Help your child start healthy habits by encouraging them to eat more fruits and vegetables, in every color of the rainbow!

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Getting your child to try new fruits and veggies should be fun!

That’s what everyone seems to think, anyways

But, if you have a ‘picky eater’, or a child who despises trying new things;

It’s not always that easy.

New food can sometimes be scary for kids.

They don’t know what it will taste like or feel like in their mouth.

They have no idea if they will like it or hate it; it’s new.

As a parent, this can be so frustrating, especially when you try making new meals for your entire family to try, and you have a child who will just sit there and refuse to eat it; simply because they’ve never had it before.

Sometimes, kids need a little more fun, a little more peer accountability (yes, peer pressure isn’t always a bad thing), to encourage them to try new and healthy food!

Sometimes showing them that other kids eat healthy foods (aka fruits and veggies of all colors of the rainbow), they may be more likely to try them, as well.

They just need a little reassurance from other kids (no offense mom & dad),

And a little bit of a fun challenge, too…

eat the rainbow challenge for kids

This Eat the Rainbow Challenge isn’t just for you to eat fruits and veggies in all the different colors of the rainbow, instead…


You get a community to share your ‘color’ (or ‘colors’) of the day with, which will help your child want to eat their fruits and veggies so they can be a part of the fun and have something to show others!

Your child will also get coloring and activity pages (that you can print out), so they can learn a little more about nutrition and why eating fruits and veggies on a daily basis is so important.

At the end of  the challenge, you’ll get an ebook with photos and recipes from the challenge to keep forever; so your child can be a part of something bigger and have a (clutter free) reminder of how much fun they had during the challenge.

(And you’ll have one place to come back to each time you need another idea for how to get more fruits and veggies into your childs day!)

So, instead of your kids dreading trying new foods…

They’ll be excited to experiment, create new recipes, and share them with others!

If you want your child to have Healthy Eating Habits for LIFE…

I know you want your child to willingly try healthy foods, not just now, but for their whole lives.

And no matter what ‘healthy’ means to you, everyone agrees that you should eat more fruits and veggies in your day to ‘eat healthy’.

Parents and kids alike!

Some kids will be fine with eating their fruits and veggies, trying new foods; no problem.

But, some kids need a little extra encouragement.

A challenge, some positive peer pressure, and a little bit of fun may be just what they need!

Getting kids to try new healthy foods can be as simple as…

  • showing them that other kids eat fruits & veggies, too
  • sharing with them why they should eat foods of all different colors (what’s in it for them?)
  • having tons of ideas on how to make fruits and veggies taste good (in case they refuse to believe that they taste delicious just as they are)
  • having a little bit of fun with creating their own recipes in the kitchen! (even if the ‘recipe’ is an apple with cinnamon sprinkled on top!)

I can’t guarantee that your child will love eating every color of the rainbow.

But, if you can get them to start trying just one fruit or vegetable of each color; you have one foot in the door…

To help them try more healthy foods!

One of the keys to getting your kids to try new foods…

…is to try them together!

Don’t think that YOU don’t have to eat the rainbow with your kids!!

Never expect a picky eater, or any child, to eat something that their parents won’t even try.

And you shouldn’t be ‘sneaky’ and hide their healthy food in other food without your child knowing.

Put yourself in their shoes; would you like it if someone tricked you into eating something you didn’t want to eat?

Maybe you can start off by hiding the flavor or the texture of the food with your childs help, but you don’t need to hide the fact that you’re giving them food that’s good for them.

That is where so many parents slip up and why they struggle.

Why should your child trust that a food you’re trying to hide from them is actually good for them and safe to eat?

Just be a good example for your child, share the joy of healthy food with them, let them help you in the kitchen, and let them be proud of the food they make and they’ll come around to trying new foods.

And with a private community to share the color(s) of the rainbow they eat, they’ll feel even more encouraged to try new things!

eat the rainbow challenge for kids

Challenges to help kids overcome picky eating are fun AND effective!

When I first became a stay at home mom, my oldest was 4 and a super ‘picky eater’.

Within a couple of months, I knew I had to do something to help her try new foods; so we tried a challenge.

The challenge we tried was a bit intense (26 weeks, eating a snack a day starting with a certain letter of the alphabet), but it worked!

Of course, she still says she doesn’t like some foods, but she is much better at trying them now, especially with some of the strategies I picked up during the challenge to get her to try new foods.

Food scenes and sculptures- if you can call them that, made form healthy food. They looked nothing like the ideas you find on Pinterest, that I was aiming for, but she thought it was a blast that I was playing with her food.

There was also a lot of improvising.

You know that it’s possible to get kids to eat more fruits and veggies, and how important it is.

Let’s get your child trying fruits and veggies of every color of the rainbow!

You can be the mom that has kids who tries new foods without putting up a huge hit!

With the 7 day money-back guarantee and access to me and other moms in the private community, you’ll get the encouragement you & your child need to try colorful fruits and veggies everyday, risk free!

So, now that you know about this challenge, you can

  • Take the idea and do the challenge yourself with your child, without support and others to bounce ideas off of
  • Or, sign up below to be a part of a group, share your childs wins (food they try), recipes and photos of the food, and feel like they are helping other kids try new foods, too!

It’s your choice!

Do it yourself or help your child try new healthy foods with a little bit of good peer pressure and accountability by sharing their ‘color(s) of the day’ with other kids.

Inside the Challenge:

Access to the Private Facebook Group 
Coloring pages
Activity sheets for your child to enjoy & learn more about their food
A list of fruits and veggies of each color for your own reference (+ examples of how to make them a bit more appetizing!)
A 2 week planner to plan out your childs ‘color(s)’ of the day and know what will be happening each day of the challenge
A sticker chart for your child, for each time they try something new!
(BONUS) An ebook at the END of the challenge with all participants ‘recipes’ or ideas for getting kids to eat each color of the rainbow, along with any photos (of the food) that is shared!

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How excited would your child be if they created a recipe (even if it’s just an apple sprinkled with cinnamon or ‘ants on a log’), and had it put in an ebook and shared with others?

Able to influence (in a good way) other kids to eat more fruits and veggies of all the colors of the rainbow?

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