27+ Healthy Smoothie Bowls and Smoothie Recipes for Kids

 healthy smoothie recipes

27 Healthy Smoothie Recipes for Kids

Are you trying to get more healthy food into your child, or maybe even yourself?

Or, maybe you’re struggling actually eating your greens?

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At some point, or another, you’ve probably struggled with eating enough produce; according to Time Magazine about 90% of people in the United States don’t eat enough fruits and veggies!


That’s almost everyone!

And, let’s be real here, I don’t want you or me to be apart of that statistic.

So, check out the recipes below ASAP, get a blender (or nutribullet or nutri ninja) and start drinking the real food your body craves for!

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Healthy Smoothie Recipes – Green Smoothies

Green smoothies are one of the most well-known smoothies out there to help add more fruits and veggies into your diet. Even for the pickiest of kids who refuse their veggies. Check out the ones below!


healthy smoothie recipes
Photo from sugarspiceandglitter.com

This recipe has been tested over and over again to make sure it is picky eater approved. The sweetness in it from the pear helps mask the flavor of the kale. So, go give this one a try, and get those veggies in your kids during breakfast, and quickly!

2. My Go to Green Smoothie Recipe

healthy smoothie recipes
Photo from stresslessbehealthy.com

Alright, so this is my personal go to green smoothie; created purely from experimentation, trying out some superfoods, pure laziness, and trying to save some money.This smoothie will get you up and going all morning, and will provide the nutrients that both you and your kids need!


healthy smoothie recipes
Photo from dancingthroughtherain.com

Another mom trying to get their kids to simply eat their veggies came up with this easy smoothie. The best part, other than the taste, may just be that it’s not even green! This smoothie is perfect if you’re really having difficulties trying to get your kids to eat, or drink, their greens. They won’t even know there’s any greens in it.


4. the Best Green Smoothie Recipe ~ Simple

healthy smoothie recipes
Photo from veggiesociety.com

So, there’s no hiding the greens from kids, or yourself, in this smoothie. But, all of the health benefits it boasts is sure worth drinking this dark green healthy smoothie! Maybe tell your kids it’s a ‘hulk’ smoothie, to help them grow big and strong like their favorite super hero.


healthy smoothie recipes
Photo from hotpankitchen.com

Yes, another green smoothie that doesn’t show the ‘green’! Perfect for kids, and make sure you go check out the post to learn why you should use the ingredients in this smoothie, and what health benefits you and your children will gain from drinking it!

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Healthy Smoothie Recipes – Chocolate Smoothies

If you and your children have more a sweet tooth when it comes to breakfast and snacks through out the day; check out these chocolate smoothies to curb your cravings and provide you with plenty of nutrients!

6. Healthy Chocolate Smoothie

healthy smoothie recipes
Photo from avirtualvegan.com

This healthy chocolate smoothie is rich and heavenly. It has a secret ingredient that I bet you can’t guess, and it’ll keep you full all morning! An ideal breakfast for a child too busy to eat before school and too picky to drink a green smoothie.



healthy smoothie recipes
Photo from rhiansrecipes.com

Ok, so this may not necessarily be a smoothie, but a milkshake is close enough, right? It may require some prep work the day before (or when you normally meal prep), but you’ll thank yourself you did it! Plus, you can make this with only 3 simple ingredients (that are rather cheap, and absolutely good for you, and your children). So, put aside some time to peel and chop a veggie to freeze and reap the benefits the next morning with this milkshake!


8. Chocolate Avocado Smoothie

healthy smoothie recipes
Photo from texanerin.com

If you’re looking for a thick, creamy, chocolaty smoothie that tastes almost like pudding (or could practically be pudding if you leave out just one ingredient); then this is a smoothie for you! Don’t worry, you can’t taste the avocado in this, it simply helps with creating a richer taste and creamier texture.

Healthy Smoothie Bowl Recipes

Looking for something a bit more, that may be a little more filling; part smoothie, part food you actually have to chew? Check out the amazing smoothie bowl recipes below. Don’t forget to post your beautiful smoothie bowl picture on instagram before you eat it!

9. Healthy Vegan Green Smoothie Bowl Recipe

Green Smoothie Bowl Recipe
Photo from stresslessbehealthy.com

This is my personal smoothie bowl recipe that put smiles on my little girls faces! Including 4 different kinds of fruit, kale, a few superfoods, plus non-dairy milk; this smoothie bowl is delicious and nutritious! God ahead and try it out for yourself!



healthy smoothie recipes
Photo from recipesfromapantry.com

This smoothie bowl has a whole lot of berries, and plenty of protein and fiber; making it perfect after a long, tiring day. It also looks super pretty! Just be sure to use non-dairy milk if looking for a vegan smoothie bowl, instead of the recommended milk in the recipe.



healthy smoothie recipes
Photo from thebakingfairy.net

Mmmm…rich and creamy, protein packed smoothie, topped with hints of what’s on the inside! This smoothie bowl is perfect for a quick breakfast before a long hard day; at work, school, or chasing after little ones! Find the recipe, along with the protein packed almond milk used in it, at thebakingfairy.net.


healthy smoothie recipes
Photo from smartfundiy.com

This smoothie bowl recipe for kids is actually quite adorable.  First make the smoothie, then make a cute little face with the toppings; brilliant idea for a kids snack!! Check it out to see what ingredients are used.

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More Healthy Smoothie Recipes

There are sooo many different types of healthy smoothies recipes for kids; it’s hard to put all of them into specific categories

13. Creamy Banana Smoothie

healthy smoothie recipes
Photo from avirtualvegan.com

This creamy banana smoothie is super filling and delicious! It’s also really easy to make, especially if you prep and freeze ahead of time. But, even if you don’t prep ahead of time, you don’t have to worry about any of the ingredients going bad; it surprisingly has no fresh fruit involved.



healthy smoothie recipes
Photo from recipesfromapantry.com

This healthy smoothie is tropical, fruity, and delicious. It may not have any veggies in it, but with 5 different types of fruit; it’s still super healthy and a great way for kids to get more produce into their diets! Just be sure to give them the kids version.


15. healthy vegan frozen peach mango smoothie

healthy smoothie recipes
Photo from myfoodstory.com

Nothing hits the spot like a rich and creamy peach smoothie. Add a mango to it, and it’s like a party in your mouth. Go check out this healthy vegan frozen peach mango smoothie; you’ll even get a few extra tips on how to make smoothies taste so good it’s like eating dessert!


16. strawberry banana coconut smoothie

healthy smoothie recipes
Photo from myfoodstory.com

If you’re looking for a super simple smoothie that is relatively thin and only has 3 ingredients; go ahead and check out this smoothie that’s quick to make! It’s also vegan, whole30, and paleo friendly. So, unless you can’t stand bananas, are allergic to strawberries, or don’t like coconut water; this smoothie is for you.


17. Strawberry Mango Smoothie

healthy smoothie recipes
Photo from mamalovesfood.com

This super simple healthy smoothie recipe is a little bit less classic and more tropical than the prior recipe. It, too, only has 3 ingredients, but these ingredients are frozen, not fresh, to make for a thicker, creamier smoothie. You can find the recipe at mamalovesfood.com.



healthy smoothie recipes
Photo from nourish-and-fete.com

This healthy smoothie recipe seriously tastes like dessert; so it shouldn’t take much effort to get your kids to drink. It was also inspired by a smoothie from a beach vacation. Go ahead and check out this recipe (and the story behind it) at nourish-and-fete.com



healthy smoothie recipes
Photo from lowcarbyum.com

Does your child not like avocado, but you want them to get the health benefits from them? Check out this avocado smoothie that cleverly hides the avocado taste from picky eaters! Although, I don’t have an issue getting my two little girls to eat avocado plain by the spoonful; I know some other’s may not have such an easy time get this super healthy food into their kids.

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healthy smoothie recipes
Photo from savorytooth.com

This fruity smoothie is simple, can be prepped ahead of time, and has a hidden veggie in it. Can you guess what it is? Click over to this healthy pineapple smoothie to find out, and to learn the other ingredients!



healthy smoothie recipes
Photo from fearlessdining.com

Do your kids love creamsicles as much as mine do? I’m going to guess they do! Go check out this creamsicle smoothie, just be sure to leave out the honey if you’re looking for a truly vegan dessert smoothie.

22. Paleo Blueberry Smoothie

healthy smoothie recipes
Photo from texanerin.com

This recipe is perfect if you’re looking for a blueberry smoothie with a lemony twist to it, or bright blueberry flavor! You can even customize it with suggested options for your dietary needs or preference! Check it out at texanerin.com.


healthy smoothie recipes
Photo from dashofjazz.com

Want a quick and easy smoothie that’s healthy and only takes 2 minutes to make after your meal prepping session? Yes please! This smoothie is great for all of your busy weekday mornings that you barely have time to get yourself ready before you have to take your child to school. Go check it out at dashofjazz.com.

24. Unicorn Frappuccino Smoothie – A Crazy Healthy Version

healthy smoothie recipes
Photo from pinkfortitude.com

Want a unicorn smoothie that isn’t full of sugar? Kid friendly? AND full of amazingly good for you real food? My 5 year old sure does, and she’s been all about the unicorn everything craze that’s been going on. Check out the full unicorn frappuccino smoothie at pinkfortitude.com!


healthy smoothie recipes
Photo from urbanblisslife.com

Ever have a blue smoothie before? Yeah….me either. This super healthy smoothie is one your kids will be asking you for simply because of the color, and you’ll want to make it for them with the many health benefits they’ll get from it. Find out how to make this beautiful blue smoothie at urbanblisslife.com.


healthy smoothie recipes
Photo from joyfoodsunshine.com

So, I wasn’t sure if this should go with the chocolate or green smoothies at the top of this post, because it’s both! And, the fact that it has peanut butter and chocolate in it reminds me of reese’s, and who doesn’t like those? (Or, their vegan home made version.) Check it out at joyfoodsunshine.com!


healthy smoothie recipes
Photo from organizedisland.com

Looking for a super simple refreshing smoothie? Check out this smoothie recipe; with only three ingredients, you can have this made in no time!

Mango smoothie bowl topped with fruit, coconut shreds, and granola, with extra ingredients surrounding the bowl.

Mango Smoothie Bowl Recipe

This tropical mango pineapple smoothie bowl will make you feel like you’re on a mini tropical vacation, even if it’s just for a few moments! It’s creamy, crunchy, and delicious all at the same time!
Get the Recipe Pin Recipe

Go on a Healthy Smoothie Challenge with your Kids!

There are soo many healthy smoothies to choose from, go ahead and try them all.

If you don’t have anything to blend smoothies in, head over to amazon and check out the nutribullet and nutri ninja. I’ve used and loved both. My nutribullet lasted me about 4 and a half years (of using it every single day, sometimes even more than once a day). My husband bought me the nutri ninja for mothers day this past year, and I’m loving it!

See if you and your children can make a different smoothie a day everyday for a month! Pin this post on pinterest to come back to everyday during the challenge. Don’t forget to share with others and see if they can drink a different smoothie everyday for a month.

Good Luck!!

healthy smoothie recipes

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