The framework that works WITH your child to get them to eat their veggies!

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Getting your child to eat their veggies shouldn’t be a power-struggle.

At least that’s what the other moms with kids who aren’t picky eaters will tell you.

And YOU KNOW it’s YOUR responsibility to get your child to eat healthy, including their veggies.

The pediatrician tells you this…

The dentist tells you this…

Even those other moms who don’t have picky eaters expect this of you…

But, they don’t know HOW FRUSTRATING it can be to get YOUR child to even try their veggies.

AND, they DON’T TELL YOU HOW to get your child to eat veggies without World War 3 breaking out in your dining room every night!!

So I decided to figure it out myself. It was a lot of trial and error…

kids aren't born hating veggies ecourse

1. Understand & Learn

…how your child develops at each age, what may cause picky eating, and the strategies you’ll need to help your picky eater be less picky about what they eat.

2. Implement the Strategies

Take what you’ve learned and start using them with your own picky eater; test out which strategies will work best with them depending on their age and degree of pickiness.

3. Enjoy Less Stressful Meals!

Reduce the picky eating with the strategies provided and have less meal time (and snack time) power struggles; aka less meal time stress!

Instead of tricking your kids and hiding their veggies inside of chocolate…

  • You’ll understand your role in feeding your kids
  • You’ll work with your childs developmental age
  • It gives you permission to not lie to your child about what’s in their food
  • and it gives you proven strategies that help even picky eaters eat their veggies!

So, instead of becoming frustrated over and over again that your kids refuse veggies and not know why…

You’ll understand the different stages in child development, how each stage may be causing them to refuse their veggies (or other healthy food) and how to use that knowledge to your advantage.

Child Development Theories- Cheat Sheet
picky eater cookbook
Picky Eater Approved Cookbook
My Food Journal- for Kids
Picky Eating Strategies- Cheat Sheet

I know you want your child to eat healthy foods, not just now, but for their whole lives.

(So they can live long & healthy lives without chronic health issues; because you know most of those are caused by a poor diet.)

Others may have told you that you should just hide your kids veggies in their food, so at least they’ll eat them.

Maybe that works for their kids….

But, it defeats the purpose.

You don’t just want them to eat their veggies now.

You want them to actually enjoy them their whole lives, choose to eat them even!

It’s your job to teach your kids to eat healthy and it’s expected of you.

It’s also a brave idea.

While most of the worlds parents are giving into their kids whines and cries for happy meals, other fast food, or foods mostly void of nutrients;

You are taking the less traveled path to set your child up to eat healthy for life! 

The other parents can continue hiding their kids healthy food (aka veggies) in their unhealthy food, so their kids have no idea.

But, I’m telling you there’s another way, and it doesn’t include deceiving your child or possibly ruining the trust they have in you.

You CAN get your child to eat the healthy food their pediatrician & dentist say they should eat; to be healthy all around.

And, you’re not alone!

There are other moms who choose to not lie to their kids about what’s in their food, who choose not to break the trust their kids have in them AND are able to get their kids to eat healthy foods, such as veggies.

Sure, it may take some upfront work to fix habits and thoughts your child may already have about food, depending on their age and what they have already learned. And to stop the picky eating.

But that little bit of work is going to be paid back tenfold when your child doesn’t fight you anymore about what they eat.

little girl helping make healthy food

You will learn how to get your child to try new foods!!

I can’t guarantee that your child will love every new food they eat, or even that they’ll admit that they like them.

But, if you can get your child to try new food, you have one foot in the door.

This gives you the opportunity to continue having them try, and eat, different healthy foods on a consistent basis. Which turns into your kids eating multiple healthy foods a day…without putting up a fight!

The key to getting your kids to eat their veggies…

  • Be open and honest about food.
  • Be honest about their food.
  • Be honest about your food.

You don’t have to hide the food that’s good for them in food that’s not good for them, simply to get them to eat it.

Maybe you start off by hiding the flavor or the texture of the veggie, but you don’t need to hide the fact that you’re giving them veggies.

That is where so many parents slip up and why they struggle.

Just be a good example for your child, share the joy of healthy food with them, let them help you in the kitchen and let them be proud of the food they make and they’ll come around.

Kids aren’t born hating veggies!

It’s something they have learned, something that is, luckily,  reversible.

And we’ll go over how to reverse it, so you can stress less trying to get your child to eat their veggies.

This course is specifically for ‘picky eaters’

I used to serve salads to my two older kids for lunch and give them peanut butter to dip raw veggies into for snacks, but my older daughter (a ‘picky eater’ and about 4 years old at the time) still refused to eat her veggies.

And if the older child refuses veggies, then the younger one will usually follow suit.

Therefore, I started letting my older daughter cook with me; showing her how we can ‘hide’ her veggies in her food.

Now she’s excited to drink her green smoothies and eat her other ‘hidden veggies’ through out the day!

When my second child was two, she started to refuse her veggies. Already having a ‘picky eater’ I wasn’t sure if this was just a phase she’d grow out of, or if she would continue to refuse her veggies.

Hiding veggies in her food, like I did with her sister, was no help.

I even let her choose which veggies she wanted to eat; but she still wouldn’t eat them.

Then, we came up with the ‘don’t you dare eat it’ game.

Now (at 5 years old) she asks me to give her salads (with leafy greens) for breakfast and cheers every time I tell her that her veggies are almost ready!

As you can tell, getting kids to eat their veggies isn’t a one strategy fits all situation, which is why I have tested many theories, and using my background in psychology, know which strategies to test at which age to be most successful.

It’s up to YOU…

I love sharing the ‘Kids aren’t born hating veggies’ framework with other moms!

I get so excited when I’m able to help another mom get her child to start trying new foods, and then eventually when her kids don’t even make a fuss about eating their veggies anymore!

You’ve seen how I was able to get my ‘picky eater’ to actually enjoy eating veggies (even if she won’t admit it). And you know that hundreds of others parents are able to get their kids to eat veggies.

You can be one, too!

You can be the mom that has kids who eat their veggies, who asks you for salads, and cheers when you serve them delicious veggie filled meals and snacks!

With the 30 day money-back guarantee you get to learn how to work with your child at their level and try out the strategies to encourage healthier eating, risk free!

So, now that you know about the ‘kids aren’t born hating veggies’ framework, you can

  • Take the ‘easy’ route that you always have
    • continue trying to ‘force’ your child to eat their veggies and keep getting frustrated when they don’t
    • Hide veggies in your childs food and then get resented for it when they eventually find out
    • Forget about them eating veggies at all 
  • Or, sign up below to learn the framework and get started, the right way, to help your child not be a picky eater!

Which way will you choose?

The way you’ve always known, tried, and have struggled with, or the new opportunity in front of you to lessen the stress in the kitchen with your child.

I think it’s time you stop sabotaging your efforts to get your child to eat their veggies, and I think you know it’s time, too!

kids aren't born hating veggies ecourse

Inside you will find:

22 Bite Size Video Lessons including 7 types of Strategies for dealing with Picky Eaters (Value: $243)
Cheat Sheet with stages of development for children (Value: $15)
‘Healthy Plate’ worksheet for kids (Value: $5)
Cheat Sheet with a list of fruits & veggies by color (+ nutritional benefits of each color)(Value: $5)
Cheat Sheet with the Strategies (that you can print out and quickly refer to) (Value: $10)
Cheat Sheet with Kitchen Tasks for Kids (by age) (Value: $10)
Cheat Sheet to ‘Make Food Differently’ (Value: $5)
Cheat Sheet with a list of healthy snacks from A to Z (Value: $5)
Cheat Sheet with A to Z activities to do with food (Value: $5)
Cheat Sheet to ‘Eat like an animal’ (Value: $5)
Cheat Sheet for how to talk about food (Value: $5)
Cheat Sheet for teaching kids the benefits of specific foods (Value: $5) [COMING SOON!]
A planner/workbook for you, to write down what you tried and how it worked (Value: $25)
A sticker chart for your child, for each time they try a new food (Value: $5)
(BONUS) An ecookbook with plenty of picky eater friendly recipes for your child (and you) to try together (Value: $15)
(BONUS) A child’s printable food journal (Value: $10)
(BONUS) A fruit & veggie printable coloring book (Value: $5)

ONLY $97 $67

A Sneak Peek Inside the ‘Picky Eaters’ Cookbook:

picky eater cookbook
  • 10 Breakfast Recipes
  • 18 Lunch/Dinner Recipes
  • 13 Snack/Dessert Recipes



Who am I?

My name is Shawna, mom of 3 (now) healthy eaters.

When I became a stay at home mom my oldest daughter was four and my second child was just over a year.

At that time, I had realized that my oldest ‘didn’t like’ most of the healthy food I made. In the time that I had worked outside the home, she had become a picky eater. Not just with veggies, but with most healthy food.

I had tried hiding veggies, I tried giving her meals with veggies and not letting her eat anything else til she ate what I gave her. I even , regrettably , used to yell at her to eat the food I made her.

I was so frustrated.

See, when I was a kid, my mom didn’t ‘force’ my siblings and I to eat veggies.

My own perception of veggies from childhood was that veggies were gross.

I still remember one time my mom was eating baby carrots and completely covering them in peanut butter.

I must’ve looked interested in them, because I remember her telling me that I wouldn’t like them.

In fact, other than corn and potatoes, I don’t remember eating veggies as a kid at all.

It wasn’t until I learned how important the food we ate was, for how we feel and look, that I started trying to eat veggies and other healthy food.

vegan alfredo pasta fettucine with cashew cream alfredo vegan

So when my oldest daughter refused veggies when I would serve them, I thought it was just normal for kids her age to not like them.

But then I saw how easily her younger sister would eat anything I put in front of her. And that’s when I started testing out strategies, haha, and actually found a use for my degree in psychology!

Now, my oldest still considers herself a picky eater, but she tries everything (yes, even veggies, like raw baby carrots) I put in front of her (within the time for that meal), and still eats it even if it’s ‘not her favorite’. And if she truly does not like the food she lets me know so that I don’t make the meal as often.

My then 1 year old is now 4 and cheers when I put veggies in front of her and absolutely loves salads (something that my oldest would still rather not eat). And the only issue I’ve had with feeding my youngest (currently 18 months) is her peanut allergy. She eats everything I put in front of her, and currently prefers veggies to fruit!

I understand how frustrating it is to get kids to eat what you make, to get them to eat their veggies, but I also know what helps with getting them to try their veggies

I would love to help you help you child to try veggies, no tricks, no hiding and lying about what’s in their food. So, enroll now and start learning and implementing the strategies today!

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