start the week off right

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start the week off right

9 Ways to Reset Your Home and Start the Week Off Right (During the School Year)

We all know that being able to start the week off right is important.

But, when we have kids in school it’s even more so important. No one likes starting the week and not knowing where anything is, not having clothes to wear, and not knowing if there’s going to be enough food to eat all week long.

These kind of things can turn any week into chaos, with kids possibly even disappointed that you’re not more well put together.

Luckily, there are some things that any mom can do, or delegate, to make sure everyone in their home has the best start to their week; by being prepared!

There’s also free printables you can use to make sure these things get done; grab it here.

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Start the Week Off Right Way #1: Clean Your Home

This should go without saying; a clean home is a happy home.

Start with the basic everyday tasks, like dishes and sweeping.

Then move on and make sure you clean out your fridge. No one likes to see old food in the fridge, or worse; think that they have the ingredients to make something, but didn’t realize that the key ingredient expired a month ago… This will also help when planning out your families meals for the week and writing the grocery list, which is a little further down in this list.

Some other cleaning tasks to consider to do every weekend:

  • wipe down counters in kitchen
  • wipe everything down in the bathroom(s)
  • vacuum
  • wipe down appliances (microwave, fridge, stove, etc.)
  • mop
  • take the garbage out

Depending on the time you have during your weekend, you may be able to get this all done, or you may not; start with what you believe is most important for keeping a clean home, and if you have extra time, great!

I’m not going to claim to be a cleaning expert, in fact, I’m probably the opposite when it comes to cleaning. It’s hard to keep a clean home with little ones around, so don’t feel guilty if you do have a messy home. Just do what you can and simply clean your home enough so it doesn’t continue to get worse.

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#2: Laundry

If you’re thinking that this should be included up above with the cleaning section, you may be right. But, having clean laundry is more important to starting the week off than having a clean home, especially with kids who go to school. The older they get, the more important this will be.

Just like what you wear to work is important, and that the clothes you wear are clean and smell good; it’s just as important for your child.

If you have girls, then you probably understand the frustration when they want to wear a certain outfit and it can’t be found, or it’s in the laundry basket waiting to be clean. So, make sure all clothes are washed, dry, and put away before the week starts. Or, better yet, remember to do the next way to start the week off right…

#3: Lay Clothes Out for the Week

You’ll see that during the school year laying clothes out for the week is ahead is extremely important. Especially with kids who are fussy about what they wear each day.

Having clothes laid out for the whole week will prevent before school meltdowns because what they want to wear isn’t clean or can’t be found anywhere!

You can help your child plan out their outfits for the week. Or, if they’re old enough, remind them to do so and then take a look at what they’re going to wear. If they truly don’t care what they wear all week, pick out the clothes for them; this may be the easiest thing to do. Unfortunately, I don’t get to do this with my girls; even my two year old won’t let me pick out her clothes to wear!

Have the clothes for the week laid out on the dresser, in a separate drawer, or do what I do and hang them up on over the door hooks so they’re easier to find!

#4: Meal Plan

Having a plan of what you and your family will eat during the week will reduce quite a bit of stress, for everyone!

You’ll have a plan for what to give everyone for breakfast, as you’re rushing out the door.

You’ll know what to pack in everyone’s lunches, which means no one will go hungry or have to spend money during the week to buy a school lunch or eat out. Therefore, you can ensure your family is eating well, and not junk while they’re away from home.

You’ll have a plan for dinner, so on those rushed nights you won’t have to order out or grab fast food.

And, you won’t have to worry about not having food that you and your family needs to make a meal or a snack! Simply make sure you meal plan before you get groceries for the week.

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#5: Meal Prep

After you plan out your meals for the week, and get groceries; make it easier on yourself for the week and meal prep!

If you have a hectic weekly schedule, sports your kids are in and need to be driven to practice a few times a week; you’ll thank yourself for having meals already prepared and basically ready to eat.

If you want to know more about the benefits of meal prepping, find out here.

If you’re completely lost with how to meal prep, check this out and learn how to be a meal prepping pro!

Meal prepping over the weekend will save you hours during the week, help prevent kids from whining because there’s nothing to eat, and having the pressure to eat out when you know you have healthy nourishing food at home.

#6: Organize Your Home

Organizing your home before a new week starts is just as important as anything else on this list. It can also be the difference between staying sane during the week or having to deal with finding lost items all week long.

Who has time during the week to tear the house apart to find something? Not me, not during the school year.

Make it easy on yourself during the week.

If you couldn’t fully prep every meal for the week; pull things forward in your cupboards, make kid snacks easy to find in the fridge, and organize your food so the ones that will expire first, gets used first.

As for not having to look for lost items, make sure you put all items that are out of place back in it’s place before the week starts. We want our homes to be reset each week, how they belong, so it doesn’t continue to get worse, week after week.

#7: Make Sure Your Childs Homework is Done

If your home is organized, then your child should be able to find their homework, if they have any. Children can be children, though, and may not have done it. So, before Sunday night comes along, ask if they have any homework and remind them to complete it.

This will help reduce stress and help them learn. The best time for them to get it done is Friday right after school, or at least before any fun event during the weekend. If you make it a norm in your house to get all work, or homework, done before you start weekend things; then you’ll be setting your child up for success in school and beyond. Teaching them good habits to help with their success in life!

Don’t forget to make sure they put their homework in their to take to school on Monday. It won’t do any good for them to get it done and not hand it in on time. Which brings us to the next thing you should do.

#8: Pack All Bags and Place Near Door

To start any day off right, you need to prepare the day ahead, same thing goes to start the week off right.

Make sure all bags are packed and ready to leave the home next day. Make sure keys are near the door so you don’t have to spend 5 frantic minutes searching for them when you have to leave. And, pack everyone’s lunches as much as you can the night before.

This will obviously reduce stress in the morning, especially on those days where you hit snooze, or can’t seem to get your child out of bed.

Start the week off right and try to never miss this step Sunday night. You need to get back in the habit before the week begins, so you can stick to the habit all week long.

#9: Don’t Forget to Relax and have some fun

Enough with all of the productivity, you can do that all you want to reset your home and get ready for each week. But, has your family had a chance to unwind from the busy week and reset?

This is one of the most important steps to start the week off right!

You, and your family needs to unwind, have some fun, forget about the busyness of the week, and just relax.

Go out, go shopping, go to event, or stay in and chill as a family. Whatever is your families style, maybe it’s a mix of the two, just find a way t relieve the stress of the week to help everyone find some mental clarity before the next week begins!

Reap the Benefits of a Reset Home and Start the Week Off Right!

If this list overwhelms you, don’t let it. Do what you can in the time that you have. Choose the most important tasks for your home and your family, and make sure those get done.

If this doesn’t seem like a lot, add in other things you may have to do. Don’t forget to grab these trackers to make sure you get done what needs to get done every week and simplify your life!

Resetting your home each week to start your week off will reduce so much stress from your hectic life; along with helping you feel like you get a fresh start each week.

It’s something you need to do, to gain mental clarity and keep your sanity through out the week!

It’s truly a sanity saver and a life changer. I know, a little dramatic, right? But, seriously, you’ll save so much time during the week by resetting your home on the weekend. You’ll be able to start enjoying your week more. You’ll avoid the headache and fussing that comes along with finding last minute meals and helping your child pick out their clothes every morning before school. Go ahead, and help yourself by starting this weekend, and share this with others to help them out!

start the week off right

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