Why I’m Leveling Up My Health With Habits

For the past decade or so I’ve considered myself a bit of a health nut.

I’ve watched most of the health documentaries available on streaming services, own a Vitamix (and use it often), am vegan, know quite a bit about nutrition, and feel as though I know how to eat well…

Unfortunately ‘knowing’ isn’t the same as ‘doing’ and ‘vegan’ does not always equate to ‘healthy’; healthier, yes, but today there are so many vegan companies making copycat vegan foods of all the unhealthy non-vegan food, and it’s not always easy to eat for your health when these alternative vegan foods are easily available and take almost no effort to make and get ready to eat!

So, being vegan will help you lower your bad cholesterol levels, as LDL cholesterol is only found in animal products. But, sadly, being vegan doesn’t always mean you are eating healthy.

A vegan diet is certainly a great start to improving your health, because other than the processed foods, the rest of the diet is quite healthy.

It includes plenty of fruits, veggies, whole grains like rice and quinoa, healthy proteins like beans and lentils, and the fats are better for you as well, coming mostly from nuts and seeds, just be careful to not have too much oil!

So, what’s wrong with eating that way and putting 100% of your effort towards a healthy lifestyle solely on nutrition (and thinking being ‘vegan’ is ‘healthy enough’)?

Well, for me, it’s the processed foods like fake meats and dairy free coffee creamers, the baked goods that call for refined grains (aka- flour and sugar) and oil or vegan butters.

It’s eating high fat foods (and chocolate or other sweets) when I get stressed, whether I make myself stressed or my kids do (I’m home with my kids 24/7, I do not get a break…even as I type this up my 4 & 8 year old are playing at my feet and my youngest is taking her only nap of the day).

I know something needs to change.

I know this because I’ve been noticing lately that…

  • I’m tired more often than I used to be 
  • I don’t feel awake til I have my morning coffee
  • If I feel sad during the day, or feel like I ‘can’t even’ during the day; I drink coffee
  • I don’t feel like I have enough energy to do things, like exercise, til the afternoon (after I’ve had 2-3 cups of coffee already)
  • I get frequent migraines (such as if I don’t have coffee soon enough after I wake up)
  • I snap at people more than I’d like to admit (I’ve lost my patience for most things)
  • Brain fog is real, people, and so is being unable to focus for long periods of time (like I used to be able to do)
  • I literally cannot keep up with my kids (and think coffee is my only solution)
  • My 8 year old is stronger than me
  • I have a ‘muffin top’ that just won’t go away (and my arms are a bit flabby, to be completely honest)

That is not what being healthy looks like.

A ‘healthy person’ shouldn’t have to rely on coffee so heavily to get through their day…

I’ve been so focused on being and raising vegan, making sure my kids get all the nutrients, school lessons, exercise, and everything else that they need, that somewhere along the line I forgot about me!

How many moms can relate with this?

I’m sure more moms than who would like to admit!

It’s true and so much more common than you may think.

But, what kind of message is that sending to our kids, to the people in our lives who are actually looking up to us and want to be like us someday…

Our kids might be listening to us…if we’re lucky. 

However, our kids are watching us and learning from what WE DO, whether we want them to or not.

Seriously, they do. 

One day my oldest daughter asked me why I was eating chocolate and sweets, and I told her it’s because I was stressed.

So now whenever she’s eating treats she says she’s eating her ‘stress foods’…

Not exactly what I wanted her to learn from me…

THIS is why I know something needs to change; for my kids to learn good habits from me, but more importantly, for me to feel the best I can!

I need to do better and improve myself if I want to feel healthy, fit and strong.

If I want to stop getting migraines and start having energy throughout the day without having to rely on my coffee to pick me up.

If I want to look and feel my best.

I’m Making Myself Better Whether I Want To Or Not!

Getting healthy and fit is not easy.

If it were easy, then the United States (where I live) wouldn’t have two thirds of its population considered at least overweight…

So, how am I going to improve my health and well being when it’s so difficult to do?

I’m going to use habits.

Make my habits work for me.

Break bad habits and create better ones.

Why habits?

Because once you have a habit in place and working for you, it’s practically effortless!

The tricky part is getting your habits to be the ones you want them to be.

You have to be intentional with creating and breaking your habits.

If you can do that, then it should be really easy to improve other things in your lives.

The thing is, many of us don’t tend to follow through with our habits.

We usually don’t follow through with them because we don’t track them, or don’t know how to get them to stick.

Which is where having an incredible, and easy to use, daily tracker comes into place.

Not just to check off a box to show that you completed a habit for the day, but to write down;

  • what you ate
  • your water intake
  • amount of sleep
  • how you felt
  • your exercise for the day
  • personal development, or even self care that you do for the day
  • and then space for how you can improve for the next day!

There aren’t many habit trackers that will allow you to track all of that info on a single sheet of paper.

But, you can find that exact tracker in your email inbox by signing up below!