The Best Christmas Gifts for 8 Year Old Girls!

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The Best Christmas Gifts for 8 Year Old Girls!

In this article you will find amazing gift ideas that 8 year old girls will love! And not just what I think they will love, but what they would actually put on their Christmas list and ask for!

Need help finding that special gift for your 8 year old girl?

Or need a bunch of gift ideas to run across her, if for some reason she gets stumped?

Well, look no further!

I have an 8 year old girl too!

She has loads of ideas for what she wants and knows what her friends and other girls her age would like too.

So, I got the amazon shopping app up on my phone, handed it to her, and she started adding things to a wish list; things she would want or things she knows other kids her age would want!

Let’s take a peek inside to see what the best Christmas Gifts for 8 year old girls are!

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The Best Christmas Gifts for 8 Year Old Girls!

What 8 Year Old Girls Want For Christmas…

Sometimes I don’t even know if my 8 year old wants to be treated like a little kid or a pre-teen.

I keep telling her she’s not turning into a teenager, yet her attitude and sarcasm try to tell me differently!

Let’s a look at what she believes are the best gifts for girls her age…


An amazon fire tablet or Ipad to be exact.

Both her and her sister has one each and neither of them would know what to do without them!

They can stream shows on them, like from Disney+ or DisneyNOW.

Watch their favorite music video covers on YouTube. Her latest favorite YouTube stars are the Haschak Sisters, ever hear of them?

They can even get online and do school work! So it’s not just beneficial for them, but for us, as well!

Check out the Amazon Fire Tablet HERE.

Creative Stuff

At some point or another I believe all girls will become interested in some type of craft or creative thing!

So, whether they want a sewing machine, an Instax Camera for photography, or something else; that’ll be up to the specific child.

Just be sure to nurture their creative side and let them express themselves through it!

Stuffed Animals

I’m quite certain stuffed animals are going to be something most kids, at any age, will want!

I know, as parents, we can sometimes think there is a max number of stuffed animals kids should have; but they don’t think like that.

So this is your no-fail gift idea! Especially if it’s a TY beanie with big eyes!

Explore more here!

At Home Spa Stuff

They are getting to that age where they want to be a bit more pampered or feel grown up…maybe it’s because of all of those ‘what I do in a day’ videos from other kids (or kid stars?) on YouTube.

But a facial mask, sleeping mask, nail polish, and a few other things made it on my daughters list this year.


Another present that is more grown up than last year; they want clothes!

But not just any piece of clothing, they want what they see other kids wearing on YouTube or on shows that they watch.

My 8 year old recently told me that she doesn’t want any shirts with characters on them anymore. She wants plain shirts or shirts with words on them…or anything that the Haschak sisters have worn in their videos.

L.O.L. Dolls or Something Similar

Luckily, they’ll still want some toys!

They’re still our little girls, or little girls in general. And many 8 year old girls still want to play with dolls, especially the ones that look more grown up.

I’m not a huge fan of them wanting dolls with impossible body measurements, like I kept my girls away from Barbies for the longest time.

But at some point, they see it, they want it, and playing with dolls is actually a social learning activity, especially if they have someone else to play with.

It allows them to test out what would happen if their doll would do something and how the other dolls would react. Remember that the next time they ask you to play with them!

Make Up

This last item on the list, my 8 year old keeps asking for, and I keep thinking she’s far too young for it!

So, I’m not going to buy it for her; if you choose to get it for your 8 year old, that’s up to you.

I hope this list, that came from an 8 year old herself, will help you determine what to get your 8 year old daughter for Christmas this year!

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Want to Remember these gifts for Christmas? Pin The Best Christmas Gifts for 8 Year Old Girls! to your favorite Christmas Pinterest board!!

The Best Christmas Gifts for 8 Year Old Girls!

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