Being a mom can be chaotic sometimes. Especially, as a stay at home mom.

It can feel like we never get time to ourselves….not even in the bathroom….

But, don’t give up on taking care of yourself, just because you have to take care of everyone, and everything, else. Like they say, you can’t pour from an empty cup.

Every once in awhile you need to relax, take time to yourself; even if that means hiding in a closet or your room, after putting on a movie for the kids.

You are a person, too. Invest in yourself, keep growing, keep learning, find tools that will make your life easier, and pamper yourself every once in awhile. Believe me, you deserve it!

The items below are ones that I love, and that make being a mom soo much easier!

Living Well Planner

 As a mom, there is so much that needs to get done; we have busy schedules ourselves, our kids schedules, and more!
Unfortunately, the cheap planners that you can get at Walmart or Target may not be enough for everything we need them for. That is where this planner comes in. 
In all honesty, I have no idea how I survived life before this planner! It’s weekly pages break each day down into hours, making it easier to plan for everything that needs to get done, and when. It has pages for us over achievers, too; so we can plan out our goals for the month, whether it’s blogging, teaching our child to read, or paying off debt. The weekly pages also have space for a meal plan. And, at the end of each month there are budget sheets. There is also plenty of space for notes, and much more! I fell in love with this planner in January 2018, and ordered my next one this past July! (Mostly because it was on sale and I knew I would order one again for next year anyways.) So, what are you waiting for, go order yours today, while it’s still on sale!


If you’re anything like me, then maybe you feel guilty about spending money on yourself. Well, I’ve been using Ibotta for less than a year and have already earned $100 with it! That I can do with what I want! It’s as simple as taking your grocery receipt, finding offers on the app that match what you bought, and taking a picture of your receipt. It’s completely FREE. Super simple, and there’s bonuses, too! (Like the $10 bonus you get when you join!) It’s basically like reverse couponing.