Easy Vegan dinner recipes

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Easy Vegan dinner recipes

11 Family Friendly Quick and Easy Vegan Dinner Recipes for Hectic Weeknights

With the school year within reach, and this being my oldest daughters first year of ‘real’ school, who knows what’s to come!

Maybe a sports team, or something else?

You may already have children in sports or other after school activities. And, that may make having a delicious and nutritious dinner a rare occasion. But, it doesn’t need to be!

There are so many recipes available online that are quick and healthy, some may even taste like you slaved over the stove for hours. (Which is exactly what my husbands grandma has always thought I should do, even when he was the one staying home with our kids!)

So, get ready to check out some awesome and easy vegan dinner recipes that will take you 35 minutes or less to make!

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Easy Vegan dinner recipes
Photo from rhiansrecipes.com

This delicious looking mac and ‘cheese’ is completely vegan and only takes 30 minutes to make! It’s rich, creamy, and the sauce even freezes well, so double the recipe for the sauce for an even quicker and easier dinner for a hectic busy school night! Check out the recipe at rhiansrecipes.com.



Easy Vegan dinner recipes
Photo from veggiedesserts.co.uk

I know what you’re thinking, how can something so good be considered a quick and easy dinner? Well, you better believe it; this recipe only takes 25 minutes to make (as long as you cook the beans ahead of time, or buy canned). The creator of this recipe even made a video showing you how to make. How much better can it get!


3. Easy Pasta Salad Recipe

Easy Pasta Salad Recipe
Photo from stresslessbehealthy.com

This easy pasta salad is perfect for picky eaters, as it’s completely customizable, and so easy a child can make it! You might even want to consider sending it with your child to school for lunch.



Easy Vegan dinner recipes
Photo from karissasvegankitchen.com

I don’t know of anyone who hates tacos, they’re probably a favorite in your home, too. Being vegan, or trying to eat better as a family doesn’t mean you can’t keep enjoying tacos, either. Try these lentil tacos, full of protein and only take about 30 minutes to make. Up to you if you use the avocado crema topping or something else (just make sure you soak the cashews over night for the crema so you’re not rushing to get them ready.)

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5. Clean Eating Asian Recipes {Kale Pad Thai}

Easy Vegan dinner recipes
Photo from mommafitlyndsey.com

So many colors! If your family prefers asian recipes, be sure to check out this recipe. If you want it warm, the longest part will chopping the veggies. Though, it always seems to take me awhile to chop veggies, with two kids at my side pulling at me for all my attention. You can never go wrong with adding more colors of the rainbow into your families diet! If you are aiming for vegan or plant based, just don’t use their suggestion in the post to add cooked chicken.


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Easy Vegan dinner recipes
Photo from rhiansrecipes.com

If you’re thinking that making falafels aren’t easy, or maybe not even healthy; you need to take a look at this recipe! It only takes 25 minutes to make, and you don’t have to worry about it falling apart on you while baking or frying (or maybe that’s just me who has trouble making them). It’s simple, quick, and nutritious; just what your family needs after a busy day at work and school! Just be sure to double or triple the recipe depending on how many people you’re planning on feeding.



Easy Vegan dinner recipes
Photo from littlesunnykitchen.com

Usually homemade soups take awhile to make, at least for those of us with kids, but this one can be made in only 35 minutes, and 30 of those minutes are the cook time. Add some rye bread, like the recipe creator suggests, and it’s one the whole family will enjoy! So, grab this recipe, get it on the stove, deal with the chaos of your busy night (whether it be helping with homework or breaking up fights), come back to this 20 to 30 minutes later; dinners ready!

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8. Busy Mom’s Tofu Scramble Wrap Recipe

tofu scramble wrap
Photo from stresslessbehealthy.com

A lot of times when you see a recipe that contains tofu, it requires pressing the tofu; which either takes time and heavy cookbooks, or a tofu press. Well, us moms don’t have time for that. Create this delicious tofu scramble wrap that your whole family will enjoy, and your kids will be asking you for. It takes about as long to make as scrambling eggs, but it’s much more nutritious! You can even make the tofu scramble ahead of time and heat it up for a quicker dinner, or even breakfast.



Easy Vegan dinner recipes
Photo from recipesfromapantry.com

Need a super quick dinner that you can whip up in 15 minutes? Try this healthy pineapple fried rice recipe. Just make sure you include cooking some brown rice in your weekly meal prep! If you don’t meal prep, it may be time for you to find out The Benefits of Meal Prepping.



Easy Vegan dinner recipes
Photo from rhiansrecipes.com

Want a quick dinner that you can surprise your families taste buds with, in a good way? This nutritious PEANUT TOFU SATAY CURRY can be made in 20 minutes! The creator of the recipe even links to fruity side dishes that would go very well with it. Everything you need to get dinner on the table when getting home from an exhausting day shuffling kids around.



Easy Vegan dinner recipes
Photo from thebakingfairy.net

You know what’s amazing? How this recipe only takes about 35 minutes to make, and 30 of those minutes are cook time! It honestly looks like it would take and hour or two to make. It’s super simple, too. Impress your family for dinner one night this week….while spending almost no time in the kitchen!

See, you don’t need to spend hours slaving over the stove to make a delicious and nutritious dinner for your family. There’s no need to eat out, either, on busy school nights when your kids are active in sports and extra-curricular activities! Save the money, stop stressing, and enjoy these quick recipes your family is sure to love!


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Easy Vegan dinner recipes

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Easy Vegan dinner recipes

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