Easy To Make Kids Banana Snack

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Easy To Make Kids Banana Snack

Easy To Make Kids Banana Snack

Do you ever get tired of making your kids snacks? 

It’s like they are constantly eating and never get full…

…especially during growth spurts!

Which is where this recipe comes in, a super simple snack recipe that kids can make themselves.

Yes, they will need to use a knife, nothing sharper than a butter knife.

But, children as young as 2 and a half can become capable of making this snack (minus the toothpicks). I know this, because that is how old my second child was when she was taught how to make it by her older sister, who was only 5 at the time of creating this recipe!

Kids are capable of so much when given the space to grow, and encouraged to use their creativity.

The remainder of this post is going to be written mostly by my oldest daughter, whom is now 7.

I hope you and your children enjoy her simple banana snack!


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Easy To Make Kids Banana Snack

Questions You May Have About Eating Bananas As Snacks…

Is a banana good for a snack?

Yes, a banana is good for a snack. It’s healthy!


Is a banana and peanut butter a healthy snack?

Yes, eating a banana and peanut butter gives you protein and energy. The energy you get comes from the carbs in the banana.


What to do with lots of bananas?

With a lot of bananas you can make my banana snacks, or other snacks. Other snacks could be:

  • green smoothie
  • other smoothies
  • ice cream
  • fruit salad
  • banana chocolate chip muffins
  • plain banana muffins
  • and more.


Is it OK to eat a banana every day?

Yes, it’s healthy and will give you energy to play outside or inside, kids!


This Is How You Make This Sweet Banana Snack Recipe

First, you cut up the bananas.

Easy To Make Kids Banana Snack


Then, you add a tooth pick to every piece of banana that is cut up.

Easy To Make Kids Banana Snack


Next, you add a raisin to each toothpick on a banana.


Then, you put a chocolate chip next to the toothpick, next to the raisin, on top of the banana. (Optional.)

Next, slice the strawberries and put each slice on each tooth pick with the banana and raisins, as if the strawberry slices are umbrellas and the raisins are little people!


Finally, you add the sugar!

Easy To Make Kids Banana Snack

Sweet Banana Snack

A Simple and delicious Banana Snack for kids! Great for toddlers, just remember to take the toothpicks out 🙂

Course Snack
Keyword banana, snacks for kids, strawberry
Prep Time 5 minutes
Servings 2 servings
Author H. Clapper


  • 2 Bananas sliced
  • 4-6 strawberries sliced
  • 2 tbsp raisins
  • 2 tbsp brown sugar (optional)
  • 1 handful chocolate chips (optional)


  1. Lay sliced bananas on a plate and stick one toothpick in each one.

  2. Add raisins to each banana slice.

  3. Add chocolate chips to each banana slice.

  4. Add strawberry slices to each one.

  5. (Optional) Sprinkle brown sugar over the snack and enjoy!

Recipe Notes

*Be sure to remove toothpicks for younger kids.

**Sugar is optional.

 I hope you and your children enjoy this simple snack, and be sure to sign up to grab some more healthy recipes your family will love!

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Easy To Make Kids Banana Snack

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