School Lunch Must Haves

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School Lunch Must Haves

The Best School Lunch Must Haves from Amazon

Top Products on Amazon to Make Your Children Feel Special (and Awesome) at Lunchtime!

Is your child starting school this year?

Do you want to make lunchtime a special time for them? (Maybe even make their friends a little jealous with how awesome it is!)

You want your child to feel special during their break between learning and playing. Remind them that you care about them and always want the best for them.

It’s important to you that they think about you, even for just a moment, during their busy day at school. After all, if this is their first year at school, you’ll be thinking about them all day, maybe even worrying about them.

Or, maybe you want to impress others with how cute and creative your childs lunch is and be considered a supermom.

Whatever your reason, I’ve got you covered. Check out the items below to make your childs lunch personal, creative, and awesome!

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School Lunch Must Haves

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Silicone Baking Cups (AKA food separators for picky eaters)


You need to get these, or some variation of these silicone cups.They’re the perfect size for side dishes for kid’s lunches, like fruit, veggies, or something else! Great if you have a picky eat who doesn’t like their food touching each other.

Plus, you can use them to bake. Make muffins, oatmeal cups, kid size loaves of quick breads! How cute would it be if you made little loaves of banana or pumpkin breads for your kids to take to school every day!

Use them how you want, but there are so many uses for these little cups. No more clunky muffin trays to store; I honestly don’t know how I lived without these (now I have 2 sets, one is heart shaped).

Fun Sandwich Cutters (that actually work)

If you have ever been on Pinterest and searched for school lunch ideas or food for kids, you’ve seen these fun sandwich cutters in action!

And, unlike the cheap versions that Walmart sells, these ones actually cut the bread. Sometimes it’s worth it to wait an extra day or so to get something in the mail; rather than going out to get it right then.

This one even comes with little food cutters that you can use on sliced fruit, veggies, and more!

Bento Styled Lunch Box

Bento styled lunches for kids have become quite popular lately, especially on Pinterest! It sure beats sending your child off to school everyday with a sandwich. (BTW, there’s nothing wrong with sending them with a sandwich, it may just get a little boring after awhile!)

This one in all bento styled lunch box makes it super easy to make school lunches for kids. With different compartments for different food groups, just just different types of food. It’ll be easy to make sure your kids get a variety of nutrients at lunchtime.

Another winner for picky eaters. And….the compartment section that holds all the food comes out for easy cleaning!

Classic Food Containers with a Twist- Rubbermaid Lunchblox

Now, if your child already found a lunch bag they love and it’s tall, rather than wide; these stackable food containers are a must have! It even comes with an ice pack to help your childs lunch stay cold.

Plenty of room for a sandwich, or a main lunch dish, in the large container, and two more for fruits, veggies, or a small dessert. You could even put the silicone cups inside of the snack sized containers to have two different things in one!

Thermos FUNtainer

This 10 oz Thermos made for food is adorable, honestly, I may just love the color. But, this classic school lunch must have will keep your childs food warm for up to 5 hours. That’s plenty of time for their food to still be warm by lunchtime!

I don’t know about you, but I love making a large batch of vegan mac and cheese or quinoa stew over the weekend for dinner and then having it last all week for lunches. It makes life so much less stressful when I know all I have to do for lunch is heat it up to serve. Or, with the school year beginning, I’ll be heating it, packing it up, and sending it to school my 5 year old.


Classic School Lunch Must Haves Ice Packs

You may remember these from when you were in school; they’re a classic school lunch must have. These ice packs may not be awesome but they get the job done and helps keep cold food cold!

An Awesome School Lunch Box

Unless your child has already picked out a Disney lunch bag, or some other one that they can’t go without; I’d personally recommend going with a more neutral bag that they can use for years on end!

They can still choose from a variety of colors and it’s what’s on the inside that counts! So, head over to Amazon to get this bag that will last for years; not just a few months til your child changes their mind about which character they love the most.

Waterproof Write-On Name Labels

Have you ever had something of your childs taken by another student at school; or worse, the parents of the child knows that the item doesn’t belong to them, but let’s them keep it anyways?

I have, and it wasn’t just a food container (although, I have had those stolen from me where I used to work); my daughter had her Frozen boots stolen during the winter when she was at preschool. We never got them back…

Although food containers are not as expensive as winter boots, replacing them is a pain in the butt.

So, grab yourself, and your child, some of these adorable, waterproof name labels; so those lunch containers are much less enticing to be stolen, or at least more likely to be returned to you!

Water Bottle


Alright, so, I hope you saw that; that every child needs to bring a water bottle to school. As a child, I never brought a water bottle to school and was confused as to why some kids did. I didn’t know it was important to keep hydrated all day long. But, now I do, and there is NO chance that I’ll be letting my girls go to school without one. And, you should be making sure your kids bring water bottles to school, too.

These camelbak water bottles are a number one best sell on amazon and you can choose from 29 different designs. This is the brand of water bottle that even my husband loves (and he’s someone who needs everything he owns to be perfect and the best of quality out there).

Designer Lunchbox Notes

Don’t forget to make your childs lunch special and a bit more personalized with these lunchbox notes! Or, check out some other ones on Amazon, like these different shaped sticky notes; they don’t need to be designer notes.

If you like writing personalized notes, then stick with the sticky notes; there’s even cute animal sticky notes that’ll make your childs day!

Be a Supermom and Stock up on these School Lunch Must Haves

With the way that school sold lunches are, I could never imagine simply giving my children lunch money and eating school-grade lunches! It’s up to you if you do, but if you make your childs lunch for them to bring, you might as well go one step further; make an awesome lunch for them that they’ll look forward to everyday!

Get a bento-styled lunch box for a lunch box and food containers in one, or do it the old fashioned way with a lunch bag and containers separate. Get them a water bottle to keep with them all day long, and provide an inspirational note at lunch time. (Or, an ‘I love you’ or cute little picture that you drew for them.)

Help them be reminded of how much they are loved, and how awesome their mom is, with a homemade lunch using awesome lunch must haves!

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What school lunch must haves did you get for your kids this year? Share in the comments below.

School Lunch Must Haves

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