Fruity Moods; a Fun & Healthy Breakfast for Kids!

In this article you will find a fruity and nutty healthy breakfast for kids that will set them up for a great day! Putting them in a great mood and keeping them full til snack time!

fruity moods

Do you know anything about the food and mood connection?

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I didn’t until I was earning my degree in Psychology and found out that what you eat can affect how you feel!

I felt enlightened when I found that out. It honestly shifted my whole mindset about mental health around.

Unfortunately, I was graduating at the end of the semester when I found out about this concept and truly understood it. I say ‘unfortunately’ because I had been pre-med and was focusing on child psychology and neuroscience (I know, I’m a bit of a nerd), hoping to one day be a child psychiatrist….

Then I learned more about the medication prescribed…. 🙁

Then I learned about how effective a treatment the right food for kids can be for some mental health issues 🙂

If I had to start over with going to college, I would’ve gone to become a registered dietitian instead. Simply because helping children with mental disorders through the food they eat is much safer and more effective than a lot of the medication out there; of course some kids need those medications to help the brain when it’s not quite wired correctly. But still, starting with a change in diet would probably be the safest route to go.

fruity moods

What is so great about Fruity Moods?

Fruity moods is basically fruit, nuts and seeds, and non-dairy milk.

So it’s basically like eating cereal, but it is stuffed full of vitamins and minerals that our kids need to start off the day on the right foot; unlike cereal you buy at the store.

The way we eat fruity moods provides nutrients such as;

  • omega-3 fatty acids
  • tons of fiber
  • calcium
  • iron
  • potassium
  • vitamin C
  • healthy proteins
  • and more!

I’m not going to list off every single nutrient these contain.

You can also customize this recipe to your child’s liking, so it is picky-eater proof (at least for the most part!).

They provide the focused energy kids need to start the day right, without the sugar crash!

This breakfast will literally put them in a good mood!

I even feel better on the mornings where I eat this instead of something else; more balanced, satiated, ready to take on the day!

One of the ingredients in this recipe (cashews), if not more, even help stabilize mood and reduce depression and anxiety! (Read more about that here.)

So, let’s see here…

Fruity Moods helps;

  • provide focused energy with no crash
  • reduce depression and anxiety
  • provides plenty of nutrients that our kids need (even the more difficult to get ones)
  • and they taste great!

Keep reading for the full recipe!

*Please note that this should not be given to infants or toddlers because nuts can be a choking hazard.

fruity moods

How to Make Fruity Moods

Did I mention this recipe is super easy to make, too!

To make it even easier on yourself, you can prepare part of it ahead of time by slicing some strawberries and kiwis.

To start making this recipe, get one banana per person you’ll be making it for.

Slice each banana into a bowl.

Then add in the sliced (or diced) kiwi and strawberries.

Now’s the fun part!

Sprinkle on top;

  • cashews
  • walnuts
  • raisins
  • pecans
  • almonds
  • non-dairy chocolate chips (mini ones if you have them)
  • chia seeds
  • flax seeds

And then pour some non-dairy milk on top and eat like cereal!

fruity moods
fruity moods

Fruity Moods

Shawna Clapper
A healthy and delicious breakfast for kids that will keep them full and happy til snack time!
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Course Breakfast, Snack
Cuisine American
Servings 1 bowl


  • 1 banana sliced
  • 2-3 strawberries sliced
  • 1 kiwi diced
  • 1 tbsp non-dairy chocolate chips
  • 1 tbsp cashews halved
  • 1 tbsp walnuts chopped
  • 1 tbsp raisins
  • 1 tbsp pecans chopped
  • 1 tbsp almonds sliced
  • 1 tsp chia seeds
  • 1 tsp flaxmeal
  • non-dairy milk (enough to eat it like cereal)


  • Get out a bowl, spoon, butter knife, cutting board, and all ingredients.
  • Peel and slice banana, strawberries, and kiwi into the bowl.
  • Measure and add in the chocolate chips, dried fruit, nuts, and seeds.
  • Add non-dairy milk and eat like cereal!


*Feel free to add in any other dried fruit, fresh fruit, nuts, or seeds!
*If this seems like it’s too much food for your little one, it’s alright to cut the recipe in half, or simply eye it and not follow measurements.
Keyword almonds, banana, berries, cashews, chocolate chips, fruit, kiwi, raisins, strawberry, walnuts
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fruity moods

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