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What to Eat When You Have Morning Sickness All Day: 54 Ideas

Wondering what to when you have morning sickness all day long? Check out this list of 54 ideas to get you through your days in early pregnancy! #morningsickness #firsttrimester #pregnant #pregnancyfood #stresslessbehealthy

What to Eat When You Have Morning Sickness All Day: 54 Ideas

If you’re reading this, then you’re probably feeling super sick and pregnant, in the first trimester. Maybe you feel well enough where you want to attempt to eat, but unsure what may be a good choice, aka – won’t make you get sick. So, you want to know what to eat when you have morning sickness all day long and can barely get any relief from it. But, you know you need to eat, for you, and the little one you’re growing inside you!

If you are not familiar with this site, I tend to stick to only supporting vegan options to eat. But, when it comes to morning sickness and needing to eat and keep the food down, I decided I wasn’t going to limit the options to only vegan.

It’s hard enough finding something that sounds good to eat; if that something happens to be cheese and crackers (and not vegan cheese), then so be it. You need to eat, and shouldn’t feel bad about what you’re eating when you have horrible morning sickness and having to fight to keep the food down every time you eat!

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Wondering what to when you have morning sickness all day long? Check out this list of 54 ideas to get you through your days in early pregnancy! #morningsickness #firsttrimester #pregnant #pregnancyfood #stresslessbehealthy

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What to Eat When You Have Morning Sickness All Day

When you can barely keep your food down in the first trimester, you want to stick with small meals, or even snacks, often.

So, the ideas in the list below may not look like full meals, they’re meant to be manageable to eat at one time. You never want to feel too full when you have morning sickness, since that can make you puke; then again, you never want to be too hungry either, because that’ll make you sick, as well. It’s a tough balance, and will require you to listen to your body to know when to stop, or start eating again!

Some things you end up eating at this point in your pregnancy may be food you ate as a child; these foods will feel comforting and very familiar to you, even if they aren’t the healthiest.


  • Cheese and crackers
  • Crackers (by themselves)
  • Graham Crackers
  • Banana
  • Pretzels
  • Plain Chips- Like Lays Originals, or Ruffles (not the healthiest thing in the world, but then again, you need to eat something)
  • Pita Chips
  • Salsa and Tortilla Chips
  • Baked potato (feel free to use the microwave)
  • French Fries
  • Thinly Sliced and Baked Potatoes with olive oil, salt, and garlic
  • Corn
  • Cold Apple Sauce
  • Cranberry Sauce
  • Watermelon
  • Yogurt (I still ate soy yogurt, but eat whatever you feel most comfortable eating)
  • Berries (maybe even in your yogurt)
  • Apples with Cinnamon
  • Baked Apples
  • Apples with peanut butter
  • Oranges
  • Grapefruit
  • Plain Rolls (with butter) or biscuits
  • Popsicles


  • Plain toast (or add some butter/cinnamon/sugar, jam, or peanut butter)
  • Dry Cereal
  • Cereal with Milk (any kind of milk, I needed to have milk on my cereal- just drinking something without food in it would make me sick in the morning)
  • Bagels with Butter or Cream Cheese
  • Waffles
  • Crepes
  • Peanut butter and Jelly sandwich
  • Mac and Cheese
  • Couscous (the NearEast boxes aren’t that bad)
  • Pasta with Marinara Sauce
  • Pizza
  • Tortilla Pizza
  • English Muffin Pizza
  • Bagel Pizza
  • Simple Quesadillas (just tortilla and cheese)
  • Soup (I enjoyed Amy’s Brand soups)


  • Water
  • Cranberry Juice (such as cran-apple)
  • Water with lemon
  • Orange Juice (be careful, this does not feel good coming back up)
  • Ginger ale
  • Gatorade
  • Store bought Smoothies or Green Juices (or make your own if you have the energy)
  • Peanut Butter and Chocolate Smoothie


  • Crystallized Ginger
  • Hard Ginger Candy
  • Sour Candy to suck on
  • Peppermints (like candy canes)
  • Molasses Cookies
  • Sorbet

Wondering what to when you have morning sickness all day long? Check out this list of 54 ideas to get you through your days in early pregnancy! #morningsickness #firsttrimester #pregnant #pregnancyfood #stresslessbehealthy

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A Few Tips When it Comes to Eating with Morning Sickness

Eating anything when you have morning sickness can be a challenge. You know you have to eat and keep hydrated. But, you also have to balance so many things to help ensure the food, and drinks, actually stay down.

You have to balance how much, how often, what, and when you eat.

For the what, the lists above can be your best friend and help you find something that sounds good.

For how much, it can get a little trickier; if you eat too much, you may get sick, too little and you’ll be starving or getting sick in about a half hour. Small meals, or snacks are usually best. Don’t eat until you are 100% full, but make sure you eat enough so you won’t be hungry 5 minutes later.

For how often, this will be different for everyone. But, with morning sickness and all day nausea there’s usually a window in time you need to eat in, or you’ll get sick. For me, I had to eat every hour and a half to two hours or I’d get sick. That’s why, in this post, I suggest you eat as often as a baby.

If you have to eat as often as I do, then I hope the suggestions above will help you through this unpleasant time in your pregnancy. Just know, YOU are NOT alone in this, and it’ll all be worth it when you baby is born!

Let me know in the comments any other food suggestions you have for morning sickness, if it helped you then there’s a good chance in may help someone else!

5 Practical Ways for Dealing with Morning Sickness in Pregnancy

Morning Sickness in pregnancy is probably one of the worst symptoms you can have. Get some tips, relief, and learn a few facts about it here.  #morningsickness #firsttrimester #pregnant #pregnancyfood  #stresslessbehealthy

5 Practical Ways for Dealing with Morning Sickness in Pregnancy

Morning sickness in pregnancy sucks, let’s just call it as it is.

And, I can tell you first hand that it’s not just something that happens in the morning. It’s all day long. It’s relentless and feels like it will never go away.

It usually only sticks around for the first trimester of pregnancy, but for some women, it lingers into the second trimester. For some, it will last through out the whole pregnancy!


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Morning Sickness in pregnancy is probably one of the worst symptoms you can have. Get some tips, relief, and learn a few facts about it here.  #morningsickness #firsttrimester #pregnant #pregnancyfood  #stresslessbehealthy

What is Morning Sickness and What Causes it?

Morning sickness is the lovely nausea feeling you have during pregnancy, it often includes puking (often, like everyday). It is not pleasant, and DOES NOT only occur in the morning. For many, like myself, it’s an all day phenomenon.

Though, I personally tended to get sick the most in the morning time. Which could be explained by the stomach not having food in it for a long period of time.

Morning sickness is cause by an increase in hormones, usually just in the first trimester, but not always. It’s a sign that the pregnancy is going well, though it’s not the only sign, and there are some pregnant women who never had morning sickness. I don’t know any of them, but I’m sure they exist!

Just remember that your sickness, and the change of hormones, is a good thing for your developing baby, and it’ll all be worth it in the end. You know, when you trade all the annoying pregnancy symptoms in for an adorable little bundle and sleepless nights!

Know, you are not alone in this morning sickness ordeal.

Ways to Help with Morning Sickness

Maybe you’ve tried all the usual remedies, like I have.

  • Ginger ale, ginger tea, ginger everything
  • Eating something small before getting out of bed in the morning (for me, this ensured I puked as soon as I got up in the morning)
  • A prescription to help ease the nausea (I couldn’t swallow the pills without throwing up)
  • Preggie pops (at least they taste good)
  • The wrist bands with plastic things in them that are supposed to press on a pressure point
  • And more

Maybe, you’re like me and none of them worked.

If you find yourself still suffering after those recommendations, know you’re not alone. I am right there with you suffering through the first trimester of pregnancy.

Luckily, I’ve found a few things that actually do help, at least slightly. But if I can find a slight relief from morning sickness, maybe you can, too.

First, give yourself grace in pregnancy

You’re growing a baby inside of you for goodness sake. That takes a lot of work. Be appreciative that your body is capable of such things. Not everyone can grow another human being inside of them, not even all women can. As sad as that is to think of, and as hard as it can be to feel thankful when you’re puking every couple of hours; be thankful for what your body can do.

Also, if you have horrible morning sickness, like I have, make sure you give yourself grace.

This is not a time to be hard on yourself, nor to put more on your plate of responsibilities.

Don’t feel bad if the dishes sit in the sink for a few days or if you can’t cook dinner because the smells make you sick.

If the kids end up eating more cereal for dinner than you’d like; know that this time will pass. It’s only temporary.

If you can’t take on as much as you used to, that’s ok.

No one is expecting you to take on the world in your first trimester of pregnancy. If your home doesn’t look like a tornado literally went straight through it, then consider that enough, especially if you have other kids to take care of too.

Do what you can, and don’t feel bad about what doesn’t get done.

5 Things You Can Do That Might Actually Help with the Nausea

Cranberry juice

More specifically for me, cran-apple juice. The strong and slightly sour flavor of this drink was one of the only drinks that helped me not feel nauseous. That is, if I was able to drink it before my toddler drank my whole cup.

Add lemon to your water

I’m a huge water drinker, like I usually can drink a gallon of water a day no problem. Unfortunately, during the first trimester this pregnancy, I couldn’t stand the taste of water.

It was too plain and just blah. Adding some lemon juice to my water seemed to do the trick to help me stay hydrated.

I would simply use the lemon juice that you’d get in the produce section in the shape of a lemon. I’m sure you could easily swap it out for lime juice or some other juice of your preference. Or, simply add fruit to your water for some flavor.

The lemon juice was another thing that I’d have to get to before my toddler. She literally drinks the juice from the lemon itself, though she will also eat a whole lemon if I cut one in half for her….

Eat as often as a baby does

Growing a baby takes a lot of work, and nutrients. I’ve found with this pregnancy, that eating about every hour and a half helped keep me from getting sick. Any longer and I would end up in the bathroom.

What is eaten doesn’t seem to matter as much as how often in this phase of pregnancy. Just make sure it has some nutritional value to it, and it’s not just all junk.

You don’t have to eat a lot, either. Just a small snack will do.

Eating too much can make you feel even worse, and you don’t really need to have more calories in your diet in the first trimester. (Unless of course, if your doctor tells you to eat more than usual. But, that will usually only be if you’re underweight in the first place.)

Try to stay in touch with your body and what it’s telling you. It’s pretty good at telling you how much you should eat, and when.

You may want to remember this advice again in your third trimester. With my two children, now 3 and 6, I felt like I ate as often as a newborn baby does when I was in the third trimester. Yes, I even remember waking up in the middle of the night to eat, too. I was up anyways to use the bathroom, with my baby jumping on my bladder, that tends to happen often in pregnancy.

Rest when you can

Just as you need to give yourself grace, you need to rest when you can.

If you have to be on your feet for an hour or longer, make sure you have some time to relax and put your feet up, too.

I understand this can be difficult if you work outside the home, or if you have little ones running all over the place.

If you’re morning sickness is bad, maybe let your employer, or at least friends at work, know. That way they won’t question why you’re going to the bathroom so often, when you get sick, or when you don’t seem to have the energy you used to.

As for dealing with morning sickness and other kids, don’t feel bad if you let them watch some tv while you rest. Honestly, some shows aren’t that bad, especially pbs kids shows like Daniel Tigers neighborhood, Super Why, and Peg + Cat.

*If you don’t have cable, some pbs kids shows are available on Netflix or Hulu. They also have a free app called pbs kids video, where you or your child can choose which pbs kids show to watch, or watch what’s on tv live. My 3 year old even got a PBS KIDS streaming stick for Christmas and loves it, it has shows, games, and more!

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Be active when you can

Sometimes going for a walk, or being active in other ways, can help you forget about being sick for a little bit and ease your nausea.

Just be sure not to over do it. Fatigue in early pregnancy is real. This is not the time to start training for a marathon or start an intense workout plan, especially if you weren’t very active before becoming pregnant.

If you feel up to working out at home during this trimester, or any trimester in pregnancy, I’d recommend these workout dvds. I’ve used them for all of my pregnancies, minus most of the first trimester. Each dvd is tailored to the trimester of pregnancy you’re in, there’s even a postnatal bootcamp dvd.

But, simply getting off the couch to clean up your home, or going for a walk can help. Just let whoever is with you know that you may not walk as fast as you used to and may need to take a rest a little more often.

Morning Sickness in pregnancy is probably one of the worst symptoms you can have. Get some tips, relief, and learn a few facts about it here.  #morningsickness #firsttrimester #pregnant #pregnancyfood  #stresslessbehealthy


Know that it usually means your hormone levels are where they should be

Morning sickness is a pain, and the all day nausea that accompanies it is even worse, in my own opinion.

But, feeling this sick is a good sign.

It’s a sign of our hormones going crazy to make our body a nice little home for our baby while it grows into a newborn.

It’s a sign that our baby is most likely healthy and growing as they should.

I have only had one pregnancy without horrible morning sickness, and I ended up miscarrying at 9 weeks. So, to me, horrible morning sickness is an amazing sign. A sign that there’s a healthy baby growing inside of me. A sign that I’m not going to miscarry again.

I am thankful for feeling so sick in the first trimester of pregnancy. But, I also have to live and care for two kids while being pregnant. Using the tips above, I’ve been able to cope with the morning sickness enough so that my kids aren’t just eating cereal all day long for every meal. And enough so that we don’t just lounge around all day on weekends watching tv.

What has helped you with morning sickness? Leave a comment to let us know and to help other moms reading this post!

10 Common First Trimester Pregnancy Symptoms and How to Deal with Them

Curious if the first trimester pregnancy symptoms you have are normal, or how to deal them them? Find out what the most common ones are and how to deal! #firsttrimester #pregnancysigns #pregnancysymptoms #pregnant #stresslessbehealthy

10 Common First Trimester Pregnancy Symptoms and How to Deal with Them

If you’re just finding out that you’re pregnant and unsure if what you’re feeling is normal; trust me, you’re not alone! First trimester pregnancy symptoms can start showing up before you even know you’re pregnant.

With all of the crazy hormones in our body at the onset of pregnancy; we can sometimes feel like we’re alone and that the pain in our stomach, or crying hysterically over almost nothing is something that NEEDS to worry us. And, it usually is simply, completely normal.

After being pregnant 4 times, I can tell you that not every pregnancy will start out the same. Symptoms will vary in which ones you have, if you have any at all, and the intensity may vary, too.

With one pregnancy, you may feel perfectly normal and gain all your weight in the front and be completely emotionally stable. And, with another pregnancy, you may gain weight all over, have horrible morning sickness the ENTIRE time, and be an emotional roller coaster!

Just know, that most symptoms you will experience in pregnancy are normal. But, if you ever need reassurance; don’t hesitate to get your OB, or the nurses line, on the phone and talk it out with them. They are there for you, and sometimes just hearing a reassuring voice is what you need.

Let’s get on with some of the crazy pregnancy symptoms you may have experienced since becoming pregnant.

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Curious if the first trimester pregnancy symptoms you have are normal, or how to deal them them? Find out what the most common ones are and how to deal! #firsttrimester #pregnancysigns #pregnancysymptoms #pregnant #stresslessbehealthy

First Trimester Pregnancy Symptom #1:Cramps

If this is your second, or third or so on, pregnancy, then this is pretty normal. Your body is preparing for the pregnancy. It’s done this before and knows what’s to come. It’s hard for me to remember, but I’m pretty sure I had cramps in my first pregnancy in the beginning, as well; they were just more memorable (and painful) in the later pregnancies.

You can also get cramps during implantation. Your body needs to get ready to stretch, and unfortunately for us, that usually means some discomfort and cramping, or pains that feel like cramps, aka, round ligament pain.

How to Deal:

The best way to deal with pains during pregnancy is to drink water, and change activities. For example, if you’re sitting down, stand up and walk around, and vice-versa. This will hopefully relieve some of the pain and discomfort you’re feeling. It’s going to depend a lot on your pain tolerance, and if something feels wrong, don’t hesitate to call your OB, midwife, or the nurses line; they would be able to tell you if the specific pain you’re feeling is normal, or if you should go see them or go to the ER.

First Trimester Pregnancy Symptom #2: Morning Sickness

Oh, morning sickness…..it should be called ALL DAY SICKNESS, and nausea.

Honestly, I think the nausea is worse, it can literally last 24/7. Getting sick may take a few minutes, but then it’s gone!

This is probably one of the most common pregnancy symptom. However, some lucky moms get away with not having morning sickness at all! I’m slightly jealous of them, but then again, I didn’t have much morning sickness with my second pregnancy; that pregnancy ended in a miscarriage at 9 weeks. So, I would be very nervous if I was still in the first trimester and wasn’t nauseous; that’s just my own experience, though.

Morning sickness will ‘usually’ ware off by week 14 or 15, but it doesn’t mean it’s completely done. Some women have it their whole pregnancies, my heart goes out to them.

How to Deal:

For some, there are certain little tricks, or things you can do, to ease the nausea and morning sickness. However, not each idea will work for everyone, or even for every pregnancy! A few ideas are:

  • Suck on sour candies (you can try these preggie pops if you want, they never helped me, though)
  • Sea Band bracelets – these are supposed to help by pressing on a pressure point on the wrist (again, didn’t work for me, but maybe it will for you)
  • Ginger – even my own OB said to just become a ginger expert when you have bad morning sickness. You can get crystallized ginger candies, ginger candies to suck on, ginger ale, just get them in your diet. (These candies slightly helped me, and these ones my 3 year old loved!)
  • Cran-apple Juice! This seemed to be the only thing that helped relieve some of my nausea with my current pregnancy.
  • Add lemon to your water if you can’t stand drinking water, because you NEED to stay hydrated.
  •  Eat small, frequent meals – even if it’s just crackers and cheese, if you have to let go of your super healthy diet for your first trimester just to get some relief from the nausea, I’m here to stay that’s alright. It’s better you eat something than not eat anything because you can’t stand the thought of your favorite green smoothie or salad through out your whole first trimester. Don’t worry, the nausea will eventually pass and you’ll be able to get back to your regular eating habits soon enough, with maybe an extra meal sometime through out the day!
  • Go for a walk, or do something that may distract you from the nausea
  • Download this list of food to eat when you have morning sickness!

First Trimester Pregnancy Symptom #3: Exhaustion

Growing a baby is HARD WORK!!

It takes a lot for our bodies to grow another human being; do not underestimate the amount of energy it takes.

The first trimester, and the third, are the most exhausting (which is why I’m writing this post while I’m in the second trimester of my pregnancy).

Don’t feel bad if you need naps during the day, or can’t wake up as early as you could before. Maybe you’re even falling asleep around 7 or 8pm, and it’s strange to you. Well, that’s alright, you’re body is simply trying to tell you that you need to rest; LISTEN TO YOUR BODY!!

If this is your first pregnancy, and you’re not very in tune with your body or know how to listen to it; just wait! I feel more in tune with my body after each pregnancy I’ve had. You kind of have to learn how to listen to the cues your body is telling you while pregnant. You need to listen to it for when you need to slow down a little, when you need to eat, when the pains you’re feeling need to be checked out or if they’re ‘normal’, etc.

For me, with having two kids already, I feel like I’m always exhausted, but boy was it a different type of exhaustion once I got pregnant. The type of tired where you just can’t keep your eyes open anymore, where you turn on a show and hope your kids will behave for a little bit just so you can dose off a little; that type of tired.

How to Deal:

  • Rest
  • Put your feet up for at least 10 minutes for every hour you’re up standing, walking, or doing something else where you’re on your feet
  • Incorporate a nap time during the day
  • Lower your expectations for what you can accomplish, for now
  • Let your husband know when, and what, you need a little extra help with around the house
  • Get plenty of sleep
  • Drink plenty of water

First Trimester Pregnancy Symptom #4: More Irritable than Usual

My husband and my kids can attest to this!

Everything, and anything, can make you irritable. You might as well have a sign on you that says ‘I’m pregnant, leave me alone’. But, really, little kids can’t read, and they need you, so they won’t leave you alone anyways…

Just try to apologize if you notice you’ve been a bit crankier than usual lately.

How to Deal:

  • Try to exercise, or at least go for a walk, when you can – to get some endorphins and hopefully make you less irritable
  • Warn others around you and apologize when need be
  • Give yourself a time out if you need it, and try to relax or do something you enjoy doing (I know, easier said than done when you have other kids to care for, too)

First Trimester Pregnancy Symptom #5: Can’t stop Crying


Your hormones are going crazy and your life is about to change forever!

You have all the rights in the world to worry about the future, cry because you saw a moving video on Facebook, or because they’re out of what you wanted at the store.

I don’t know you personally, but maybe you’re like me and have miscarried before. This can bring on even more tears. You’re worried about whether this baby is going to make it or not. Go ahead, ball your eyes out; I have while pregnant. Just be sure to bring this worry up with your OB so they can monitor the pregnancy with more care.

If this goes on for weeks without a break or being able to laugh about it, too; make sure you talk about it with your OB. There may be an underlying issue and you could be at risk for postpartum depression. It’s best to seek help as early as possible.

How to Deal:

  • Talk to those in your support system, like your husband, let them know how you’re feeling (this may bring on more tears in the moment, but it’ll help in the long run)
  • Just cry it out
  • Try to watch a funny movie
  • Cuddle your husband, another one of your kids, or a pet – sometimes just having someone to hold close will help

First Trimester Pregnancy Symptom #6: Mood Swings

Mood swings can be rough for some women when they aren’t pregnant. Being pregnant and getting mood swings, though, is a whole other story.

You could be crying hysterically on your couch because the store didn’t have the ice cream you wanted. Then, the next minute you’re furious at the store because they should’ve known to restock the ice cream before you came in. Then you’re hysterically laughing at yourself for thinking such silly things; how were they supposed to know you were going to be at the store at the moment you were, looking for that specific ice cream?

Mood swings are going to be the most intense at the beginning of pregnancy, especially if this is your first. Your hormones are going crazy and changing quickly at the beginning; which is why you were able to get the positive on the pregnancy test, your hormones.

Older children may understand slightly what’s going on, if not and they catch you crying and are concerned you’re upset, simply let them know it’s a symptom of being pregnant. If younger kids look concerned, just grab them and hold them close, or tickle them depending on your mood!

How to Deal:

  • Exercise
  • Warn others
  • Make sure you’re eating enough so you don’t get hangry, on top of having mood swings
  • There’s not really much else you can do for this symptom

First Trimester Pregnancy Symptom #7: Swelling Feet

I have heard that this, and swelling hands are a pregnancy symptom.

However I have never experienced this one myself. With my third pregnancy my feet actually got smaller, not sure how, but I wore a size 9 before being pregnant, and I ended up having to buy a new pair of shoes size 8.5 while I was pregnant. I still wear around a size 8.5.

My tiny hands never swelled either. I’ve heard stories where other pregnant women got their wedding rings stuck on their finger to the point they couldn’t take it off. My size 4.5 ring never got stuck on my finger. So, I guess I should consider myself lucky for not having to deal with swelling!

How to Deal:

Sometimes this can be caused by water retention, so make sure you’re drinking plenty of water. The more water you drink, the more your body knows that it doesn’t have to try to hold onto every drop it gets.

First Trimester Pregnancy Symptom #8: Headaches

Or, should I say migraines!

These are horrible, worse during pregnancy than when not pregnant, at least in my pregnancy. With my first daughter and the miscarriage I didn’t get headaches. But, for my second daughter and my current pregnancy I’ve had some pretty bad migraines.

Unfortunately, these horrible migraines are normal through out pregnancy, some even last for a few days (I know from experience).

How to Deal:

There’s not much you can do about them either, especially if you’re like me and refuse to take medicine for them. The best thing you can do is lay down with the lights off and in the quiet, keep very hydrated, and try to rest. Easier said than done when you have other kids to care for, too.

*Oh, and if it gets later in the pregnancy and you experience migraines, swelling, and protein in your urine when you go to the doctors; make sure you tell your doctor about all your symptoms. I did a bit of research to see if migraines are normal in pregnancy, and alone they are, but with the other symptoms it could be a sign of a serious condition called preeclampsia. You can find out more about the symptoms for this here: https://www.preeclampsia.org/health-information/sign-symptoms

First Trimester Pregnancy Symptom #9: Peeing A LOT

This symptom is luckily just annoying at it’s worse.

You may start experiencing this symptom in your first trimester, or not til later in your pregnancy when your baby is big enough to put a bit of pressure on your bladder. It usually gets worse the further into your pregnancy because of that reason. It’s a small price to pay for growing another human being!

How to Deal:

There’s not really much you can do about this one, just prepare yourself for it to get worse further along in pregnancy.

And, as you’ll see in the next symptom, you should also be drinking more water, which will contribute to the extra trips to the bathroom.

First Trimester Pregnancy Symptom #10: Thirstier than usual

I drink a lot of water, and I mean A LOT!

But, I still seem to be even thirstier whenever I’m pregnant or breastfeeding….or maybe it’s the fact that I’ve been either pregnant or breastfeeding for the past 7 years, and that’s why I’ve been drinking A LOT of water. If you’d like to know, I aim for about a gallon a day. YES, a WHOLE GALLON of water!

Drinking so much water is what I believe helped me have such a quick recovery with my second daughter. I can’t remember exactly how long the ‘recovery’ was, but I know it was a whole lot quicker than with my first! Water also has soo many benefits, apart from feeling great during pregnancy and postpartum.

How to Deal:

Drink more water! And, always have something to drink with you at all times.

If you can’t stand the taste of plain water, like say when you have all day nausea and morning sickness, try adding some lemon to it. It’ll make it a little sour, which can help with morning sickness, plus lemon helps boost the immune system; so it’s a win-win!

Or, if you can’t stand water, even flavored water, because of your morning sickness; I’d recommend cranberry juice. More specifically, cran-apple juice helped me get through my first trimester when the nausea and morning sickness were almost unbearable.

Not feeling nauseous? Check out this smoothie recipe that has plenty of nutrients that you and your growing baby needs!

Curious if the first trimester pregnancy symptoms you have are normal, or how to deal them them? Find out what the most common ones are and how to deal! #firsttrimester #pregnancysigns #pregnancysymptoms #pregnant #stresslessbehealthy

First Trimester Pregnancy Symptoms, Oh Boy! Aren’t they ‘FUN”?

For your sake, I hope you don’t experience too many of these symptoms!

But, know if you do, you are not alone; you’re in good company with many other women who have gone through this before, or are currently going through it, too.

From the annoyance of having to run to the bathroom every 5 minutes to the horrible migraines and morning sickness; don’t worry, these are super common and will all be worth it once you have your little baby in your arms after 9 months of carrying them around!

If you’re a first time mom, you’ll have a lot of firsts in your life, and being a good mom isn’t all the difficult with a newborn; all they want is to be fed, changed, and loved 24/7.

Time passes quickly, so make sure you treasure being pregnant, and take way too many pictures of your baby when born; the sleepless nights and 2am feedings will soon be a part of the past, and you’ll be missing those days when you’re being challenged with a child who wants to stay home from school for no reason, or throws full blown tantrums in the middle of a crowded store.

The pregnancy symptoms above will pass, and the first trimester pregnancy symptoms usually last the shortest time; seeing as how they don’t tend to start until you actually find out your pregnant. (Unless or course, if you’re like me and gain 10 pounds before even finding out that your pregnant!)

What YOU Really Want: Gifts for Stay at Home Moms

Wondering what in the world to ask for, for yourself, for Christmas? As a stay at home mom it's hard to know what we want. Check out this gift guide for some ideas you'll love! #giftsformom #giftguide #gifts #christmas #momlife #stresslessbehealthy

What YOU Really Want: Gifts for Stay at Home Moms

Being a stay at home mom, you don’t get to think much about what you want.

You’re too busy worry about the wants and needs of everyone else in your family; your kids, pets, husband, parents. Basically, anyone you’re related to or see often enough to care for.

Oh, you’re on the list somewhere, way at the bottom. That’s why it’s so difficult for you to come up with what you want whenever anyone asks you.

I get it.

It’s hard to think about your own wants or needs when you’re so preoccupied thinking about others.

That’s why I’ve created the list below with some things us stay at home moms could really appreciate in our non-self-centered lives. From items that we need, things that you could certainly use but may not have thought of, to things that you actually want and will enjoy!

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Gifts for Stay at Home Moms

Items we NEED: Gifts for Stay at Home Moms

You know that there are things you need that you just can’t think of when asked, like new socks because all of yours have holes in them. But, the ideas below are a little more unique than just socks!

(But, in all honesty, if all your socks have holes in them, just get them for yourself already. This is your sign if you needed one. I know I’m due for some new socks!)


Ok, so you don’t have to ask for these unicorn slippers. But, slippers are very useful as a stay at home mom. We’re on our feet more often than others think we are; with hard wood floors, it can be rough on our feet and slippers are advised.


A Nice Coffee Mug

I love this coffee mug! If only it were true; my toddler is quite strong, my coffee can’t even begin to compete. I still love the coffee mug my mom got for me right after I had my first daughter. It said “Mommy’s Sippy Cup”. I haven’t been able to find it online anywhere, but it was one of the taller travel mugs; perfect for moms who like to enjoy their coffee.

I just have one suggestion, especially for any new stay at home moms out there, make sure the coffee mug you ask for is microwave safe. This is vital, as half the life of your mug, it’ll be sitting in the microwave waiting to be heated up…again. (The one above is microwave safe, I already checked!)


Things Use Could Use and Appreciate: Gifts for Stay at Home Moms

One step up from asking for what you need, is asking for things that you can appreciate more and could use for yourself! Not just new slippers because yours got worn out.

An ‘I will watch the kids for a few hours’ Gift Card

What a great idea! Just have whoever wants to get you a gift make you a ‘gift card’ that gives you a number of free hours that they will watch your kids. This gift doesn’t cost any money for the person giving it, simply time. And, I can’t think of a single woman I know, who’s a mom, who will deny the chance to get a break, or time to themselves for a few hours, or even a single hour!

Living Well Planner

Maybe it’s just me, but I need a planner; a nice one, too. Ever since I got my first one in middle school, I was addicted to staying organized with a planner. Finding the right planner can be difficult, if you haven’t already found one you’re in love with. The Living Well Planner is perfect. It has a place to plan each day (by the hour), a place to meal plan, and a place to set goals for yourself. It also has a section for you to budget, but I use my own budget sheets, which are a bit simpler and more customizable to use.


Things YOU Actually Want: Gifts for Stay at Home Moms

Then, there’s the things that you actually want, not ‘want’ because you ‘need’ them. Unless, you haven’t gone shopping since before you had your first child, or you’ve gone shopping, but it’s never for you. If that’s the case, then you really need the gifts below, don’t be afraid to ask for them!

Gift Cards

Ask for a gift card for a store where YOU can buy YOURSELF something, whether it be clothes or something else you enjoy. Just make sure you don’t ask for a generic gift card, like for Walmart, where you’ll be tempted to buy groceries or stuff for your kids with.

This is supposed to be a gift for you, not your fridge or your kids. Don’t worry, your kids will get enough presents over the Holidays, and if they’re anything like my girls, they really don’t need any more toys, anyways.

Yoga Pants

Alright, maybe this is just me again, but I like wearing yoga pants; they’re better than sweat pants because it’s completely acceptable to go pick your kids up from school in them. Plus, they’re comfy, and no one can tell that you didn’t just come from working out! The pair above even has a hidden pocket, perfect for holding keys while carrying a tantrum throwing 2 year old while picking up your older child. Oh, wait, maybe that’s just me…

Something for a favorite hobby

Whatever you favorite hobby is, I’m sure there’s something that you’d love to have for it, but maybe haven’t thought of yet. Whether you like to read and just want a few new books, like to cook and need something new or unique for the kitchen, or maybe you’re like me and blog and would prefer something for that, like this for taking photos.

Whatever you ask for this year, just make sure it’s actually for YOU and something YOU would enjoy.

As moms, we tend to ask for things that our children want or to make our children or family happy. Which isn’t bad, it’s just we deserve to get something just for us. Not for us to make our family food, unless of course baking or cooking is a passion of yours.

And, of course, this Holiday season and gift ideas above are not all about being selfish and only worrying about yourself; you’re a mom, you can’t even if you wanted to. But, you deserve to feel special, just like everyone else that you buy gifts for. Simply think like a kid and think of what you would want for Christmas; ask for it, and believe in the magic of Christmas this year!

Wondering what in the world to ask for, for yourself, for Christmas? As a stay at home mom it's hard to know what we want. Check out this gift guide for some ideas you'll love! #giftsformom #giftguide #gifts #christmas #momlife #stresslessbehealthy

Have you been thinking about working from home with kids, but unsure if it'd be worth it? Find out some of the top benefits of being a work at home mom; from earning extra cash to sticking to a schedule or routines with your kids (and yourself). Love your life, grow your own business, and get to stay home with you kids; who wouldn't want that!

The Top 10 Benefits of Working From Home with Kids

Being a stay at home mom opens up all sorts of opportunities. While your child naps, or goes to school, or one naps and the other is in school, you get to choose what you want to do with the extra time.

And, no, I don’t mean simply what you want to cook or should be cleaning. I’m talking about following your passions, or earning extra money – without even leaving the comfort of your own home!

Wouldn’t that be amazing!? To work from home, from your computer or your phone?

Choose your own hours, set your own schedule; all while doing what you want, when you want!

Care for your little ones and make a little extra money, or a lot extra, with doing something you actually love!

It may seem too good to be true, huh? Well, with the right resources and some hard work, you could make it happen!

I know, I know, it’s not always that easy.

My 2 year old is trying to give up her naps, too. And, I get up at 3am every morning to write or work on my blog in some way; but it’s totally worth it, even though I’m not really making much money, yet! But, there’s always the possibility of making money, and you don’t even need a blog to do so; it takes awhile to make money blogging, unlike other work at home opportunities. I just love having my own website and writing!

And, let me tell ya why you should!!!

Reason #1

Be Your Own Boss

Sure, with being a stay at home mom you don’t necessarily have a boss. Like, it might feel like your kids may try to boss you around, but they’re just trying to tell you their needs. Eventually, they will grow up; probably sooner than you’d like!

And, when that time comes, you may feel the pressure to start making some money yourself. Whether it’s internal pressure, or a little pressure from your spouse. Even if it’s just so you’re not always alone all day, to give you something purposeful to do, or to help you feel more accomplished and productive during your day.

Believe me, you are meant for more than just changing diapers, cooking, and cleaning. And, you don’t need a boss to tell you what to do either! You can be your own boss when you work from the comfort of your own home!

Or, who knows, you may grow a large work at home business and be the boss of others, even before your kids start school!

Reason #2 

Follow Your Passions

Being a full time mom, whether we work or stay at home (I’ve done both after having children); we tend to lose ourselves a little, and that includes losing some of our passions in life. With long days, and longer nights with babies; it can be hard to think of anything else. Anything for ourselves just goes right out the window.

This can come from not having time or from mom-guilt. We no longer feel like what we want to do, or what we’re passionate about is important enough to pursue.

Choosing to work from home, and online, can help you follow your passions in life, and give you a reason to focus on what you want, again! This will depend a little bit on what your passions are, but there are almost limitless possibilities when it comes from working from home!

If you love to write, you can freelance write, or create a blog and write what you want. Or, write that book you’ve always dreamed of writing.

Are you good with photoshop or taking pictures? Other people online will actually pay you to use those skills! Amazing, isn’t it?

And, if you’re only able to work 2 hours a day, or 3 hours every other day; you can still make it work!

It can be hard to believe that you can do something you love and get paid for it. But, guess what, other people are already doing it! And, there’s plenty of room for more!

The Top 10 Benefits of Working From Home with Kids

Reason #3 

It Will Make You Feel More Important

Let’s face it, being a stay at home mom isn’t that glamorous. And, may not feel like you’re doing important work.

Hard work; yes.

Feels important; not that much.

But, it truly is important what you’re doing!

You are raising the next generation. That generation, however, needs to nap during the day when little, to not be miserable! If they refuse their nap, they still need more sleep than you do, so you can take advantage of that!

What better to do during naps than make yourself feel important, and feel like you’re contributing to the household income, or contribute to bettering the world in some way. There’s a reason they say no one can be an island! And, it’s not that you’re not already doing enough and need to do more. But personally, as a millennial mom, I feel like I need to do it all to make what I’m doing feel important enough to me! Are you the same way?

Reason #4 

Connect with Other Adults

I’ve only been a stay at home mom for a little over a year now, my girls are 2 and 5 years old. And, if I don’t work on my blog and connect with others on a regular basis, then I start to lose it a little.

It gets lonely sometimes when the only company you have most days are too young to even go to school, or have a full conversation!

Working from home will help even the most introverted of people make connections with other adults to stay sane. Bonus points for connecting with other work at home mom’s who have the same struggles as you!

Reason #5 

Gives You a Reason to Get Dressed in the Morning (other than taking kids to school)

I don’t know about you, but when I became a stay at home, I thought of it as an awesome excuse to stay in pj’s all day long!

Bad idea!!!

We associate pj’s with sleep, being in bed, or relaxing. That is the exact opposite of what you need when you stay home with kids. They have a ton of energy, and being too relaxed will not give you the energy you need to keep up with them.

Ever since I started taking working from home seriously, and actually getting dressed in the morning; I haven’t only been able to get more work done everyday, but I’ve also been able to keep the house clean with more ease, and I’ve been less stressed!!!

Wearing real clothes is like magic for staying productive during the day, which brings me to my next point!

Reason #6 

Helps You Stay Productive

Sometimes we just don’t want to do anything, like when we stay in our pj’s all day. This is not healthy, for our minds or our bodies.

Starting a work from home career, or even working a few hours each week, will help you get your butt moving again and be productive.

And, it feels soo much better to be productive than to be lazy! It’s just like if you’re used to lounging around all day, and then start working out everyday; you start to feel better, amazing even, and then you start to crave the exercise everyday!

Same concept with being productive and challenging your brain!

Have you been thinking about working from home with kids, but unsure if it'd be worth it? Find out some of the top benefits of being a work at home mom; from earning extra cash to sticking to a schedule or routines with your kids (and yourself). Love your life, grow your own business, and get to stay home with you kids; who wouldn't want that!

Reason #7 

It Will Force You to Keep Learning and Using that Beautiful Brain of Yours

If anyone has ever told you that you can work from home and you don’t need to learn anything new; don’t believe them.

And, don’t let this scare you away either! There is so much that I have learned in the past two years while blogging, it’s astounding. I didn’t even know there was so much to know about blogging, or social media, or even just writing!

Learning new skills and theories will help keep your brain stay young and functioning longer. So, challenge yourself and keep learning all your life; you deserve to!

Working from home can help you do this, whether it’s investing in a new course to learn something new, or reading more books, or watching youtube videos to learn a technical skill online!

Reason #8 

Make a Difference in Other’s Lives

The amazing thing about working from home is that you can actually make a difference in someone else’s life; maybe even more so than working outside the home. I guess it depends on where you would work, or what you would do.

When I write on my blog; I write to help out other moms who may be struggling through the same things I am, or things I once struggled with. Wouldn’t it be awesome to know that what you do online could help others, or actually matter!?!

The Top 10 Benefits of Working From Home with Kids

Reason #9 

Make Use of What You Already Know (You have to use it so you don’t lose it!)

If you’re like me, and have a fancy college degree (that you’ve never used before), this could be your chance to prove it’s use!

Or, even if you don’t have a college degree, you have a life full of experiences, and you have children! The experiences you go through in life are enough to help others. Whether it’s helping others do what you have done, to make life easier or better; or, by helping them avoid the mistakes you’ve made.

You have knowledge inside of you, and it’s trying to get out! Help it and help others by sharing it with them!

Reason #10 

It Will Force You and Your Children to stick to a Daily Schedule

This is a good thing! Daily schedules help us and our children thrive. And, with all the hard work you’ll need to do when working from home, you’ll need specific times to get it all done!

A daily schedule is something I’ve personally been working on all year to perfect. But, guess what, it doesn’t need to be perfect. (I should be telling myself this!) As long as you know what you do and when, and you get to most of the tasks on your to do list; you’ll be set!

If you want to learn more about how you and your child can benefit from a daily schedule, read my post about it here!

So, why not give working from home and earning extra income, and staying sane by connecting with other adults, a more serious thought. Get the bundle and start learning more about the how to’s, and not just the why.

So, do it for yourself, or do it for your family!

Have you been thinking about working from home with kids, but unsure if it'd be worth it? Find out some of the top benefits of being a work at home mom; from earning extra cash to sticking to a schedule or routines with your kids (and yourself). Love your life, grow your own business, and get to stay home with you kids; who wouldn't want that!

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work at home mom
work at home mom
work at home mom

10 Nutribullet Benefits for Moms

Looking for new ways to raise healthy kids and be an awesome mom? Check out 10 nutribullet benefits to help with your childrens health, provide them with the nutrition they need, and make green smoothies for them and yourself to increase your energy!!

10 Nutribullet Benefits for Moms

Have you ever wanted to be healthier, but don’t know where to start?

Or, know that as a mom, you probably should start caring about your own health, now that you’re responsible for another human beings health, as well?

Well, what if I told you that it doesn’t have to be hard or take an hour of prep work to start being healthier, for yourself and child(ren)!?!

What if I told you that you can add at least 3 more fruits and veggies, along with amazing (and cheap) super foods, into your diet in about 5 minutes a day?

And, what if, the same small appliance that can help you do that can also grind oats into flour, for healthier desserts like cookies and muffins, and make home made baby food and baby cereal. No more buying baby food at one or two dollars a serving! No serving your toddler, or older child, baked goods with nutrient lacking white, or all purpose, flour!

As a mom, I think we could all appreciate something that allows us to provide healthier food to ourselves and our children, while saving money and possibly even time! A nutribullet can do all of that for us, plus more!

Why I Honestly Love it SO Much

I got my nutribullet over four years ago as a Christmas present!

I had been doing my research and comparing it with other products similar to it, and I so hoped that someone in my family would be awesome enough to get it for me. (At the time it was more expensive than it is today and my husband was laid off from his job right before Christmas that year.) I was so thankful that his grandma bought for me, it’s helped me out in so many ways since then!

I’m much healthier because of it, and others see me as much healthier, as well.

Ask anyone I’ve worked with when I worked outside the home! People saw me as super healthy, especially when they saw me drinking something green in the break room.

I was like the health guru, wherever I worked, or at least that’s how it made me feel!

I have used this small machine almost everyday since I’ve gotten it, over 4 years ago, and there is no sign that it’s going to break down anytime soon! If I don’t use it to make a nutriblast (the healthy smoothies it creates by pulverizing fruits and veggies), then I use it for something else, like grinding oats for flour, or flaxseeds to make flax eggs.

Ok, ok, I may be a bit of a health nut. But, is that really a bad thing to be, as a mom?

strawberry pineapple smoothie recipe
Photo from stresslessbehealthy.com

Let’s get onto those 10 Nutribullet Benefits for Moms!

Nutribullet Benefits #1. It’s fast

On average, it takes about 20 seconds to make a nutriblast.

It may take 10 to 20 seconds longer to grind oats for flour.

But, with the power this product has, it doesn’t take long to get the consistency you are looking for, no matter what you grind or blend!

Nutribullet Benefits #2. It’s Safe

The nutribullet is safe to use, not only for you as an adult, but also for kids.

My 5 year old helps me use this all the time, she actually gets upset when I don’t let her help, because she thinks it’s so much fun to use!

The part with the blade screws onto the cup and can be difficult for a child, or yourself, to get off quickly so you don’t have to worry about chopping off a finger with a blade before it stops blending, like with a regular blender. And, when you’re using it, the cup can lock into place on the base.

This way you can lock it onto the base and let your little one hold onto it, making them think they’re doing it all by themselves; just help them, or unlock it, when they’re done!

Note: You must supervise little ones with the nutribullet to ensure safety. Do not let them use it all by themselves, it could potentially be dangerous.

Nutribullet Benefits #3. Everyone around you will envy you for your good nutrition

No joke on this one. I used to work at call centers and I’d always bring a nutriblast to work to drink.

I would always get so many comments when drinking it. From disgust because it was green, to people who wish they had the will power to eat as healthy as I do, and not just buy something from the vending machine!

So, if you want to start being thought of as a health guru where you work, or just want to be seen as healthy; start bringing and drinking these at work!

Some people have even seen weight loss after starting to use the nutribullet. I never used it as a weight loss aid, but anything that will help you eat more fruits and veggies, and less junk, is always going to have the potential to help you lose weight!

healthy smoothie recipes
Photo from stresslessbehealthy.com

Nutribullet Benefits #4. Show your kids how delicious it is to be healthy!

As moms, we want our kids to be healthy, but we don’t want to have to shove veggies down their throats. So, let’s meet them in the middle and make them milkshakes and ice cream!

Kids love desserts, and we love for them to eat what’s good for them. The nutribullet makes it possible for both of us to get our ways! If you need suggestions on how to make delicious desserts for your kids using the nutribullet; check out this post!! Or, use my go to smoothie recipe from below!

Add the healthiest ingredients into your kids favorite desserts, without them even knowing!

Nutribullet Benefits #5. Teach your kids how EASY it is to be healthy!

Using a nutribullet is so easy, a kid can use it; so let them.

(Make sure you supervise, though, you know your child better than I do and whether they will need help or not. Maybe, pretend to let them help…)

There’s no better way to teach a child to be healthy than to be a good example and let them experiment with food themselves. They are much more likely to try eating something healthy if they are the ones who made it!

So, let them see you use your nutribullet and drink your nutriblasts on a daily basis. If they’re anything like my girls, you won’t be able to finish it without sharing!

Pretty soon they’ll be asking for their own and begging you if they can help make it!

Nutribullet Benefits #6. It Pulverizes ingredients, making it easier to digest

The nutribullet isn’t just a blender, it’s an extractor!

It extracts the nutrients from the fruits, veggies, and other healthy ingredients you put into it; making them more easily digested by our bodies. Which in turn provides us with more health benefits than a regular blender ever could!

This makes nutriblasts the perfect revitalizing drink for when you start to feel low on energy or simply not feel at your best. It literally takes only about 5 minutes for me to start feeling better after starting to drink a nutriblast! (More specifically, the recipe above!)

Nutribullet Benefits #7. It Can Replace multiple Small Kitchen Appliances to save you valuable space!

So far, I’ve replaced 3 of my small kitchen appliances with the nutribullet!

  1. a blender
  2. coffee grinder
  3. and baby bullet

It saves me space in my small kitchen by having multiple functions, and it saves me money and frustration by not having to deal with blenders that wear out, and replacing a baby bullet that fully gave out within a year! This appliance is still going strong after 4 years of everyday use!

Nutribullet Benefits #8. It comes with a Healthy Recipe Book

The recipe book isn’t just full of nutriblast recipes, it has information about how to eat healthy, and basically a meal plan to help you eat better!

There’s a recipe for a wrap with quinoa in it, that’s just amazing!

It’s focused on real foods, not processed or chemically laden foods like weight loss companies.

With the nutribullet, it’s all about health and getting the most out of real food that you can!

Just like my free recipe ebook that’s mother and child approved; get my recipe ebook here!

Nutribullet Benefits #9. Helps save food, and time!

If you’re sick of buying produce because you’re trying to be healthy, and then having it all go to waste, then you need this!

First off, you could use that produce in your nutriblasts to actually be healthy.

It only takes about 5 minutes to prep, make one, and clean up.

Secondly, you could simply buy frozen fruit and veggies to make nutriblasts; no more wasting money on fresh produce that’ll go bad before you even wash or cut it up!

And, third; if you notice you have produce about to go bad in your fridge, quickly extract all the nutrients, pour it into an ice cube tray and save it for making nutriblasts in the future!

(I do this with avocados when they’re about to go bad; they’re too expensive to got to waste!)

Nutribullet Benefits #10. Easy to Clean

We all know how important it is to clean our kitchen appliances after using them, even if they’re a pain in the butt to clean (I’m looking at you, juicer).

But, with the nutribullet, it’s super quick and easy.

After using it, (don’t forget to take the rubber piece out of the part with the blade) wash in hot soapy water.

There’s no hard parts to get to, or special cleaning tool you need, and you don’t have to worry about hurting yourself cleaning it!

If you do feel like you need something special to get under and in between the blades, a bottle brush with the nipple cleaning attachment works perfectly! (Or, a toothpick.)

Or, you could always do it the lazy way and add warm water and soap in the nutribullet and blend it like you would a nutriblast!

But, I prefer to wash the parts in the sink (not the motor part, though, that’ll probably ruin it; just wipe that part down if it gets dirty).

Green Smoothie Bowl Recipe
Photo from stresslessbehealthy.com

Why I Personally Recommend It

This little machine has done me wonders over the past four years.

When I first started working full time after I gave birth to my oldest daughter, coffee was not enough to give me the energy I needed through out the day.

So, I tried a little experiment and brought a nutriblast to work to sip on instead of coffee!

I can’t even begin to tell you the amount of energy I had to stay awake during the training and the tedious everyday tasks at my job; it was amazing!

Even now, staying home with my two girls, if I start to feel faint, or just sick or weak; I make myself a nutriblast, sit down on the couch, and start drinking it. Within 5 to 10 minutes after I start drinking it; I feel better!

I have my energy back and I’m ready to take on the rest of the day!

My girls tend to get a few sips of it, too. I can never have one all to myself!

So, if you’re serious about being a healthy mom with energy to get through each and every day, and providing your little ones with healthy baked goods, home made baby food, or delicious (and healthy) ‘milkshakes’, then I’d highly recommend this product!


Looking for new ways to raise healthy kids and be an awesome mom? Check out 10 nutribullet benefits to help with your childrens health, provide them with the nutrition they need, and make green smoothies for them and yourself to increase your energy!!

Know anyone researching the Nutribullet, or trying to be healthy; share this honest nutribullet review with them!

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messy house

5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Have Messy House Guilt

Have you ever had just one of those days; you know, where your patience with your children is truly tested?

When it feels like every time you blink, there’s another mess to clean up or child who needs your undivided attention.

And, don’t you dare turn your back, not even for a second, or your children will start wrestling over a toy. (I have girls, and they do this.)

Forget about even doing the basic chores you attempt to get done everyday, like dishes and laundry, there’s boo-boo’s to kiss and putting the toddler down for a nap to attempt. HAHA…..nope, no nap today.

Yep, this stay at home mom gig isn’t the easiest thing in the world. There’s ‘those’ days. Nothing get’s done, and the house looks like a tornado went through it.

But, guess what?

These days will happen, and because you’re a mom, you’ll get through them. Hopefully they won’t come too often, but we’ve got this. And, here are 5 reasons why I’m thankful for days like these and why you shouldn’t feel guilty about a messy house.

1. Your Children are Fed and Alive

Your kids are alive and fed, well, mostly fed…..

Some of the food is over there on the floor…..

some may be on the wall across the room……

and there might be some peanut butter on the curtains…*cringe*.

But, the kids aren’t acting like they’re hungry, so, good enough.

If you manage to simply get some food into your children on days like these, then you’ve pretty much mastered motherhood.

And, you can’t get the kids fed without having to cook, or at least having some messy dishes in the kitchen. So, don’t mind the mess, be thankful they got to eat!

2. Unconditional Love

Sure, they may not show it, but they do love you. Even when they’re yelling at the top of their lungs that they hate you and want to be alone, or for you to leave them alone; they still love you.

Eventually, the strong feelings they are experiencing will fade and they’ll melt. (That’s what my five year old and I call it when this happens and she comes back to me for hugs, kisses, to apologize to me, and tell me how much she loves me.)

Sometimes, on days like ‘these’ where your patience is being tested; it’s better to value some quality time with your kids, than playing the perfect house keeper.

They need you, and you know it’s good for both your’s and your children’s sanity to just sit in their room and play with them. Even if it means the house stays a disaster for little longer.

So, don’t feel guilty about a messy house.

3. Early Bedtime, Anyone?

Yes, on days like ‘these’, where everything seems to be going wrong, you can’t keep up with your home, and your children are hanging all over you (or fighting behind your back); an early bedtime is a likely (well-deserved) ending.

Your toddler didn’t nap; your older child wouldn’t leave them alone long enough to let them fall asleep. Your older child got up too early and starting to get cranky. You somehow managed to get your kids clean and in pj’s by 6:15pm and by 6:30pm the little one is out and 15 minutes later the older one is being asked to get tucked in to bed.

(Wait a minute, that’s my queue to go tuck her in….)

But, not all of ‘these’ days will end with a well-deserved early bedtime for the kids.

Nope, some of ‘these’ days won’t end til the morning and we’ll be pulling out our hair (if there’s any left after the kids got to it).

And, with our luck, it’ll probably be just one child keeping us up all night, and by the time they finally pass out and the morning comes; the other one will be up and ready to take on the day….

This is when you’ll be hoping Starbucks delivers. (Unfortunately, as far as I know, they don’t.)

4. The TV Stayed Off All Day

On days like ‘these’, where you can’t even hear yourself think and there’s toys everywhere (like those legos you’re just about to step on…watch out); be thankful!

A messy house, with toys sprawled all through out, means that your children didn’t spend the day acting like zombies in front of the tv. No flashing bright colors of kids shows shining in their eyes.

Instead, their eyes are shining with excitement for their next imaginative adventure!

You know all their toys, the ones EVERYWHERE, well, be glad that they’re being played with! So many kids now-a-days have toys that never get played with because they’re too busy with screens in their faces.

(By the way, my daughter apparently opened up a cupcake shop in her room; the ‘cupcakes’ are balls from a ball pit and it’s open 24/7. They’re also vegan for her mommy!)

So, don’t feel guilty about a messy house.

5. You’re Creating Memories and a Better Future

Whether it’s teaching your children to talk, build with blocks, writing their own stories, or teaching them math; you’re helping them form fond memories that they’ll hold onto forever. You’re teaching them a skill that they’ll use for the rest of their lives.

You’re making an impact in their life; not because your kitchen is spotless, but because you’re spending your time with them, instead.

Or, maybe you went back to school to get a better job, so that they can start going to a dance or karate class.

Maybe you’re starting your own business; to earn a little more to pay off the student debt you racked up before your kids were born.

Yes, even us stay at home moms get too busy with our work to keep a house spotless. Being a stay at home mom does not mean our time is unlimited, or that we can’t make money to better our childrens lives. We have a lot on our plates, and on ‘these’ days, having a messy house is perfectly alright.

Did your mom feel guilty about a messy house?

Can you remember back to when you were a child? Did your mom ever feel guilty about a messy home? Should they have?

I know my mom should never have felt guilty about a messy house. She ran a home daycare and at times there were 10 kids there, 3 to 4 toddlers at a time….

She even had a quote hanging on a small plaque in the hallway that said “Apology. Although you’ll find our house a mess. Come in- sit down- converse. It doesn’t always look like this: Some days it’s even worse.

Remember that.

Remember that you have gone through days like ‘these’ and that a messy house is a blessing of being a good mom and having children who love and rely on you.

Never feel guilty about a messy house.

Share with a mom who needs to hear this! And, pin it on Pinterest so you can come back to it when needed.

messy house

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messy house
messy house
messy house

first day of school

Help Your Child Have the Best First Day of School Ever!

It’s important for your child to have the best first day of school that they can; not only for them, but for you, too.

It sets the tone for the rest of the year. So it’s important to do a few key things on the first day of school to help things go smoothly.

You can grab a pdf checklist for these things here. (And, honestly, you don’t even have to print out the checklist if you don’t want to, it was created so you can click on the checkbox next to an item and a check mark will pop up!)

But, if you want a more in depth explanation of the key things to do, or remind your child to do on the first day of school, then keep reading!

And, if this is your childs first year of school, check out this ultimate guide for preparing your child for Kindergarten.

Set Everything Ready to Go the Day Before the First Day of School

If you’re not a planner, or like to prepare for things ahead of time, it’s time to basically suck it up and just do it for your child.

The tasks you’ll want to complete may differ depending on a few things, but you’ll want to, at the very least, accomplish these tasks the day before school:

  • pick out clothes (and hairstyle for girls, possibly boys, too)
  • get your child excited for their first day of school (talk about it)
  • set expectations for morning, afterschool, and night time routines (let them know about these)
  • help them visualize an awesome first day of school (talk it through)
  • make sure their backpack is packed and ready to go
  • pack as much of their lunch as possible
  • set up for breakfast before you go to sleep

This is not an exhaustive list, depending on your child there may be more you need to add to this to help you child have the best first day of school ever. But, if you at least do the things on this list, then you’re headed in the right direction and you child may even thank you in the future for preparing ahead of time.

Plus, some of these small tasks, like laying out clothes before bed, having routines, and visualizing and awesome day; these can be used through out their entire lives to help them succeed, so the earlier they start these habits, the better!

Morning Routine

In a perfect world, you will have established a morning routine for yourself and child before the school year begins.

Honestly, in my own home, we started implementing a morning routine that resembles the one my daughter will use during the school year, a month before school starts. That way there’s less ‘new’ she will need to get used to when school starts.

Make Your Child a Healthy and Filling Breakfast

Depending on your child, they may not have a lot of time in the morning to get ready for school.

So, start them off on the right track, with a healthy and filling breakfast. It doesn’t need to be a difficult or fancy breakfast, and you could even make breakfast the day before and simply heat it up and give it to them in the morning.

My go to’s for a healthy breakfast are:

There are certainly more options! Just be sure to include some protein, fruit, and possibly fiber; whether it’s in the main thing they eat for breakfast, or their drink (like milk/soymilk).

If they’re used to being home all day and eating whenever they’re hungry, this may be a big change for them; having to go longer periods of time without eating. It’s important they eat a filling breakfast so they’re not hungry through out the day.

*Hint – have them eat breakfast in their pj’s to avoid them getting their clothes for school dirty.

Brush Teeth

When they’re done with breakfast they should go brush their teeth right away. This way they don’t forget and go to school without brushing teeth.

Plus, they should brush their teeth before they get dressed to avoid getting toothpaste on their clothes for the day. Toothpaste isn’t the easiest thing to get out of clothes in a hurry.

Get dressed (hair)

Next, have them get dressed in the clothes that were picked out the night before.

Our hope is that they don’t cry over this and hate what was picked out. My daughters 5, and even if she’s the one who picked out her outfit, she may hate it the next day and not want to wear it.

Maybe our kids will be sleepy enough where they just don’t care, and then or course, be completely awake by the time they get to school.

Once they’re dressed, do their hair if they need help with it.

Do not attempt their hair before they’re dressed or you would’ve just wasted your time.

Pack a Super Special Lunch

Hopefully, most of their lunch is already packed and ready to go.

Finish it up, if it isn’t, and then put it near the door so it’s not forgotten; that would ensure a bad first day of school. No one wants to forget their lunch!

first day of school

Take Photos

Once your child is all ready for school; you’ll want to take pictures of them to remember this day.

Some people have their kids hold signs in these pictures; I personally won’t. There’s no need to.

And, knowing my oldest daughter, she’ll turn this simple picture into a photo shoot and start posing; that’s just how she is. (She’s even gotten her 2 year old sister posing like a ‘cool girl’ for pictures now, too)

Take Them

If it’s possible to drive, or walk, your child to school for the first day of school, do so. It’ll help this day be more special for them.

If you’re not able to take them to school, that’s alright, too. It’s not going to devastate them if you can’t. Unless, of course, you told them you would.

Either way, simply let them know what’s going on and what they should expect the first day of school. Children like to know what’s going on, too.

And, once they’re at school, you’re not in control anymore. Which I know will be hard for some of you.

Make sure you tell them you love them and wish them a good day!

After School Routine

An after school routine can be almost as important as a morning routine. It helps ease the transition from school to being home again.

This time of day can often be chaotic because of the transition; a routine, that both you and your child are aware of, it key to avoid that chaos and have everything go just a little more smooth.

Pick them up

If possible, pick your child up from school, just as you dropped them off.

Again, if you’re not able to, it’s no the end of the world. You do what you do. If you work and they have to go to a sitters, that’s fine. Just give them realistic expectations and let them know what is to come for after school.

Ask Them How Their Day Went

Once you see them when they finished their day of school; ask them how it went.

What did they learn?

Did they make any new friends?

How did they like their new teacher and how the day went?

There are many questions you could ask them about their first day of school; try not to ask them too many as to overwhelm them.

Make Them an After School Snack

An after school snack is almost as important as breakfast.

But, instead of fueling them to take on the day; this snack will be replenishing them from their day at school.

If you are at a loss of what to give them, try to avoid the heavily processed snack foods that contain all sorts of preservatives and ingredients you can’t pronounce. Instead, check out this list of healthy and fun after school snacks to give your kids!

But, basically, some type of fruit or veggie and fat or protein should do just fine. Like an apple with peanut butter, or something like that.

Find out if they have homework

Make sure you ask your child if they have any homework.

Or, if you have any homework to do, I honestly don’t remember a year in school when I was little where I had homework the first day of school, but teachers would always give paperwork for parents to fill out.

So, make sure you ask!

Let them relax, play, be a kid

Your child was just at school for about 6 hours, and depending on their age, they may have been able to play at school. But, they probably weren’t able to relax very much.

Let them just chill out for an hour or so after school. They need some down time like we do sometimes.

School can be exhausting, especially in the beginning of the year. Who knows, they may even take a nap after school for the first few days!

Homework Time

If they brought homework home for you, make sure you get it done and don’t put it off til later.

Doing it while they relax, and before you have to make dinner, would be ideal.

And, if they have any homework they have to do, help make sure they complete it before dinner, as well.

Prepare for the Next Day

After dinner it’ll be time to prepare for the next day of school…and start this whole thing all over again.

  • Pick out clothes (and hairstyle)
  • pack lunch
  • pack bag and place near door
  • bed time routine
  • set everything up for breakfast.

You’ll get to repeat this so often this year, it’ll become habit and you’ll eventually not even think about what you have to do; you’ll just do it.

Don’t forget to be excited for your child to start school, or at least act like it, to encourage them to enjoy school.

The first day of school will set the tone for the rest of the year, and it’s important to have a good first impression. But, children are also very forgiving, at least while their young; so if you mess up, it won’t be the end of the world.

Just do your best to make everything go smoothly and to make your childs first day of school be awesome. Your child will be able to see the effort your put into it, and that’s what counts.

Good luck!

Don’t forget to grab this checklist so you can check these things off as you go!

first day of school

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quality time with kids

7 Tips to Spend More Quality Time with Your Child

How often do we, as moms, get so busy and wrapped up in life that we may accidentally forget to spend some quality time with our kids?

I’m going to guess that you may feel a little bit of mom guilt right about now, and that’s alright. It’s a reminder that you have kids and love them and want the best for them. And, realizing that you’ve been too busy to feel like the best mom ever, doesn’t mean that you aren’t.

Sometimes we just need the reminder to slow down a little in life and remember why we had our kids to begin with. And no, it wasn’t to be the referee when our little ones fight, or feel like we’re a taxi driver when they’re teenagers and can’t drive yet.

And, I’m sure your reason may slightly differ than mine and everyone elses. But, at some point we do get the gentle reminder, usually through mom guilt, that we need to start spending some more quality time with our children.

In case you’re unsure how to squeeze this into your already hectic day, I’ve gathered seven pretty simple ideas that you could start implementing in your everyday life, right now!

I’ve gathered even more ideas and activities to do with your children based on their age (ages 3 to 12) in a printable available in my printable library! If you need ideas for toddlers, check out this post from thinkbaby.org for 10 fun activities to do with toddlers.

quality time with kids

Include yourself in their bedtime routine

One easy way to squeeze in some quality time with your children, starting tonight, is by including yourself in their bedtime routine, if you haven’t already. And, if your kids don’t quite have a bedtime routine yet, what better time to start one than right now!

A bedtime routine can be as simple as having your children get in their pj’s, brush their teeth, and then you read them a story and give them a hug and kiss goodnight.

It doesn’t have to be difficult or involve singing them a song, or anything like that. A simple routine will be enough for the both of you to feel just a little more connected.

And, the simple bedtime routine I mentioned is the one I use for my five year old. Every night it’s the same story, as well. We actually both have the book memorized. I read her My Goodnight Book, it’s the same exact book that my mom read to me before bed when I was little.

Eat Meals at the Table with Them

You may not realize it, but kids pay attention to even the smallest of things. Like, if you actually sit down at the table with them to eat breakfast or lunch (you know, instead of cleaning up from making lunch or doing something else while eating), they’ll actually notice.

You can take this ‘extra’ time with them to actually talk with them (no phones at the table).

Ask them how their day is going or what they would like to do today or tomorrow. Find out if anything is on their mind or bugging them. Or simply be with them. If they’re too small to talk then you should probably be sitting with them anyways. It’s a good habit to get into.

If the only meal you’re able to sit down at the table with them is dinner, that’s fine. Take advantage of that time. Make it fun; maybe themed dinners for each night of the week, or let them help you make dinner once a week on a certain day.

Or, if they’re old enough to make dinner themselves; assign each person in the household a night or two a week where it’s their turn to make dinner. Then everyone sits down together to enjoy it. Maybe I’m just fantasizing of what I hope for the future for my girls and family; but wouldn’t that be nice?

Put Your Phone Down

Seriously, when you are in the same room as your children, put your phone down, or in another room if you need to. You may be amazed at how much extra quality time you have to spend with your kids if you do this!

Smart phones are like the death to real social interaction, sadly, sometimes even with our children. Don’t let it happen to you. Your phone, those messages on Facebook and pictures on Instagram; they’ll still be there when your kids go down for a nap, to bed for the night, or when they go to school.

While you have the chance to be with your children; actually be with them fully. Be present, not with your face in your phone trying to see what the newest thing is or getting into drama. No one needs that in their lives. And, you’re children will thank you for spending more quality time with them!

(Even if it’s not so clear that they’re thankful; children need to be taught how to be thankful and show gratitude. How are they to learn if you spend more time with your face in your phone than showing them how to act, behave, and communicate efficiently?)

Let Them Help You

Whether it’s helping you cook, bake, or clean up; your kids will think this is great time spent with you and will love every minute of it! Especially when they’re little.

So, even if you may not think of making food or cleaning as quality time, they will. They are with you, after all! Plus, it’s teaching them some valuable lessons that they will keep with them in life, forever.

So, it’s a win-win, especially now that housework and cooking can be a shared family chore, instead of all being put on your shoulders to do.

Schedule in 10-15 Minutes a Day (Per Child)

Scheduling in quality time to play with each child by themselves will not only help you find the time to spend with them; but, it’ll also make your child feel super important. And, let’s face it, our children are super important to us, so show them they are by doing this!

Now, what you do in that 15 minutes doesn’t really matter all that much, as long as you are paying 100% of your attention to your child.

You could go for a walk, play a game, paint each others nails, have a dance party, or pretty much anything else you can think of that your child would want to do. This time is for both of you, but they’re only kids once, and doesn’t get much say in what they do for most of the day; so, let them choose what you both do, even if it’s just for 15 minutes.

Take Them Outside to Play

Or, better yet, to a playground! Just spend time outside together (away from screens indoors). It will feel much more like quality time, to both you and them!

Play tag, or simply take a walk. Or, let them run around and get all their energy out while you watch. (Make sure you have water close by.) Maybe, they’ll even take a nap afterwards!

Plan a Fun Activity For Them

This can be as simple as letting them color in coloring books. But, when I do this, I like to make it something super special. Which is usually easier done in the fall or holiday months at the end of the year.

For example, making fall wreaths out of painted puzzle pieces or ornaments for Christmas are great ideas for this! But, you could also have them do fun crafts anytime of the year. Maybe you’ll teach them how frogs or butterflies go through metamorphosis and they’ll do a craft based on that.

Or, as messy as it can be, let them paint.

My mom ran a home daycare when I was young and let the younger kids paint the deck with water. This was great in so many different ways. Lily from craftlearnandplay.com understands the many benefits this activity has, check out her post on it here.

It got the kids outside. It also let them ‘paint’ without actually leaving a mark on the deck. You could even do this with your kids to make it feel more like quality time with them.

One Day at a Time

Spending quality time with our children doesn’t have to be a challenge, or even take up too much time. Even simply putting our phones away so we can focus on our kids, instead of seeing what’s new on Facebook, will help you and your child feel more connected through out the day.

I can’t say that I’m perfect with doing each one of these things every single day, that could get exhausting to do, especially with the fun activity every single day. But, I do try my best to implement most of them.

No one’s perfect. And it’s hard to be the super mom you want to be in such a busy world, every day.

So, just take it one day, and one idea, at a time. You and your children will look back and cherish these moments forever.

…You know, the ones you spent focusing on them, not on your phone.

quality time with kids

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stay at home mom burnout

 How to Reduce Stay at Home Mom Burnout (from the silent stress we feel)

As moms we have a lot of stress in our lives. We have the stress of caring for little ones, keep up our homes, dealing with bills, and much much more!

But, there are some things that we tend to stress about and feel that we can’t share our emotions about.

This isn’t good. We can’t keep hiding this stress and acting as if these things aren’t bugging us; it’s not healthy and it’s not right!

So, I’m going to bring to light what a few of these stressors are and some ways you can overcome them!

Don’t worry, you’re not alone in feeling this way; it’s something all of us stay at home moms feel once in awhile. Or, at least have felt in the past, before we overcame the fear of sharing how we truly feel!

1. Worrying You’re not Good Enough

Feeling like you’re not good enough is probably a stressor that everyone has come across before in their life; whether they want to admit it or not. But, our stress, because of our situation is slightly different from others.

We’re worried that we’re not good enough to do things that working moms do; like being able to get a job if we try, juggling a job with mom duties if we ended up working in the future. We worry that when we go out in public that if what we’re wearing is alright, or if it’s completely out of style.

Then, we have the stress of balancing the bills to make sure nothing gets missed so our electric doesn’t get shut off; cause that would be on us slipping up if it does.

We worry if the food and love we provide to our family is good enough, or if we could do better.

Is our home clean enough?

Are we disciplining our children enough? Or, too much?

Is there something we missed in all of our stay at home mom and home keeping duties?

Are we personally good enough for others to want to be around us? It gets lonely being a stay at home mom, so we can’t always tell whether people would like to be around us but are too busy, or if they are genuinely avoiding us. It’s a tough call and can cause a lot of stress, and possibly even some issues with our self confidence.

Reduce the Stress

First off, know that you’re not the only one that feels this way. If it feels like you are, then maybe you should stay off social media for a little while. Everyone puts their best out on social media to show how great they are. Not many people want to show off their flaws or insecurities, so they don’t.

Know that you’re the best mom for you children. Ignore those who tell you otherwise. You are smart, and you are enough for them, you’re enough for your husband, and you’re enough for yourself!!

Simply the fact that you’re so worried about all of these things means that you are trying to be better; and there is no one better than someone who is constantly trying to improve!!

So, go you for caring enough to better yourself!! You are awesome and unique! If other people provide you excuses for not coming around, then it’s their loss, not yours. Don’t take it too hard, they may even truly just have too full of a plate right now.

Try to relax a little when thinking you’re not good enough, because you truly are awesome!

2. Feeling judged by other Moms

There is not much that is a worse feeling than feeling judged, or looked down upon, by other moms, especially when you’re a young mom in your twenties.

It feels like a slap in the face, without actually getting slapped!

To be honest, I very much dislike the notion of women hating other women, or being mean to each other. Come on now, this isn’t high school anymore, there’s no need for that!

Personally, I haven’t really had to go through feeling judged by other moms; well, other than moms of older generations who like to butt their heads in where they don’t belong. My oldest daughter doesn’t start school til the fall. And, I’d very much appreciate not being judged by other moms of kids in my class!

Reduce the Stress

Something I want to share with you to help reduce your headache from this judgment; what someone says about someone else is usually more a reflection of themselves than of who they are speaking of. Meaning, they are judging you because they may not feel secure in their own skin.

With that thought in mind, instead of feeling judged and insecure in your own skin, take some pity on the moms judging you. Maybe they’re having a rough time right now, or they’ve been judged harshly in the past. It’s quite sad when the only joy in someones life is bringing others down.

And, it’s probably an older mom who you feel judged by, so have comfort in the fact that you are doing what she is, but at a younger age!

Maybe, instead of taking how they treat or talk to you as a sign of judgment, take it as a cry for help. See if they are struggling with something in life right now that’s causing them to act like an adolescent. Maybe even offer to grab coffee and talk. Chances are, they probably feel just as insecure as you do, or maybe even more so!

3. Always being Stuck Home with the Kids

Unfortunately, not all stresses are the same, or even feel like ‘stress’. Sometimes a stressor in our life can show up as jealousy. Say, when you husband goes out with friends on the weekend when you thought it was supposed to be ‘family time’; and you’re, yet again, stuck home with the kids as if it’s another work day for him.

And, it doesn’t matter if you have friends and would want to hang out with them; or if you don’t, you’re simply stressed because you’re always the one to stay with the kids.

He’s probably told you, as well, that he needs a break from work and just needs to relax and hang out with friends once in awhile. Which is completely reasonable; he is the one who works to make money to pay the bills. But, you’re wondering when it’s going to be your turn. When do you get to relax? When is it your turn to take a break from your job?

As moms, we truly never get a break, not really. But, we should get a chance once in awhile to hang with friends, or escape from the house for a little bit…without our kids.

Reduce the Stress

The smartest thing to do here is to COMMUNICATE with your husband about how you feel.

Let him know that it stresses you out when you’re stuck home with the kids all the time!

Be vulnerable and let him know you might be jealous that he gets a break from work and the kids, and you don’t.

Maybe work out a schedule with him where you take turns going out with friends.

Or, hire a babysitter once in awhile to go out together!!

Honestly, the best thing you can do is tell him how you feel. He is your husband after all!

4. Being a Good Wife

If we’re worried about being jealous of our husbands and never getting a break, chances are we’re probably worried about being a good wife and having mom burnout, as well.

And, by being a ‘good’ wife, I mean having enough life in us by the time our husbands come home to not want to just say ‘your turn’ and then want to go up to bed to sleep!!

Believe me, there has been times when I have wanted to do that; when I was so worn out by my girls energy that I wanted to simply greet my husband at the door when he came home….on my to go to bed to sleep.

Like, we married each other so we could be with each other, because we love each other; not so we could play ‘your turn to take care of the kids, and my time to sleep’ tag! It’s not a very fun game!

Reduce the Stress

The first step to reducing this type of stress is by getting enough sleep at night. I know this can be difficult, especially for those of us who still co-sleep with a little one. But, it is vital to get enough sleep!! It will help with so many different aspects of our lives.

Second, make sure you’re eating the right foods! Eat plenty of fruits, veggies, healthy proteins and grains! Make sure you’re drinking enough water, too. All of these things will help you keep your energy up through out the day; making it less likely to want to pass out by 5 or 6pm!

The third way you can reduce this type of stress is by exercising during the day! At first it may seem counter intuitive, and at first it will be. But, trust the process; your body will adapt! The more energy you use during the day, the more energy your body will give you to use!

And, make sure you are communicating with your husband how you feel. Maybe he could agree to cooking dinner and cleaning up once or twice during the week to give you a break. Who knows, maybe all you need to do to get some extra help is ask!!

Most Importantly Give Yourself Some Grace!!

We need to give ourselves some leeway and grace. As moms, with everyone pulling us in every direction, all the time, we shouldn’t put more pressure on ourselves to ‘do it all’ or to be everything for everyone.

Why is it that we can give grace to others so easily and let them know it’s alright if they can’t do everything; they’re only human after all. But, we can’t give that same grace to ourselves?

Take a few moments to reflect on the stressors mentioned above, and in the previous posts in this series (find links below) and other things that cause you more stress than necessary during the day.

Now, imagine putting all of that stress on someone else. How would you expect them to deal with it? Would you want them stressing out over all those things, or would you want to tell them that they can relax a little and give themselves grace because they are taking on more than any one person should handle? I’m going to assume the latter!

So, give yourself grace, and stop stressing over every little thing!!

stay at home mom burnout

This is the final part of a 5 post series! Check out the first 4 parts!!

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