25 Vegan Kids Books To Help Teach Little Ones About Veganism

In this article you will find vegan books for kids to help introduce them to what being vegan means!

When you choose to raise your little ones vegan, there’s probably a lot that you considered before making that choice. Such as;

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  • Is it safe to raise a child vegan
  • What supplements they may need
  • Will they thrive on a vegan diet
  • What will others say or think about it
  • Will they get all the nutrients they need
  • Will the pediatrician approve
  • How to get them to eat certain foods during the picky eating stage

And I’m sure there’s more thoughts that crossed your mind. Such as why you chose to raise them vegan in the first place.

But, having to explain what it means to be vegan, or what has to happen for non-vegans to get the meat or animal products they consume; that probably isn’t one of the things you have too much thought.

Or, maybe you have thought quite a bit about that, but don’t know how to put it into words in a way that they understand at such a young age, or in a way that isn’t too mature for them.

It’s not like you want to go up to your sweet little 3 or 4 year old and tell them that the friends they see at preschool are eating a cute little pig (just like their favorite stuffed toy) when their friend tells them they love bacon!

That might be a good way to make them cry and then never want to talk to that friend ever again (or for a day).

So, how do you explain veganism to a child without traumatizing them when you’re not sure of the wording to use?

With age appropriate books!

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Kids Books for Raising Vegans! (Aka- Vegan Kids Books)

All of the vegan books in this article can also be found on this list on Amazon!

Reading books to kids to help them understand what being vegan is all about is a great way to teach them, but there are other ways, as well! To find out more ways to explain being vegan to your kids, check out: How To Teach Kids About Being Vegan

V Is For Vegan: The ABCs of Being Kind

This vegan childs book is great for 3 to 7 year olds and will help you teach children what being vegan means in a fun and entertaining way. With rhymes for each letter of the alphabet, it explains veganism in a way young kids can understand!

Libby Finds Vegan Sanctuary

This book is a board book for little ones about a Thanksgiving turkey who was rescued and taken to an animal sanctuary. It helps teach compassion towards all living things.

That’s Not My Momma’s Milk!

This book is an adorable book perfect for toddlers and up to learn that the milk of an animal is meant for her babies, not for humans. It’s repetitive in nature to get the point across and help little ones remember what they learned!

The Roots Of Our Food

This easy to read book will help your child discover where the food on their plate came from. They’ll explore how plant foods grow, get to be bought and sold, and then prepared at home! Even if you or your child aren’t entirely vegan, yet, this is a great way to get your child thinking about where their food actually comes from!

Not a Nugget

This book is great for little ones with it’s simplistic message that animals are friends, not food, and that they have lives that they’d like to live, too. It shows some of the things animals like to do, and how they are more like us than we thought!

Veggie Vero book series

This series uses a child superhero to be on a mission to save all the animals! The way she saves them is her power through knowledge; by teaching others about cruelty free living and a plant based diet! There are 4 books currently in the series.

That’s Why We Don’t Eat Animals

A book meant for elementary school age children; this book shows animals in their natural habitat and also introduces children to what life is like in factory farms. It goes on to also introduce children to the effects eating meat has on the environment and how kids can help reduce the negative impact.

Vegan Is Love: Having Heart and Taking Action

This book teaches children all about the opportunities they have to make ethical and vegan decisions, to make an impact for the better and live a more sustainable, cruelty free life! It covers how some clothing uses animals, animal testing, zoos, and more.

Kayla The Vegan

In Kayla The Vegan, Kayla is in the 6th grade and starting a new school. Other students find her being vegan odd, but they learn from her respect for all living things, and that vegan food isn’t all that bad!

Lena of Vegitopia and the Mystery of the Missing Animals

This book teaches kindness and compassion towards all living things through showing Lena being brave and saving her baby animal friends from being eaten by a woman who hates veggies. She saves the babies by sharing delicious vegan food with the woman! It also lightly touches on the environmental aspect of consuming meat.

Steven the Vegan

In this book, Stevens’ classmates make fun of him for eating veggies and find out that he is vegan. This book, meant for little ones, will help teach children how to deal with others not understand what being vegan means and how to explain why animals should not be food.

Dave Loves Chickens

Dave is a monster who loves and knows a lot about animals. In this book he helps children (and other characters in the book) learn that animals are to be appreciated and not be eaten!

We All Love: A Book for Compassionate Little Vegans and Vegetarians

This vegan children’s book helps teach children empathy and how living a vegan lifestyle is showing compassion to all other living beings.

We’re Vegan!

This book is perfect for explaining veganism to any child ages 3 through 8, specifically about the social injustice of how animals are treated for non-vegans consumption.

The Vegan Alphabet Book: Let’s Learn the Alphabet – Vegan Style! (The Little Vegan Books)

This alphabet book for kids helps introduce yummy and healthy vegan food for each letter of the alphabet, and not the ‘normal’ foods! You’re not going to see ‘A is for apple’ or ‘B is for banana’, this book will help expand your child’s knowledge of different foods they can eat and try!

Did You Steal my MILK?: A Journey into Plant Based Dairy Alternatives (Save The Animals Books)

This clever book teaches children about the bond of mothers and their babies and how babies need their mothers milk, and no I’m not talking about human babies! I’m talking about baby animals, such as cows. How a cow’s milk is meant for her calf, not humans!

Mommy, What’s a Vegan?

This book is about a child who is not vegan, but learns that being vegan means not consuming animal products. The child then learns that being vegan does not mean missing out on delicious food, by visiting a vegan food truck.

Santa’s First Vegan Christmas

This fun to read Christmas story is about a reindeer that teaches Santa how people can be more kind to animals!

Why Are You a Vegan? and Other Wacky Verse for Kids

This book has many short stories for vegan kids inside to help them understand what being vegan is, what they eat, and what happens to animals that are a part of the food industry (in an appropriate way in which kids can understand).

I’m a Supervegan: A Confidence-Building Children’s Book for Our Littlest Vegans

This adorable and encouraging book will help your little vegan feel special and like they have super powers just for being vegan! Their super powers are being brave, caring, and smart because they eat plants, care for animals, and live a more sustainable lifestyle.

No Green Eggs Or Ham: A Vegan Dr. Seuss Parody

I’m sure you’ve heard of the Dr.Seuss book Green Eggs and Ham, well this book is about a vegan dinosaur who does not want either and can’t be convinced otherwise!

Luke Walker: Animal Stick Up For-Er

This chapter book for kids is about an 8 year old boy who knows right from wrong, and knows that eating other creatures is wrong. He doesn’t understand why life is so unfair for animals and why the adults in his life don’t make much sense when trying to explain why. Great for kids who can read on their own!

Amanda the Teen Activist

For your little vegan activist, this book is about a 13 year old girl who makes a difference in the life of animals!


This vegan childs book is repetitive in nature to show how different animals aren’t food, and in fact are just like you and me!


This story is about a runaway cow who had lived inside a bard all her life and was scared to go on a truck and instead ran to the woods! It gives kids a window into the life of a factory farmed animal and helps your child develop empathy and compassion for animals!

So Many Vegan Kids Books to Choose From!

As you can see, if you have trouble opening the dialogue between yourself and your child about veganism and what that means; there are plenty of books you can simply read to them to help them understand.

For children who can read by themselves, there are books for them as well!

The books above are appropriate for little ears and eyes, unlike some health documentaries that actually show how animals are treated in the food industry. 

They are for kind-hearted kids who simply want their questions answered or to know why they don’t eat what other kids eat. 

Don’t forget, you can easily view all of these books at once on Amazon HERE.

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