The Benefits of Meal Prepping

Meal Prepping for the week

The Benefits of Meal Prepping

Save Time | Save Money | Be Healthier

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Do you hate cooking? Or feel as if you just don’t have time for it? So, you just grab fast food, or easy frozen meals you can just put in the oven, instead? It’s so much easier that way, right?

What about your health, though? How do you feel? Do you have energy to get through the day, or are you relying on caffeine and sugar for that?

Would you like to know how to eat healthy all week long? Without paying a ton of money, or having someone else cook for you every night….

Learn how to meal prep here!

You can meal prep! Batch cook, and bake, the foods that you enjoy and are healthy; it just takes a few hours each week! If you’re making food yourself instead of buying it already processed, or from a restaurant or fast food place; it’s bound to naturally be healthier, and, without too much effort!

Once you start meal prepping, you may want to check out some containers to hold your food for the week!

And, there’s more benefits to meal prepping than simply eating healthier; that’s just the best one in my own opinion!

It Saves Time

You can literally meal prep all, or at least most, of your food for the week in one morning (or afternoon) during the weekend!

Cook your grains, roast your veggies, bake any desserts or breakfasts you’ll want for the week. Prepare whatever you usually eat, or wish you could eat if you could just find the time.

If you usually buy a frozen pizza; make the dough and prepare the toppings during your meal prep session, and store in the fridge til you want it! If you are like my husband and like buying frozen pot pies for dinners; make and freeze your own instead! Check out Pinterest for some ideas, there are thousands of ideas and examples to for meal prepping on there! Just search for the type of food you and your family enjoy! Save yourself some more time and follow some of my boards for plenty of healthy meal ideas to make!

Less Mess

Making all, or most, of your food all on one day means less dishes to do! YAY!! I don’t know if you have a dishwasher or not, but I don’t. So this is a big deal for me! I hate doing the dishes, yet I’m the only who does them.

If for some reason I don’t meal prep over the weekend, I end up have two sinks full of dishes to do every day of the week!! That’s enough to make me just want to order food out instead of cook, and I’m a bit of a health nut! So, meal prepping once a week saves me from dreading to do the dishes, and saves a ton of time with only have to clean up from making food once. It’s a win-win; no eating out, and less of a mess!

Save Money

Along with having saving time, and stress, from having to cook everyday; you also save money from meal prepping!

You will need to meal plan wisely though, to make the most out of saving your money with this process. I’d suggest to start by learning How to Make a Healthy Meal Plan on a Budget!

There are actually a few ways you can save money by meal prepping.

First, you save money by not having to eat out.

Second, you save money but not buying as much processed food!

And, third; you save money by creating meals out of the groceries you buy, right after getting them. This makes sure that the food you buy doesn’t go bad before using it, meaning less waste. And, who likes paying for food that ends up going to waste? I don’t think anyone does, but it happens all the time. So, let’s only buy what we need and prepare it right away!

If you start to realize that you bought more food than what you needed for the week and some of the food may go bad; make meals and freeze them! You’ll save even more money and have an extra meal for later in the month, just in case you need one!

Eat Healthier

I know I already mentioned this in the beginning, but it’s soo important that I needed to say a little more about it! Plus, there’s multiple ways to meal prep to eat healthy. There’s how I’ve been describing, where you prep once a week. But, you can also make freezer meals; this will reduce stress, save time, and save you money, even more so than weekly meal prepping!

I’ve dabbled in making freezer meals a little bit in the past, but I haven’t turned it into a habit yet. Some people have though, and will make a whole months worth of food at one time. From how I did it, and understand how to do it; it’s basically just cutting up a lot of veggies and protein, adding in spices, and putting it in a freezer bag to freeze til needed. I’d recommend checking out pinterest for some ideas and recipes to use!

I may not make freezer meals regularly, but I do have two little girls and all three of us have a bit of a sweet tooth. If you can’t tell yet, I don’t enjoy buying processed food for myself and my girls. So, all the muffins, cookies, and other snack type foods we eat are home made with mostly plant based ingredients! All our breakfast foods that are sweet, like pancakes and waffles are home made, as well! I always double the recipe and freeze whatever we don’t eat that day!

This way I can get 3 to 4 meals for us out of the breakfast food I made (and only have to make it and do the dishes once!!). And, for most of the snacks I make, they’ll last all month. Which is amazing! Not that I hate baking, I actually enjoy it and my girls love to help, too. It just takes so much time, so being able to bake once a month saves me quite a few hours through out the month!

SOO Many Benefits to Eating Healthier!!

So, you can eat healthier by meal prepping, but why eat healthier? How will it benefit YOU?

I sure hope you can guess at least a few benefits! Like the obvious ones of being in good health, losing or maintaining weight, and preventing certain chronic diseases.

But, with eating healthier, you’ll also have more energy (to chase after your little ones), and be happier!!

You won’t feel as groggy at 3pm or 4pm when a lot of people need a sugar or caffeine fix to last through the rest of the day. You won’t be hangry!! Because you’ll be meal prepping and have food almost immediately available when you need it, and be feeding your body the nutrients it needs.

There are so Many Benefits to Meal Prepping!

Now that you know how beneficial prepping your meals ahead of time is; do you think you’ll start meal prepping now?

Will you spend a few hours on the weekend making healthy food for yourself and family to have all week long? To save you hours through out the week making food and cleaning up. Saving you a good chunk of change from avoiding fast food or eating out, because you already have food ready to eat at home! And to help ensure that your family and yourself are getting the healthy food you deserve and nutrients you need!

You’ve learned why you should meal prep, now learn how to meal prep to benefit from it!

Comment below with what you plan on meal prepping this week!

Meal Prep

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