best Christmas gifts for infants

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20 of The Best Christmas Gifts For Infants

Trying to come up with Christmas gifts to get for your infant this year?

I know how hard that can be, whether you’re trying to figure out if you should buy them things they need or things you believe they may want; it’s not an easy task.

I’ve been in your place before, this year will be the third ‘baby’s first Christmas’ I’ll be having, as my third child was born earlier this year. So, from one mom to another, I wanted to provide you with a list of gifts you can give your baby, and answer some questions you may have!

Keep reading to find out what you should buy your child for Christmas in their first year of life.


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best Christmas gifts for infants

Questions You May Have About Christmas Gifts For Babies Under 1 Year…

What do you get a baby for their first Christmas?

There are so many options for what you can get your baby for their first Christmas!

You could buy them things they need, such as:

  • clothes and shoes
  • diapers and wipes
  • cute bottles, sippy cups, or other things they need for eating
  • blankets
  • a large item they may need (high chair, swing, walker, etc.)
  • and more.

Or, you can get them toys and things that you think they may enjoy more, like:

  • a singing stuffed animal
  • blocks
  • noisy toys
  • peek a boo toys
  • an exersaucer
  • books
  • and more.

One thing I would recommend you get your child for their first Christmas is something that says ‘Baby’s First Christmas’ on it, preferably along with the year. Luckily, these aren’t too hard to find! For my girls, we have always made sure they had a ‘Baby’s First Christmas’ ornament with the year of their birth on it. Though, cute Christmas stuffed animals work, too.

Do you buy your baby Christmas presents?

To answer this question, it’s best to know your families traditions and your budget for Christmas.

If you have a tight budget, where you may not have much to spend on Christmas this year; then rest assure that your baby won’t be able to remember what they got for Christmas (if anything) while this young. Generally, kids don’t start to remember much before they start talking.

But, for when they get older and start asking you what they got for Christmas when they were younger, you may want to get them a small present, like mentioned above, that says ‘Baby’s First Christmas’ along with the year on it. That way you have proof they did get presents when they were babies.

If you have a large budget, then you may be instead, wondering if it’s appropriate to buy presents for your baby. In this case, I’d recommend quality over quantity.

From experience, I can tell you just how quick toys start to accumulate for kids, from the time they are born they accumulate so many things it’s not funny. In all seriousness, it really is not funny, especially when they get to the age where they should be cleaning their own room and refuse to because they are overwhelmed with the amount of toys they have,

So, short answer, yes. You should buy at least one present for your child.

How much do you spend on baby for Christmas?

The amount you spend on your baby will again boil down to your budget. Along with how many other people may be buying for them. As well as the number of children you have and will be buying for.
I can tell you, it is very easy to spend a ton of money on your kids for Christmas; to even go further in debt because of it, all because you want your child to have the best Christmas ever.
However, it’s not worth it to go into debt to give your child the ‘Best Christmas Ever’. Especially since when they get older they’ll start to expect every year to get better and better. You’re simply setting yourself up for either failure or super expensive Christmas’ in the future by doing so.
Short answer; as much as you believe fit.
For myself, I’ll try to limit to $100-$200 for my infant this year, which will include toys and needed items.

20 Baby Gift Ideas


There are many different exersaucers to choose from for your infant! This toy isn’t necessary, but babies always seem to love them. They’re best for infants who can already sit up, but can’t yet walk. It helps them exercise and strengthen their legs, along with entertaining them for a little bit longer amounts of time; so maybe you can finally get something done in your day!  My girls had a piano exersaucer, where the seat in the middle came out so they could continue to use it while toddlers!


Play Mats

Babies can have tummy time from day one, and have a nice, clean mat specifically designed to stimulate you baby is great for tummy time! This one has everything to entertain your baby, but take a look at them all to see which one you’d like best for them.



My first two daughters had a baby walker just like the one above when they were babies and they absolutely loved it! (My youngest is quite old enough for one, yet.) And, it may be a coincidence, but my second daughter used it the most and she started walking at 9 months old! So, if your infant doesn’t have one, this may be a good time to consider getting them one!



If your baby didn’t get a blankie at their baby shower, or when they were born, then you’ll want to get them one for their first Christmas. And, the softer the better. This blanket on Amazon comes in different colors and designs!

Bath Toys

Some babies love bathes, and some don’t. Either way, giving them toys to play with in the tub, once they can take full bathes and sit up, will make it even more fun! Just be sure to dry them out completely after bath time, otherwise they may start to collect mold.


Stuffed Animal

Stuffed animals can be so cute and your baby will love it from day one, or at least as soon as they’re able to hold onto it! Just be careful and don’t go overboard with buying stuffed animals; I know from experience how easily they accumulate!


Sorting Toys

This sorting toy is a great gift for a baby, especially if they’re closer to a year old than just newly born. Then again, it’s nice to have toys for your baby before needing them. That way, when they get mature enough for that type of toy, you won’t have to worry about spending money when it’s not in the budget.


Balls and Blocks

You’ll be doing your child a favor by giving them this simple toy set! The squishy blocks are fun to grab and stack, while the little animals are cute and fun to look at and stick in their mouths. And, the balls have all different textures that are fun and easy to grip and attempt to throw!

Stacking Rings

The bright colors and the challenge of putting the rings on, will bring your child back to these often! At least until they have it completely figured out. But, it’s safe to say that won’t be til after they’re a year old. And, with how affordable these are, anyone would be able to get them!


Play Phones and Tablets

As soon as babies learn to grab and push buttons, they’ll be reaching for your phone and remote! They’re just so much fun! Your baby is sure to see the reaction they get from you when they change what’s on the tv, or when they push a button on your phone. Our reaction isn’t of how cute they are, it’s usually one of frustration, at least once they start making a habit of it. So, why not stop them there and give them a toy phone and remote? They still make noises, they’re just not as upsetting to us as the real thing!


Babies just love to have what we have! I’m sure it won’t be long until my 3 month old will start grabbing at my older girls tablets. If you’re infant is starting to act the same way, then maybe it’s time to pick up one of these!



Books for Babies

There are so many wonderful books for babies that you can get, I can’t possibly list them all! But, to give you a few, these are some classics to consider:


Musical Books for Baby’s First Christmas

My oldest daughter has this book, and has loved it since she was an infant. I still remember her ‘reading’ it when she was just over a year old. Over and over and over again! It was her favorite book, and one that I didn’t mind either; no losing your voice for you infant loving this book to be read to them!

Musical Toys

Want to start your childs love of music, and making their own music, young? Then you and they will love these instruments for Christmas. And, most  babies love almost all toys that make sounds!


Sometimes all babies want are a simple toy, such as a rattle. It makes noise when they shake it, teaching them to shake it again to make noise. So, it teaches the basic principle of cause and effect. Plus, these rattles have soft end to prevent them from accidentally hurting themselves or others; babies don’t have the best grip or aim!


Bringing back a classic! Do you remember this from when you were a little kid? (If you’re a millennial like me, then you should!) I just love when toy companies bring back toys that we used to play with so that we can give them to our kids. Bring back those memories and help your child form their own with this xylophone!


This soft floor piano will entertain your child for years to come! Seriously, my second daughter got one for her birthday, and even my oldest (who is almost 7) still loves playing with it! So, be your childs hero this year for Christmas, along with many years to come! This would be a great Christmas present for your baby. 


Toy Cars

Baby boys and girls will love these toy cars. My mom actually bought cars like this for my second daughter for her first Christmas. She absolutely loved them. Though, these cars may be even more entertaining than the ones my daughter received, as these ones have balls inside that rattle and make noise. Babies just love toys that make noise, plus, these are easier for babies to grip and play with than regular toy cars!


Peek-a-Boo or Pop-Up Toys

My dad actually bought my second daughter a pop up toy for her first Christmas, it was one on a pull train, and she loved it. They help babies learn how to figure out how things work and give them a reward, or surprise, each time they are successful! So, believe it or not, it could be considered an educational toy. Though, honestly, almost any toy can be thought of as educational for babies.


Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn for Babies

This talking puppy is one that infants will love and smile at from the day they learn to smile through their preschool years! Either the pink one, or any variation of the puppies fisher-price made. Just check out all of the reviews this toy received on Amazon! My girls have the ones with pink ears and blue ears!

So, what do you buy for a baby?

Well, the answer is above, or something like one or more of the items above!

A combination of what your baby needs and what they would enjoy playing with, or that would teach and stimulate them, would be the best bet for what to get them for Christmas in their first year of life!

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best Christmas gifts for infants

Be sure to grab this gift tracker to remember who you’ve bought for and what you’ve bought. Print it out, or edit it on your computer, phone, or tablet, so keep it a bit more secure so others won’t see what they’re getting for the Holidays! (Plus, who doesn’t have their phone on them while shopping, make this Holiday Season a bit easier on yourself and download this PDF.)

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