Vegan Breakfasts

From vegan pancakes and oatmeal to smoothie bowls and more! Enjoy these vegan breakfast recipes by yourself or with friends and family. They are easy to make and kid friendly!

vegan zucchini bread recipe 6

Vegan Zucchini Bread Recipe

Vegan Zucchini Bread Recipe In this article you will find an AMAZING vegan zucchini bread recipe. It’s packed full of nutrients and 3 different kinds of fruits & veggies, but it’s still kid approved and loved! This recipe does contain sugar, but other than that it’s quite healthy; vegan, mostly plant-based, no oil (uses applesauce …

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Vegan pumpkin bread, 3 slices stacked on top of each other, the top one is being lifted up with a hand.

The Best Vegan Pumpkin Bread

The Best Vegan Pumpkin Bread In this article you will find a delicious vegan pumpkin bread recipe that everyone will love! Vegan or not! Looking for a healthier version of pumpkin bread to bring to Thanksgiving this year? With less than half a cup of sugar in the entire bread, and extra fiber from flax …

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smoothie bowl recipe (green smoothie bowl recipe)

Ultimate Smoothie Bowl Recipe

Ultimate Smoothie Bowl Recipe In this article you will find a delicious vegan stuffed shells recipe that even non-vegans will love! Honestly, they probably won’t even realize it’s no vegan! The tofu ricotta has a cashew cream that makes it taste amazingly similar to real ricotta, and kids love it, too! I LOVE smoothie bowls! …

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vegan snowman pancakes

Easy Vegan Snowman Pancakes

Easy Vegan Snowman Pancakes In this article you will find the best pancake recipe for making vegan snowman pancakes, along with how to make them adorable super easily! Once the pancakes are done, let your kids do the rest and create a fun and magical Christmas morning together! If you have kids and have ever …

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vegan strawberry muffins recipe

Healthy Vegan Strawberry Muffins

In this article you will find a delicious and healthy vegan strawberry muffins recipe!! This recipe actually contains more than just one fruit, it’s actually a strawberry and apple muffin recipe!! But, the strawberries in it define it and is what makes it what it is, and helps with being kid approved. Plus, berries are …

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vegan banana bread recipe

Vegan Banana Bread Recipe

In this article you will find my version of the best vegan banana bread recipe with a crumble topping! It’s delicious: the perfect vegan breakfast, snack, or even dessert! It’s just that good!! A Recipe for Banana Bread…that’s Vegan!! If you’ve been vegan for awhile, you’ve probably tried plenty of vegan quick breads before. If you’re …

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