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Easy Vegan Spring Rolls

Thai restaurant inspired vegan spring rolls! Tastes just like they do from the restaurant, your family will love these!

Course Appetizer, Side Dish, Snack
Keyword spring rolls
Servings 24 spring rolls
Author Shawna Clapper


  • 1 green cabbage
  • 2 medium carrots
  • 1 bundle vermicelli
  • 1 package frozen egg roll wrappers
  • oil (optional, only need if frying)


  1. Take frozen egg wrappers out to thaw

  2. Wash, dry, and process cabbage in food processor

  3. Finely chop up carrots

  4. Cook veggies over medium to high heat to remove excess water (do not add anything other than veggies to pan), let cool in fridge

  5. Cook Vermicelli, then let cool, chop into 1 inch sections, let cool, mix well into bowl with veggies

  6. preheat over to 400°F if baking, fryer to 450°F or skillet on medium to high heat with oil in what you're using if frying

  7. Fill and roll the spring rolls, making sure ends stick, each roll only needs about 1 tbsp of filling

  8. If baking; finish rolling all spring rolls, then bake for about 25 minutes, or until outside becomes hard and crunchy

    If frying; add one spring roll to the oil crease side down, wait to golden on bottom, then flip

  9. For frying; continue rolling spring rolls and frying them all until done

  10. Let cool and enjoy!

Recipe Notes

*Make sure to use egg roll wrappers from the freezer section.

**This freeze and reheat in the oven well.

***You may have leftover filling.