ways to use coconut oil

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Coconut oil is amazing. It has so many uses, and it smells good, too!

It was only a couple years ago when I started buying it. And boy, am I glad that I did! It has so many uses!

When I started buying it, I simply used it for recipes, like muffins and pancakes. I’ve come a long way from simply using it in recipes! And, I’m going to share some of those ways with you, along with ways other people use it. In fact, I’m going to share 102 ways that coconut oil can be used!

*Note: some links may contain affiliate links (meaning if you end up purchasing something when you click on the link then I may get a commission on it, with no extra cost to you, of course). For more information on what this means, visit my disclosure page

For Your Health

  1. Oil pulling. I know, you may not have ever heard of this before and you maybe like ‘what?!? What is oil pulling? That sounds weird.’ And to answer your question, it is simply swishing oil in your mouth somewhat like you would mouth wash. I’ve been doing this on and off for the past year. And, more recently about every other day. It takes a little while to get used to. For best results you’re supposed to use about a tablespoon of coconut oil and vigorously swish for about 20 minutes first thing when you wake up. I find this easiest to do in the shower, as long as that’s the first thing I do when I wake. Just make sure you don’t spit it down the drain or swallow it.The purpose of this is to draw out toxins and have the coconut oil pretty much absorb it. So, when you spit the oil out, out goes all the bad stuff, as well. Another awesome bonus oil pulling has is that it whitens teeth and helps freshen breath. I don’t smell my own breath, but I can definitely tell that my teeth are whiter. Even with doing it every other day! So, make this a part of your morning routine.
  2. Baking. Like I said before, this is how coconut oil started to find its way into my home. Use it in place of other oils when baking.
  3. Cooking. Instead of using butter or canola oil, or those sprays like pam, to keep food from sticking to the pan, use coconut oil. The only time this may not benefit you, is if you use water to prevent sticking. Using water is what I was taught to use in my nutrition course while I was attending college. But come on, who is that healthy?
  4. Make chocolate. You can even make reese’s copycats with this! And those are delicious, all you need is coconut oil, pure maple syrup, peanut butter and cocoa powder!
  5. Use in place of coffee creamer. I have read about others doing this. They rave about how good it tastes and how good it is for them. I’ve tried it, maybe I’m too spoiled with flavored almond coffee creamer. To be honest, I thought it tasted oily.
  6. Use in a smoothie. This is another one I personally have not tried yet. But it should help the smoothie be smooth, and like anything you put coconut oil it, it has a ton of health benefits.


  1. Give pans a non-stick surface. I have not tried this on cake pans or muffin tins. I use silicone baking cups when I make muffins- which are always non-stick. But I know it works as a one time use on cooking pans. Coconut oil is what I use on my pan when I make banana pancakes, to keep them from sticking.


  1. Lip balm. Simple as that. It moisturizes your lips. No need to buy chap stick that will eventually get lost and need replacing.
  2. Lipstick. This one may seem a little odd. You may even be thinking isn’t that that same as lip balm? Or really?, how do you get the color in it then? And you get the color in it by melting together chopped crayons of the color that you want the lipstick to be and coconut oil together. A double boiler would work great for this. Or a small pot inside a larger pot of boiling water works just as well.
  3. Condition your hair with coconut oil. I have tried this before and I think I did it wrong. My hair seemed to feel greasy even after washing with shampoo. Maybe it depends on hair type, too. I haven’t tried only applying it to the ends of my hair. Possibly, that may work better. Anyways, it does help some people with dry or damaged hair, and even with dandruff.
  4. Shave your legs with it. I may start doing this, it makes sense. It moisturizes your skin and helps prevent cuts. The only issue I see with this is it may be tricky to keep it from going down the drain. Definitely something to try out, though!
  5. Deodorant. Yep, some people make their own deodorant with coconut oil. They mix it with cornstarch, baking soda and a great smelling essential oil.
  6. Make up Remover and face moisturizer in one. Coconut oil can easily remove your make up, and it’s a great natural moisturizer. So, no need to buy an expensive facial moisturizer. Yes!! Staying natural and saving money!
  7. Toothpaste. Just add enough baking soda to turn it into a paste and brush your teeth with it. It’s all natural, and if simply oil pulling can help whiten your teeth, this sure can, as well. I personally have not transitioned to this yet. But, I do always brush my teeth with just water after I oil pull. My teeth feel so clean, even just after doing that!
  8. Soften feet. As summer is coming up soon, this will have to be something I start to do. Right now my feet are anything but soft. Use the powers of coconut oil to get ready for good weather, and flip flops! Simply slather on feet at night, put socks on and go to sleep.
  9. Hand cream. If it can be used for feet, it can be used for hands, too. I’ve actually used coconut oil like this before. And, before I did any research, but by accident. It sure did make my hands soft though.
  10. Eye Cream. Use it as you would eye cream. Just place a little under you eyes to help moisturize and keep young looking. I’ve heard of models doing this with Vaseline, it’s probably better for you with coconut oil.
  11. Heal new tattoos.Use as you would any new tattoo healer.

Other Random Uses

  1. Goo be gone. Yep, coconut oil can help get rid of those annoying sticky residues after you peel off a label on an item.
  2. Soothe bug bites. Just rub it where the bug bite is to prevent it from itching.
  3. Prevent and soothe sunburn. It’s not very high in SPF (only about 4 spf), you should probably use another form of sun tan lotion as well. But, for soothing sunburn, it should work just as aloe vera does.

And there are so many more uses for coconut oil. The following list are all of those uses that I have not really given much thought to yet. If you decide to use one of the following ways to use the amazing powers of coconut oil, you may want to look up how to. Some of these require other ingredients, as well. There are just so many things you can do with coconut oil. If I were to write about every single one then this would be a never ending post.

  1. Fix squeaky hinges.
  2. Keep dirt from sticking to garden tools.
  3. Polish furniture.
  4. Clean your tub.
  5. Remove crayon from walls.
  6. Remove scuff marks from floors.
  7. Moisturize and clean leather.
  8. Make playdough.
  9. Make litter boxes be non-stick for easier clean up.
  10. Remove gum from hair.
  11. Remove rings when they get stuck.
  12. Light a fire.
  13. Make stainless steel appliances shine.
  14. Prevent food from sticking to measuring cups.
  15. Clean and condition wood cutting boards.
  16. Prevent stains on tupperware.
  17. Condition or clean utensils.
  18. Prevent water stains in sinks.
  19. Clean cookie sheets.
  20. Use in place of butter.
  21. Make peanut butter with it.
  22. Use it in the bath with Epsom salt and essential oils, for a spa day.
  23. Clean make up brushes.
  24. Aromatherapy.
  25. Clean cuts and scrapes.
  26. Vapor Rub replacement.
  27. Moisturize dry skin.
  28. Exfoliate.
  29. Facial mask.
  30. Moisturize cuticles.
  31. Calm frizzy hair.
  32. Improves immune functions when consumed regularly.
  33. Lowers cholesterol when consumed regularly.
  34. Helps relieve constipation when consumed regularly, first thing in the morning.
  35. Can help you lose weight if consumed on a regular basis, by increasing metabolism and reducing appetite.
  36. Baby lotion.
  37. Diaper cream.
  38. Help prevent stretch marks.
  39. Nipple cream. It’s healthier than commercialized nipple cream. You have to remember, you’re breastfeeding child is ingesting your nipple cream. Might as well use something that will benefit both of you.
  40. Bug repellent. Just add peppermint oil.
  41. Use in home made soap.
  42. Energy booster.
  43. Massage oil.
  44. Soothes rashes.
  45. Cleans up ink.
  46. Metal polish.
  47. Grease a bicycle chain.
  48. Get rid of, or prevent lice.
  49. Use instead of butter on popcorn or toast.
  50. Lubricate small motors in appliances.
  51. Help with dry nostrils.
  52. Fade age/sun spots.
  53. Help with little ones chapped nose.
  54. Ease Arthritis pain. Massage thoroughly on the joint one to two times a day.
  55. Help fight off athletes foot.
  56. Soothe a sore throat. For extra relief, mix melted coconut oil with honey then swallow.
  57. Eases a dry cough.
  58. Boost bone health. There have actually been studies with rats to show that coconut oil helps strengthen bones.
  59. Help prevent yeast infections
  60. Remove stains. Combine coconut oil with same amount of baking soda, leave on the stain for 5 minutes, then wipe away.
  61. Detail your car. Buff out little scratches and detail the inside of your car.
  62. Soothes and prevents hangnails.
  63. Get rid of cradle cap.
  64. Reduce fine lines.
  65. Remove rust.
  66. Teething gel for infants.
  67. Prevent split ends.
  68. Prevent dust.
  69. Make shoveling easier. Helps prevent snow from sticking to the shovel, making it heavy and hard to use.
  70. Unstick a zipper.
  71. Maintain lawn mower blades.
  72. Enhance eyelashes.
  73. Helps fight acne.
  74. Helps prevent Alzheimer’s.
  75. Use in lotions.
  76. Helps prevent exposure to chlorine while swimming.
  77. Home made laundry soap.
  78. Use for pets issues. Such as for dry skin and allergies.
  79. Add to hot teas to reduce the length of a cold.
  80. Recover from UTI’s.
  81. Increase mental alertness.

I almost can’t believe that there are at least 102 different ways to use coconut oil. I’m sure there may even be more ways to use it in beneficial manners. There are numerous health benefits to consume it, and only a few are mentioned above. Benefits from helping to burn fat, helping with brain disorders and strengthening the immune system. The fatty acids in the oil turn into ketones which helps with the brain disorders. And they contain fatty acids called Lauric Acid, which help kill bacteria, viruses, and fungi!

There are simply so many ways to use coconut oil! Do you have coconut oil in your cupboard?

Please comment below and let me know what your favorite use is!

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ways to use coconut oil
ways to use coconut oil

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