Vegan Easter Basket Ideas for Kids!

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Vegan Easter Basket Ideas for Kids!

Raising vegan kids isn’t just about the food, it affects how we celebrate holidays, as well! If this is your first Easter raising vegan kids then you may wonder what you should do… you can’t very well color Easter eggs, hide them, or put them in an Easter basket for your kids. Don’t worry, there’s plenty of vegan Easter Basket ideas, just look below!

To be honest, the only obvious non vegan things about Easter may be the eggs, and maybe the milk chocolate bunnies, the peeps, and more (yep, so many of our holidays are based around food- and a lot of that food isn’t always vegan friendly).

And if you still want to use the plastic re-usable Easter eggs for fun little gifts (or vegan candy), there’s no problem with that!

But, let’s start by taking a look at some non-food items that kids love to get in their Vegan Easter Baskets.

Outdoor Toys for Easter

Whatever outdoor toys you want!

Here are some ideas:

And whatever other outdoor toys you think your child would like! Maybe a basketball, soccer ball, or something entirely different.

Easter Chalk

If chalk isn’t something you put in your childs Easter basket every year, then maybe it’s something you’ll start doing!

It’s cheap, easy, and will entertain your kids for hours! (Ask how I know!)

And, there are tons to choose from…


Bubbles are another fun addition to vegan Easter baskets!

Kids love them, and again, they will entertain kids for hours on end, so put up a hammock in your backyard and relax while the kids spend hours outside (away from screens) playing!

We got these ones for our girls last year and they worked well (until the dog got to them, so we’ll need to get more this year).

Outdoor toys are going to be your best bet when it comes to little gifts in vegan Easter Baskets, plus we all know our kids should probably getting more outdoor time than they are now. But those aren’t the only things you can fill their baskets with.


You could also get them any of the things below;

Vegan Food for Easter Baskets (AKA- Vegan Candy)

Have you seen all of the Vegan Easter Candy that’s now available!?!

It’s amazing how far vegan food companies have come in the past 10 years. Like seriously, the vegan ‘cheese’ I bought back when I went vegan DID NOT MELT no matter what…and the almond milk creamer only came in a teeny tiny carton.

But, I just found a cute little bunny bag full of vegan treats here!!

I hope you’re as excited about this as I am!

If you’re someone who needs to have a chocolate bunny every year (for yourself or kids) then check out this adorable (and VEGAN) chocolate bunny.

Or maybe you like to hide those plastic Easter eggs for your kids and don’t want to fill it with little toys, that will get lost or broken within a day, I found some with cute vegan chocolates already inside of them; all you’ll need to do is hide them!

And if you’re looking for other VEGAN Easter Candy, go here to look for some yourself!

So, whether you want to opt out of giving your kids chocolates and other candy for Easter, or you’d love to introduce them to some new vegan candy (it’s a holiday after all!), there are plenty of things to fill your childs Vegan Easter Basket with!

Buy them online (I’ve done the hard part for you, finding all of the little things you could put in it- all you have to do is decide what!) or in store. It’s up to you; luckily there are tons of Vegan Easter Basket Ideas so your kids don’t ever have to feel left out!

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