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Being a mommy blogger isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, especially in the beginning stages!

Honestly, it’s a struggle…in more ways than just one.

I know we get enticed into doing this with the promise of making money and providing an income for our family while being able to stay home with the kids and keep the home up, as well.

Well, guess what?

It’s not as glamorous as it sounds or as what others make it out to be.

Those mommy bloggers that are making money and living the good life worked harder than anyone else they knew, to get to that point.


It takes persistence, determination, and a passion for writing and helping others to make all the effort made actually worth it. Especially when you spend months trying to figure out how this whole blogging thing works…I’m still in the beginning phase, almost a year and a half in.

So, for an example of some of the struggles us mommy bloggers go through, I’ll share some of my own every day struggles!

When I start My Day

I start my day by waking at 3am to write or work. Yes. You saw that right; 3am!

By waking up this early I know I have between 30 to 60 minutes before anyone else wakes up. It may be a small amount of time to myself, but I’m finding it completely worth it!

Coffee is my friend in the morning!

Some days something amazing will happen, where I’ll have a solid 3 hours of time in the morning to work before anyone else is up!

Shhhh…don’t jinx me! I get so much done in that time. But, I do sometimes miss sleeping in.

Oh, the sacrifices that must be made when I have an extremely high work ethic and love what I do!

Other Work Times…Maybe

If you couldn’t already tell, it’s hard to find time to work as a mommy blogger, for the fact that we’re full time mommies, first and foremost!

When I don’t get enough time to work in the morning (and let’s face it, that happens more often than not), I take advantage of meal times.

My youngest still eats in her highchair…most of the time. So, I take advantage of the fact that my girls are busy eating, and aren’t able to talk as much with food in their mouths. This tends to give me another half hour per meal to get some work in (if I’m lucky).

If I for some odd reason don’t work during this time, I’ll attempt to work out, or shower.

Now, the only reason I’m able to work, or do other things, during meal times is because I prepare most of our food ahead of time; I batch cook, or bake. I spend a little extra time doubling or tripling a recipe and cooking one day of the week, so I have more time during the rest of the week to get things done. Big win here! This helps me not struggle as much!

I honestly don’t know how I’d find all the time I do to work, if I didn’t meal prep for most of our meals for the week!

Some Parts of the Day are Really Hard

Ok, let’s face it, there’s hard parts in everyday as a SAHM.

There’s little fights about everything and anything you can imagine; my kids don’t want to eat what I made, they want to wear a different shirt, their sock somehow got twisted and they can’t seem to fix it, so they get frustrated and don’t use their words to tell me what’s wrong.

Sometimes I don’t even get to shower til my husband gets home at night. It’s rough sometimes. I’ve pretty much learned my lesson to not shower when my girls aren’t sleeping, or when my husband isn’t home to help watch them.

Some days I feel like I just can’t get anything done, then again, I track the time I work and I realize I’ve somehow managed to get 2-3 hours of work done that day. And I’m not even sure how that was! Especially since lately my youngest has been refusing her naps during the day, meaning I get no break. Not that I actually got a break anyways because my 5 year old doesn’t nap. It’s just easier to have only one child awake than two. Which brings me to another struggle in my day..


Bedtime depends on a couple things that occur through out the day, such as whether or not my 2 year old takes a nap. I tell my older daughter that bedtime is 7:30pm. And, when my younger daughter refuses to nap during the day, it usually is; my two year old will be asleep by 7pm or soon after, which gives me a chance to tuck in my 5 year and cuddle her a little before she falls asleep!

However, if my 2 year does nap, then I can pretty much forget about bedtime and not expect to go to bed til 9pm, at the earliest! (Did you see above what time I get up in the morning?)

I’ll tell ya it’s a Struggle, but…

I absolutely love it! I can’t imagine not writing to try to help or inspire others (even if what I write doesn’t get read by many people). Simply making one other mom feel a little better, or more understood is completely worth all the struggles I encounter in the day!

I’m the type of person who thrives when working hard on something; on something that actually matters. Not a 9-5 job where I’m easily replaceable. And, as hard as simply being a stay at home mom is, I needed more in my life, to help deal with the stress in a productive way, and to maybe even help a few fellow moms out along the way!

mommy blogger

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