How to Make a Puzzle Piece Wreath; An Easy Fall Craft for Kids

How to Make a Puzzle Piece Wreath; An Easy Fall Craft for Kids

Easy Fall Craft for Kids

Need a fall craft for a 5 year old? Or for you kindergarten class or other kids?

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How about some fall wreaths; just their size?

They won’t take up a lot of space and you can’t hang them on your door like full sized wreaths. But, add a magnet to stick them on the fridge. (That’s what we did!)  

These are also perfect as frames for your kids fall pictures. Because, won’t they look so much cuter in a fall colored puzzle wreath?!

With it being the fall season and my girls loving to paint and do crafts; I wanted to do something special with them and make a few fall décor crafts. Nothing too difficult. They are still pretty young, as my oldest is 5.

And I remember doing a similar craft when I was younger. I went to one of my friends birthday parties, right before Christmas, and her mom had painted puzzle pieces green; we made tiny Christmas wreath ornaments. It was fun and creative, and just what any little kid into crafts would want to do.

So, with fall wreaths being a thing, I decided to do this craft with my girls!! And they absolutely loved it!! They liked painting the pieces themselves the most!

What you’ll need

This is a pretty cheap craft, if you’re worried about spending extra money; this would be one you that you can actually afford.

All you need is:

  • A puzzle
  • Fall colored paint
  • Fall colored ribbon
  • Possibly some small fall items or stickers, like little acorns and such- but this is not necessary, we didn’t use any
  • Hot glue gun, regular glue, or something to stick the pieces together

Half this stuff you could probably find laying around your home. If not, a quick stop to the dollar store and a couple bucks later you’ll have what you need.

Easy Fall Craft for Kids

First things first

Painting the puzzle pieces is the first step to this project. My girls and I painted them orange, brown, green, and red. I think this may have been my toddlers favorite part of the project. She actually did quite well with this and didn’t even get too messy. I think my five year old had more paint on her than my toddler.

Easy Fall Craft for Kids

If you prefer a less messy project, go ahead and paint the pieces yourself; your kids should still have a blast making their wreaths.

Easy Fall Craft for Kids

But, in all honesty, let your kids have some fun painting, even if it means a little extra clean up for you. My girls spent at least an hour painting way more pieces than what we needed; but they had fun! And, it was only a little extra clean up; cleaning my toddlers highchair tray and throwing away some painted newspaper.

Once the pieces are dry, let your kids put the wreaths together in the shape that they want. If not using a hot glue gun, they may even be able to glue or stick the pieces together by themselves, possibly with a little help.

Easy Fall Craft for Kids

If you are using a hot glue gun, like I did, simply have them place the pieces together how they want; then you can glue them together carefully to keep the special design the same. And then let cool. (My five year old made hers into a heart.)

For younger children, you may want to form and glue the pieces together and just let them decorate the wreaths after.

Easy Fall Craft for Kids

Decorating the Wreaths

Now comes another fun part!! Let your kids decorate the wreaths. This is where the ribbon and small fall items come into place. You could even use some more paint; green for leaves, brown for acorns or pine cones.

You can really have them decorated however you, or your child wants.

Some ideas:

  • find fun acorn or pine cone stickers to put on the wreaths
  • paint autumn things on the wreaths
  • draw leaves on the wreaths
  • and whatever else your child or you can think of

This step is completely optional; I would recommend adding at least one more thing, though. We added ribbon for bows on our wreaths, but you can add whatever you’d like.

Easy Fall Craft for Kids

Well, that’s pretty much it. I hope you and your child(ren) enjoyed this simple craft!!

Leave a comment below with any other creative suggestions for this craft!

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