6 Super Healthy Pregnancy Recipes

collage of healthy pregnancy recipes

6 Super Healthy Pregnancy Recipes

Eating healthy during pregnancy should be a no brainer. But, finding healthy pregnancy recipes that you’ll actually enjoy; whether fighting with morning sickness or not, is a whole other story!

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Below, you will find 6 different recipes for pregnancy that have vital nutrients in them.

Three of them are specifically designed for the rough first trimester when you may be experiencing morning sickness and can barely keep anything down; make sure you try those recipes! They could help you out more than just providing your body, and baby, with the nutrients needed; they could actually help relieve morning sickness, at least for a little while!

The other three are packed full of nutrients every pregnant mama needs in her diet! But, I’d wait til your morning sickness is gone to try those! All the recipes below are also plant based or vegan, so no having to worry about most common allergies!

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collage of healthy pregnancy recipes

Healthy Recipes for Pregnancy When You Have Morning Sickness!

Morning sickness is a pain!

You’re nauseous all day long and could vomit at the thought of something, anything really. A scent, or certain smell from the kitchen, that you used to love, could now be sending you to the bathroom to throw up what ever you just ate, or didn’t eat!

It’s not fun, to say the least. But, you still need to eat, and at least try to keep some food, and liquids, down. That’s why the recipes below are so great!

The recipes below have ingredients in them to help combat morning sickness, keep you hydrated, and get some nutrients to stay in your body for yourself and unborn baby! Go check them out.

Cinnamon Spice Cookie Acai Bowl

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Anti-Aging Watermelon Ginger Berry Detox Juice

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Eating Well During Pregnancy!

Once you’re over your morning sickness, there are even more healthy recipes you can try for getting the needed nutrients to your unborn baby!

Many will include beets; beets are like a super food for pregnant women!

Unfortunately, for many people beets are an acquired taste. Meaning you may have to try them quite to a few times to learn how to enjoy them.

But, beets provide many nutrients, such as:

  • folic acid (vital to help prevent birth defects)
  • vitamin C (to boost immunity)
  • fiber (to help avoid constipation)
  • iron (to help prevent anemia)
  • potassium (for much needed energy and electrolyte
  • manganese

So, to say the least, if you can get beets into your diet during pregnancy (or anytime) it will greatly benefit you!

To make it a bit easier, check out the recipes below! (The smoothie recipe at the bottom is my own; it may not look good, but myself and 3 year old actually love it!)

*If you’ve never used beets before, or can’t stand the smell of roasting beets; get canned, or frozen if available, just make sure there’s no other added ingredients to it.


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Beet Smoothie Recipe

Need a smoothie recipe that is perfect for pregnancy or hiding veggies in your kids food? Check out this delicious beet smoothie, with spinach, frozen strawberries, and more! #beets #smoothies #smoothierecipes #veganrecipes #healthyrecipes #stresslessbehealthy
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Other Helpful Articles for a Vegan Pregnancy

Eating Healthy During Pregnancy isn’t Always Easy, but it is Possible!

It can be a challenge to eat healthy during pregnancy. Believe me, I get it! I seriously do.

The first trimester feels like it’ll never end with all the morning sickness, and you want to be able to eat and drink things are a healthy for yourself and baby; but keeping it down is a whole other story!

(Check out What to Eat When You Have Morning Sickness All Day: 54 Ideas along with the recipes in the first section for a little relief.)

Once you get past the morning sickness is when you can start eating better and should be paying attention to what you put in your body.

Be sure to pop over to some of the recipes above to try out some super healthy pregnancy recipes that you can enjoy…you know, when you’re not throwing up!

collage of healthy pregnancy recipes

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