13 Healthy Christmas Party Snacks For Kids (Fruit & Veggie Holiday Snacks!)

13 Healthy Christmas Party Snacks For Kids (Fruit & Veggie Holiday Snacks!)

In this article you will find fun and healthy Christmas party snacks for kids! Whether you need something to bring to a holiday party or just need some fun craft snacks to do at home; your kids will be thanking you for making this holiday season special! Plus, the recipes below are composed mostly of fruits and veggies!

It’s an understatement to say it has been a trying year!

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And because of that, and because your kids most likely started the school year off at home, you may be wondering if there’s going to be any holiday parties for your kids. If you should go if there is, or what you can do to make this Christmas a little more special for them; with less work for you!

Well, I can’t answer some of those questions, but I do know how you can make it more special; without breaking the bank or making too much additional work for you!

It’s called craft snacks!

I still remember the first time I came across these picture like snacks on Pinterest and said to myself that I’d never be able to make them.

I was wrong; they are much easier to make than you might think. Plus, you don’t have to make them perfectly; just good enough for your kids to enjoy.

I’ll give you a hint, most kids, especially little kids, don’t care much about how it looks; they simply like the fact that you’re playing with the food and that they can too!

Don’t believe me? Take a look at the Unicorn I attempted to make when my girls and I were going through our alphabet snack challenge!

My daughters absolutely loved it! I don’t think it could’ve been much uglier!

They liked it simply because I made it, not because of the way it looked; I’m sure your kids would be the same, and if not, tell them to try to make one better than you! Kids love a good challenge!

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What are good Christmas snacks?

Let’s get into the Christmas mood here, we’re not making unicorns after all; so what constitutes as a ‘good’ Christmas snack?

There are a few different ways we can think about this;

  • a snack that looks like something Christmas-y
  • a snack that are green and red (Christmas colors)
  • a snack the tastes or smells like Christmas (generally minty like candy canes, chocolately, or produce we generally think of as ‘in season’ this time of year, possibly cranberries)
  • or something that reminds us of Christmas from when we were kids!

The recipes below are geared towards the first way, snacks that looks like something from Christmas. But with a twist, the main or key ingredient in them all are some type of fruit or veggie!

What is a good snack for a party?

A good snack for a kids party can be something that is easy to travel with, easy to hand out, and doesn’t have to be shared.

Another good type of kid snack for a party is a platter of some type of food, like a veggie platter or fruit platter. Though, with everything that’s happened this year, sharing this way may not be the best. Unless the ‘party’ is just for your own kids who share everything anyways!

Or, one of the best snacks for a kids party is one they can play with, or make a craft with and then eat! There are plenty of those down below, if you need some ideas!

What should I bring to a school Christmas party?

If your child ends up ‘going’ to school, like physically going to school, not just virtually, then the best thing to bring to a school Christmas party this year would be something that is individually wrapped.

Or at least something that won’t need to be shared between students.

For example, instead of doing a veggie tray, try bringing individual servings for all students; the less hands that touch the food, the better.

However, who knows what Christmas parties are going to be like this year or if snacks at a school Christmas party will even be welcomed.

What are some healthy snacks?

Healthy snacks are basically any snack that can provide a good amount of nutrients!

You’ll find plenty of healthy snacks below, along with so many more ideas on this site!

For example:

  • fruit
  • veggies
  • nuts & seeds
  • whole grain foods, like crackers, oat muffins
  • chickpea cookies
  • hummus
  • and so many more!

Ideally, a healthy snack will have a whole plant based food as the major part of the snack.

Healthy Snack Ideas for Christmas Parties for Kids

Strawberry banana candy canes

Candy Cane shaped snack made from bananas and strawberries on a white plate with extra banana and strawberry slices and extra whole strawberries in a bowl.
Photo from stresslessbehealthy.com

Finally, a candy cane that isn’t full of added sugar! You’re kids will love these homemade fruit candy canes!

How to Make A Kiwi Christmas Tree

Kiwi Christmas tree with strawberry chunks as ornaments, banana star for top of the tree, blueberries as ornaments, looking like an adorable and healthy Christmas tree snack for kids.
Photo from stresslessbehealthy.com

Turn this snack into a craft for your kids! Simply skin and slice the kiwis, put out the other fruit and let your kids make their very own Christmas tree out of fruit!

Strawberry Santas – Dairy Free and Vegan

Photo from pinkfortitude.com

Sometimes at the holidays, you need to serve a treat for kids of all ages. These Strawberry Santas are just that. They even have little strawberry Santa hats! They are made to be dairy free and vegan, and are naturally gluten free. It’s a Christmas dessert and sweet treat for all! 

Easy Cucumber Christmas Trees

Photo from eatsamazing.co.uk


Photo from recipesfromapantry.com

Learn how to make a fruit tray that is bursting with gorgeous color and delicious flavor! I am sharing all my tips and tricks for assembling and customizing an amazing fruit platter that is perfect for all sorts of occasions. Just be sure any yogurt dip or cheese is vegan!

Healthy Chewy No Bake Granola Bars

Photo from happykitchen.rocks

Healthy Chewy No Bake Granola Bars Recipe: The only recipe for granola bars you’ll ever need. Easy, delicious and customizable portable snack or breakfast treat packed with nutrients and flavor! It makes a great homemade Christmas gift as well!

Christmas Guacamole Recipe

Photo from tastygalaxy.com

Kids love guacamole, and they will love this delicious Christmas Guacamole, made with all the healthy ingredients! The colors are so festive, and perfect to serve on Christmas:

Cute Christmas Fruit Salad Cups (vegan)

Photo from thegreenloot.com

These vegan Christmas Fruit Salad Cups are super cute, oh-so heavenly and take only minutes to make! Make them together with your kiddos as a fun family Christmas activity.

Christmas Tree Shaped Vegetable Platter Appetizer Tray

Photo from melaniecooks.com


Photo from eatingrichly.com


Photo from eatingrichly.com

Santa Veggie Tray

Photo from eatingrichly.com


Photo from mapleandmango.com

These Chocolate Coconut Cream Stuffed Strawberries are deliciously decadent and easy to make. The perfect treat for parties or special occasions.

As you can see, fun Christmas party snack ideas don’t have to be junk food or sweets, cookies or cakes; you can have fun party food based around fruits and veggies, too!

Now that you know this, which party snack will you make your kids first?

Is there one you’re going to try, but not on the list above? Let me know in the comments!

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