fun summer activity ideas for kids

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fun summer activity ideas for kids

34+ Outdoor Summer Activities for Kids

Summer can be a lot of fun for kids and possibly even a time to connect with them, but it can also produce the dreaded statement of ‘I’m BORED’ from kids, as well. Below are 34 fun outdoor summer activities for kids, to help with the ‘I’m BORED’ issue.

All of the activities will involve them getting off the couch and going outside, too! (Make sure they wear sunscreen!) And, in most cases, the activities can be done in your own backyard; either for free or very cheap.

From activities that will challenge their athletic abilities to challenging their minds and teaching them new things, to water play and more! There are activities below for every type of child and for practically every age. So, have fun and imagine what the summer, or day, would be like if you encourage your child with something from the list below!



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fun summer activity ideas for kids

Fun Summer Activities at Home for Kids

The best outdoor activities are ones that are easy for us adults and take a long time for our kids to complete! And, of course, ones that can be done at home.

Take a look at the activities below for some easy and fun ways for your kids to have fun in their own backyard, or driveway!

Popcorn Tin Upcycle – Kids Activity Kit

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Get prepared for summer by making your own summer fun kits for your kids, or have them make it themselves if old enough. Check out the post above for some great ideas on how to do this!


Super Silly Screen Free Coding Activity with Chalk

Screen Free Coding
Photo from

This adorable game will also help kids with their problem solving abilities; keep your childs brain working this summer and go check out this STEM game! (Warning: you may need to be a tiny bit nerdy to appreciate this game for all that it is. I think it’s a great activity for kids!)


DIY Sidewalk Foam Paint

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This activity isn’t just fun for kids and adorable, but it’s also easy to clean up!


Kids Alphabet Say and Spray Activity

Any activity that allows someone to use spray bottle is a great activity according to my daughter. So, obviously, Say and Spray was a HUGE hit at our house and I have no doubt it would be a huge hit at your home or in your classroom.
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Do you have a toddler or almost preschooler you want to teach the alphabet to? Start with letter recognition with the game above; they’ll think it’s so much fun!


Classic Old-Fashioned Yard Games to Play with Kids Outside

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Want some super simple games for your kids, that you probably played when you were little? Check out the games in the post above and then come back and comment how many you remember from your childhood!


Backyard Obstacles for Kids

Does your child want a challenge (and do you want them to burn off some energy)? Sure, obstacle courses may require some adult set up, but the amount of time they’ll be spending going through them will be worth it! And, the younger they are, the easier the set up.


Create a Surprisingly Easy Backyard Obstacle Course This Summer!

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Easy Kids Obstacle Course Ideas for Summer Fun

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DIY Backyard Obstacle Course

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Outdoor Activity Ideas that Require a tiny bit of Arts and Crafts!

If you, or your kids, have even the teeniest amount of crafty abilities, like cutting and taping/gluing; then be sure to check out the fun games and activities below! I know a few of them would go over quite well with my girls (ages 3 and 6), such as the bean bag toss and balloon tennis!



Photo from

This game is pretty simple to put together, just some assembly for the ‘plates’ you see on the grass, because paper plates would just fly away and that wouldn’t be much fun. And, don’t worry, no sewing involved!


Balloon Tennis – Fun & Easy Activity for All Ages

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This activity doubles as a craft! Let your kids decorate the ‘tennis’ rackets, then you or them assemble them, and blow up a balloon. Then, sit back and enjoy your kids playing this game for awhile…or at least until the balloon pops and you need to blow up another one!



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This game is a bit more challenging to make, and will require adult help. Just expect that little kids won’t be able to make these themselves, but they can play with them by themselves!


Hilarious Bigfoot Game

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My girls aren’t interested in big foot, yet (we live in Washington State, so I’m sure they will be when older), but this ridiculous game looks super fun, even as an adult!



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Some other simple games to set up that your kids will love! And, you probably already have all the supplies to make them.


Backyard Dollar Tree Fairy Garden

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If your kids aren’t big on physical activities, but you still want them to get outside; have them make a fairy garden! You may already have everything you need, or you can get them super cheap. Let your kids use their imagination with this one!


Fun Outdoor Bubble Activities for Kids

I don’t know about you, but if my girls see bubbles then they won’t stop asking to play with them, even if it’s the middle of winter. And, bubbles aren’t much fun to clean up indoors; so these activities are perfect for the summer, when the kids can make as much of a mess as they want outdoors!

Bubble Recipe – Best Bubble Mixture

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Want to make your own bubbles? Check out this post!


Bubble Art Butterflies

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A fun OUTDOOR craft using different colored bubbles! This one is super messy, so make sure it’s done outside.


Bubble Wand Making Station

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Do you not have any wands for your kids to play with bubbles? No problem! Turn it into a craft and have them make their own.



Outdoor Water Activities for Kids

If it’s hot, and you have the means to have some fun water play for kids, be sure to check out the posts below! Some may require some set up on our (us parents) end, but others are much more simple, like these 5+ Other Ways To Play with a Water Table!



water play and science for little ones
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Teach your children so many different science lessons outside near the pool! Doesn’t matter if it’s a regular pool or a toddler pool. Go check out these awesome ideas for your summer fun!


DIY Splash Pad for Summer Fun, Year After Year!

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This activity can bring years of fun, but first you have to get it set up. I’m not much of a construction person, so I’d probably end up having my husband set this up. But, you could always turn it into a family project and then enjoy it afterwards!


Vegetable Soup Water Table Play Activity

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Water table play is perfect for toddlers and other little ones, and it can entertain them for quite awhile!


Summer Water Fun for Kids – Slip N Slide Hack

Water Play Activities Slip N Slide Hack
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The Best Water Games for Kids and Adults

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This will require adult set up, but once it’s set up it should entertain your kids for awhile!


How to Make Super Soaker Sponge Balls Kids Will Love

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Educational Outdoor Activities for Summer

If you’re trying to get your bookworm outdoors this summer, or just trying to help your child avoid the summer slump when all they want to do is play; then the activities below are for your child!


Dinosaur Excavating Activities for Kids

Photo from


How to Make Frozen Dinosaur Eggs Kids Love

Photo from

Do your kids love dinosaurs? Or, playing with ice? Try out the 2 fun activities above, this summer!


Watermelon Science Activities – Baking Soda and Vinegar Science Experiment

Photo from

What child wouldn’t want to experiment outside in the summer? Check out the post above to find out how to do this activity.


How to Teach Your Child About Butterflies

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Remember chasing butterflies when you were younger? Or, raising caterpillars into butterflies when in kindergarten (my kindergartner just told me that they’re still doing this today!) Check out the post above to find out how else you can teach your little ones about butterflies this summer.


Photo from

Help your child make the classic volcano experiment…outdoors!


Play outside with nature scavenger hunt printables

A child's finger pointing to nature scavenger hunt treasures like rocks, leaves, twigs, and flower petals
Photo from



Photo from


Outdoor Summer Activities for Older Kids

3 Outdoor Games Kids Play As They Get Older

3 Outdoor Games Kids Play As They Get Older
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Maybe your kids are a bit older and think that playing outside isn’t cool anymore. Well then, I encourage you to check out the post above for some fun games that even young adults will go outside to play!


Summer Camping Fun for Kids

Bring the summer fun of camping to the backyard! It’s great for little ones or kids who have never been camping before, and a great way to bond as a family!


Yummy Fun with Pizza Box Solar Oven Smores!

melting marshmallows and chocolate in a homemade solar oven
Photo from

Check out the post above to learn how to make smores outdoors…without a fire, just in case there’s a campfire ban in your area this summer.


A Backyard Camping Trip – The Best Way To Introduce Kids to the Camping Experience!

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Plenty of Fun Things to Do Outside in the Summer!

The activities above should help you when your kids start saying ‘I’m BORED’, or at least get you started! Depending on how long your childs summer is, you might even be able to do an activity every other day without running out of fresh ideas.

Be sure to grab this handy list of all the activities above and check them off as you complete them! (The checklist links to the posts above and you can check off the items without even having to print off the paper, in case you’re trying to rid your of home of clutter, even paper clutter.)

Share in the comments what your, or your childrens, favorite outdoor summer activities for kids is this summer!

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