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The Ultimate Feeding

Vegan Kids Cheat Sheet

Ever wonder how on Earth you are supposed to feed your vegan child, or help them transition to a vegan diet (when you may still be learning yourself)?

Then you need this cheat sheet to simplify feeding your child vegan meals! (Because it doesn’t have to be hard!)

feeding vegan kids guide

Here’s what you’ll get inside this FREE Feeding Vegan Kids Cheat Sheet:

  • Know the difference between what is and isn’t vegan
  • Find out the 1 kitchen tool YOU NEED to easily make more kid friendly vegan meals
  • Finally know how to get vegan meals on the table in little time with hangry kids! You’ve got this; feeding vegan kids doesn’t have to be hard!
  • Learn tips to help make preparing kid friendly vegan meals seem effortless! You’ll love the tip on page 7!)
  • Confidently feed your child vegan meals without the stress!!

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Hi there!

I’m Shawna, mom of 3 mostly vegan kids, passionate about helping moms and kids transition to a vegan/plant-based diet and actually succeed!

I started my own journey to healthy eating & veganism about 10 years ago, helped my (picky eater) oldest daughter transition at age 4, and have been raising my two younger kids mostly vegan since they started to eat.

To say the least, I get the struggle with trying to figure out what to feed kids on a vegan diet. I know how hard it can be…But I also know that it doesn’t need to be difficult at all!

After 5 full years of learning what does and doesn’t work when it comes to feeding kids vegan meals, I have a few tips that will help any parent succeed!

Whether you’re limited on time or don’t know a thing about nutrition, I’ve got you! All you have to do to get started is grab the FREE cheat sheet (& then, you know, actually read it!)