Raising Vegan Kids

Raising vegan kids comes with it’s own unique struggles. Sure, you may still deal with picky eating, and I have so much info on that to share with you. But we also have to deal with the criticism from everyone around us, thinking we’re feeding our kids all wrong (while they eat fast food every night for dinner…)

I highly recommend you learn a bit about nutrition, so you can ensure your children eat a proper diet. The books Becoming Vegan (written by dietitians) & Disease Proof Your Child (written by Dr. Joel Fuhrman) – are both excellent books to learn from.

I also wrote a guide on everything I learned on this journey, here is my personal Guide for Raising Vegan Kids. Just know that I am not a doctor or dietitian. I am a mom, a photographer, recipe developer, and writer. The closest I got to being a doctor was being pre-med in college and a neuroscience major for a year, then I graduated with a psychology degree.

vegan ultimate guide

Choosing to Raise Vegan Kids

The ULTIMATE GUIDE for Raising Vegan Kids  In this ultimate guide for raising vegan kids you will find a path to take to make raising vegan kids a bit easier, nutrients that you need to be aware of, ways to handle social situations that may eventually come up and frustrate you, how to deal with …

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