harry potter halloween party

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 harry potter halloween party

Everything You Need for a Harry Potter Halloween Party

For us millennials, Harry Potter has been around practically our whole lives. We love it, we teach our children about it, why not throw a Harry Potter Halloween Party?!

The fact that you’re reading this means you had the same great idea! Or, you found this on Pinterest and thought it looked like something you’d want to do. Or, you wanted to know what you’d need in case you ever need to help someone else out with their party!

Well, with the help of some awesome bloggers, and Amazon, I was able to put together this post to help you with your Harry Potter Halloween Part!

In this guide for everything you need for a Harry Potter Halloween Party you’ll find:

  • Harry Potter Halloween Party Basics
  • Harry Potter Halloween Party Decor (and DIY Crafts)
  • Harry Potter Halloween Party Favors and Activities (+ DIY Crafts)
  • Harry Potter Halloween Party Costumes
  • Harry Potter Halloween Party Themed Recipes

Scroll through, take a look, click on some pictures or resources, and find all you’ll need for your Harry Potter Halloween Party!

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Harry Potter Halloween Party Basics

With all there is for creating an awesome Harry Potter Party, it may be hard to know where to start. Check out a few of the basics below, and don’t forget to sign up for a free trial of Amazon Music so you can get the Harry Potter Music below!

Harry Potter Party: Owl Post (Invitations)

Photo from tonyastaab.com

Find more Harry Potter Themed Party ideas from Tonya here at tonyastaab.com, as she has hosted a Halloween Harry Potter LEGO party and shares it!


Winged Keys and Floating Candles: Harry Potter Themed Porch

Photo from diydanielle.com

You can’t have a Harry Potter themed anything without some of these! Find the simple tutorial to make them here.

Cauldrons for Candy 

Use these for decorations or for serving candy in, either way with the price they’re at there’s no reason to get these.

Other Items you NEED for a Harry Potter Halloween Party


Harry Potter Halloween Party Decor (and DIY Crafts)

Harry Potter Golden Snitch Ornament

Photo from savingslifestyle.com

This may be meant for the Christmas Tree, but wouldn’t it look awesome as a Halloween Decoration, too! Or, have it be a fun craft for kids at a Halloween Party, they’ll love it, find decorations here.

DIY Spooky Spider Halloween Wreath

Photo from annsentitiledlife.com



Platform 9  ¾ 

Make sure you have a way for your guests to get to Hogwarts!


Front Door Sign for a Harry Potter Themed Porch

Photo from diydanielle.com

If you don’t include this at a Halloween party, at least make it an hang it where everyone in your home will see it; it’s a great message for everyone to remember! Thank you Danielle from diydanille.com for reminding us! Find the tutorial here.


DIY Garden Flag Sign: Harry Potter Themed

Photo from diydanielle.com

Another great idea from Danielle, find the tutorial and full quote from Albus Dumbledore here. Find other great ideas for a Harry Potter themed Halloween porch here!


Wall Decal


Other Harry Potter Halloween Party Decor/ Props:


Harry Potter Halloween Party Favors and Activities (+ DIY Crafts)

DIY Harry Potter Wands

Photo from vintagekitty.com

These wands are gorgeous, go here to find out how to make them yourself! You may want to make them a day ahead of when you’ll need them, but totally worth the time it’ll take to make these!


Edible Wizard’s Crafts

Photo from organized31.com

These would work great in gift bags; an inexpensive DIY for your guests to take home!


Halloween Celebrations: DIY Owl Pinata

Photo from tonyastaab.com

If there’s kids at your party, this will surely be a hit! Check it out here.


Harry Potter Halloween Party Costumes

$5 DIY Owl Costume

Photo from moneywisemoms.com

If you want a simple DIY Halloween owl costume for your kids, so they can pretend to be Hedwig, check out this tutorial. They could even help you make it!


If You’d Rather Buy Costumes…


Harry Potter

Dementor Hands 

Minerva Mcgonagall Hat



Hermione Granger

Hedwig the Owl

Dobby Mask 


Check out these other Halloween Costume Posts:

11 of the Cutest Toddler Girl Superhero Costumes

The Ultimate Disney Princess Halloween Costume Guide for Your Little Princess


Harry Potter Halloween Party Themed Recipes 

If you’ve never been to my site before, then you probably don’t know how much of a health nut I am. However, to provide you with as many options as possible for your Harry Potter Themed Halloween; I’m going to let you know I lowered my health standards for this one post…quite a bit.

Let’s start with some of the somewhat healthier options!

Vegan Harry Potter Themed Recipes

Harry Potter Golden Snitch Truffles

Photo from dinner-mom.com

This is a must-have for any Harry Potter Party! Get the recipe here.


Pumpkin Juice Recipe – Harry Potter Style

Photo from dinner-mom.com



healthy Halloween Treats
Photo from healthyslowcooking.com



Photo from healthyslowcooking.com


Pumpkin Pasties (A Harry Potter Recipe!)

Photo from delightfuladventures.com


More Healthy Vegan Halloween Treats:

15 Healthy Halloween Treats for Kids!

3 cute and healthy Halloween snacks for kids


Non-vegan Harry Potter Halloween Party Themes Recipes

Beware. Some of the recipes below may be spookily unhealthy. (As in, not plant-based and possibly full of sugar.)

Personally, for my own kids and myself, I would veganize all of these recipes; you do what’s best for you and your kids!

Best Butterbeer Recipe Ever

Photo from princesspinkygirl.com

You can’t have a Harry Potter Halloween without butterbeer!


Harry Potter Butterbeer Ice Cream

Photo from princesspinkygirl.com

How to make Frozen Butterbeer

Photo from ashleemarie.com


Butterbeer Fudge Recipe

Photo from ashleemarie.com


Gillyweed {Spinach} Dip

Photo from cookingwithcurls.com


Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans




Photo from cookingwithcurls.com

Don’t worry, no frogs are harmed in the making of these! You will need: Chocolate Frog Molds and this recipe.


Harry Potter Party: Golden Snitch Cake Pops

Photo from tonyastaab.com

I am so excited to try these this year!! I finally decided to buy a cake pop mold (this is the one I got).



Photo from ikneadtoeat.com


Halloween Rice Krispies Treats Ideas

Photo from organized31.com


Harry Potter Halloween Party Banners


Hogwarts Banner



Gryffindor Banner 



Slytherin Banner



Ravenclaw Banner



Hufflepuff Banner


Have a Great Harry Potter Halloween Party!

Whether you were able to grab some things off amazon, find a tutorial or recipe to get started on, or simply gain some inspiration; I hope you have a great Harry Potter Halloween Party that you (your children) and your guests will remember for years to come and form memories that you will cherish!

Share with your Harry Potter fanatic friends!

harry potter halloween party

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harry potter halloween party
harry potter halloween party
harry potter halloween party
harry potter halloween party
harry potter halloween party

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