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Stay at Home Mom Stress

As stay at home moms, we are naturally put under a lot of stress, whether our husbands believe it or not!

There are so many different things that we stress about, and that others put pressure on us to do. Or, to be aware of, remember, or simply just expect from us. And, we’re probably the ones who put the most stress and pressure on ourselves.

We expect ourselves to be able to ‘do it all’ because we’re moms, and we need to ‘do it all’; or something, for someone, somewhere will turn out disastrous!! We need to be a supermom, or we may feel at times, that we just shouldn’t try at all. It’s a lot, especially for first time moms, but for seasoned moms, as well.

But, we need to realize that we’re only human and can’t ‘do it all’ all the time, and all alone. The more grace we give ourselves and the more support we can gain, the better we can do this mom thing!

And, just to prove to you that everyone, including yourself, puts way too much stress and pressure on you; I rounded up about 20 stressors that moms tend to have.

I originally wanted to have all of these stressors, and solutions to reduce each stressor, in one post. But, it was starting to turn into a book. So, instead, this is the first of a 5 post series!

So, read, relax, take a step back and analyze what is really deserving of your stress!! (You may even start to question why you stress about some of these things!!)

1. Internal Stressors

This is when we feel the need to remember everything and more! Such as:

  • dates and times of doctor, or other, appointments
  • what we need at the store
  • everyone’s allergies and likes/dislikes when it comes to food
  • where all items are in our home (just in case someone asks)
  • when bills are due and how much they are
  • everyone’s schedules and routines they go through everyday
  • and a lot more!!

There are far too many internal stressors to list them all here, but I hope you get the idea.

Reduce the Stay at Home Mom Stress

To help reduce this type of stress, at least a little bit of it; use a planner, with a large notes section. Or, if you can’t find a planner with a large notes section, simply use a planner and a notebook, or white board.

I’ve been using an amazing planner, where I can plan out the schedule I hope to have (hour by hour), write out my meal plan for each day, and set goals for each month. On top of that, since it doesn’t have a large enough notes section for me; I also have a white board on the fridge to write down what we need at the store next time we go, along with the meals and snacks we’re having during the week. Then, I have a whiteboard calendar to write out important dates, again, but for everyone to be able to see. The memos app in my phone is also used, for when I think of an idea, or remember something I need to do, but don’t have access to write it down.

I know, everyone is different, so how I attempt to reduce this type of stress may not work for you. But, if you’re being completely overwhelmed by this stress, even if you have a very tight budget; just grab a notebook and start with that to write things down, so you don’t have to use valuable head space to remember everything!

Or, if you prefer to keep all your notes in your phone so you don’t lose it, go ahead and do that. Use the calendar in your phone to keep track of important dates, and a notes app for everything else!

2. Financial Stress

Don’t think that just because we don’t work outside the home, that we don’t stress about money!!

In fact, we’re the ones having to mark down when bills are due, how much they are, and how we’re going to get them paid. We’re the ones calling up the companies that bill us if the bill looks strange or too high.

As stay at home moms, we can also feel guilty for not contributing to the household income. We feel like we should be able to ‘do it all’, work and stay home with the kids.

This is probably why there are so many moms who are trying to make on income online now a days and work from home! It’s not just that we are desperate for the money or are over achievers; we feel the need to contribute to our families income!

Reduce the Stay at Home Mom Stress

For starters, get on a budget if you aren’t already on one. If you don’t know how to budget, read How to Budget (When You Have No Money).

Next, make it a point to talk about money with your husband, don’t make it taboo!

If after you do those two things, you still feel like you need to contribute more to the household income, you can always try to find a way to work from home. Even if it’s not bringing in a lot of money at first (like blogging), at least you’ll feel like you’re trying!

Or, if bringing in more income isn’t the issue, but spending it it, try to come up with cheaper meals for each week and learn How to Make a Healthy Meal Plan on a Budget! Maybe you could make a deal with your husband that you’ll both go on a spending freeze for a week or a month, to try to build up a savings!

3. Sleep Deprivation

Sleep deprivation is partially responsible for us putting too much stress on ourselves, and it’s another thing that we stress about during the day.

When deprived of sleep, we tend to not be as productive as we could potentially be. We ware down, and this stresses us out. It sometimes stresses us out so much that we try to stretch our days longer and longer just to get things done that need to get done.

Unfortunately, what we don’t realize while doing this, is that we could get so much more done if we would just allow ourselves a full nights sleep!

Reduce the Stay at Home Mom Stress

The obvious priority is to get a full nights sleep! I know, it’s hard to sleep when you feel like you have more stuff to get done before your done for the day, but most things can wait for tomorrow.

Believe me, the toys out and all over the house, they don’t have to be picked up if it’s going to prevent you from getting the sleep you need. Call it a night and have your children pick them up in the morning, when you all have more energy, and patience, to deal with it!

Sometimes, though, it’s not our fault that we don’t get enough sleep. Sometimes it’s our children keeping us awake at night, or waking us up through out the night. If you have an infant, this will pass. But, if your child is supposed to sleep through the night, and not wake up in the middle of the night to watch TV and pass out on the couch (like a 5 year old I know); then you may want to read up on how to help you kids sleep more soundly, so everyone can get better sleep at night!

If you need more help with getting everyone in your home to sleep better, I’m no expert, but Jilly from Baby Sleep Made Simple is!! Go check out her site!

4. Keeping a Clean Home

We all dream of a clean home, and one day that dream may come true!

But, with little ones running around all day; that’s never going to happen! So, just face the facts and accept that your home may ever only feel like it looks ‘decent’ while your kids are little!

Sure, there’s some things that you do need to keep up with, like dishes. But, a lot of keeping your house clean shouldn’t need to stress you out; unless you run a business at home where other people are over all the time. In that case, then go ahead and stress about this and make it a priority. (If you run a home daycare, though, the parents won’t care if there’s toys all over. It’ll just show that you let the kids play and have fun!)

Reduce the Stay at Home Mom Stress

Give yourself some grace and don’t stress too much over a messy home. It just means that you’re being a good mom and letting your kids play and express themselves!

Then again, try to keep it slightly balanced, you don’t want to live in a pigsty. Try teaching your little ones to help you pick up, so you don’t have to do it all by yourself. It gets quite exhausting always having to pick up after everyone else you live with!

Maybe attempt to recruit your husband, as well. Make a rule that if ‘you get it out, you put it away’. Who knows if it’ll work, but it’s worth a try. If it doesn’t work, don’t go insane trying to enforce it; that will only stress you out more. Like they say, doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result will make you go mad (as in crazy)!

Barely Scraping the Surface

As you can see, there is a lot for us to stress about! And, what I’ve written about is barely scraping the surface of all the stress we have. But, we shouldn’t constantly be stressing about each an every thing on this list, and the ones to come, all the time.

Most of us are doing all we can do, the extra stress is only taking up mental space and time that we could be spending enjoying our time with our children.

So, the next time you are trying to remember 10 things all at once, and do everything else that’s on a moms plate; do yourself a favor and write everything down. The human mind can only remember an average of 7 things at one time; don’t waste valuable memory space!

Make sure you are getting enough sleep at night, take naps during the day if you need to, maybe when your children nap! Start a home business or look up ways to be frugal if money is what stresses you out. And, know that not many people truly care what your home looks like!

Stay at Home Mom Stress

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