shows are available on Netflix or Hulu. They also have a free app called pbs kids video, where you or your child can choose which pbs kids show to watch, or watch what’s on tv live. My 3 year old even got a PBS KIDS streaming stick for Christmas and loves it, it has shows, games, and more!

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Be active when you can

Sometimes going for a walk, or being active in other ways, can help you forget about being sick for a little bit and ease your nausea.

Just be sure not to over do it. Fatigue in early pregnancy is real. This is not the time to start training for a marathon or start an intense workout plan, especially if you weren’t very active before becoming pregnant.

If you feel up to working out at home during this trimester, or any trimester in pregnancy, I’d recommend these workout dvds. I’ve used them for all of my pregnancies, minus most of the first trimester. Each dvd is tailored to the trimester of pregnancy you’re in, there’s even a postnatal bootcamp dvd.

But, simply getting off the couch to clean up your home, or going for a walk can help. Just let whoever is with you know that you may not walk as fast as you used to and may need to take a rest a little more often.

Morning Sickness in pregnancy is probably one of the worst symptoms you can have. Get some tips, relief, and learn a few facts about it here.  #morningsickness #firsttrimester #pregnant #pregnancyfood  #stresslessbehealthy


Know that it usually means your hormone levels are where they should be

Morning sickness is a pain, and the all day nausea that accompanies it is even worse, in my own opinion.

But, feeling this sick is a good sign.

It’s a sign of our hormones going crazy to make our body a nice little home for our baby while it grows into a newborn.

It’s a sign that our baby is most likely healthy and growing as they should.

I have only had one pregnancy without horrible morning sickness, and I ended up miscarrying at 9 weeks. So, to me, horrible morning sickness is an amazing sign. A sign that there’s a healthy baby growing inside of me. A sign that I’m not going to miscarry again.

I am thankful for feeling so sick in the first trimester of pregnancy. But, I also have to live and care for two kids while being pregnant. Using the tips above, I’ve been able to cope with the morning sickness enough so that my kids aren’t just eating cereal all day long for every meal. And enough so that we don’t just lounge around all day on weekends watching tv.

What has helped you with morning sickness? Leave a comment to let us know and to help other moms reading this post!

10 Common First Trimester Pregnancy Symptoms and How to Deal with Them

Curious if the first trimester pregnancy symptoms you have are normal, or how to deal them them? Find out what the most common ones are and how to deal! #firsttrimester #pregnancysigns #pregnancysymptoms #pregnant #stresslessbehealthy

10 Common First Trimester Pregnancy Symptoms and How to Deal with Them

If you’re just finding out that you’re pregnant and unsure if what you’re feeling is normal; trust me, you’re not alone! First trimester pregnancy symptoms can start showing up before you even know you’re pregnant.

With all of the crazy hormones in our body at the onset of pregnancy; we can sometimes feel like we’re alone and that the pain in our stomach, or crying hysterically over almost nothing is something that NEEDS to worry us. And, it usually is simply, completely normal.

After being pregnant 4 times, I can tell you that not every pregnancy will start out the same. Symptoms will vary in which ones you have, if you have any at all, and the intensity may vary, too.

With one pregnancy, you may feel perfectly normal and gain all your weight in the front and be completely emotionally stable. And, with another pregnancy, you may gain weight all over, have horrible morning sickness the ENTIRE time, and be an emotional roller coaster!

Just know, that most symptoms you will experience in pregnancy are normal. But, if you ever need reassurance; don’t hesitate to get your OB, or the nurses line, on the phone and talk it out with them. They are there for you, and sometimes just hearing a reassuring voice is what you need.

Let’s get on with some of the crazy pregnancy symptoms you may have experienced since becoming pregnant.

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Curious if the first trimester pregnancy symptoms you have are normal, or how to deal them them? Find out what the most common ones are and how to deal! #firsttrimester #pregnancysigns #pregnancysymptoms #pregnant #stresslessbehealthy

First Trimester Pregnancy Symptom #1:Cramps

If this is your second, or third or so on, pregnancy, then this is pretty normal. Your body is preparing for the pregnancy. It’s done this before and knows what’s to come. It’s hard for me to remember, but I’m pretty sure I had cramps in my first pregnancy in the beginning, as well; they were just more memorable (and painful) in the later pregnancies.

You can also get cramps during implantation. Your body needs to get ready to stretch, and unfortunately for us, that usually means some discomfort and cramping, or pains that feel like cramps, aka, round ligament pain.

How to Deal:

The best way to deal with pains during pregnancy is to drink water, and change activities. For example, if you’re sitting down, stand up and walk around, and vice-versa. This will hopefully relieve some of the pain and discomfort you’re feeling. It’s going to depend a lot on your pain tolerance, and if something feels wrong, don’t hesitate to call your OB, midwife, or the nurses line; they would be able to tell you if the specific pain you’re feeling is normal, or if you should go see them or go to the ER.

First Trimester Pregnancy Symptom #2: Morning Sickness

Oh, morning sickness… should be called ALL DAY SICKNESS, and nausea.

Honestly, I think the nausea is worse, it can literally last 24/7. Getting sick may take a few minutes, but then it’s gone!

This is probably one of the most common pregnancy symptom. However, some lucky moms get away with not having morning sickness at all! I’m slightly jealous of them, but then again, I didn’t have much morning sickness with my second pregnancy; that pregnancy ended in a miscarriage at 9 weeks. So, I would be very nervous if I was still in the first trimester and wasn’t nauseous; that’s just my own experience, though.

Morning sickness will ‘usually’ ware off by week 14 or 15, but it doesn’t mean it’s completely done. Some women have it their whole pregnancies, my heart goes out to them.

How to Deal:

For some, there are certain little tricks, or things you can do, to ease the nausea and morning sickness. However, not each idea will work for everyone, or even for every pregnancy! A few ideas are:

  • Suck on sour candies (you can try these preggie pops if you want, they never helped me, though)
  • Sea Band bracelets – these are supposed to help by pressing on a pressure point on the wrist (again, didn’t work for me, but maybe it will for you)
  • Ginger – even my own OB said to just become a ginger expert when you have bad morning sickness. You can get crystallized ginger candies, ginger candies to suck on, ginger ale, just get them in your diet. (These candies slightly helped me, and these ones my 3 year old loved!)
  • Cran-apple Juice! This seemed to be the only thing that helped relieve some of my nausea with my current pregnancy.
  • Add lemon to your water if you can’t stand drinking water, because you NEED to stay hydrated.
  •  Eat small, frequent meals – even if it’s just crackers and cheese, if you have to let go of your super healthy diet for your first trimester just to get some relief from the nausea, I’m here to stay that’s alright. It’s better you eat something than not eat anything because you can’t stand the thought of your favorite green smoothie or salad through out your whole first trimester. Don’t worry, the nausea will eventually pass and you’ll be able to get back to your regular eating habits soon enough, with maybe an extra meal sometime through out the day!
  • Go for a walk, or do something that may distract you from the nausea
  • Download this list of food to eat when you have morning sickness!

First Trimester Pregnancy Symptom #3: Exhaustion

Growing a baby is HARD WORK!!

It takes a lot for our bodies to grow another human being; do not underestimate the amount of energy it takes.

The first trimester, and the third, are the most exhausting (which is why I’m writing this post while I’m in the second trimester of my pregnancy).

Don’t feel bad if you need naps during the day, or can’t wake up as early as you could before. Maybe you’re even falling asleep around 7 or 8pm, and it’s strange to you. Well, that’s alright, you’re body is simply trying to tell you that you need to rest; LISTEN TO YOUR BODY!!

If this is your first pregnancy, and you’re not very in tune with your body or know how to listen to it; just wait! I feel more in tune with my body after each pregnancy I’ve had. You kind of have to learn how to listen to the cues your body is telling you while pregnant. You need to listen to it for when you need to slow down a little, when you need to eat, when the pains you’re feeling need to be checked out or if they’re ‘normal’, etc.

For me, with having two kids already, I feel like I’m always exhausted, but boy was it a different type of exhaustion once I got pregnant. The type of tired where you just can’t keep your eyes open anymore, where you turn on a show and hope your kids will behave for a little bit just so you can dose off a little; that type of tired.

How to Deal:

  • Rest
  • Put your feet up for at least 10 minutes for every hour you’re up standing, walking, or doing something else where you’re on your feet
  • Incorporate a nap time during the day
  • Lower your expectations for what you can accomplish, for now
  • Let your husband know when, and what, you need a little extra help with around the house
  • Get plenty of sleep
  • Drink plenty of water

First Trimester Pregnancy Symptom #4: More Irritable than Usual

My husband and my kids can attest to this!

Everything, and anything, can make you irritable. You might as well have a sign on you that says ‘I’m pregnant, leave me alone’. But, really, little kids can’t read, and they need you, so they won’t leave you alone anyways…

Just try to apologize if you notice you’ve been a bit crankier than usual lately.

How to Deal:

  • Try to exercise, or at least go for a walk, when you can – to get some endorphins and hopefully make you less irritable
  • Warn others around you and apologize when need be
  • Give yourself a time out if you need it, and try to relax or do something you enjoy doing (I know, easier said than done when you have other kids to care for, too)

First Trimester Pregnancy Symptom #5: Can’t stop Crying


Your hormones are going crazy and your life is about to change forever!

You have all the rights in the world to worry about the future, cry because you saw a moving video on Facebook, or because they’re out of what you wanted at the store.

I don’t know you personally, but maybe you’re like me and have miscarried before. This can bring on even more tears. You’re worried about whether this baby is going to make it or not. Go ahead, ball your eyes out; I have while pregnant. Just be sure to bring this worry up with your OB so they can monitor the pregnancy with more care.

If this goes on for weeks without a break or being able to laugh about it, too; make sure you talk about it with your OB. There may be an underlying issue and you could be at risk for postpartum depression. It’s best to seek help as early as possible.

How to Deal:

  • Talk to those in your support system, like your husband, let them know how you’re feeling (this may bring on more tears in the moment, but it’ll help in the long run)
  • Just cry it out
  • Try to watch a funny movie
  • Cuddle your husband, another one of your kids, or a pet – sometimes just having someone to hold close will help

First Trimester Pregnancy Symptom #6: Mood Swings

Mood swings can be rough for some women when they aren’t pregnant. Being pregnant and getting mood swings, though, is a whole other story.

You could be crying hysterically on your couch because the store didn’t have the ice cream you wanted. Then, the next minute you’re furious at the store because they should’ve known to restock the ice cream before you came in. Then you’re hysterically laughing at yourself for thinking such silly things; how were they supposed to know you were going to be at the store at the moment you were, looking for that specific ice cream?

Mood swings are going to be the most intense at the beginning of pregnancy, especially if this is your first. Your hormones are going crazy and changing quickly at the beginning; which is why you were able to get the positive on the pregnancy test, your hormones.

Older children may understand slightly what’s going on, if not and they catch you crying and are concerned you’re upset, simply let them know it’s a symptom of being pregnant. If younger kids look concerned, just grab them and hold them close, or tickle them depending on your mood!

How to Deal:

  • Exercise
  • Warn others
  • Make sure you’re eating enough so you don’t get hangry, on top of having mood swings
  • There’s not really much else you can do for this symptom

First Trimester Pregnancy Symptom #7: Swelling Feet

I have heard that this, and swelling hands are a pregnancy symptom.

However I have never experienced this one myself. With my third pregnancy my feet actually got smaller, not sure how, but I wore a size 9 before being pregnant, and I ended up having to buy a new pair of shoes size 8.5 while I was pregnant. I still wear around a size 8.5.

My tiny hands never swelled either. I’ve heard stories where other pregnant women got their wedding rings stuck on their finger to the point they couldn’t take it off. My size 4.5 ring never got stuck on my finger. So, I guess I should consider myself lucky for not having to deal with swelling!

How to Deal:

Sometimes this can be caused by water retention, so make sure you’re drinking plenty of water. The more water you drink, the more your body knows that it doesn’t have to try to hold onto every drop it gets.

First Trimester Pregnancy Symptom #8: Headaches

Or, should I say migraines!

These are horrible, worse during pregnancy than when not pregnant, at least in my pregnancy. With my first daughter and the miscarriage I didn’t get headaches. But, for my second daughter and my current pregnancy I’ve had some pretty bad migraines.

Unfortunately, these horrible migraines are normal through out pregnancy, some even last for a few days (I know from experience).

How to Deal:

There’s not much you can do about them either, especially if you’re like me and refuse to take medicine for them. The best thing you can do is lay down with the lights off and in the quiet, keep very hydrated, and try to rest. Easier said than done when you have other kids to care for, too.

*Oh, and if it gets later in the pregnancy and you experience migraines, swelling, and protein in your urine when you go to the doctors; make sure you tell your doctor about all your symptoms. I did a bit of research to see if migraines are normal in pregnancy, and alone they are, but with the other symptoms it could be a sign of a serious condition called preeclampsia. You can find out more about the symptoms for this here:

First Trimester Pregnancy Symptom #9: Peeing A LOT

This symptom is luckily just annoying at it’s worse.

You may start experiencing this symptom in your first trimester, or not til later in your pregnancy when your baby is big enough to put a bit of pressure on your bladder. It usually gets worse the further into your pregnancy because of that reason. It’s a small price to pay for growing another human being!

How to Deal:

There’s not really much you can do about this one, just prepare yourself for it to get worse further along in pregnancy.

And, as you’ll see in the next symptom, you should also be drinking more water, which will contribute to the extra trips to the bathroom.

First Trimester Pregnancy Symptom #10: Thirstier than usual

I drink a lot of water, and I mean A LOT!

But, I still seem to be even thirstier whenever I’m pregnant or breastfeeding….or maybe it’s the fact that I’ve been either pregnant or breastfeeding for the past 7 years, and that’s why I’ve been drinking A LOT of water. If you’d like to know, I aim for about a gallon a day. YES, a WHOLE GALLON of water!

Drinking so much water is what I believe helped me have such a quick recovery with my second daughter. I can’t remember exactly how long the ‘recovery’ was, but I know it was a whole lot quicker than with my first! Water also has soo many benefits, apart from feeling great during pregnancy and postpartum.

How to Deal:

Drink more water! And, always have something to drink with you at all times.

If you can’t stand the taste of plain water, like say when you have all day nausea and morning sickness, try adding some lemon to it. It’ll make it a little sour, which can help with morning sickness, plus lemon helps boost the immune system; so it’s a win-win!

Or, if you can’t stand water, even flavored water, because of your morning sickness; I’d recommend cranberry juice. More specifically, cran-apple juice helped me get through my first trimester when the nausea and morning sickness were almost unbearable.

Not feeling nauseous? Check out this smoothie recipe that has plenty of nutrients that you and your growing baby needs!

Curious if the first trimester pregnancy symptoms you have are normal, or how to deal them them? Find out what the most common ones are and how to deal! #firsttrimester #pregnancysigns #pregnancysymptoms #pregnant #stresslessbehealthy

First Trimester Pregnancy Symptoms, Oh Boy! Aren’t they ‘FUN”?

For your sake, I hope you don’t experience too many of these symptoms!

But, know if you do, you are not alone; you’re in good company with many other women who have gone through this before, or are currently going through it, too.

From the annoyance of having to run to the bathroom every 5 minutes to the horrible migraines and morning sickness; don’t worry, these are super common and will all be worth it once you have your little baby in your arms after 9 months of carrying them around!

If you’re a first time mom, you’ll have a lot of firsts in your life, and being a good mom isn’t all the difficult with a newborn; all they want is to be fed, changed, and loved 24/7.

Time passes quickly, so make sure you treasure being pregnant, and take way too many pictures of your baby when born; the sleepless nights and 2am feedings will soon be a part of the past, and you’ll be missing those days when you’re being challenged with a child who wants to stay home from school for no reason, or throws full blown tantrums in the middle of a crowded store.

The pregnancy symptoms above will pass, and the first trimester pregnancy symptoms usually last the shortest time; seeing as how they don’t tend to start until you actually find out your pregnant. (Unless or course, if you’re like me and gain 10 pounds before even finding out that your pregnant!)

new years resolution fail

Do you have a bad habit that you’d like to break?

Most people do. So, don’t feel alone.

Habits are hard to break. And, the longer you’ve had a habit, the harder it seems to be to let it go. Whether it’s heading towards the coffee pot first thing when you get up, when what you really want, and need, is water; or if you simply want to stop biting your nails. It’s difficult; I can attest to that!

What I’m going to share with you, is some ways to help you out on your journey to breaking your old bad habits! And, you won’t only learn what the top layer of the tip is, like ‘find a new habit to replace the old one’; but I’ll also be having you understanding why each tip is useful to breaking a bad habit.

I’m not going to guarantee that every single one of these tips will work for you; everyone is different, gets motivated, and changes their habits in their own way. But, if you go through each one of these tips whole-heartily, you’ll surely be on your way to breaking that bad habit of yours!!

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1. Find a New Good Habit to Replace the Old Bad One

Breaking an old habit is hard! But, when you try to give it up all at once and with nothing to replace it with; it’s about ten times harder! Let’s take the coffee habit for example. So, you wake up and you head straight for the coffee pot, pour it in your mug, add some creamer, then start drinking it. You’re doing this before you even know what you’re doing in the morning; that’s what makes it a habit. Now, say you deliberately did not do that one morning. You’d be craving that coffee, that warm delicious drink, within minutes of waking up; you’ll most likely give in and just get some, even if it takes a little extra work.

But, what if you started drinking warm water with lemon in it, or some type of tea, instead. You would have that same feeling you get with your warm coffee; that warmth from a drink that you crave when you awake in the morning. The only real difference is going to be the taste. But hey, taste buds change. So, after deliberately doing this for a few weeks you’ll get used to the taste change. And, after not too long, you’ll automatically pour hot water into a mug and add a lemon slice, or a tea bag, and drink that instead!

It sounds really simple, right? That’s because it is. The hardest part is to have enough control over yourself to start the change. After the first few days, it’ll get easier, I promise. And, this works with more than just coffee. Just find a similar good habit you can replace the bad habit with. Like taking a deep breath and counting to 10 before responding to your child’s misbehavior, instead of automatically reacting to their behavior and yelling at them.

2. Understand Why you Want to Cut it Out

Yes, metacognition! Or, in other words ‘thinking about thinking’.

Start with the straight forward here; why do you want to end this specific habit? You’re reading this because you want to get rid of bad habits, so on some level the habit is bad and you know this.

But, what makes it bad? Is it that you would rather have another habit replace it, or does it cause you stress or anxiety? Does it make you gain weight, or harm you or someone else on some level? Will breaking the habit make you a better person? Healthier? Wealthier? Or, happier?

Answer some of those questions above that may apply. Then figure out why you think like that. Don’t think about what will make you healthier or happier; you already know the what, if you didn’t then you probably wouldn’t be trying to change the habit. Rather, think about what makes you think it will be healthier or help you become happier.

For example, what makes you think that drinking warm water with lemon in it  first thing in the morning is healthier than drinking coffee? (Because you already believe that it will make you healthier.) For me, I know that citrus fruits help with the immune system and that the first thing we put in our bodies in the morning should be water, then maybe some fruit. So, boosting my immune system and providing my body with the water it needs first thing in the morning is a no-brainer habit change. I also know that drinking coffee first thing in the morning prevents our body from naturally waking us up.

Now, why do you think the way you do about the habit you want to break? Knowing this answer will help strengthen your motivation and get you started with breaking that bad habit. Writing your answer down will also benefit you when you’re feeling weak and ready to give into the habit again. Remind yourself of the reasons behind changing your habit as often as you need!

3.Understand Why you Formed the Bad Habit in the First Place

Let’s do a little more thinking. Think back to when this habit just started. There’s a good chance that it didn’t start as a bad habit, or a habit at all. Maybe it helped you in some way or you enjoyed it and told yourself you’d only do it once in awhile. Like, enjoying a piece of cake after a hard day at work, or with the kids. Then, somewhere along the way you noticed that you were baking a cake at least once a week and having a slice every single night! And, you know this isn’t good for you, or your waistline. But, it’s become a habit and you feel like you can’t stop.

Well, there you go. You now know how it all started; you had a stressful day and needed a way to relax. Knowing why you formed the habit will help you determine if you need a replacement habit or what you can do to break the bad habit. Now, what do you think you could do at the end of a hard day to relax? Maybe; read a book, watch a show, take a shower and listen to music to unwind. All of those examples are going to be much better alternatives than eating cake everyday, much cheaper, too!

You can go back in time in your mind and do this with any habit, and then figure out how you can change it! For my coffee example, I started drinking coffee in the morning to feel more awake and to give me more energy, but by doing so I have been inhibiting my own body from being able to wake itself up naturally. So, instead of replacing coffee with another caffeinated drink (because I want my body to wake itself up), I want to choose a warm drink in the morning, instead.

4. Picture a Perfect Day

If you’re losing focus, or motivation, to break your bad habit; try imagining what a perfect day in your life would look like. What would you be doing? Do you see yourself practicing your bad habits, or are they non-existent? Are there any new habits that you see yourself doing? What are you eating through out the day? What’s different in that day than how you’re living now? What’s the same?


This mental image of your perfect day will help motivate you to break your bad habits; so you can get closer to the life you imagine for yourself! It may even show you what habits to instill to get rid of your bad habits, or what you should be doing through out the day to get closer to your goals in life. Use this as some extra inspiration to break your bad habits.

5. Focus on One Habit at a Time

…unless that one habit is triggered by another habit (more on this in the next tip); but even then, try breaking the trigger habit first.

I know, if you’re anything like me then you may have this long list of habits that you have that you may not be a fan of and want to break ASAP. Unfortunately, it’s not very realistic to try to break as many habits as possible all at the same time. You could try, but you may not get that far. In fact, it’s actually counter productive to do that; it’s hard to break a habit, so just try imagining breaking more than one at a time. It takes will power to break a bad habit, or start a new one to replace it with; we only have so much will power in a single day.

So, keep it simple and only try to break one habit at a time. Be sure not to move on to breaking another habit til the first one is completely out of your life. This may take longer than you’d like, but if you don’t want to relapse and allow the habit back into your life, then this is the way to go!

new years resolution fail

6. Know What Triggers the Bad Habit

So, we discussed that you should understand where a habit comes from and why you have it. This tip is somewhat part of that, but it deserves to be a tip all by itself because of it’s importance in breaking a habit.

You need to know what triggers a habit. Because, even if you understand where your habit came from; the specific reasons behind forming the habit may be long gone and lost somewhere in your memory where you can’t retrieve it, but the trigger to keep you practicing it isn’t.

One very common trigger to a lot of different bad habits is stress. If this is the case for you, then you need to find a healthy way to deal with your stress and relax. Read a book, watch a show, take a nap, or do something productive to relieve the stress in your life, instead of practicing your bad habit. I know, it’s much easier said than done; but it’s important to try. There are other triggers as well, so be on the look out for what triggers your bad habits so you can catch yourself before you partake in it again.

Your trigger could be as simple as grabbing a ton of food to binge on before sitting down to watch TV so you can mindlessly eat; next time just grab some water. Or, to go along with my coffee example above; the trigger could be just waking up. You wake up, the coffee is already made because you set the coffee to brew itself, then you grab a cup, pour it, and start drinking. In this case, don’t preset the coffee, or make getting warm lemon water just as easy in the mornings so you’re not as tempted to get the coffee. Whatever way you look at it; knowing what triggers your bad habit will help you break it; it will serve as a warning sign that the bad habit is about to start.

7. Tell Others that You Want to Break it

Sometimes trying to break a habit yourself is too hard and you need some outside motivation, or you’re a people pleaser and don’t want others knowing that you don’t have enough will power to break a bad habit. Either way, telling others that you’re trying to break a habit will surely help you break it! (Unless you’re rebellious!)

Telling someone else that you want to break a bad habit is like telling them it’s alright for them to watch you to make sure you don’t continue that habit. If you practice the habit in front of them, then they can call you out on it. If it’s the coffee example from above then it’s helpful in multiple ways; they can keep you accountable and help you avoid temptation, especially if you tell the people you live with. For example, if I told my husband that I wanted to stop drinking coffee as my first drink of the day (first, he would probably laugh at me); then he would take the coffee sitting next to me and put it in the kitchen so that I would have to get up if I wanted it back. He may even bring my water over to me instead, probably not, but he might if I asked him to.

8. Commit 100% to Breaking the Habit

Committing 100% to breaking your bad habit may sound like an obvious tip, but it’s earned it’s spot on this list because of it’s importance, and the fact that not many people fully commit! If you are not fully committed to breaking your habit then your habit will stay with you, no matter how hard you try to get rid of it. You need to be willing to give it up.

Breaking bad habits is a little like a mind game. You can try as hard as you want on the outside to get rid of your bad habit, but if you can’t convince yourself on the inside that you truly want to give it up, then good luck… You will be the hardest person to convince that you don’t need the habit anymore; that you can actually live or thrive without it. In other words; you won’t be able to break your bad habit until you are 100% fully committed to breaking it.

9. Be Truthful to Yourself

Along with being 100% committed to breaking your habit; you must also be truthful about your habit to yourself. If you are tracking the days that you can go without practicing your bad habit; don’t lie to yourself about it. Be honest if you practice the bad habit, if you tell a little white lie to yourself then you won’t ever break it.

For example, let’s go back to the coffee example; if you take a sip of coffee first thing in the morning then write it down on your tracking sheet. Don’t put down that you didn’t have a cup of coffee just because you only had a sip; if it makes you feel better write down that you just had a sip, or a few sips. Then you can start trying to decrease the amount of sips you have each day until you don’t have any at all. But, if you write down that you didn’t have a cup because you only had a few sips, then you’re lying to yourself and making yourself believe you can get away with having a few sips in the morning because you’re not going to write it down anyways.

If you lie to yourself and allow yourself to do a little bit of the habit and ‘get away with it’, then you’re sabotaging your chances of breaking that habit. This is why you need to be truthful to yourself about what you do and preferably write down how you are doing each day with breaking your habit to keep yourself accountable.

10. Don’t Move onto Breaking Another Bad Habit too Quickly

It takes time to break a habit, whether you believe in the 21 days or 66 days that it takes to make or break a habit. That’s why you can’t move onto breaking another habit too quickly. If you try to, it will backfire; you’ll slide right back into the previous bad habit you had, only to give yourself the will power to start breaking another habit. If this starts to happen then you have two choices; go back and finish breaking the first habit, or let that one go and focus on the second one til it’s broken. Either way, you just wasted all the time you spent on trying to break the first habit, and you can’t get that time back.

Don’t move on from the first habit immediately after it’s broken. Wait a few weeks after it’s broken to make sure it won’t come back. I know it’s hard to take your time; especially when you have quite a few other habits you want to break as well. But, it’s better to take your time now to make sure it’s really gone, than to move on too quickly and destroy all the progress you already made.

Breaking a habit is hard work and takes time, don’t make it be any harder or take any longer. Follow the tips above to make sure you’ll have an easier time breaking your bad habits. Make sure you’re not lying to yourself about breaking the habit. Find a person to help you stay accountable, or at least try to replace your bad habit with a good one.

There are far more tips than the list above, but the list above will give you a fighting chance at ridding your life of those habits you have and despise. Just don’t give up, or your habits will win, and we don’t want that!!

Share with someone having trouble breaking bad habits, or just share if you thought this was helpful!!


Want to break you bad habits? Try these tips! break bad habits, habit tracker, break habits, change habits, better self
Want to break you bad habits? Try these tips! break bad habits, habit tracker, break habits, change habits, better self

14+ Quiet Time Toddler Activities

Looking for quiet time toddler activities, for when your little one should be napping but isn't? Check out these ideas, including busy bags, pretend play, and more!  #toddleractivities #toddler #activities #activitiesforkids #stresslessbehealthy

14+ Quiet Time Toddler Activities

So, you’re toddler won’t nap anymore? And, you’re looking for quiet time toddler activities

Maybe you have a child in school and just your toddler at home, and you thought you were going to get so much done during the day when they napped. Then they decide to grow up a little, just like your older child, and stop taking naps; out of nowhere!

Believe me, I know exactly how you feel! How frustrating it is, and how your hope for getting more done during the day just went out the window.

But, it doesn’t have to.

By the time a child stops napping during the day, they tend to actually be old enough to play quietly by themselves with little supervision. (As long as your home is still baby-proofed.)

And, there are plenty of things that you can set up for them to play with and they may continue playing with it for a half an hour or so. The time absolutely depends on your childs attention span, though.

And, sometimes you can just tell them to go play quietly in their room, and they will.

Just be cautious if they get too quiet! This usually means they are getting into something they shouldn’t and you should go check on them ASAP.

Just in case your child isn’t one to go off and play by themselves with any random toy in their room, there are some quiet toddler activities listed below to help you out. So you can at least get a little more done, even if it’s not as much as you would like.

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Quiet Time Activities that Toddler Loves!

1. Paint with water

This has been proven, by my own crazy toddler and others, to work and keep little ones occupied for some time.

Just grab them what they need:

  • paper, newspaper, or anything else they can ‘paint’ on
  • paintbrushes (yes, multiple, and preferably all different sizes)
  • a small cup of water

Set everything up at the cleared off table, or on the clean floor with no carpets nearby, and let them ‘paint’ for as long as they will! This will entertain my toddler for at least 20-30 minutes.

And, I know this works with more than just my toddler. When I was younger my mom ran a home daycare, and on nice days she would take the kids outside to play. At one point I think she was watching four toddlers one summer and they spent quite some time ‘painting’ the deck. They thought it was so much fun!

You don’t have to limit this to a deck or paper, either. There’s plenty of things that won’t get damaged by water.

2. Play-doh

Play doh is another fun activity for toddlers to play with while they should be napping.

They can squish it between their fingers, rolling it out with a rolling pin, or make fun shapes with cookie cutters!

This activity is a bit messier than simply painting with water. But, if painting with water doesn’t entertain them, then maybe with all the colors of play doh, they’ll be quiet and playing for 20-30 minutes without needing your help.

If you don’t like the thought of buying play doh from the store, check out the play doh recipes below for a more natural play doh, and even a calming play doh recipe!

How To Make All Natural Homemade Gluten-Free PlayDoh

Photo from


Calming Lavender Playdough Recipe

Photo from


3. Toddlers love to Play Mommy

This quiet time toddler activity may be more for little girls than little boys, but if your little boy wants to play with dolls and pretend to be daddy, there is nothing wrong with that.

Both of my girls love playing with their dolls and pretending to be mommies to them.

From changing them, feeding them, and even putting them down for naps; which is great for quiet play because you can remind them to be quiet or their babies will wake up!

4. Play Doctor

They can also play doctor with their baby dolls. All they need is a doctors kit!

My girls have a few doctor sets, they’re huge fans of Doc Mcstuffins. So, they try to do what she does and become little doctors for their dolls and stuffed animals. Unfortunately, this doesn’t help them not be terrified of shots at their doctors…


Photo from


5. ‘Type’ on an old computer

I don’t know about you, but I go through computers every 2 to 4 years. (I really need to invest in one that won’t die after 4 years.) But, this is good new for my girls.

Right now, my ‘old’ computer has almost completely died, I won’t hook it up to the internet (because I don’t want to spend money on antivirus software for it); all it has are some old baby photos of my girls, open office, paint, and a few other things.

My toddler thinks it’s the most wonderful thing and will play with it for 30-60 minutes without getting bored!

She’s learning what the buttons on the keyboard do and loves looking at the baby pictures. She’s even learned how to turn the screen sideways and upside down; and every time she does it, I have to look up how to get it back to normal. (On a windows computer it’s ctrl + alt + up arrow.)

6. Give Your Toddler a box

Toddlers are very creative. Give them a box, or a few boxes, and they’ll figure out a way to play with it and entertain themselves.

Have you ever seen that episode of Rugrats where Tommy gets a fancy toy that needs to be put together. While his dad struggles attempting to put the toy together, Tommy plays in the box that it came with and uses his imagination.

And, have you ever bought toys for a little one for their birthday or Christmas, and they end up enjoying playing with the packaging and wrapping paper more so than the present itself?

7. ‘Reading’

Obviously, toddlers can’t read, yet. At least, not for real. But, they still enjoy looking at pictures in books (and tearing up the ‘peekaboo’ type books).

Whether you go to the library and borrow books for free, or start your own library at your home; this quiet time activity is a great one to have your child start  at a young age. And, it’s one that they can keep doing forever!


8. Busy Bags, or Busy Bins full of Simple and Fun Toddler Activities

Have you heard of these before? They’re pretty neat, and you can have one, or many. Which would help with keeping them entertained for longer!

Here is an example that would be fairly easy to put together: Busy Bags with Straws

Make sure to save this post on Pinterest to come back to later.

Looking for quiet time toddler activities, for when your little one should be napping but isn't? Check out these ideas, including busy bags, pretend play, and more! #toddleractivities #toddler #activities #activitiesforkids #stresslessbehealthy

9. Dollhouse

My two year old loves playing dollhouse. I attempt to organize my girls toys often enough so that all of the dollhouse toys are together and able to easily be found (which now includes Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, the Littlest Pet Shop, and PJ Masks characters).

All you need is a doll house and some people or animals to put inside, or be creative and make it out of cardboard and other materials found around the house (anyone thinking of that episode from Friends when Phoebe makes her own dollhouse because Monica wouldn’t let her play with hers?).


10. Building

Little kids love to stack things.

This activity may not always be quiet, but it will entertain. All you need are some blocks, mega bloks, kids books, boxes, or anything else that can stack on top of each other.

Your little one will have fun building it up and knocking it down. This was one of the funnest games for the 1 and a half year olds and two year olds when I worked at a childcare and learning center, before having my own kids.

11. Making a Felt Necklace

Help your child develop their fine motor skills by having them make their own necklace.

Need help with creativity, and making sure this activity is safe for your little one, check out Button Snake – a Homemade Toy to Develop Fine Motor Skills.

12. Felt Activities for Toddlers who Won’t Nap

Other than having your child make a felt necklace, there are many other fun things your child can do or make with felt!

I remember my mom had bags of felt play sets; farm animals, a felt doll with different clothes, sea life, the jungle, and so on. Honestly, she probably still has them in her basement, but we’re about a 3 or 4 day drive from where she lives.

For more inspiration on felt activities, check out the posts below, you could even create busy bags for these activities.

Felt Caterpillar Busy Bag {Busy Bags for Kids}

How to Easily Encourage Imaginative Play Using Felt

Fine Motor Skills with Crazy Straws

13. Coloring

My girls have always loved to color, ever since they could hold a crayon to paper and have it make a mark.

It sometimes amazes me what they are able to draw at such a young age. My almost 3 year old started drawing people, or what resembles a person: a head with eyes, mouth, nose, ears, hair, and sometimes arms and legs, about 6 months ago.

You don’t need much, either; a pack of paper or a notebook, and some crayons. Kids aren’t that picky, they’re creative.

Just don’t get upset when crayons get broken! Because I can guarantee they will.

When the crayons get broken, just  melt them down and make a big toddler crayon with it! I’ve done it before, maybe one day I’ll have a tutorial on here, but for now, check out What to Do with Broken Crayons: Make Your Own DIY Toddler Crayons.

You’ll need some type of silicone mold that’s oven safe. I made my girls some colorful crayons in the shape of hearts, with these molds. But, you can use any you’d like, like the one suggested in the tutorial above.

14. Wall Toys for Toddlers

You know those toys that hang on the walls at doctors offices or dentists?

I’m going to bet they aren’t very cheap.

But, what is cheap is making them yourself with recycled materials that you probably already have in your home!

For a DIY tutorial, look at what they did for Fine motor Play from Recyclables.

Or, you can take a look at amazon and try your luck, and wallet, there.

Either way, your toddler will love playing with them!

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There’s many more Toddler Activities than these

I’ll admit, there’s plenty more activities for toddlers than just the ones above. But, those should give you a pretty good start, and hopefully some inspiration to create your own!

There’s still:

  • puzzles
  • paper dolls
  • playing with pretend food
  • playing like they are grocery shopping
  • playing house
  • cleaning (because the tend to love to clean at this age, if only that would stick)
  • and even more!

Toddlers are pretty creative and can probably do more than you think they can. Just make sure you can hear or see them at all times!

As well behaved as they can be while playing alone, they can also be quite curious and get into things they shouldn’t, or do things they shouldn’t. And, unfortunately, that means either a mess to clean up or a possibly hurt child for us.

So, my suggestion for you if you work from home with a little one, is to work in the same room they play in. Whether it’s a temporary work space, like on their bed (if it’s not a toddler bed), or bringing in a chair and small table. Or, if your kids have a playroom, and you have an actual desk, put your desk in their playroom, at least until they are old enough to trust to not get into things (I’m not sure what age this is, my oldest is only 6).

And, as much as you don’t want your little one to grow up, they will; and the activities above will help with their development, and your sanity!

If you have any more toddler friendly activities, feel free to leave them in the comments below.

Looking for quiet time toddler activities, for when your little one should be napping but isn't? Check out these ideas, including busy bags, pretend play, and more! #toddleractivities #toddler #activities #activitiesforkids #stresslessbehealthy

How to Create a Weekly Schedule that Actually Works!

how to create a weekly schedule

Do you stay home all day with your kids? Do you have a daily or weekly schedule…that you actually stick to?

I get it, it’s a struggle to create and stick to any type of schedule when you’re home all day. There’s no boss telling you to go on lunch, take a break, or tell you what you should be doing; and there’s no bell like there was in school to tell you to move onto the next class or activity, and no schedule to tell you where or what to do next.

To be honest, there isn’t really that much that absolutely needs to get done in a day.

If we need to, we could really just get by with making sure we eat and feed our kids 3 times a day; the rest of the day could be chaos, we can survive til the next day.

But, who wants to just survive?

I don’t!

I want to feel and be productive each and everyday.

What I don’t want is for my kids thinking I’m lazy or don’t care about things. Because I do care, and I don’t want to be thought of as lazy (don’t judge me that I’m writing this in my pj’s, it’s only 5am and my kids are still asleep).

Plus, I love making to do lists, scheduling out tasks in my planner, and checking off what I do. It brings me a sense of accomplishment to check things off, even if the task was as small as doing the dishes or filling out the meal plan part of my planner with the help of my kids. (Yes, I even write down the task of planning, just so I can check it off when I’m done!!)

I don’t know about you, but I actually find staying home with my kids all day long more stressful than when I worked full time at a call center. At least when I worked there, there was structure to my days and weeks; I knew when I had time to do things that needed to get done, whether at work or at home. I was able to get everything done that I believed I needed to, like meal prepping and other things us moms need to do. But, now that I’m home 24/7 and no one telling me what to do when, it’s actually quite frustrating at times.

All the meal prepping, and batching tasks together in order to get things done before my weekend was over, isn’t something I feel pressured to do anymore; I’ve got the time.


Because I’m just a stay at home mom and I’m home all day.


And, that’s what I’ve been realizing lately!

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In order for me to be productive and get more things done everyday and every week (like I used to); I need to keep batching tasks together like I did before, and not stretch things out just because I think I can.

And, I’ve known for awhile now that creating a weekly schedule that I could actually stick to would be super beneficial.

Just scheduling out certain tasks for certain days, like meal planning, meal prepping, cleaning, or writing. I need to make sure that everything that absolutely ‘needs’ to get done, everything that ‘should’ get done and everything I ‘want’ to get done, actually gets done!

Like me, I’m going to assume that you’re probably in the same boat.

So, let’s get started on how to create a weekly schedule that will actually work!

Write Down All Your To Do’s

The first thing you need to do to create a weekly schedule is do a brain dump. If you don’t know what a brain dump is; it’s simply writing down everything that you need to do, anything that seems to be on your mind swirling around or stressing you out. It could be that you have to remember to pay a bill or how much that bill is, or what time your child’s dentist appointment is.

Whatever is on your mind; write it down!

This won’t only help you figure out what needs to get done, but it’ll also relieve the stress of trying to remember it all; it’ll give your mind some space to relax!

You may want to circle or highlight anything that you’re expecting to get done this week, so you can focus on those when creating your schedule.

Also, be as detailed or as vague as you want here! Just try not to forget anything, if you do, then it probably won’t get done.

(If you do this on a regular basis, like you should, make sure you refer to your old brain dumps to double check you didn’t miss anything. I have a notebook specifically for brain dumps, plus post its, and other random scrap paper!)

Use my ‘Create YOUR Week’ Template for Brain Dumps and MORE!!

You might notice that some things on your list are appointments or things that must get done each week for your family to function properly (talking about laundry and buying/making food here), make sure you highlight or circle those! And, now onto the next step.



Once you feel confident you didn’t forget anything in your brain dump; determine all the must do’s, should do’s, and want to do’s. I’d even go as far as grabbing another piece of paper and dividing it up and rewriting the tasks for this week depending on their importance.

For example, doctor or dentist appointments are must do’s, meal prepping an entire weeks worth of meals could be a should do, and decluttering an entire room (or reading a book you’ve been trying to get to for the past 6 months) would be a want to do.

Your priorities may be different than mine so your to do’s may look different as well.

If you want to start spending more quality time with you kids, then maybe a must do  for you would be spending 15 minutes with them doing what they want to do, or at least reading to them every night before bed.

Make sure when you schedule out your tasks for the week that you include this, and in the same way you would schedule in an appointment.

The more you schedule into your week, the more you can actually accomplish, and the less time you’ll fill your day, or week, with unproductive activities (like getting lost in facebook or pinterest)!

Of course, when you get to the next step, you’ll want to include all three categories (must do, should do, and want to do’s) into your schedule for each week. You’ll appreciate the balance, after all!


how to create a weekly schedule

Schedule it Out!

This next step is what those of us who love planning live for; scheduling out tasks!! (Don’t give me that look, I know how ridiculous it may sound, but it’s totally true!)

So, get out your planner so we can start scheduling out our tasks!

Or, if you don’t have a planner (gasp!!) then use whatever it is you usually use for your schedule. Some people use the calendar in their phone or google calendar. I like to go old school here and use a physical planner and pen, just like back in school and college. And, you know what, not everything has to change now that I graduated college 4 years ago and have 2 kids. It worked back then, and it can still work today!

Use the ‘Create YOUR Week’ Template for scheduling out tasks and MORE!!

If you don’t own a planner, do yourself a favor and get one, even if it’s one on clearance at walmart, it’ll still work!

I can’t imagine not having a planner, especially as a mom. My memory hasn’t been the same since having my first child and I don’t want to use precious memory space trying to remember doctor appointments and what we’re having for dinner each night.

(I personally use a whiteboard calendar, a smaller whiteboard for a to-do list/ ‘we’re almost out of’ list, my planner, Asana, and a ton of post it notes and regular old notebooks! You could say I’m a bit obsessed with planning!)

Did you know there’s different ways to schedule?!

Believe it, or not, there are quite a few different ways to schedule tasks, your day, and your week to get the most done.

The way you decide to schedule is up to you, and if one way doesn’t work, go ahead and try a different one. It’ll depend a lot on the tasks you have, your personality type and how often you procrastinate!

I know I need a pretty strict schedule and I need to focus on sticking to it or it’ll all just fall apart. For me, I need to write everything down in my planner and schedule it out hour by hour. I don’t always stick to the specific hour, but if I don’t schedule it in like that then I know it’ll get pushed off to another day, week, or even month!

Whatever way you choose to schedule in tasks for the week; make sure you know approximately how long each will take you to do. Then, add in buffer time, or just double the time, especially for tasks you enjoy. Unless of course, you’re on a time constraint.

We tend to estimate too low on tasks we enjoy doing. For example, I thought it would only take me an hour to write this post and do everything I need to do for it, but I’m going on an hour and a half simply writing the first draft. It’s better to have extra time if you finish a task early, than not finishing the task in the allotted time!

And, don’t even get me started on if you’re trying to get some work done with kids around, you might as well just save yourself the frustration and stay up after their in bed to get it done, or else it may drive you insane! (Don’t ask me how I know.)

Let’s get into a few different types of scheduling…

Write down the tasks you want to accomplish each day

As a stay at home mom of two little girls, I never know what’s going to happen next; a tantrum, a much needed bath for my toddler who covered herself in applesauce, or my girls playing nicely together in the playroom (this rarely happens, but I appreciate when it does)!

The type of schedule I need has to be flexible. Sure, I write down tasks to get done at certain times during the day. But, it doesn’t mean that they always get done when they should.

The important thing is that they are written down. If I can’t get to a task I was supposed to do in the morning; I’ll get it done later in the day. My schedule is more like a to do list with some wishful thinking; writing down when I’d like to accomplish each task!

With this type of scheduling I’d suggest to tackle no more than 3 main tasks a day. If I can’t get something done when it’s scheduled in the morning; I quickly eat my lunch, put a show on for my girls, and get at least one task knocked out while my girls are eating and being entertained. Even if that just means I get to shower during that time. It’s worth it! And, yes, sometimes you do need to remember, and make time for, simple and necessary acts of self-care. It’s that important!

If you want to know the importance of having a daily schedule with kids, check out: 5 Reasons Your Child (and You) Need a Daily Schedule!

Why you should just assign certain tasks to each day of the week

You can’t get everything you want to get done for the week in a single day! You don’t need the extra stress that comes with inflexible schedules.

Being a mom, it’s hard trying to get everything done that needs to get done by the end of the day.

Spread out your tasks.

If you have 6 must do  tasks for the week; don’t schedule them all in one or two days. Schedule 1 to 2 a day as a main task of the day instead!

On the other hand, if you like to procrastinate; I’d highly recommend not using this type of scheduling.This is for mom’s who strive to get things done but have little ones who are a little more demanding and expect your attention 24/7. For those who can fit tasks into small crevices of the day when discovered!

Schedule with Time Blocks

Time blocking isn’t new, or even difficult. Many productive people use time blocking as a time management technique in their everyday lives!

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work well for me.

It might for you!

But, as I see it, when you stay home all day with little ones; you’re on call 24/7, and may need to drop what you’re doing immediately because your kids need you. They need to cuddle, or they jumped on the couch and fell off, got a boo-boo, or want you to play with them, or whatever else.

On the contrary, if your kids are in school, or if you can get someone to watch them for you; this technique may work for you!

All you need to do is find all of the 60-90 minute blocks of time in your week that are free.

Then schedule in tasks where you can fit them. If you have tasks that need to get done that only take a few minutes each, schedule them together. For example, in one block you could throw in a load of laundry, do the dishes, and pick up around the house.

Remember to schedule in must do’s first, then try to balance the rest of your week out with the should do’s and want to do’s!

Make Yourself Deadlines

Yep, we’re going to treat our everyday life like we’re at work or school. Think of how much stuff you got done then; probably a lot more than now, and it’s not just because you didn’t have kids with you!

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You need to create deadlines for yourself.

At least for the most important tasks, and especially if you don’t feel motivated to get anything done. Creating deadlines will create a healthy form of stress to help you be more productive and get much more done.

If you’re not up to creating deadlines; at least try out the pomodoro technique to get more done in a small amount of time. I use the tomato-timer to help me get a task completed quickly, it’s literally racing against the clock. With this technique you try to complete a task within 25 minutes, then you get a 5 minute break! If you’re able to do that 4 times in a row, then you get a 10 minute break. I’ve never made it that far, though. Actually, the only time I can successfully get through one pomodoro is when my kids are asleep.

Use my ‘Create YOUR Week’ Template to keep track of deadlines and MORE!!

Do what You Plan!

Alright, so you’ve almost made it through all the steps to scheduling out your week! But, this final step is the most important one, so don’t forget it!

Now, you have to actually do your to do’s when you scheduled them for (or, at least sometime for the day you planned it for)!

If you skip this step, then all the planning you just did was a huge waste of time; the whole purpose of planning things out is to be more productive. Don’t waste your precious time by not following through.

You may, however, have to make yourself accountable for what you need to do during the week. There’s no one there who will fail, or fire, you if you aren’t doing what you’re supposed to be doing. So, this step is up to you. You could always try finding an accountability partner if you’d like. But, at the end of the day it’s up to you whether you do it or not.

Another way to make it slightly easier, rather than getting an accountability partner; is to treat yourself at the end of the week if you accomplish all your tasks. Like, going to bed early, or making what you want for dinner instead of what your kids want. Just a little something that you can enjoy and appreciate for all that you do for your family and yourself. Cause, guess what, it’s not easy being the stay at home parent and you deserve to treat yourself!

Grab these ‘To Do’ Tracker Templates to make sure you get everything done! (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Budget, and Meal Plan!)

Final Notes

I know, you were probably looking for some cookie cutter weekly schedule that would work for you as a stay at home mom; that schedule just doesn’t exist. We all have different chores, activities that we do, places we need to go. And once we get set in one schedule; our kids start growing up and then everything changes and we’re back at the drawing board trying to find another schedule that will work for us.

I wanted to give you a guide on how to make a schedule; rather than a weekly schedule you could print out and hope works. Because in reality, those won’t work. Our brains aren’t all wired the same way, and our lives are not all the same; nor will they stay the way they are now for very long, anyways! There’s no one size fits all for scheduling out your week. And, what works for you now may not work in a couple months. I want you to be able to do this on your own; you are more than capable!

Happy planning!

 how to create a weekly schedule

Feeling overwhelmed when it comes to figuring out how to declutter your home? You're not alone, learn to simplify your life and get rid of the clutter. #declutter #decluttering #declutteryourhome #declutteringahouse #stresslessbehealthy

Learn How to Declutter Your Home for beginners

It’s almost spring time and that means time for spring cleaning. Hopefully you know how to declutter your home, too. If not, that’s alright, you’ll learn how to in this post!

And, although I’m not a minimalist, I still know the befits of having less stuff.

I would honestly love to be fully committed to minimalism, but that’s a little out of my comfort zone (and my husbands)!

Plus, I have a family; 2 kids and a husband. It can be difficult to get everyone to go a long with getting rid of stuff! Even if they haven’t seen it or used it in  over a year.

Once an item comes to the surface to leave the house; it suddenly has this huge sentimental value  attached to it! No matter what it is!

However, even with those obstacles getting in my way; I was still able to get rid of about half of our belongings before we moved from one coast of the U.S. to the other! And, that is what I’m going to help you do (maybe not half, but a lot); declutter your home with a stuff-clingy family.

The simple-to-use decluttering processes below are meant for beginners; so don’t worry if you’ve never decluttered before! I wrote this for you!

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There is also no better time to declutter than now!

Springtime is a time to start anew and do some spring cleaning. So, this year, why not do some spring decluttering!

It won’t only clear space in your home, but also your mind!

Before we got rid of half of our stuff I spent almost every minute I wasn’t at work, cleaning our stuff.

This was not OK.

I wanted to be able to spend more time with my kids when I wasn’t at work. My life went to getting up and cleaning, then going to work, then coming home and sleeping, then getting up and cleaning again and so on; I didn’t want that. I was also much more stressed before I started decluttering because we had too much stuff.

It’s such a relief to have a home for every item we own.


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If you’ve already decluttered and are just trying to find out how to keep you’re home clutter free, check out How to Keep a Clutter Free Home and download these rules to keep your home clutter free!

Feeling overwhelmed when it comes to figuring out how to declutter your home? You're not alone, learn to simplify your life and get rid of the clutter. #declutter #decluttering #declutteryourhome #declutteringahouse #stresslessbehealthy


Start with the Why

What you will want to consider before you even start the process of decluttering is why you want to declutter.

Do you feel like you are drowning in stuff?

Is your home always a mess?

Do you feel like you spend more time cleaning your home and your stuff than enjoying it?

Are you moving soon and need to down-size?

Finding out why you want to declutter can help give you a focus and help motivate you. So, spend a little time thinking about this first!

Get rid of the Obvious Clutter

If you’re a little intimidated by the whole decluttering process, that’s alright.

But, there’s no need to be intimidated by it.

It is a process.

Sometimes an everlasting process; since most people enjoy having new things.

The best way to resolve having more and more items in you home is; when bringing in new items, you get rid of something old. The one in, one out rule. (I talk more about this rule here.)

I’m not even done decluttering! Anyone who buys stuff or lives with people who buys stuff will never be done decluttering; it’ll always be an ongoing process.

The easiest way to physically start decluttering is by getting rid of the obvious things.

Go through each room in your home and find any garbage, broken items, or things you don’t even know why you brought them into your home to begin with.

Find a new home for these items, whether it’s the garbage, recycling, or some place you’re able to donate items. You’re home is no longer their home.

“Any garbage , broken items, or things you don't even know why you brought them into your home to begin with... Your home is no longer their home.”Click To Tweet

Some examples of these items could be:

  • paper scraps, like sticky notes you wrote stuff down on and no longer need
  • wrapping paper scraps
  • old jewelry that is no longer the same color as when you bought it
  • expired items (make up, food, medication)
  • Clothing items that are ill-fitting, dingy, or ripped

They all need to go.

Feeling overwhelmed when it comes to figuring out how to declutter your home? You're not alone, learn to simplify your life and get rid of the clutter. #declutter #decluttering #declutteryourhome #declutteringahouse #stresslessbehealthy

The list could go on and on, and it’s all going to depend on you and anything you feel that should be gotten rid of right away.

Now is the time!

There is no better time to do something than right now!

So, go ahead and start, if you need to start before you finish reading this, save or pin this, and then come back when you’re done with the obvious.

Feeling overwhelmed when it comes to figuring out how to declutter your home? You're not alone, learn to simplify your life and get rid of the clutter. #declutter #decluttering #declutteryourhome #declutteringahouse #stresslessbehealthy


Estimate Time for Decluttering Tasks

I’m hoping you took my advice and went ahead with getting rid of the obvious; if not, that’s ok, you can fit that into the next step. Which is necessary for anyone who likes being organized and making a to-do list and checking off the items! (AKA ME!!)

Once you know what you need to do in the process of decluttering (which we’ll go over in a little bit) it’s best to estimate how long each task will take you.

It’s very satisfying being able to check something off the list, so it is beneficial to break larger tasks down into smaller ones.

This will also help if you feel you don’t have time to declutter, or have kids.

Some tasks can even take as little as a few minutes, such as going through your make up and throwing out ones that expired or that you just don’t like anymore.

If you have kids, try squeezing in some tasks while your kids are awake and behaving, if you’re lucky enough for that to happen!

Or, just start and they may want to join in.

When I went through all my clothes last year, my 15 month old, at the time, decided to come in my room with me and play with the few toys that were accidentally left in my room a few days earlier. Needless to say, I was actually able to go through all of my clothes!

Bagging up what I no longer liked and putting away winter items, such as coats and mittens. If I had tried to make her behave or play in her room, I probably would not have finished. The task would still be on my to-do list.

Feeling overwhelmed when it comes to figuring out how to declutter your home? You're not alone, learn to simplify your life and get rid of the clutter. #declutter #decluttering #declutteryourhome #declutteringahouse #stresslessbehealthy

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Schedule your ‘Declutter Your Home’ Tasks

On the same note as the last step, you may want to start a to-do list if you don’t already have one.

If you already have one, add a task or two a day for decluttering. The more free time you have, the better.

By scheduling a little bit each day you’ll less likely become overwhelmed by it; trying to get it all done at once.

If you have enough motivation, few distractions, and want to get it all done at once, then be my guest!

It can sometimes take longer than you expect though, especially when coming across items that bring back memories.

Sometimes it’s best to apply the one touch rule. Where you minimize the amount of times you touch an item, since the more times you touch something the more you become attached to it. It has a psychological effect.

Taking some time to schedule out your tasks, even if just for a certain day, will help you get it done.

If it’s not in my planner to get done today, then there’s a good chance I’m going to put it off.

It makes a huge difference if you actually take a pen, and write down, and commit to accomplishing, or even starting, a task on a certain day.

Sometimes, this is even more important if you have less structure in your day. Scheduling out tasks is something I always did in school and it never failed me. So, if I start feeling overwhelmed by things that need to get done, I grab a pen, a piece of paper, and/or my planner. This alleviates the stress of not knowing when or how everything will get done.

The Processes

Like a lot of things in life, there are so many ways to declutter and no one way is the best way!

This is going to depend on you, and what works for you.

I could tell you what works for me and tell you that the way I do it is the best way to do it. But, then you would miss out on all of the other processes people go through for decluttering. Other successful ways, that I just don’t want you to miss out on!

So, if one of the ways below doesn’t help you or seem to fit with you, just try out the next one.

Or, read through and pick which one, or few, will work best for you.

Sometimes, the one you think will work, won’t; and one you think won’t work, will. So, don’t be concerned if you need to try them all.

Who knows, you may even end up making up your very own way to declutter!

Room by Room

Going room by room has helped many people declutter their home.

This process involves starting in one room of your home and not starting another until the first room is finished.

You could start this process before or after you get rid of the obvious. I would recommend after, that way each room still looks decent while you work on your focus room.

If you have guests over often, work at home, or spend most of your time in just a few rooms of your house; then this process may be for you.

It may be more important for you to have a decluttered kitchen, if you spend most of your time there, or if you never eat out and make all meals at home. The kitchen is the heart of the home. I know, personally, how frustrating it is to have a messy or cluttered kitchen. If I were to declutter room by room, I would start in the kitchen; you may start somewhere else. And, maybe do a room a day, or a room a week.

Or, you could start in the smallest or least cluttered room to build up motivation.

Knowing you already have one room done and checked off the list will motivate you to move onto a larger or more cluttered room; just like a game, you finished one level now you’re ready for the next!

Or, you could do the opposite; start with the largest or most cluttered first. This way you feel like you can accomplish anything, if you can declutter that one room.


Try a Challenge

Decluttering has become an obsession for some people, and this can certainly be a good thing! We can learn a lot from people who obsess and learn everything there is know about a topic!

Plus, it feels good to not have a lot of stuff, like I said before, it can help reduce stress.

Some people have even created challenges for themselves and others for decluttering.

Some of these challenges are intriguing, I haven’t done any of the challenges, yet, myself, but I have started to consider a few. Like project 333, where you take 33 articles of clothing and wear only those for 3 months. (Ha, if I think about it, I’ve probably done this before, like whenever I’m pregnant.)

Decluttering with challenges can help you appreciate more of what you have and help you determine what items you truly love and which you can rid your home of.

Other challenges include:


Write a List

Feeling overwhelmed when it comes to figuring out how to declutter your home? You're not alone, learn to simplify your life and get rid of the clutter. #declutter #decluttering #declutteryourhome #declutteringahouse #stresslessbehealthy

If you didn’t know, I love lists!

So, this process is the one I used most of the time while decluttering.

And, this process is just what it sounds like; write down a list of everything that needs decluttering.

Every little space, category, and drawer that needs to be organized and clutter free, goes on this list. Things like clothes, make up, medicine cabinet, miscellaneous drawer in the kitchen, kids toys. All of these things should be on your list, if you have them, and some will absolutely take longer than others, especially when it comes to stuff that isn’t your own.

“You're much more likely to start, and finish, a task when it takes you only a few minutes, instead of a few hours.”Click To Tweet

When you write your list, break down tasks as much as you can.

You’re much more likely to start, and finish, a task when it takes you only a few minutes, instead of a few hours.

For example, instead of writing down go through everything in the kitchen, you could write:

  • clean out fridge
  • go through miscellaneous drawer
  • weed out unused utensils

and so on.

Before I moved and decluttered my whole home; it probably would’ve taken me at least 6 full hours to declutter my kitchen if I did it all at once and had no distractions. (Which is a joke, since I’m a mom!) This is why I broke rooms down into smaller tasks that didn’t take a long time.

This way, I do what makes the most sense, not caring what room I was working in. I could check something off my list without finishing a full room!

This process option allowed me to work quietly in my bedroom while my baby was asleep. Or, declutter something in the kitchen while my girls ate a snack. I highly recommend this way if you have little children you stay home with them all day.

Some days it can feel impossible to get anything done with kids around; don’t be harsh on yourself if you can’t get done what’s planned for the day.

Just Start Decluttering!

There are many processes for decluttering, and not one is right for everyone. So, explore what you see in this post, try some options out, maybe even start a challenge!

Whatever steps you take are going to get you closer to the end result. And, once you get there, you’ll see it doesn’t take too much effort to maintain it, and you may even have more mental clarity!!

I’m going to end this guide with a list of a few helpful tips.

  • start with your own personal items
  • don’t double up on items
  • scan receipts into your computer if you need to keep them (this will let you get rid of paper clutter, and preserve the receipt better)
  • check for non-food expired items every month or so to get rid of
  • declutter your fridge, freezer, and pantry every week or so (this will also help you if you meal plan)
  • throw out or demote old towels into cleaning rags
  • get rid of those old textbooks you haven’t looked at since college (if you’re not able to sell them, try giving them away; it’ll save you space, and your back if you’re planning on moving)
  • only have enough dishes/silverware/cups/mugs for your family (and guests if you have others over often)
  • don’t forget to go through digital clutter and organize what you want to keep on your phone and computer, and uninstall/delete what you don’t
  • write down all of the clutter in your mind, as well, you need to clear your head along with your space to help reduce the stress of clutter
“Keep only what you love and use.”Click To Tweet

I know the process of decluttering can be overwhelming, physically and emotionally, especially at first and when you’re not used to it.

But, don’t let that keep you from overcoming the clutter in your home to give yourself some peace in your mind and life!

It may take some time, some convincing of others in your home, and some emotional effort to lesson the items in you home. But, what it will provide you with is more quality time with the ones you love, and a home you love and don’t mind showing off to others!

Let’s declutter your home and keep a clutter free, stop wasting time caring for items you don’t care about and start focusing on what truly matters!!

Feeling overwhelmed when it comes to figuring out how to declutter your home? You're not alone, learn to simplify your life and get rid of the clutter. #declutter #decluttering #declutteryourhome #declutteringahouse #stresslessbehealthy

Once you have your home decluttered, make sure to keep it that way! Print out a list of Rules to keep your home clutter free!!

Comment below to share your favorite way to declutter!! And remember: Keep only what you love and use!!


Have too much stuff, or need to clean out some stuff? Learn how to declutter here! #declutter organize, throw out, minimal, minimalist, clutter
Have too much stuff, or need to clean out some stuff? Learn how to declutter here! #declutter organize, throw out, minimal, minimalist, clutter

How to Keep a Clutter Free Home!!

 Are you sick of your home being cluttered? Do you wish to simplify your life, but not want to declutter your home every few months? Find out how to keep a clutter free home that even a minimalist would be proud of! #declutter #declutteryourhome #clutterfree #cluttertips #stresslessbehealthy

So, you finally got fed up and decluttered your home?

It was spotless!

Perfect even!

The headache you used to get everyday from looking at all the clutter all around you everyday, finally went away. You could barely even believe the mountain of stuff you got rid of!

You’re not even sure how you accumulated that much stuff in the first place.

But, some time has passed and you’re getting those headaches again. You’re in the same spot you were in before you decluttered.

What gives?

What gives is that you were in the mind set where once you declutter, that it would stay that way. Unfortunately, decluttering is not a ‘set it and forget it’ type of ordeal.

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I know, that sucks! But that’s how it is.

Now, I’m not saying that you have to do a huge declutter session every single day, or even every month to keep your house looking nice and avoiding those clutter-induced headaches (which suck by the way, making you feel super unproductive and possibly even mentally stuck).

There are a few things that you can do, however, to make sure the clutter doesn’t creep it’s way back into your home!

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The One in, One out Rule

I know you’ve probably heard of this rule before, but maybe you didn’t think it applied to you. Or, maybe you thought that it defeated the purpose of buying new things. But, forgetting this rule is the reason most people have to spend hours decluttering in the first place.

Logically, it’s not even that difficult; before you buy something new, choose something old to get rid of. Simple, right?

But in reality, logic doesn’t always beat out sentiment like that.

Sure, older items might lose monetary value if you ever try to sell it (until it becomes an antique), but the sentimental value you place on it increases with time and with every touch.

So, I get it. It’s hard to get rid of one thing to bring in a new thing. If this happens, which it will, think about how useful the older item is, or whether or not the new item is absolutely necessary. And, be picky with everything you bring into your home!

Can you find a home for the new item without making your home look cluttered?

What will you use it for?

Is it replacing an old item that broke? (Get rid of that broken belonging- it does not belong in your home anymore!)

And speaking of having a home for every item….

Be Organized!

Each item in your home should have it’s own little place where it belongs!

If you can’t find a place for it to go that feels and looks right; determine whether or not it’s worth keeping. This is something that should be done during the decluttering phase, but it needs to be kept up!

You can’t organize your home once and expect it to stay that way forever!

Many items you keep should be useful, and with being useful, those things get used. Meaning you need to put them back in their little home after each use.

Or, for new things coming into your home, like mail/paperwork, groceries, etc. have a system in place to get them put away in their new home right away. And, have a dedicated place where they should go if you can’t get to filing the paperwork, or going through the mail as soon as it’s brought in. Maybe a folder or wall file. Just make sure to actually go through the the paperwork; the folder or wall file is not their new home!


Take Care of Your Stuff ASAP

Better yet, instead of finding places for things to go before you can get to them; simply schedule in some time for you to take care of them right away!

Do you always get the mail after work, or picking up the kids from school?

Tell your family to give you 10 minutes to go through the mail when you get home before they can bug you for anything else. Set a timer if need be!

Put away coats and shoes as soon as you get home. Don’t wait!

Do the dishes, or put them in the dishwasher, as soon as the meal or snack is over! Don’t leave dirty dishes in the sink or on the counter. That may just be a pet peeve of mine, though!

An exception to this rule; your kid brings you a broken toy. Either fix it, throw it out, or dedicate a place for broken toys to go while waiting to be fixed! If your kids are little, tell them they’re going in the ‘waiting room’. Don’t forget to give them an appointment for their ‘surgery’, so it actually gets fixed. I do this for all the stuffed animals that need to be sewn. I actually just finished up 4 ‘appointments’ one day this past week! Fixing one toy every other day is not as productive as fixing 4 or 5 toys all at the same time. And, I hate using time unwisely, it’s hard enough for us to find the time do what needs to get done, as it is!

Have an OUT Basket To Get the Clutter Out

On the same grounds as having a ‘waiting room’ for broken toys, have a basket or a bin for items to be, while waiting to be taken out of your home.

You know, for those things that are in good condition that shouldn’t be thrown out, but you know they need to leave your home. You don’t love it, or don’t have a use for it anymore.

This could be for things like gently used clothes that you don’t like anymore, clothes/toys your kids outgrew, a decorative piece that you don’t love anymore that’s just taking up space.

Use it for pretty much anything that someone else might find a use for, so you can get it out of your home.

You may even want to keep this in the coat closet so you see it before you leave the house each day, to remind you to get the items out of your home. This step in keeping your home decluttered is a pretty important one, but it only works if everyone in the home is on the same page.

Get Your Family On Board to Be Clutter Free

There is nothing harder than trying to keep a clean and decluttered home when everyone in the home is not on the same page!

Seriously, it’s almost impossible.

Unless you live alone, you can’t be the only one trying to keep your home organized, clutter free, and a peaceful place to live. It takes everyone living there being on the same page.

Set rules in place that everyone can agree on and follow. Maybe even hang a sign with the rules in the rooms that seem to acquire clutter the fastest (like the kitchen or your childrens play room).

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Explain the expectations that are set to your children in a way they can understand. If necessary, have consequences in place for breaking the rules (be lenient in the beginning, this could be a difficult change of pace for some people).

Grab a list of rules to help keep your home clutter free here!

Have a mini declutter session once a month

One of the final steps in keeping a home clutter free is by checking in every once in awhile.

Once a month should be sufficient.

If you live a lone you may be able to get away with doing this less often. Whereas if you have a larger family, you may have to do this more often.

Just make sure you schedule in some time every once in awhile to go through your home and make sure everything you own is worth keeping; get rid of any clutter piles, and take things out of your home that you don’t need anymore.

If necessary, take some time to fix broken items, as well. You don’t want to be keeping broken items that you’ll ‘some day’ fix, and never actually end up fixing them!

This mini declutter session will help you so you won’t have to spend hours upon hours again; trying to declutter your home only when it’s so overwhelming that you just can’t put up with the clutter anymore. Be proactive about keeping clutter out, so it won’t feel invited in anymore!

Are you sick of your home being cluttered? Do you wish to simplify your life, but not want to declutter your home every few months? Find out how to keep a clutter free home that even a minimalist would be proud of! #declutter #declutteryourhome #clutterfree #cluttertips #stresslessbehealthy

It’ll get Easier with Time To Keep A Clutter Free Home

It may take a little work at first, but what doesn’t?

Keeping the same number of items in your home, and giving them all places to live, will certainly help keep the overwhelm of clutter away. As will having a dedicated space for things that need to leave your home, and making sure your family understands the rules about clutter and bringing new stuff into the home.

Keeping a home decluttered is not a one person job, unless you live alone.

Everyone needs to help with this.

If they have stuff then they need to be responsible for their stuff, be respectful, and not let it cause stress for other people in the home.

I know how frustrating it can be when you’re the only one trying to keep up with the clutter (I’ve been there, its quite a challenge sometimes).

Little kids may be an exception, and will need lots of extra help.

But keeping your home clutter free, and checking in on your items once a month will be so much less stressful than having to fully declutter for hours on end every few months.

It takes time to declutter, and it’s worth it to do a few simple and small things everyday to keep it up, than to have to declutter all over again and feel like you just wasted your time the first time you decluttered your home.

If you have any other suggestions for keeping clutter free home, please share them in the comments!

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keep a clutter free home

5 Powerful New Year’s Resolution Tips

Did you set a New Year's Resolution this year? Use the New Year for motivation, But,find out how to keep them, with these New Year's Resolution Tips! #newyear #newyearsresolutions #goalsetting #plan #stresslessbehealthy

5 Powerful New Year’s Resolution Tips

Did you set a New Year’s Resolution this year?

(Let me fill you in on a few New Year’s Resolution Tips that I’ve learned over the years; as a goal setter, someone who graduated with a psychology degree, and as a mom.)

The New Year motivates pretty much everyone to create resolutions; whether it be to eat better, finally lose the baby weight, or simply to be a better person.

This is a time when you, and I, can dream a little and make ridiculous resolutions that everyone, except us, believe we will fail at within a month or so.

And guess what, they may not be wrong.

What happened to the New Year’s resolutions that you made last year?

Have you ever stayed with your resolutions for an entire year?

Even just once?

I don’t think I have.

I honestly can’t remember a single year where I made a resolution and then was proud of myself at the end of the year for keeping it up. Though, I never tend to write them down in a place I’ll see them in a year.

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We have to face the facts; most people fail at their New Year’s resolutions.

Not on purpose, but it happens; we forget, life gets in the way, we get too busy. There are so many excuses we use when we keep failing our resolutions, year after year!

Did you set a New Year's Resolution this year? Use the New Year for motivation, But,find out how to keep them, with these New Year's Resolution Tips! #newyear #newyearsresolutions #goalsetting #plan #stresslessbehealthy

But, not this year!

I’m going to shed the light on some of the reasons we fail at keeping our New Year’s resolutions; so that maybe you can get a better understanding of why we seem to always fail!

And maybe, if you understand the reasoning behind giving up on resolutions, you’ll be less likely to give them up and more likely to succeed and accomplish your goals for the year!!

5 Powerful New Year’s Resolution Tips

1. Write Them Down

Did you set a New Year's Resolution this year? Use the New Year for motivation, But,find out how to keep them, with these New Year's Resolution Tips! #newyear #newyearsresolutions #goalsetting #plan #stresslessbehealthy

The worst thing you could do to sabotage your New Year’s resolutions, or any goal for that matter, is not writing them down!

Writing down your goals can benefit you in many ways; one of which is actually remembering what they are!

When I was little I daydreamed about what I wanted to accomplish every year at the new year; you probably did, too. But, I never wrote them down. I can’t really remember what any of them are now; I never wrote them down.

Take my advice: write down your goals and daydreams before you forget them forever.

Help your children write theirs down, as well.

If their resolution is to become healthy this year, grab them some free ‘healthy habit’ worksheets from the ‘My Healthy Habits’ for kids workbook. And, check out this post for healthy habit ideas for them to start!

Both you and your child will be amazed at how their goals and dreams mature over the years. It might even be fun for them!

When you have some time, or when you’re done writing down your goals; grab them a special notebook to write down their goals, wishes for life, and daydreams. Help them succeed; start them off at a young age!

Though, it’s never too late to start making a difference in your life with New Year’s resolutions or goals, so go grab one for yourself, as well!!

Don’t sabotage your New Year by not writing out your resolutions!!

Get yourself a nice planner to help motivate you to keep working towards your goals and resolutions all year long! This is the one I have an absolutely love!


2. Tell Others what your Resolutions are!

I know, it can be hard sometimes to share your resolutions, or goals, with others.

You may not want them to know that you wish you could lose some weight this year, or cut out sugar, or whatever resolution you may have.

But, if you let someone else in your life know what you want to accomplish this year; it could do wonders for you actually achieving it!

Sure, when you keep your goals to yourself then you won’t feel all that embarrassed if you don’t accomplish them.

But, what if you actually succeed?

You don’t want to keep that all to yourself now, do you?

Probably not, right?

And, with telling others in your life about your goal, like your friends and family, then they may even help you succeed. Or, at the very least, won’t make your goals harder to achieve by tempting you to break them because they don’t know any better.

You’ll have a support system to go to if you’re feeling unmotivated; people to talk to, to help you stick with it. And, when you finally succeed, they get to be even more happy for you because they were right there with you; they knew how hard it was for you.

They knew the ups and downs you had when trying to keep your resolutions, or accomplish your goals!

So, if you really want to succeed this year, then gain some accountability and get a support system in place!

Tell others so they can help you stay on track all year long! If you set your goals, or resolutions, high enough then you will certainly need some help getting there.

There’s nothing wrong with getting a little help and you’re much less likely to give up if you actually have that little bit of extra help or encouragement along the way!

3. Do Everything You Can to Keep Them in Mind

When you don’t tell others, and you don’t write down your resolutions, it can be really easy to just forget about them.

If you don’t tell anyone else then you won’t really feel accountable for accomplishing them; you’re the only one who knows, so if you don’t accomplish them then no one will be nagging you about trying harder. And, if you don’t write them down, then you’ll probably forget about them anyways, especially if you have a memory like mine!

To overcome this obstacle you must have some self discipline, a plan to succeed, and then actually follow through  to succeed!

I’m not going to tell you it’s easy, especially if you’re lacking in the self discipline area. It’s hard, and I get that, like the saying goes “if it were easy, then everyone would be doing it”.

If your resolution is to eat healthy all year long; I’m not going to tell you that it’s easy.

You need to meal plan, meal prep, and then actually eat what you planned for and prepped. It is far too easy to just forget about it and order out.

Same thing goes with saving money, or practically any other resolution you can come up with! And, sure, you can cut corners and cheat on your New Year’s Resolution without others knowing; you’re an adult and I can’t tell you what to do. But, it’s not going to help you get any closer to your goal; it may even derail you or take you longer to accomplish.

And sure, it is far too easy to simply forget about your resolutions and do the complete opposite of them.

Sometimes your body may even feel like it’s craving to do so, especially in the beginning; like it’s working against you in some way. That’s just because change is hard; that is why accomplishing goals and sticking with resolutions is so much of a challenge.

Now, you could fall in line with everyone else and fail your resolutions, or you can work hard and accomplish your goals and know how it feels to actually stick with a resolution all year long.

Now, you know it’s not going to be easy, but like the saying goes, it will be worth it!

Use a habit tracker, sticky notes or a white board on the fridge, write it in your planner. Do what you have to, to stand out and accomplish your goals!


4. Stop Trying to Blend In!

I get it, sometimes you don’t want to be the one to stand out in a crowd; you want to fit in and be like everyone else. It’s natural to want others to like you, and one way to do that tends to be to act like everyone else, even when it means giving up on your resolutions.

Who do you know who has actually stuck with their resolutions all year long?

Probably no one…

…maybe one or two people.

It’s not the norm to stick with resolutions, or succeed.

It’s hard and most people aren’t willing to put in the extra effort and do what needs to be done to accomplish their goals. You may think that no one likes that person who actually succeeds on what they set out to accomplish.

But, reality is that they are just jealous. Jealous that they don’t have the self discipline to follow through on their own goals and do what they know they should be doing. So, they are really just mad at themselves for not being able to do what you’re doing!

Don’t give up on your goals or resolutions to try to fit in.

The only thing you’re doing is hurting yourself and your dreams when you give up; you’re not making people like you less. Others may even admire the hard work you’re putting in to accomplish your goals. Who knows, you may even be inspiring others.

If they don’t like you for succeeding, then ask yourself if you really want to fit in with them.

Did you set a New Year's Resolution this year? Use the New Year for motivation, But,find out how to keep them, with these New Year's Resolution Tips! #newyear #newyearsresolutions #goalsetting #plan #stresslessbehealthy

5. Gain Some Self Discipline 

Another reason you may be failing at sticking with your resolutions is that you don’t have the self discipline you need to actually stick with them!

Maybe you’re relying on the newness of the New Year, or other outside sources for your motivation; when really, it needs to come from within you.

I totally understand that it’s easier to wait til the New Year, or Monday, to start working towards a goal; it’s a fresh start, a new beginning.

But, what do you think happens when it’s not new anymore? Your motivation probably starts to fade and you don’t have the discipline you need to stick with your resolution.

And then, there goes that dream, or goal!

That’s why you can’t always just rely on motivation; you need to strengthen your self discipline!

Generally speaking, a resolution isn’t going to be easy; at times you may find it too difficult and just want to give up on it. You’re not going to feel motivated all the time.

It’s like being an adult sometimes; it’s not always easy to do what needs to be done, but at the end of the day it still needs to get done, so you do it. That is what self discipline is all about! Doing what needs to get done even if you don’t want to! Most people just won’t do it; be different, stand out, and succeed this year!

Stick With Your Resolutions All Year Long

Now, there are more reasons why people don’t stick with their resolutions all year long.

But, if you can use these 5 tips to your advantage, then you’ll be much more likely to succeed.

Give yourself a fighting chance at accomplishing your goals this year and take my advice!

Use this as a little bit of motivation, learn from all the mistakes you’ve made in the past when failing your resolutions year after year.

Be stronger, starting now, and strengthen your self discipline; do what needs to get done!

Tell others your plans and let them hold you accountable for following through, but hold yourself accountable as well. Many times it can be an internal struggle to accomplish your goals.

Don’t let anything stand in your way, this isn’t a time for excuses.

You’ve got this!!

Pin this on Pinterest or save it for when you need a little bit of motivation to keep you going or for when you feel weak.

And, don’t forget to grab this printable and hang it somewhere to avoid these New Year Resolution pitfalls!

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If you need help with sticking to a healthy eating New Year’s Resolution, be sure to check out what has helped me, here.

Don't fail your resolutions this year, be aware of these pitfalls! resolution pitfalls, avoid pitfalls, conquer resolutions
Don't fail your resolutions this year, be aware of these pitfalls! resolution pitfalls, avoid pitfalls, conquer resolutions

new year's resolution

Why You Need to Start Your New Year’s Resolution Early

Are you one of those people who signs up for a gym membership at the beginning of a new year?

Or, someone who will plan on starting to eat healthy, goes to the grocery stores and buys all of the beautiful produce; just to let it go to waste because your cravings kick in?

You may plan on getting in shape or eating well this new year. But, if the ‘New Year’ is the only motivation you have to become and stay healthy; then you’re not going to have an easy time sticking with it.

Our country’s weight is growing; and it’s not from a lack of new gym memberships at the beginning of every New Year. It could be from the lack of actually using those memberships all year round, though.

If you need the New Year to help keep you motivated to stay healthy, then go ahead and enjoy the extra motivation; but, that shouldn’t be your only motivation.

You need more than just motivation to keep healthy and fit; you also need self discipline, for when you lack  motivation. Go here if you need help with finding or strengthening your self discipline. If you’re self discipline is not the problem and you’re just looking for some better reasons to start your healthy lifestyle New Year’s Resolution NOW, then keep reading.

To Feel Ahead of the Game Before it Even Begins

Even if you can just get all of the planning done and prepare for your New Year’s Resolutions now; you’ll be ahead of everyone else. And, yes, you’re not supposed to compare yourself to others. But, wouldn’t it make you feel good if you know you have a plan and know how you can succeed this next year before this next year even starts?

It would feel awesome!

So, get out a pretty notebook and start a plan of action for everything you want to accomplish this next year. And, once you’re done with that; start.

Don’t wait for the New Year, start when you have the momentum and your plan. Do what you can before the next year starts. Get ahead, and then stay ahead as long as you can; it’ll help keep you moving forward simply to know how far you have come. Plus, if you slip up for a few days, or even a month, you’ll be much more likely to get right back to it, knowing you had some built in buffer time from starting early!

Check out The Ultimate Guide to Keep Your Healthy New Year’s Resolution All Year Long! for help planning out your resolution to be healthy this next year.

You Can Start Fresh Every Day

If new beginnings and fresh starts are what motivates you at the New Year; think of how each and every day can be a fresh start for you.

Start working towards a goal, and if you have a bad day and feel like you can’t get back into the groove of things; remember, it’s just one day. Simply go to bed and then wake up the next morning knowing that it’s a new day; start fresh and get back into the groove of things.

There’s no mistake so big that you have to wait a whole year for a fresh start. Take everything day by day. Or, hour by hour or moment by moment; depending on what you want accomplished. (Moment by moment may work well with a goal of becoming a better parent or person.)

This is also your reminder to not let one bad day ruin a streak of good days. Life can get rough sometimes; remembering that everyday is a fresh start can help ease the rough times. There’s always a better, brighter future ahead!

You’re More Likely to Keep on Track

If you start working towards your New Year’s resolutions now instead of waiting for the new year; you’ll be more likely to actually stick with it and stay on track. Starting before hand usually means that you’re not making up excuses or waiting for motivation to come to you.

You have more self discipline, and you strengthen your discipline by not using a motivator, like the New Year, to start working on your goals. This is why you will be one of the very few people to keep on track all year round, instead of giving in and quitting when the new-ness of the New Year wears out.

Plus, if you’re able to start now, that really shows some self discipline. It can be tough to start working towards new goals this time of year with the holidays; especially if those goals pertain to becoming healthy.

Set Realistic Goals

Many people set unrealistic goals and resolutions for the new year; thinking that anything and everything is possible because of this new start.

Unfortunately, not everything is possible to do in a single year. And, using the fresh start of a New Year as the motivator to accomplish these unrealistic goals; you’re just setting yourself up for failure.

Starting now can help you set goals without the pressure of having to share your goals, or New Year’s resolutions with anyone else. There’s no pressure setting goals now; if you try them out for this week and decide you want to change your goals, then go ahead. No one is going to be nagging you about keeping your New Year’s resolution at this time of year.

Feeling extra motivated? Check out The 12 Week Year and get more done in 3 months than most people do in a whole year!

Think of How much closer you will be to your goal

On the same note about setting realistic goals before the New Year; you will also be that much closer to your goal even by the time the New Year rolls around!

If you want to become fit this next year, an extra week can make a huge difference in your progress.

Or, if your goal is eat healthier, even if you don’t start eating healthier til the New Year; you can still find healthy meals, recipes, and snacks to make. You can start meal planning and prepping so that the transition to eating healthier goes a lot smoother.

Or, if you want to start being a better person this next year; there is no better time to start than Right Now!! There is so much good that can be done during the Holiday Season.

Just imagine how much you can accomplish between now and the New Year if you get to work on your resolutions NOW!! You may even impress yourself!

And, Adjust the Goals when the New Year comes (if need be)

If you start now and realize that your goal, or resolution, is a lot harder to do than you thought; adjust your goals so that they’re more realistic. That way when people ask you what your New Year’s resolution is and you tell them, you’ll feel more confident that you’ll actually accomplish it.

And, that’s pretty impressive; to actually stay strong and hold onto your New Year’s resolution.

It will show other’s just how disciplined you are and that you actually do what you say you will. It’s a win-win.

Or, on the other side of things; if you try out your resolution now and it’s too easy then go ahead and adjust your goal to challenge yourself. You need to make a resolution that’s challenging enough to change you and motivate you to change, but not too challenging that you simply won’t stick with it.

This balance is hard to find, and the sooner you start, the easier it will be to find the balance and adjust your goals accordingly. Maybe make smaller goals that lead up to a large one and reward yourself along the way. Use some positive reinforcements as motivation!

If NOW isn’t the Best Time, what Makes the New Year the Best Time?

One of the biggest reasons to start now instead of waiting is because there will never be the ‘right time’ or ‘best time’ to start. If you can’t motivate yourself to start now, or even prepare to start now; what’s going to make it so you start at the New Year and actually stick with it the whole year?

If you don’t have the self discipline to start now; will you have the self discipline to start the first day of the year?

Sure, it may seem like it would be easier to start working towards your resolutions at the New Year, when everyone else does. But remember, everyone else does not stick with their resolutions for the year and do not accomplish their goals.

Only the people who have enough self discipline will actually stay with their New Year’s resolutions. And, those people with enough self discipline are probably still working on their resolutions from last year and adjusting their goals for this next year; and getting a head start on them right now!

Don’t you want to be one of those people, who actually gets things done and accomplished? Don’t you want to be where they are now, next year at this time; and not feeling like you failed last year’s resolutions? Start now, and show yourself who’s boss and in charge of your life!

new year's resolution

new year's resolution

If you need a quick workbook to help you plan out your goals (and eat healthy- because I’m a little bit of a health nut) then you can sign up to get my workbook How to have a Healthy and Productive Day!!

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