Guest Post Guidelines:

I am currently accepting guest posts to be scheduled from June through September, as I’m due with baby number three mid June.

Posts need to be connected to the ‘WHY’ of Stress Less, Be Healthy.

The ‘WHY’

I believe that all moms deserve to feel understood and appreciated; that they feel good about what they are feeding their children and that they can master and enjoy mom life without feeling like they are doing something wrong. And I promise to provide healthy recipes, ideas, tips, and my own experiences to show that mom life is not always easy, but there are ways to get around the obstacles thrown our way!

I will welcome most post ideas (from other bloggers/moms) about any problem moms have, especially stay at home moms, or about living a healthy lifestyle/ raising healthy kids. Stress Less, Be Healthy has a vegan/plant based preference when it comes to healthy eating, so any post encouraging eating any animal products will not be accepted. I will not accept recipe posts.

Posts need to be:

  • At least 1000 words
  • Original Content and not posted on any other website
  • Keyword Researched (please provide the keyword you think it could rank for) (optional)
  • If you have a photo you took yourself and would like to submit it with the post you can (optional)
  • You can include links within your post as long as they are not affiliate links
  • Your post must solve a problem or you can share an experience you had as a parent (the focus of the post should not be self promotion for your site)
  • If accepted, a photo and bio of you will be requested
  • You will get 1-2 dofollow link(s)

A few examples of post ideas:

  • A unique way to help kids eat healthy (or eat the food we make for them)
  • A time where you struggled as a parent and overcame the struggle
  • Why we/ our children should eat a certain food
  • Anything related to child nutrition
  • Productivity/organizing tips for moms
  • etc.

Please email with a few paragraphs explaining your post idea, why I should publish it on Stress Less, Be Healthy, and any questions you may have, or you can submit a full post for review. Submitting a post does not guarantee I publish it on my site. I will respond within 72 hours and all guest posts will be published this summer (depending on how many guest posts I receive).

*Note- Any back links in your guest post/bio must lead to your own blog/website, feel free to send me the links to any site you used as reference/research, and I’ll determine whether it will be linked to in the post or not. Please do not email me to propose a guest post if the back link will lead to someone else’s, or a companies, website.