5 Snacks For Kids That Start With The Letter T

Do you have trouble getting your children to eat healthy snacks throughout the day?

Or have trouble coming up with healthy snacks for your kids?

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I used to!

With my girls being picky eaters, especially my 5 year old; I’ve realized how truly difficult it is to have my girls eat healthy snacks. That’s why this past year my two girls and I had an A to Z healthy snack challenge.

Over 26 weeks we came up with over 130 healthy snacks to eat. Some of the snacks immediately became favorite snacks that we all want to have on hand, while others weren’t so great. (It may have been a recipe I found, or the fact that it was the first time I tried making it. Don’t give up on the ones that didn’t work for us!)

Let’s have a look back on those 26 weeks, one letter at a time! With each letter, will come at least 5 healthy snacks. So, if you’re looking for snacks for your kids at home, or snacks to bring in to your childs school that starts with a specific letter; you’ve come to the right place!


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Snacks that Start with T

This past week we focused on the letter T. And, I have a feeling this is probably going to be the last ‘easy’ letter for this challenge. I’ll have to get a little (or, a lot) creative for the rest of the alphabet. That’s alright, though. I need to start working my creativity muscle.

If you would like to catch up with the other letters of the alphabet that have been accomplished with this challenge so far, you can. Go here to check out letter S if you missed that, or head over to the A to Z series homepage!


On Monday we had tangerines.

Everyone here loves tangerines, or oranges or clementines! Whenever I get any of these I always grab a bag of them; I know they’ll disappear in a week, and it’s much cheaper than buying them individually!

Plus, they almost lasted us all week, either as an extra snack or as a side to breakfast! Tangerines are a lot like clementines, as they are easy to peel and pull apart with out making a huge mess. My older daughter also learned how to peel the skin off of these all by herself this past week! Well, almost by herself, I had to poke a whole in it, but then she could do the rest.

Some type of citrus is always a staple in our home, at least when they’re affordable, just like apples and bananas.

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On Tuesday we had tomatoes, grape tomatoes; my older daughter thinks they are more grape than tomatoes, so she likes them!

I think my younger daughter likes them whole, more so than cut up, she’s always reaching for the whole ones I haven’t had a chance to cut up yet. She’ll still eat them cut up, and I feel better about her eating them cut up. She eats them like candy, or well, grapes. My older daughter would actually rather them cut up, and on her salad.

I’m so glad my girls like eating healthy. Though, my older daughter has told me that the only reason she eats salad is so she can have the croutons. But, if they will get her to eat salad, then I don’t see a problem with it.

Toast with avocado

On Wednesday I made a couple loaves of garlic bread for toast, then I put some avocado on it for my girls.

They loved it! Well, my older daughter really loved it, the two loaves of bread were gone in two days; my husband didn’t even get a chance to try it.

My younger daughter ate the avocado off the toast and may have had a little bit of the bread, but not much; at least she ate the healthier part of the snack. I’m not a big fan of avocado, but I ate it anyways, with some extra garlic salt on top. I wish I had some tomatoes left from earlier this week.

Process shots of avocado tomato sandwich being made, assembling them.

Tiny Pancakes

On Thursday I made tiny pancakes.

I made so many of these that I thought for sure there would be leftovers; but nope, no leftovers at all. I made a full recipe worth of them, too.

My 18 month old had a couple and then decided they were frisbees. My older daughter and I ate most of them. They were delicious!! They were also vegan and for the most part healthy; instead of eggs I used a mashed banana, and instead of regular veggie oil I used coconut oil.

Overhead view of tons of little mini vegan pancakes with berries and a white bowl of icing in the middle.

Tortilla Chips with Fruit Dip

On Friday I made cinnamon tortilla chips with strawberry and pineapple dip.

These were really simple to make and my older daughter and I loved them.

I also made something similar for my own wedding. My 18 month old was not impressed by them, she tried one bite and then threw it. All you have to do to make these is spread some butter on both sides of tortillas (I’d recommend earth balance butter if you’re vegan), cut them into small triangles and dip in brown sugar and cinnamon. Then bake them for about 10-12 minutes at 350° F. For the dip, I used frozen strawberries and pineapples, warmed them in the microwave and then blended. Super easy!

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To sum up this past week with a list,


  1. Tangerines
  2. Tomatoes
  3. Toast with Avocado
  4. Tiny Pancakes
  5. Tortilla Chips with Fruit Dip
snacks that start with t, letter t snacks, alphabet snacks, snacks for kids, healthy snacks, healthy snacks for kids
snacks that start with t

Please share if you found this useful. Go ahead and try this challenge out yourself with your kids; we all know it can be a challenge to get our children eating healthy, and the more options we have to choose from, the more we can all be successful at finding something they will actually eat!!

It’s easier to show them how delicious fruits and veggies are now, than waiting til they’re older and hoping they will eat healthy. This is something we need to teach them and lead by example with.

If you would like to find out all of the other snacks we had on this challenge, from the rest of the alphabet, you can:

Leave a comment with other snacks that start with the letter T. And, don’t forget to check out snacks that start with the letter U!


Or, if you want an amazing bundle to help yourself and children be healthy, check out this bundle I created specifically for moms who want their children to eat better!

Don’t forget to check out Prep Through Play: Letters to teach your little ones the entire alphabet through fun games you can play with them. It’s like a mini curriculum to help get them ready for school!!

Process shots of avocado tomato sandwich being made, assembling them.

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