Happy Stay at Home Mom

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Happy Stay at Home Mom

We all know that being a stay at home mom can be stressful, and even overwhelming at times. But, it doesn’t have to be!

We can take control of our home and make it a place we want to be everyday, instead of dreading to wake up to the chaos we know the day will bring. If you’ve been in a stay at home mom rut recently, keep reading; this is for you!

Now, think of why you started staying home with your kids.

Did you start staying home with them because you wanted to?

Or, you didn’t trust anyone else to care for your kids as well as you can?

Or, maybe there’s another reason. The point I’m trying to get at is that it was your decision to stay home with your kids and there was a reason behind it, a reason that probably came from your love for your children!

Maybe some point along the way, you forgot why you wanted to stay home with them, or you’ve been so stressed and overwhelmed lately, that you can’t think straight because you don’t have the time to think at all!

Take a few minutes to ponder each of the tips below, or a few minutes each day to implement them; you’ll be a happier, more productive, and more pleasant mom to be around when you do! Pin it here to come back to another time!


Appreciate their Annoying-ness 

I know it’s easiest to be happy when you’re not being annoyed by anyone else. But, if you feel frustrated every time your child does something annoying, then you may miss out on what could be some adorable moments in your child’s life. You’ve got to admit, even if you don’t want to, that some of the cutest things your kids do they do when they are trying to annoy you; they just want your attention!

And you have to understand that our children sometimes don’t even know that they’re being annoying; they simply want our attention! They won’t always want our attention like they do when they’re little. So, understand if they’re acting out, being mean to their sibling, or being annoying; they are simply asking for attention, or in the sibling case, may be a little jealous.

I’ve even asked my 5 year old before why she does what she does when she acts out and talks back to me; she tells me that she just wanted my attention. At that point she just wants her mommy and starts to cry and hug me. Little kids aren’t the best at communicating what they want by their actions, we have to teach them how to act. We need to show them what’s an appropriate way to show what they want and need.

It’s important to give them the attention they crave and need, hopefully before they start to act out. We need respond to them in a positive manner; teaching them a better way to tell us what they need, than just acting out. If we don’t and just treat the behavior as if they’re acting out because they are bad, then we’ll never really know what’s going on inside their heads and why they do what they do. We need to respond to our children, not just react!

And, all of the attention that little ones need and want now won’t last forever, so we need to soak it all up when we can. Because there’s going to be a day (hopefully a very long time from now) when they won’t need us like they do now; and I don’t know about you, but I’ll miss that!

Slow down on the caffiene

We all love coffee, especially as moms; it’s what keeps our world, and our energy levels, going almost non-stop. I, personally, don’t know what I’d do with out it!

But, I did an experiment, not too long ago, where I wrote down how I felt after every time I ate or drank something. The results were a little stunning, even to me!

When I drank coffee, it often times gave me a headache right after drinking it; sure, it gave me energy, too. And, could help get rid of a headache if I already had one. But, it was just shocking for me to actually realize that!

On the other hand, drinking water would not give me a headache, and it actually gave me more energy than simply drinking coffee. We all know how important it is to keep our energy up as a stay at home mom!

If you’re anything like I am, when it comes to coffee, do yourself a favor; make sure you are drinking more water than coffee through out the day. Or, at least do this little experiment for a few days. I have a printable workbook with a page dedicated to helping you with this experiment, check it out here!

Fruits and Veggies

Just like drinking more water than coffee, I’d suggest eating more fruits and veggies than any other food. They’re natural, and generally cheaper than other foods. They also provide the many needed vitamins and minerals we need, and unlike pasta or other refined carbs, they won’t make you tired after eating them!

If you need to keep your energy up during the day, like us moms do, then have a salad for lunch instead of something heavy in carbs. Any type of salad you want, just try it out for a few days and see for yourself how much more energy you have in the afternoons.

I’ve been reading a book, on and off for the past couple of years (basically using it as a point of reference), that explains the theory in much more detail. It’s called Food & Mood by Elizabeth Somer, M.A, R.D..  If you’re interested in eating to feel at your best, then I’d highly recommend giving this book a read. If you don’t care that much about understanding exactly how and what foods to eat to feel your best; just remember you can never go wrong with eating more fruits and veggies!

Exercise (or Have a Dance Party with Your Kids!)

Remember that part in Legally Blonde when Elle says “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy.” It’s probably the most remembered quote from the movie. And, it’s true!

Whether you’re able to go to the gym, take a run outside, or have a dance party with your kids indoors; getting in some type of exercise everyday is important! It not only makes you happier, but it can also keep you sane,d reduce your stress levels, and give you more energy; which are all very important for us moms.

So, do yourself and kids, a favor and get some exercise in. Plus, they would probably love to have a dance party with you! Or, even follow along with you and a workout video. Just, don’t get mad at them when they try to join in; let them know ahead of time how much space you need, and maybe get them their own yoga mat so they have their own space, too!

Turn the T.V. OFF and Let Your Kids be Kids

Having a T.V. in the home can be a sanity saver, at times. Like, when you need to get something done quickly and can’t have kids getting in your way. But, then again, too much tv doesn’t do anyone any good!

Honestly, if my husband wasn’t such a huge movie fanatic; I would’ve tried to convince him that we don’t need a tv in our home. (Or at least to get a smaller tv than the one we have.) But, that’s his thing. He loves movies, and I couldn’t take that away from him. But, when he’s not home, there’s no reason to keep the tv on any longer than necessary.

I don’t like seeing my girls look like zombies on the couch with their eyes glued to the screen; they’re capable of so much more than that and need to be up and running around! That’s what they do when I turn the tv off; they literally run around the house; they play, they have fun. That is what kids are meant to do!

You’ll be happier, too. You’ll get to interact more with them and watch their personalities grow; you also won’t have background noise from your tv in your home all day. It may even make your home quieter, or more peaceful, overall!

So, stop using tv as a crutch so often, maybe even challenge yourself to see how long you can go without watching it!

Have a QUIET TIME in the middle of the day

If you have a child who takes a nap regularly during the day, then you already understand how peaceful and helpful it can be to have that break in the middle of the day. Whether you use it to relax, gather your thoughts, or catch up on work or housework; it’s certainly nice to have!

Having two little girls, one who hasn’t taken a nap in the past two years and the other who gave up taking regular naps about a year ago, I know how important that quiet time in the afternoon really is!

If we don’t have quiet time in the afternoon, it gets pretty chaotic and I start to really crave a break, just a little peace and quiet.

If no one sleeps, then I try get some mindless housework done, that needs to get done (like dishes, or starting dinner). Or, if I’m lucky enough to have one child sleep, I’ll let my older daughter play a game on her tablet, or draw, or play quietly in her room, while I get some work done.

Having this quiet time during the day helps us feel refreshed and ready to take on the rest of the day!

Include Your Kids as Much as You Can

Most of us are stay at home moms because we would rather be with our kids than send them somewhere else all day, right? So, take advantage of having them home all day with you. When they’re little, they want to help with everything!

There is not a day that goes by when my older daughter doesn’t come into the kitchen and asks to help me make something. If I would let her make an entire dinner and dessert by herself; she would. I’m not so sure how it would turn out, but she would do it. I’m not ready to let her do that completely by herself, yet. She’s 5 years old. In my books, that’s not old enough to use a sharp knife or the stove or oven.

She does, however, always stir any dough or batter I make, and pours ingredients into bowls to stir. She also rolled most of the dough’s for Christmas cookies this past year into balls (for peanut butter balls and peanut butter blossoms)! And, to be honest, she did a better job of that than I did (I’ll probably have her do them all by herself this next year, well anything that’s not involving the stove or oven).

Our kids are just about obsessed to help us when they’re little, I’m not sure how long that will last. So, appreciate it now, and just include them and let them help you! It may make the task a little longer at first because you have to teach them, but soon enough it’ll save you more time than if you were doing everything yourself!!

Have a Set Bedtime for your Kids

Once your babies grow old enough to sleep through the night, they should be given a bedtime. They should also have a bed time routine to ease them into going to bed at their bedtime. This needs to be a consistent time every night; a time before they start getting over tired from the day!

In my home, bedtime starts at 7pm, and the girls need to be in bed and tucked in by 7:30. Before bed they brush their teeth, get in pj’s, and I try to get them to clean up their playroom. Then, they give their daddy hugs and kisses and say goodnight, I bring them up to bed and tuck them in.

(A little bit after that, I go back upstairs to grab my two year and nurse her to sleep. I can try to get her to go to bed on her own, but I know she won’t…yet. And, don’t feel bad, this routine doesn’t happen every night, this is more of what I aim for and hope to achieve.)

Giving your kids a set bedtime will help them go to bed at a reasonable time, and then it gives you more time at night to yourself. What you do with your time after they go to bed is up to you. I’d recommend resetting your home for the next day, relaxing before bed, or working on something just for you!

Have an Outlet (or something just for YOU!)

Being a stay at home mom and dedicating ourselves and our time to raising our little ones can be exhausting and draining, at times. We are only human and need something in our lives that’s just for us. That’s why I have this blog; although I write to add value to the world and help other moms like myself, I also do this for me!

(If you decide to start your own blog, this is the hosting company I would recommend! I’ve had a bad experience with a different, ‘popular’, hosting company- and so have others that I know. The company I have now is great!)

I enjoy writing, and in all honesty, before I started college I was debating with myself on whether I wanted to go to college for psychology or to be an English teacher. In hind sight, I should’ve gone to be a teacher. The only job I’ve gotten after working so hard to earn my degree in psychology, are jobs at call centers. Most of the people there only have high school diplomas. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that. I would’ve just liked to have a little bit of a better paying job for busting my butt for 4 years straight and still paying off my student loan.)

Your outlet may be different than mine. It may be arts and crafts, cooking or baking, gardening, or something completely different. Whatever it may be; just make sure you have something. Hold onto something you loved from before you had kids, or grow a new outlet, just for you!

This may even be one of the most important things you can do to be a happy stay at home mommy for the long run!

To be a happy stay at home mom…

If you’re in a rut and aren’t feeling happy as a stay at home mom, take a tip or two from above and start implementing it. There is plenty to do with staying home and taking care of our kids and home, but the doesn’t mean we should ignored ourselves and our own happiness.

Take some time to yourself, start reading that book you always wanted to. Drink plenty of water, eat more fruits and veggies, and get exercising! Or, turn off the T.V. once in awhile and get to know your children; for who they are growing to be! They won’t always be this little forever, and oh boy, are they precious! Take advantage of getting the opportunity to be with them everyday; even if right at the moment it doesn’t feel like an opportunity. Other moms would love to be able to stay home with their kids, and don’t get the chance to. So, be grateful that you do!!

Happy Stay at Home Mom

If you have any other tips for being a happy stay at home mom, please comment with them below!! I’d love your input, we could all use as many tips as we can get!

(p.s. If you want to start your own blog and need some guidance, just contact me, I’ll help you through setting it up and be your blogging buddy!)

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Happy Stay at Home Mom

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