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We may not all be able to enjoy a run on the beach, especially now in the wintertime (amidst a pandemic).

But have you ever ran on a beach? Or even had a walk on the beach?

Do you remember that feeling?

I remember walking on the beach with my now husband, before we had kids, the sun shining down on us, in my pre-baby body. It was the best feeling!

I felt thin, attractive, and healthy.

I didn’t have a mama pooch or have my hair up in a ‘mom bun’ (and not know when the last time was that I had even brushed my hair).

No worrying about what to make for dinner that night, homeschooling, or picking up after little kid tornados (cus that’s what we call it when our kids go through and destroy a clean home by ‘playing’).

Nope, walking on the beach before kids, our biggest worry was having the day end too soon.

Fast forward 10 years and 3 kids, and yes we still love our lives. But, our needs and wants get pushed to the side.

You know what happens to us when our needs, our wants, or simply what we want to do each day gets pushed aside for too long?

We get irritable.

We become exhausted and start to rely a little too much on coffee.

We’ve long forgotten about some of the healthy habits we had before kids. Maybe one or two of them are still hanging in, but it seems harder now.

Nothings wrong with you. I promise.

Our lives are just busier now because we have to take care of more than just ourselves. Which means the way we develop and stick to our habits need to be a bit more intentional.

When you’re young and don’t have kids, it’s easy to say you’ll wake up at 4:30 every morning to drink a tall glass of water and get a workout in before the day begins.

It’s a bit harder to do when you have a child who wakes up several times a night with nightmares, co-sleeping with an infant or toddler, and if you make even the slightest noise then everyone else wakes up.

I know! 

How are you ever supposed to get a workout in, eat healthy to feel your best (and not just eat your kids’ leftovers because you don’t have the energy to make your own food) or even read a book that you want to read?

The key is to be more intentional about your day. 

To create your ‘perfect day’.

Create habits (in a way that will actually work) that support your vision of a ‘perfect day’.

Rely more on routines, so that things that need to get done to support your ‘perfect day’ gets done without much thought.

Take a little time each week to plan your meals for your health, and then follow through.

And then track what you eat and how you feel afterwards.

Maybe your irritability isn’t coming from being so tired, maybe your body doesn’t tolerate a certain type of food well, and you find that maybe after you eat food with white flour and sugar that you don’t feel that great. 

Or maybe it’s another type of food that doesn’t sit well with you.

You won’t know unless you actually write it down.

And sure, you’re tired, you’re a mom and have kids waking during the night, that’s just how kids are. 

But maybe it’s not your lack of sleep making you soooo exhausted during the day. It could be that you’re not drinking enough water. Water helps our metabolism run, you know, helps turn our food into energy. 

Without it, our bodies and brains can feel a bit lethargic, foggy, or even just plain tired.

These things we should be doing, that we know will help us feel less stressed and overwhelmed during the day, and help us to feel healthier…

They tend to get pushed to the side during motherhood.

But, they don’t have to.

You can feel healthy and energetic, while having little kids.

It is possible.

But, it requires good habits, healthy habits.

Without establishing them as habits, they probably won’t get done.

Because the thing with habits is, they use a different part of the brain once established. Kind of like muscle memory.

You know how you pour yourself a cup of coffee every morning, without even thinking about it. That’s a habit! 

No thinking about it, you just do it.

You could be doing the same with exercise, drinking water, avoiding sugary foods; anything really!

It’s up to you to decide which habits you want.

It’s up to you to take action!

You are in control of your own life.

If you need some help establishing your healthy habits, and actually getting them to stick, even as a mom, then that’s where having a guided health tracker comes in!

This 30 day tracker 

  • teaches you how to create habits, get them to stick
  • helps you stay accountable with your meals and how YOU feel throughout the day
  • And soo much more!

If you’ve been feeling exhausted lately, or like you know you could be doing better, then I invite you to check out this 30 day workbook that will enable you to change your life for the better!

healthy habit tracker

*Unsure if you need a full 30 day tracker to help you feel better and create healthy habits as a mom?


But, if you’re on the fence, try out the Daily Healthy Habits Tracker for FREE first!

healthy habit tracker

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