Accidentally Ate Non-Vegan Or Gave Your Child Animal Products While Trying To Raise Them Vegan?

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If you accidentally ate non-vegan or accidentally gave the child you’re trying to raise vegan, a food that contains animal products; join the club…

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You’re not perfect, none of us are!

We’re all human and humans make mistakes once in a while, whether knowingly or not.

Products that have always been vegan, and you knew were vegan because you actually read the ingredient list, can sometimes change the recipe and include something ridiculous in it, like a milk derivative, for no apparent reason.

This IS NOT something to stress yourself out over, unless your child has a medical reason they should not eat what they just ate; then go ahead and stress and do what you need to do to make sure they’re alright after accidentally eating it.

But, for most of us vegans, we’re not going to die or even get sick if we eat animal products. 

Maybe an upset stomach, which is probably due more to guilt than the actual food. Or, extra mucus after eating dairy, because our bodies aren’t used to it.

Being Vegan Does NOT Mean Being PERFECT!

Being vegan isn’t about being 100% perfect with our diet 100% of the time; it’s about reducing our footprint, making ethical choices.

Being vegan and eating plant based is about better health, for us and our kids; so we can enjoy life more and to the fullest, not stress out because the dressing we use on our salad changed the recipe and now includes eggs even though it doesn’t need it!

So, stop beating yourself up over accidentally consuming animal products, or accidentally feeding it to your child.

You don’t need the stress, your child shouldn’t see you stressed over it.

Now you know, and next time you go to the store you can make a more informed choice with the products you buy.

And don’t worry, even the most experienced vegans, who have been vegan for decades still slip up from time to time. It doesn’t make them, or you, any lesser for it!

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