55 Healthy Stocking Stuffer Ideas To Help You Raise Healthy Kids!

The holidays can be a hard time to keep eating healthy, especially for kids. So, do yourself a favor and check out these healthy stocking stuffer ideas!

Not all of the ideas below are food, as you’ll see. But, the food ideas below for stocking stuffers are healthier than you average Christmas candy!

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If you’re like me, then you probably remember your Christmas stocking being stuffed full of candy bars, plastic candy canes full of chocolates, and more!

But, maybe you’re also like me and have realized since then that giving that much processed sugar to kids is horrible for their healthy. I’m sorry, but even on Christmas, kids should not have that much sugar!

So, let’s start a new trend! Let’s fill those stockings with healthy alternatives and items that your kids will love and/or actually use- no junk, no trinkets to clutter their rooms and hurt your feet when you end up stepping on them!

Find out how below!

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Some questions you may have about stocking stuffers for kids…

What are some good stocking stuffer ideas? 

Some of the best stocking stuffer ideas tend to be small snacks, you probably remember candy in your stocking, just as I remember. Along with small trinkets and other items.

Other good stocking stuffer ideas are:

  • a calendar for the next year
  • new hygiene items (toothbrush, bath puff, etc.)
  • inexpensive jewelry
  • socks and underwear
  • small toys (not cheap, but inexpensive)
  • blocks
  • play doh or slime
  • art supplies (crayons, colored pencils, etc.)
  • and much more!

What you get depends a lot on what you can find, get ideas for, and afford! Which brings us to the next question.

Where can I buy cheap stocking stuffers? 

You can buy cheap stocking stuffers almost anywhere; Walmart, the dollar store, any grocery store near you, even online!

But, do yourself and kids a favor and don’t just buy them ‘cheap’ stocking stuffers. Think more along the lines of inexpensive. When we think of cheap, we tend to go to the store and look at the selection that the store lays out as cheap stocking stuffers for kids. These tend to be super cheap items that are likely to break or go missing before the New Year!

So, don’t just look in the ‘stocking stuffer’ section at the store when buying stocking stuffers, be a little more open minded.

What can I buy for $5? 

There are plenty of things you can buy as stocking stuffers that cost less than $5. Just again, try to avoid the ‘stocking stuffer’ section at the store, as those items are cheap, but not inexpensive for what they are.

Better options for items $5 and under are:

  • organic chocolate bar
  • plastic character water bottle
  • bath puff
  • character toothbrush
  • deodorant (if they’re at an age that they need it)
  • character soap
  • hot wheels
  • small dolls
  • small stuffed animals
  • crayons
  • and more!

It all depends on the way you think about it. Think outside the box and don’t rely on the store to tell you what to buy!

Are you supposed to wrap stocking stuffers?

No, there is no reason to wrap stocking stuffers. Not unless you’ve hidden an expensive gift in the stocking and want it to really be a surprise!

But, if you just have small toys, practical items, and individually wrapped food in the stocking, then there’s really no need to wrap them with wrapping paper first, especially for little kids. Maybe you would with teens, and more expensive items, then again, my oldest is 7, so I don’t know what a teen wants from a parents perspective.

55 Healthy Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Kids and MORE!!


1. organic chocolate bar

2. trail mix

3. healthier versions of favorite candy

4. peeler

5. stainless steel straw

6. measuring cups & spoons

7. silicone baking cups

8. fun fruit cutters (animals or shapes)

9. baking apron

10. oven mitt


11. jump rope

12. earbuds

13. resistance band

14. hairbands

15. headband



16. bath puff

17. character toothbrush

18. deodorant (if they’re at an age that they need it)

19. character soap

20. hair accessories (such as bows, hairdbands, etc.)

21. face wash

22. razor & shaving cream (if they need it, yet)

23. shampoo & conditioner

24. lotion for dry skin

25. hair brush


26. plastic character water bottle

27. a calendar for the next year

28. socks

29. underwear

30. belts


31. hot wheels

32. small dolls

33. small stuffed animals

34. blocks

35. small toy sets


36. pens

37. pencils (#2 and artistic ones)

38. ruler

39. paper (white, construction, colored, etc.)

40. crayons

41. colored pencils

42. pencil sharpener

43. a good eraser

44. paints

45. water colors

46. paint brushes

47. chalk

48. play doh

49. slime

50. coloring books


51. inexpensive jewelry

52. small book

53. bubbles

54. favorite character dish set

55. something unique just for them!

So, what do you put in a Christmas stocking? 

Really, it’s up to you and what you think your child would like.

You can use the ideas above, order off Amazon where you can (nothing better than having your Christmas shopping delivered to your door so you can avoid the bad driving this time of year!), or pick up an item here or there while out getting groceries.

I like putting practical little gifts in my girls stockings, and I think my girls like them, too! Especially when it comes to any type of art supplies, which are practical and fun!

Leave a comment to share what you’re going to put in your children’s stockings this year!

And, share which healthy stocking stuffer ideas you like best!


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