Looking for the best presents for 3 year old daughter? Well, come check out these 3 year old approved Christmas gifts that your daughter will love!

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Looking for the best presents for 3 year old daughter? Well, come check out these 3 year old approved Christmas gifts that your daughter will love!

The Best You Can Get: 7 Presents for 3 Year Old Daughter

Ever wonder what presents you can get for your 3 year old daughter that they will actually appreciate, and not forget about 5 seconds later?

Well, my younger daughter will be 3 right after Christmas this year and I’ll tell you what toys she has and loves, or points to and would love to have either at the store, or on my computer screen (with sticky fingers and all).

They’re not quite toddlers at this age, but they also are just getting big enough for some more of the kid toys that they actually want. It seems like kids always want the toys that are just above their age level. Which, I guess is a good thing, right?

If you’ve been buying presents at the stores with your little girl with you, hoping to goodness that she won’t remember what was put in the cart; now may be the time to either find a sitter for her, or simply shop online. Three year olds will remember and may ask for ‘their’ toys that you tried to sneak past them in the check out line.

All the links below will redirect you to Amazon, I am an affiliate for them, but love their selection, ease of purchasing items, and the fact that my 3 can’t grab a toy she wants and chuck it into the cart hoping we don’t put it back on the shelf before checkout (true story). Plus, it’s the most trusted place to buys kids toys, or anything else for that matter, online!

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Barbie Bakery Chef Doll

So, not too long ago, this Barbie doll set ended up in our shopping cart at Walmart and neither my husband or I put it in, our 6 year old didn’t either. Our almost 3 year old daughter snuck it in the cart, maneuvering it behind other items, to ensure we didn’t see it until unpacking the cart to check out!

She knew exactly what she was doing, and my husband couldn’t tell her no, so she ended up getting the set. She has played with it everyday since she has gotten it and even tucks her Barbie in at night. The set is kind of neat, too! The cupcakes and bread ‘pop up’ while in the ‘oven’, and if you get the little sponge at the end of the frosting holder wet and then ‘frost’ the cupcakes, it looks like you’re actually frosting cupcakes.

(I’d highly recommend getting this item on Amazon rather than at the store; we went to Walmart, and the set is actually cheaper on Amazon. Especially with the free shipping with Amazon Prime. Get a free trial here for all your Christmas shopping!)


Baby Rapunzel Doll


Sometimes three year olds’ just want to enjoy their baby dolls and pretend they’re mommies. Both of my girls do this; they treat their dolls like they’re alive and helpless little babies that need their mommy to take care of them. This is the one my six year old likes, and this is the one my almost three year old wants! You can’t go wrong with baby dolls at this age, especially if they’re made in the image of their favorite Disney Princesses.


Stuffed Animals

What little girl doesn’t want a stuffed animal for Christmas?!

My husband and I have had to limit our girls to getting one stuffed animal per year to not have their room turn into a stuffed animal zoo!

This specific brand of stuffed animal, Aurora, is one of my favorites; other than T.Y. of course. (I was born in the 90’s, so I may be a bit biased.)



Building blocks are the perfect gift for little girls. My almost 3 year old daughter is always so proud when she builds anything with these blocks and then comes to show me what she made!

These help with hand eye coordination, building skills, and logic. Plus, kids love to build things.

Grab these free Christmas Activity Printables for your 3 Year Old TOO!

Little Kitchen

I cannot recommend getting your little ones a little kitchen enough! Whether you have a little girl or a little boy, they could benefit, and have fun, with this toy.

This is one of both of my girls favorite toys, and it was a huge hit with all the kids in my moms home daycare when she was running one over 10 years ago. This classic toy, and learning resource, will never go out of style! Get one here, so you don’t have to lift it into your car or hide it from your little one.


A Doctor’s Set

My girls are obsessed with Doc Mcstuffins! My 6 year old would rather an older kids show, but my almost 3 year old absolutely loves this show.

She dresses up as Doc and gives me a weekly check up! (Every week.) Get a check up set for your child here.



Little kids love play-doh, and it’s a great sensory activity for our kids!

My almost 3 year old loves squishing it in her hands and making fun shapes with it. Rolling it out and then asking me to make a custom butterfly shape out of it. Her favorite thing right now is butterflies! She will literally only wear a shirt if it has a butterfly on it.


There are literally 100’s of other gifts that could go on this list! Three year olds aren’t usually that hard to shop for, unless trying to find the perfect gift; in which case, you’ll find above.

At this stage, they are generally still in the happy go lucky phase and won’t take much to please. Just wait til next year, they’ll be a bit more picky!


Looking for the best presents for 3 year old daughter? Well, come check out these 3 year old approved Christmas gifts that your daughter will love!


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