when should my daughter be potty trained

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when should my daughter be potty trained

When Should My Daughter Be Potty Trained?

Are you wondering “when should my daughter be potty trained’? Or, when will my toddler start potty training? Maybe even starting to feel the pressure of needing to have them potty trained sooner rather than later? 

If these questions and pressure you are feeling is coming from anyone other than yourself, or even from yourself: you need to stop worrying.

Children potty train on their own terms and when they are ready.

To be honest, it’s best to let them be the ones to decide to potty train!

It’ll reduce the stress on both of you. There will still be some stress, trial and error, accidents, and things your child will do that you’ll laugh about years later. But, there is no sense in potty training them when they aren’t ready or don’t want to yet.

My human development professor once joked that if you have no trouble whatsoever potty training a child, then they will give you trouble when they’re a teenager; but, if you struggle and have a difficult time potty training, then your child won’t give you trouble as a teen. 


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when should my daughter be potty trained

Your Questions About Potty Training a Girl…

What is a normal age for potty training?

A normal age for a girl to potty train is anywhere from about 18 months to 3 years. However, if they’re not potty trained before they hit their third birthday; don’t freak out and think your child is delayed!

Children potty train when they are ready to, not always when we expect them to. They may know how to many months (or years) before actually potty training, but if they are super independent or strong willed; it’s just best to not force it, they’ll potty train when they potty train.

Now, if they are headed towards 4 or 5 and still have shown no interest in potty training, then it’s definitely time to talk to their doctor about it. But, my guess is that by that time, potty training is already a topic you’ve been discussing with their doctor each time they go in for their well child check up. 


How do you start potty training a girl?

You’ve probably heard that potty training a girl is easier, that they start potty training earlier than boys do. But, that’s not always the case!

If you’re wondering how to start potty training a little girl, the best thing you can do is wait for them to initiate it.

Once they are ready, get them a little potty or a potty seat that goes on top of the ‘big potty’ and a stool. So they don’t fall in the ‘big potty’!

Stay in the bathroom with them, and talk them through it if you need to. And be patient. 


What are the signs that your toddler is ready to potty train?

There are quite a few signs that your child is ready to start potty training. There are even different signs that will tell you when they are capable of potty training and signs when they are wanting to and ready to potty train.

The first sign that might get you excited that they could start potty training soon, is when they wake up in the morning, or after a nap, with a dry diaper. However, this means their body is ready to potty train, not necessarily that they are.

Another sign that their body is ready to start potty training is when they start having a dry diaper longer than usual.

Then, when they are ready to start potty training they’ll start learning. And, the way they learn is by becoming your bathroom buddy. Or, they’ll become interested in what everyone is doing in the bathroom. If your potty training aged daughter has an older sister, she may try to become her bathroom buddy, too. They just want to sit in there and find out how to go to the bathroom.

Another sign is they may start to feel uncomfy in their diaper when it gets wet or dirty and will want out immediately after.

They may start to tell you when they just finished going in their diaper, when they are going, or that they are going to go in their diaper.

Or, they may start to hide when they need to pee or poop. 

There are other signs, as well, but these tend to be the most common signs that they are ready.


When should you be concerned about potty training?

The only time you should be concerned about potty training is if they’re about to go to kindergarten and they’re still not potty trained. Or, if you’ve discussed it with your childs doctor and they feel you should be concerned about it.

But, it reality, kids potty train at different ages. Just because you had one child completely potty trained by 18 months, doesn’t mean all your kids will potty trained by then!

So, When Should My Daughter Be Potty Trained?

Your Child Will Potty Train

Stop worrying at which age they will potty train. Children potty train at their own pace and own time.

For example, my oldest was potty trained at age 2, my second wasn’t potty trained til after she was three and her younger sister was born.

Don’t go into potty training expecting them to be completely potty trained by a certain age. That will just set everyone up for disappointment, stress out your toddler who may not be ready yet, and may even delay their progress.

This is one of those parenting things where you need to go with the flow and let it happen on it’s own time. This is up to your child, not you. All you can do is give them guidance and support.

At times, that support may be to give them a reward when they go on the potty, and that’s perfectly fine. You should make potty training feel like a big deal so they want to potty training. But, don’t ever make them feel bad about themselves when they aren’t potty trained or because they have an accident. That will just make things worse.


Expect And Prepare For Accidents

Accidents happen during potty training, it’s just part of the learning process.

If you have stopped using a diaper bag when you go out, still pack some pull ups and extra clothes in your purse. And, maybe even a towel! Who knows if they’ll have an accident while you’re out.

Fair warning; if you take them to the doctors or dentist, even if they’ve been potty trained for a couple of months, try to have them wear a pull up. It’s never fun to have them sitting on your lap at the dentists office getting a cleaning, and then they get scared and pee on you!

Also, kids potty train during the day long before they are night potty trained. So, keep them in pull ups at night or during naps, to avoid a big mess and needing to wash sheets every single day.



Potty Training Independent Kids

If you have a very independent child, or strong willed child, be prepared!

They will potty train, but on their own time, and own terms. There’s no use in trying to have them potty train before they want to. Even if they know how to, and know when they need to.

Yes, it is super frustrating when you have a 3 year old sitting in front of you, telling you that they are peeing in their pull up. And then why you asked them why they didn’t use the potty, they tell you that they don’t want to.

You may confuse it with laziness, like when the bathroom is 3 feet away and they choose to not use it. But, there are a lot of feelings running through your child while learning to potty train, especially the older they get. So, be kind, patient, and take their lead with potty training. Otherwise, you won’t get very far!

Fair warning; strong willed children will potty train on their own terms. So, be prepared for anything. Even waking up at 2am to your child standing in front of your bed, telling you how proud they are of themselves for going poop all by themselves…and cleaning everything up all by themselves. Which, in reality, means they made a huge mess and we need to spend the next hour giving them a bath and cleaning up their mess, sanitizing the bathroom and all. 

You can’t get mad at them, though, they are just learning, and need you to stay patient and supportive. Just let them know next time to come get you before they start cleaning up!


Having A Newborn And Potty Training

You’d think that after having a newborn, your potty training aged child would regress; whether you’ve been able to fully potty train them or have struggled to get them on the potty at all. But, that’s not always the case.

Having another child may be just the thing they to actually start potty training, or taking it more seriously!

Maybe it’s the fact that they are no longer the youngest, and feel less like a baby now. Because there’s an actual baby at home now.

This was the case for my middle child. Thank goodness my husband took paternity leave when we had our third child.


Stop Stressing Out About Potty Training

Your child will potty train, but on their time and their terms. All you can do it:

  • Be prepared
  • expect the unexpected
  • and be happy when your child is through the potty training stage!

There’s no use in stressing over them not potty training, yet. Or, forcing them to potty train before they are ready or wanting to.

Leave a comment with how old your daughter was when they potty trained. Or, how you helped them along they way.

Stop wondering when Should My Daughter Be Potty Trained; just be patient and supportive through out their potty training years. They’ll eventually potty train, even if it’s later than you think they should!

when should my daughter be potty trained

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