Simple Plant-Based Meal Planning & Prep for Families

Learn how to plan one week of healthy, plant-based, meals for the whole family in 30 minutes or less!

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You want to make the most out of every meal by providing your family with something they love and is good for them…

And you try every week to create a ‘perfect’ meal plan that will help you do so…

But, it takes FOREVER to make…

And no ones is ever in the mood for the meals you planned anyways, so why even create a meal plan, right?

What’s the point if you can’t stick to it?

You’re just going to end up eating out or making a meal from a box, because you’ve stocked up on boxed mac n’ cheese and soy nuggets…just in case the kids don’t want what you’re making.

Well, I’m here to tell you that there’s another way.

That you DON’T have to continue to get stressed out every week making a meal plan, or frustrated everyday when feeding your family food you’d rather not be feeding them!

Because I KNOW how badly you want to stop feeding your family processed junk, or foods that cause harm, and how much you’re craving to feed them foods that heal (aka- plant based foods, REAL FOOD), instead!

Finally, get your family all on the same page with eating more REAL FOOD and less processed…

Even if you’re tight on time or have picky eaters!

girl helping mom make healthy food

1. Learn

…how to meal plan & meal prep in a way that makes it almost impossible to fail!

2. Implement

Take action and get familiar with your new fail-proof meal plan & prep system.

3. Enjoy Healthier & Less Stressful Meals!

Finally stick to your meal plan, spend less time cooking, and eat the healthy plant-based meals you’ve been meaning to!

And not to make you feel any worse, but DID YOU KNOW...

…That Kraft macaroni and cheese products contain chemicals that have been linked to asthma, allergies, obesity, and hormone interference in children.

(And that’s NOT THE ONLY ‘food’ that causes those things, but you already knew that!)

There’s a whole big lawsuit out for it right now!!

And maybe you’re not feeding your kids Kraft mac n’ cheese, it’s probably the Annie’s brand you buy, if anything 😉 (they have vegan mac n’ cheese now), but you know it’s still not that great for them. It’s still highly processed after all.

I know it’s difficult, and I know what you’re going through

I still very clearly remember when I was trying to nail down the ‘perfect’ meal plan for my family…

I obsessed a little bit too much;

  • I researched the nutritional guidelines (not only from the U.S., but also Canada and a few other countries to compare- aka, I completely nerded out)
  • I had written down the different ‘recommended daily intakes’ of all macronutrients, vitamins, and minerals for everyone in my family
  • Had tried to find foods that matched up with the RDI for everyone
  • *Cried* because it was too difficult to make the meal plan perfect

Gave up time and time again because it felt impossible to make a perfect meal plan, so what was the sense in making one at all.

Well, as I’ve learned, there is no such thing as a ‘perfect meal plan’.

And having a ‘perfect meal plan’ does not even mean you’re going to eat healthy, even after everything is said and done.

Instead, I started to focus on making realistic meal plans that had a good balance of the different food groups (except for ‘dairy’- that’s really not needed at all- better off drinking water or plant milk!)

STOP aiming for a ‘perfect’ meal plan…

And learn how to make meal plans that you can actually stick to!

So believe me when I say I KNOW the problem you face:

You want to have your family eat healthy meals at home and stop relying on fast food or highly processed ‘convenience’ foods, but you’re short on time and have never been able to stick with a meal plan before.

Let alone, the picky eating phases that some kids go through (that sometimes seem to take years!).

And don’t forget about your sassy little kid who complains about the food you make like a moody teen, or the toddlers throwing their food on the floor. 🤦

I totally get it, my kids ages range between barely 2 and almost 9, and the almost 9 year old thinks she’s a teenager and ‘too cool’ to eat what I make (she’s my ‘picky eater’).

But I know if you don’t get this meal planning (& prepping- this is super important!) figured out…

…then you’ll continue to be frustrated wanting your kids to eat healthy…

…while you’re pouring milk on top of their sugary processed breakfast cereal because you don’t believe there’s anything healthier you can feed them in the morning that takes just as little time as pouring cereal.

swap milk with non-dairy milk

Which is why I want to introduce you to the simple plant-based meal planning system that’s going to take you from thinking you could never follow a meal plan to never needing to eat out or eat processed foods again!

Plus, it’ll help you be able to plan your families meals for a week in 15 minutes flat so it’s done and out of the way so you can get on with the more important things in life, like spending quality time with your kids (or watching TikTok…)

To be honest, the ‘meal prep’ part of the system will absolutely take more than 15 minutes, but you can always get your kids involved and turn it into a life skill lesson, and then eventually they can do it for you!

Getting kids cooking is also really helpful if you have any picky eaters, or kids who claim to be picky eaters (like I do). So it’s a double (or maybe triple?) win!

Make Plant-Based Eating Fun for Kids!!

Let them help in the kitchen!

little girl helping make healthy food

Imagine if…

  • It only took you 15 minutes to meal plan each week
  • Your time in the store (or online) buying food is cut in half because you know exactly what you need 
  • You don’t need to spend 5-10 minutes at the end of the week throwing out all of  your produce that went bad
  • You have food ready to eat before the week even begins!
  • You can give your ‘picky eater’ 2 or 3 healthy options to choose from, without the added work of cooking an extra meal
  • You stopped eating out and could put that money elsewhere

All of that is possible!

You don’t have to wait for the time to come in your life when you NEED a meal plan in order to eat healthy. 

Because that time usually comes when you don’t have the time to figure it all out…

Like when you bring a tiny human into the world and don’t have the brain power to make healthy choices, yet seem to be starving all the time…

Or when you are suddenly on a tight budget and you know you could easily cut down on what you spend on food (& eat healthier) if you could just stop eating out, or eating processed foods.

Or even when you become a stay at home mom for the first time and aren’t used to having all the options at home to eat from. 

Eating healthy tends to fly out the window pretty quickly and unexpectedly right after any major life change!!

Plus, if you’re now responsible for feeding your kids without the stress of absolutely needing to prepare their food ahead of time! This is NOT a good thing!

And that’s exactly how I got into meal planning!

After a cross country move, I became a stay at home mom and was no longer NEEDING to prep meals ahead of time for myself and kids.

I thought it was great!

Until I realized that every time one of my girls or myself were hungry, I would have to go make food. 

And no one had the patience to pick out what to eat and then wait for the healthy food to be ready to eat…

It just wasn’t going to happen. I was still breastfeeding the youngest, who was 1, and our other daughter was 4 at the time.

So we ate a lot of quick meals, ended up buying a lot of processed foods, like cereal and pb&j ingredients, and other things like those; easy, simple, and quick ‘meals’ that didn’t always provide the nutrients we needed.

Not too long after doing this, I knew it had to stop. I knew we had to eat healthier, get back to meal prepping like when I was working outside the house.

This was when I started to obsess about creating that ‘perfect’ meal plan (that doesn’t exist).

When I finally started making ‘realistic’ meal plans, the way meal plans are usually made;

You know, plan meals for specific days of the week and follow through with it.

Simple enough, right?

I kept failing, time and time again.

I thought something was wrong with me.

Why couldn’t I just follow the meal plan that I had written?

They were all meals that my family liked.

There was plenty of time to make the food.

But we just weren’t in the mood for what I had planned.

Does that ever happen to you, you plan a meal for a certain day and it just doesn’t sound good?

That’s why this course was designed for people who can’t ever seem to STICK TO THEIR MEAL PLAN!

Because I finally figured out how to stick to my meal plan & YOU CAN TOO!!

And no, it’s not just forcing yourself and your family to eat something you’re not in the mood for.

Meal times have been easier, healthier, and I’ve been so much less stressed when it comes to what to eat and feed my growing family.

It only takes like 15 minutes a week to make a meal plan, write up the grocery list, and create a meal prep plan for the week.

I’ve simplified meal planning that much, so I can spend more time playing with my kids and building my business. 

Also, with 3 young kids, it can be difficult to stay focused on ONE thing for more than 15 minutes, so it’s also simplified out of necessity for that, too!

The KEY to sticking to your meal plan is…

  • not being super strict and following a rigid meal plan
  • having ‘back up’ meals (at ALL times)
  • and meal prepping in a way that makes sense for you

It’s really that simple!

Some people make it so much more complicated.

Like they want you to plan out what you’re going to eat every day of the week and at what times and who’ll be eating it, and who knows what else??!!


That’s not what this course is about.

You won’t learn HOW TO MAKE A PERFECT MEAL PLAN in this course (because there’s no such thing).

What you will learn is…

  • How to finally start eating the way you and your family should, instead of what you think you have time for
  • Where to find new recipes & how to customize them to make them your own
  • How to make a non-vegan recipe vegan or plant-based (aka- how to veganize a recipe, don’t worry, it’s not that difficult!)
  • The differences between the standard American diet, vegan diet, and plant-based diet
  • How to meal plan in a way that won’t make you feel like a failure
  • How to meal prep to keep you on track, without wasting food or taking hours out of your weekend
  • How to keep the fail-proof meal planning system from cracking (aka- you’re going to learn about habits!)
  • How to save money on your groceries
  • How to get your kids involved in the kitchen!

And, as a bonus, you’ll also learn how to make eating plant-based with kids easy and fun – even if you’re on a tight budget!

After you have the habits we’ll talk about, that you need, and system in place, you won’t think twice about what to get at the grocery store, what meals and snacks to prep, or really even what to feed your kids!

And, best of all, you’ll feel confident in your decision to feed your family a vegan or plant-based diet.

Now you have 2 choices;

  • Continue trying to meal plan like you always have, and continue to fail like you always have…


  • Learn the different ways to meal plan, find the way that’ll actually work for you and stop stressing over not being able to eat healthy because this new system is going to make it almost effortless, even with picky eaters!!

With the 60 day money-back guarantee you really have nothing to lose!

If you’ve been struggling with feeding your family the healthy meals you know you should be or can’t ever seem to stick to your meal plan (if you haven’t completely given up on the meal plans yet), then you owe it to yourself to try out this course!

Inside you will find:

Quick videos, cheat sheets, kid friendly recipes, and more!!

23 bite-sized lessons (super bite-sized, like you can get through this course in a week or so, with your kids running crazy around you!)
A course checklist
A cheat sheet with the differences of between vegan & plant-based, along with which nutrients to watch out for or supplement for
Clickable PDF with a list of health documentaries to watch (while your spouse is in the same room, to help convince them that eating plant-based is a good idea when they won’t listen to you- just in case they aren’t on the same page  😉 )
A simple swaps cheat sheet
Worksheet to help you break down meals and make them healthier from the inside out
Master List of Meals Template
Master list of meal & snack Ideas PDF
Fully laid out meal plan, grocery list, & prep guide
Standard Meal Planning, Grocery List, & Prep Guide template
Lunch Ideas & worksheet that work together with the ‘Lunch Box Method’
Sample & Template for foods to always have on hand
Cheat Sheet with Meal Ideas for different ways of prepping food
Prepare to meal prep worksheet (in case you’re new to this whole meal prepping thing)
and more (like a way to organize all the recipes your family loves & the ones you want to try)!!
BONUS: Ecookbook with loads of kid friendly, mostly plant-based, recipes!!
BONUS LESSON: Eating plant-based WITH KIDS, even if you’re on a budget! [COMING SOON]
BONUS LESSON: Tips for losing or gaining weight on a plant-based diet! [COMING SOON]

ONLY $97 $49

A Sneak Peek Inside the E-Cookbook:

plant based cookbook
  • 5 Breakfast Recipes
  • 10 Lunch/Dinner Recipes
  • 5 Snack Recipes



Who am I?

Hi there!

I’m Shawna, mom of 3 mostly vegan/plant-based kids, passionate about putting together meal plans that are healthy, kid approved, and something that you can actually stick to!

I know how much time it can take to make a meal plan, make a grocery list, and then figure out which meals to make when, so you don’t waste ingredients by them accidentally going bad.

I want to help you whittle down the time it takes to meal plan, plan to prep food to help you stick to your plan, and effortlessly save money so you can maybe buy yourself something once in awhile!

Let’s get started today, so that by the weekend you can stop feeling defeated by the tedious meal plan you think you need!

And start creating one that you can truly stick to!

Course Curriculum

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