6 Awesome Freebies That Will Help You Raise Healthy Kids

raise healthy kids freebies, kids making energy bites by themselves

In this article, you will learn about, and have the option to gain access to, 6 Awesome Freebies That Will Help You Raise Healthy Kids. From helping you teach kids to make their own food, so you don’t have to make them a snack every 5 minutes; to teaching them what food is good for their mind and bodies!

Raising independent, healthy little eaters isn’t always easy!

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Sure, some may be super independent and love doing things for themselves, like toddlers!

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healthy kid freebies, little kid cutting banana with knife by self

However, getting toddlers, and even older kids, to eat what’s good for them can be a huge challenge. Whether it’s a power struggle or a lack of knowledge about what’s healthy, along with them wanting to get their own snacks.

That is why I want to introduce the freebies below to YOU!

They will:

  • help you and your kids understand healthier food options, by knowing how to read nutrition labels
  • give you and your kids ideas on what snacks they can make themselves
  • help them eat better, not only for their bodies, but also for their minds
  • help them help YOU with dinner
  • and help you better understand what kids are generally capable of doing in the kitchen, depending on their age!!

If you have ever thought about getting your kids in the kitchen more and being more independent, so you don’t have to be the only one in your home making food; then you’ll want to go sign up for at least one of the free resources below.

But, by all means, if they all sound awesome to you, feel free to grab them all, I have!

*Also, please note that the freebies below are from Kids Cook Real Food and Kitchen Stewardship, and the wonderful mom of four behind those resources is Katie Kimball!

10 Healthy Snacks Kids Can Make

This 29 page free ebook not only gives you 10 healthy snacks that kids can make; but also breaks the recipes down to help kids learn how to make each one depending on their age or skill set!

That means you can get your little ones helping with their own snacks, even if they are just 2 years old! YES, I did just say TWO!

I have 3 kids, ages 8 months, 4 years, and 7 years old. The only one who hasn’t started helping in the kitchen, yet, is my 8 month old. (Though, she has started feeding herself!)

My first two kids have been helping make their own food since they were two, possibly even younger! Whether it’s stirring ingredients or measuring them out, they had a job to do, and they’ve loved it!

If you’re not sure how younger kids can help in the kitchen, making their own snacks; this short ebook will help teach you what your kids may be capable of.

Just have an open mind, as our kids tend to be more capable than we may want to believe! Maybe it has something to do with us not wanting them to grow up so fast. But, we can’t stop them from growing up; so we might as well prepare them for it, instead!

Grab this free ebook to help teach you how to teach your kids to make their own snacks here.

raise healthy kids freebies, kids making energy bites by themselves

10 Foods to Fight Depression

Did you know that what you eat has a ton to do with how you feel?

This is actually what made me go from wanting to go to medical school for child psychiatry in college; to becoming completely obsessed with nutrition, and learning as much as I can about child nutrition for the past 7 years!

It’s the food mood connection, and it’s a powerful thing!

The 15 page ebook, that you can find here, will tell you about 10 foods that will help fight depression and anxiety, along with how to fit them into your childs diet.

It’ll help teach you how to raise an emotionally healthy child! (There’s a lot more to it than what they eat, but improving what they eat is, in my own opinion, the best way to start!) And this is an ever growing concern in our world today.

There’s even a note for each food for how to make it super easy to add it in! (An ‘Easy Button’ option!)

I’ll give you a sneak peak by letting you know that my favorite food that helps is chia seeds!

My girls love these! My girls have even been making themselves strawberry chia seed pudding for breakfast for the past couple days!

I do want to note, since my family is mostly vegan, that there are some foods in the ebook that are not vegan. But, most of them are! Just in case you’re like us.

How to Read Nutrition Labels for Kids

If you have ever wanted your kids to learn how to read nutrition labels for themselves, then go sign up for this freebie now, and get your kids over to YouTube for it!

Yes, this free resource is a video teaching kids the important things to look out for on a nutrition label. It also has an accompanying worksheet to go with it to help your kids pay attention and actually learn better while watching it.

Maybe I’m just geeking out here, but this may be my favorite resource. It might just be because my oldest is probably just about old enough to have the worksheets printed out and to learn about food labels herself. And, she does much better learning from people who aren’t her mom.

Granted, for your kids to get the most out of this resource, they’ll need to be able to write and understand more abstract concepts. I wouldn’t recommend it for kids under 7, but then again, you know your kids better than I do. So, up to you!

young girl holding vegan spring rolls, teach kids to cook, healthy kid resources for free

Instant Pot FREE Guidebook for Kids

Please note that I do not have an Instant Pot, but this guidebook had me looking them up on Amazon and considering to buy one!

This guidebook has quick steps, or food hacks, that you can use an instant pot for, how to use it, along with quite a few recipes.

It’s a 35 page free ebook all about the instant pot. After I read the simple directions on how to cook steel cut oats in 3 minutes and rice and beans in less than 30 minutes, I was checking out the price of an Instant Pot simply because of all the time I’d save!

If you have an Instant Pot, then be sure to grab the guide to make sure you are using it to its full potential!

3 Ways to Build Brain Resilience in the Kitchen

There are so many benefits for getting your child in the kitchen cooking! From increased confidence, to helping you actually make all the food. But, there’s more than just that.

In this free PDF you’ll learn 3 ways in which getting kids in the kitchen and helping, or at least experiencing what is going on, can help your child; whether it be to help their self-esteem or their senses!

It’s packed full of useful actions, or strategies, to get kids in the kitchen helping and to keep helping even as they get older.

Sometimes all we need to do to raise little kids who love helping into older kids who continue to love helping, is to simply let them help and show them how much we appreciate their help!

Learn how, and learn how to encourage their continued help, in this free PDF.

little girl preparing to meal prep, raise healthy kids free resources

10 Snacks your Preschooler Can Make Today

Can your 3 or 4 year old make their own snacks?

Mine can!

There are some skills in the kitchen that kids can start by 2 years old, maybe even younger.

If you’re having them start that young in the kitchen helping, then it just makes sense that they’ll be capable of making their own snacks by three or four years old!

However, most parents aren’t health nuts who are aware of all the benefits of teaching their kids to cook, so maybe just the thought of your child making food all by themselves is a bit uneasy. (Like the mess that’ll need to be cleaned up after! It’s worth it, I promise.)

That’s where this 15 page ebook with super simple recipes comes into play and will help you out with knowing what your child may be capable of doing by themselves!

Don’t be naive, though! You’ll still have to teach them how to make the snack, at least once, before they can do it on their own. They’re still little and learning a lot everyday.

And, don’t be upset by a little bit of mess by letting them make their own snack. It’s the little price we have to pay for helping them be independent.

Even if you’re unsure about your kids making their own snacks at this age, this mini ebook is worth grabbing, because it’s free, and because there’s a snack in there that I hadn’t even heard of until getting it.

Have you ever heard of ‘Monkey Salad’?

If not, go check it out, that’s what my girls will be having for snack later today, and I’ll probably have them make me some, too!

healthy kid freebies, little kid cutting banana with knife by self

Ages & Stages Life Skills Goals

Do you know what your child can help with in the kitchen?

Or, do you wish you knew?

Like, a handy little checklist of skills your kids could be developing at each age in the kitchen from toddlerhood til they’re out of the house, would be really nice, right?

Well, the ages & stages life skills goals PDF is exactly that!

A simple list of tons of little skills that you can help your child with at each age.

These skills range from stirring batter and sorting utensils to put them away to making complete recipes by themselves, using a grill, and even shopping for groceries on a budget!

It’ll really help YOU feel confident that you child can take care of their food needs after they leave home. Plus, it’s free, which is awesome, so help yourself out and go sign up to get it in your email!

Free Resources for Raising Healthy Kids are the Best!

If your aim is to raise kids who can cook for themselves, are happy because they are getting the right nutrients in their bodies, and who love to help you in the kitchen, or anywhere else; then be sure to grab the free resources above!

Sure, there are other amazing resources to help you raise kids who are independent and can make themselves food, like the Kids Cook Real Food E-course. (Check out the FAQ’s for the course here, if curious.)

But, it’s much better to start with the free stuff and then work your way up; see if you really need a course, or if you’re able to teach them on your own.

How will you start raising healthy eaters?

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healthy kid freebies, little kid cutting banana with knife by self

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