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Chunky applesauce, homemade applesauce recipe that is super easy and simple to make with just apples, cinnamon, sugar, and water

My Easy Homemade Applesauce (that you’ll regret not making)!!

  My Easy Homemade Applesauce (that you'll regret not making)!! Need an easy homemade applesauce recipe to impress your relatives this year at Thanksgiving? Or, just craving the nurturing flavor of right off the stove apple sauce? I don't want to brag or anything, but my apple sauce is pretty ...
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Looking for a healthy vegan wrap recipe that your kids will eat for dinners or lunches? You'll want to make this veggie lentil wrap with a side of homemade fries! Absolutely a child, and mother, apporoved meal. #lentils #veganrecipes #veganrecipeswithpotatoes #healthyrecipes #stresslessbehealthy

Veggie and Lentil Vegan Wrap Recipe with Fries

Veggie and Lentil Vegan Wrap Recipe with Fries Before I took a nutrition course in college, I didn't know what lentils were! Let alone, imagine them to be an important part of some vegan wrap recipes. I knew my cousin would give her little girl wraps all the time (this ...
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Looking for a healthy, no cheese, avocado vegan quesadilla? Your kids will love this easy to make, veggie loaded, quesadilla for dinner! #vegan #veganrecipes #quesadilla #quesadillarecipes #stresslessbehealthy

Vegan Quesadilla – No Cheese Avocado Quesadilla

Vegan Quesadilla - No Cheese Avocado Quesadilla This is a MUST-TRY vegan quesadilla! Just because you're vegan, or trying to raise kids who don't get addicted to cheese (before they even get a chance to decide for themselves if they want it or not); doesn't mean you have to give ...
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Looking for delicious and healthy chocolate chips cookie dough balls full of protein? These are gluten free, vegan, no bake, and kids love them! #chickpea #chickpeas #cookiedough #peanutbutterballs #veganrecipes #stresslessbehealthy

Chickpea Cookie Dough Balls

Chickpea Cookie Dough Balls I don't know if you've seen the 'normal' version of cookie dough balls on Pinterest, or any other place on the internet; but it always makes me think of how horrible they must be. Not in taste, but in safety, and feeling alright after eating them ...
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This apple cinnamon pancake recipe is easy, healthy, and delicious. WIth the sweetness from brown sugar and maple syrup to top; you're kids will barely know they are eating something that's good for them during breakfast! #apples #pancakes #pancakerecipes #veganrecipes #healthyrecipes #stresslessbehealthy

The Best Vegan Apple Cinnamon Pancakes Recipe

The Best Vegan Apple Cinnamon Pancakes Recipe What's better in the fall than apple cinnamon pancakes? Or, really, apple cinnamon anything? Maybe I got it from my mom, but I love anything that's apple cinnamon flavored or scented. It reminds me home, fall, and new beginnings with the school year starting ...
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Need a smoothie recipe that is perfect for pregnancy or hiding veggies in your kids food? Check out this delicious beet smoothie, with spinach, frozen strawberries, and more! #beets #smoothies #smoothierecipes #veganrecipes #healthyrecipes #stresslessbehealthy

Beet Smoothie Recipe

Beet Smoothie Recipe Are you looking for a nutrient dense smoothie? One that has vital nutrients in it for pregnancy, such as folic acid, iron, protein, omega 3's, and more. Or, maybe you just need a smoothie that will help get more fruits and veggies (and nutrients) into your kids ...
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Looking for a quick and healthy homemade recipe for breakfast that your kids won't refuse? You have got to try this blueberry oatmeal! It's 100% plant based and so delicious you may need to double the recipe! #blueberry #blueberries #oatmeal #veganrecipes #healthyrecipes #stresslessbehealthy

Healthy Blueberry Oatmeal Recipe

Healthy Blueberry Oatmeal Recipe When blueberries aren't in season, they're a treat in our home; and usually bought frozen. My two girls will go through blueberries like they're candy. So, I was not surprised when they told me they loved this blueberry oatmeal! Coming from a picky eater, who claims ...
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Looking for a quick and healthy homemade recipe for breakfast that will remind you of fall? You have got to try this apple cinnamon oatmeal recipe! #apples #applerecipes #oatmeal #veganrecipes #healthyrecipes #stresslessbehealthy

Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal Recipe

Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal Recipe What's better than some nice warm apple oatmeal on a cold fall morning? Not much! Just imagine, waking up to clean dishes. Throwing together a few simple whole ingredients into a pot and letting them cook; making your home smell like fall with the scent of ...
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Craving fast food or something sweet, but don't want to ruin your healthy eating streak? Learn how to make these healthy and simple sweet potato fries! These homemade fries simply bake in your oven, and are toddler and kid approved. Check out this 3 ingredient recipe now, and save yourself from eating something you'd rather not eat! #sweetpotatofries #sweetpotatorecipes #veganrecipes #healthyrecipes #stresslessbehealthy

Simple Sweet Potato Fries

Simple Sweet Potato Fries Are you trying to get more veggies into your child's diet, or maybe even your own? It can be tough sometimes to do, especially when you may be craving fast food or something else that isn't all that healthy. So, instead of denying yourself, completely, of ...
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