Why Fall Is The Best Season To Start Healthy Habits

Why Fall Is The Best Season To Start Healthy Habits

Why Fall Is The Best Season To Start Healthy Habits

To be one hundred percent honest, this past year hasn’t been that easy; as far as staying on track with eating healthy goes.

So, if you’re in the same boat of wanting to eat healthy, but feeling as though you shouldn’t wait for the new year; keep reading to find out why starting healthy habits in the fall is actually better than starting them at the New Year!

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Let’s face it, there are probably hundreds of reasons why you could get off track and stop eating healthy; and waiting 4 more months to start healthy habits isn’t helping anyone

So, even if you have fallen off track with your healthy goals; the important thing is to always try again and not give up! And, the fall, or the beginning of the school year is a perfect time to start trying to eat healthy again!

The beginning of the school year

In fall, everyone, or at least everyone with kids, is starting to get back into routines and following a stricter schedule. You might as well take advantage of this and start getting into great routines for your eating habits, as well!

Healthy eating can actually be easier during the school year because we have more going on and less time to spend in the kitchen. Less time in the kitchen means one of two things; you either eat a lot more unhealthy and expensive convenience foods, or you start meal prepping and freezing healthy homemade food for cheap.

I’m all for convenience, but I’m also pretty frugal (my husband isn’t, but I am, and I’m the one who cooks). You may be the same way! But, even if you’re not, wouldn’t it be better to save your money for Christmas instead of spending it on food that leads to disease!?

All you need is a little planning. And, maybe a Pinterest account for some ideas!

Spend the time at school drop off or pick up, while waiting for your kids, browsing through pinterest for ideas on what to put on your meal plan for the next week. By the time you need to make that meal plan, you’ll have plenty of ideas that you’ll just need to plug into the week, add the ingredients to your shopping list, then meal prep and put in your fridge or freezer til it’s time to eat!

It’s a win-win, getting healthy food into yourself and family on a busy schedule, and saving money before Christmas!

This goes the same for any healthy habit you want to start! If you want to start exercising or meditating; if you can fit it in during the busy beginning of school time craziness, then you can fit it in anytime of the year!

It’s amazing how many more things you can fit into your schedule when you’re in a busier season of life.

Fall brings new produce into season

Another great reason to start healthy habits in the fall is that the season change also brings new produce into the harvesting season!

Think apples, squash, and more! Plus, other produce may still be on sale from the end of summer; where I live, grapes have been only $1.37/pound for the last couple of weeks, it’s been great!!

Need some fall recipes? Check out these:

Bite shot of vegan pumpkin cookie piled on top of two other cookies, all cookies are frosted.

Not in vacation mode anymore

Going along with starting school and getting back into schedules and routines; summer vacations are also now over.

This means that you probably won’t be splurging on eating out as often or going on vacation, where it’s more difficult to cook real food and the most enticing options are from amusement parks or boardwalk restaurants.

However, if you do want to still eat healthy on vacation, you can!

You’re not in as much of a spending mode when you’re not on vacation; so a $50 family meal out doesn’t sound like as good of idea anymore. Plus, you have things to do and places to be, you can’t wait to be served.

You had your fun in the summer, you got to relax, now it’s game time! You and your family needs healthy foods to get them through their day.

It’s the second “fresh start” of the year

Most people start their healthy habits at the beginning of the year as New Year resolutions. How are your New Year’s resolutions going?

By this time every year, most people have completely abandoned, or forgotten about their resolutions from the beginning of the year.

Fall brings with it the second ‘fresh start’ of the year, not a new year calendar-wise, but a new school year. And, for most of us, going to school and sending our children to school accounts for the majority of our years. So, it only makes sense to start at the beginning of the year, the school year that is!

Getting ahead before the season of chaos the Holiday Season

There are plenty more reasons to start healthy habits in the fall, but the last one I want to let you know about and help you realize is that by starting healthy habits now, such as meal prepping and exercising more, you’ll be better prepared for the busy holiday season ahead of us!

Just think about it, you’re eating better food that helps your body function better and exercising, which actually increases your energy levels. So, in that off chance that you’ll actually be running around doing your holiday shopping, instead of signing up for amazon prime and having everything shipped to your home; you won’t be out of breath and exhausted when you get home. You may even still have energy and focus to wrap the presents right then, or start making cookies and freezing them for Christmas parties!

Wouldn’t that be amazing?

So, be sure to start now, start your healthy habits and make your health goals a priority now, to help you be ahead and have the energy you crave before the holidays!

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