24 Nut Free & Vegan School Lunch Ideas

24 Nut Free School Lunch Ideas

Is your child starting school this next year and you have no idea what to give them in their lunch? And, to make it even harder, your childs new school prides itself on being allergy friendly and completely nut free? So, now you have to come up with healthy nut free school lunch ideas!

I would say ‘good luck’ because it can be difficult to come up with healthy nut free school lunches that kids actually like. (My oldest, who just finished up her first year in school, would’ve had a hard time going to school without peanut butter in her lunch.)

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But, instead, I’ll provide you with a list of healthy lunch ideas that do not contain any nuts (and are vegan- in case that matters to you)!

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nut free school lunch ideas

Nut Free Lunch Ideas

Below you’ll find plenty of main dishes and sides for nut free school lunches for your kids. Feel free to use these for lunches for work or home, as well!

And, don’t forget to send your kids off with some plain fruits and veggies in their lunches as well to have a more well rounded and healthy lunch at school!

Vegan Rainbow Vegetable Tortilla Wrap 

Photo from recipesfromapantry.com

This lunch isn’t only nut free, but also loaded with veggies! Be sure to check out the recipe if you’re trying to get more veggies into your child. And, honestly, what parent isn’t trying to get their child to eat more veggies?!

Oven Baked Beet Chips

Photo from pinkfortitude.com

Check out the recipe for these beet chips and replace the processed chips that your kids may insist you put in their lunch.

Instant Pot Butternut Squash Soup

Photo from recipesfromapantry.com

This dish is best served warm, so be sure to send it in a good quality thermos for you child!


Photo from rhiansrecipes.com

Want to send your child off with something unique, and that the other kids in school won’t check? Check out this recipe!

Strawberry Salad With Cherries and Blueberries — Vegan

Photo from tastygalaxy.com

This fruit salad is a perfect side dish to go with pretty much anything else you put in their lunch. Plus, it’s loaded with antioxidants and tons of vitamins and minerals to help keep your kids healthy!

Homemade Gluten-Free Pizza Lunchables (Vegan, Allergy-Free, Grain-Free)

Homemade Gluten-Free Pizza Lunchables (Vegan, Allergy-Free, Grain-Free) | Strength and Sunshine @RebeccaGF666 Lunchables without the scary ingredients! Homemade Gluten-Free Pizza Lunchables that are vegan, allergy-free, & grain-free too! This healthy, kid-loved, and mom-approved make-ahead lunch recipe will make the school year a bit more fun! #glutenfree #vegan
Photo from strengthandsunshine.com

Does your child beg you for lunchables when you go to the store? Do you have any idea how horrible lunchables are? Unless you’ve turned it over and read the ingredient list and nutrition label, you may not! Check out this recipe instead and send them off with something that will nourish their bodies and keep them feeling good all day long.

Homemade Gluten-Free Vegan Copycat Pizza Bagel Bites (Allergy-Free)

Photo from strengthandsunshine.com

Do you remember pizza bagels? My mom used to buy them for my siblings and I when we were young. I don’t think she knew how bad they were for us. Check out the recipe above for a healthier (and gluten-free/vegan/allergy friendly) version!

Homemade Gluten-Free + Allergy-Free Uncrustables (Vegan)

Photo from strengthandsunshine.com

Remember crustables? I think my school used to put them in vending machines- meaning that these food like products had loads of preservatives to keep them from going ‘bad’. The original ones were just peanut butter and jelly, so why am I bringing them up in an article about nut free school lunches? These ones use sunbutter instead of peanut butter, making them nut free, home made, and healthy!

Homemade SpaghettiO’s (vegan)

Vegan Spaghettios in a white bowl next to a medium sized dark gray saucepan that was used to make it from scratch.My oldest used to eat regular spaghetti o’s when she was little, and when I worked full time. I was not a fan of her eating this stuff from a can. But, I didn’t have much of a say, the most I could do is make sure there was plenty of healthy food in the fridge for my husband to warm up and give her. And, home made spaghetti o’s was one of those things I would make! Which doesn’t have even nearly the amount of sodium, and no harmful ingredients in it, so go check it out and make it yourself. Be sure to have  good quality thermos to pack it in, too, to keep it warm til lunchtime.

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Microwave Gluten-Free + Vegan Mac & Cheese For One (Allergy-Free ‘Easy Mac’)

I don’t know a kid who doesn’t like mac and cheese! My girls will eat it no matter what, and we’ve tried quite a few different vegan versions. Check out this easy mac and cheese recipe and pack it up in a good quality thermos for them to take to school!


Photo from littlesunnykitchen.com

If your kids like their food to be colorful (and you’re a fan of them eating more veggies at school), then be sure to check out this simple pasta recipe!

Flatbread Pizza

Photo from littlesunnykitchen.com

Be sure to use non-dairy cheese if vegan. I usually just sub in nutritional yeast in place of cheese on foods like pizza and my three year old and I still love it! So maybe give that a try.


Photo from foodmeanderings.com

If your kids love quinoa, then this dish is a must try!

Vegan Tuna Salad (Made with Jackfruit, not Chickpeas!)

Photo from veryveganval.com

Looking for a classic tuna salad replacement that’s actually healthy (and doesn’t smell like fish)? Check out this recipe!

Air Fried Chickpeas

Welcome to my Air Fried Chickpeas recipe. A delicious blend of Mediterranean spices, a touch of olive oil and my trusted Air Fryer.
Photo from recipethis.com

These make for a great protein rich side with any lunch!


Photo from wereparents.com

Be sure to put this in a good quality thermos to keep it warm til lunch time!

Vegan “Chicken” Salad

Photo from makeitdairyfree.com


Photo from cookitrealgood.com

Don’t forget to add in home healthy snacks for your child to eat with their lunch to help keep them full! Check out this recipe and the next one for a couple of great ideas and recipes!

Healthy Date Loaf

Photo from cookitrealgood.com

Easy Vegan Black Bean Burgers

Photo from shivanilovesfood.com

Does your child want a burger for lunch because they keep seeing their friends get it from school? Try out this  burger recipe (that’s also nut free) for a healthy (meat-free) version!


Photo from vegannie.com

Vegan Tuna Salad

Photo from vegannie.com

Looking for a classic tuna salad replacement that’s actually healthy (and doesn’t smell like fish)? Check out this recipe!

Vegan Mac and Cheese Bites

Photo from avirtualvegan.com

Are you just as obsessed with these silicone baking cups as I am? If so, make these kid size portioned mac and cheese bites to send with your kids to school!

Cheese & Onion Crispy Roasted Chickpeas

Photo from avirtualvegan.com

Do your kids think they need something that tastes savory and cheesy in their lunch, like chips or popcorn? Check out this recipe and send them with these delicious chickpeas instead!

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It’s Not Too Hard to Find Nut Free School Lunch Ideas

As you can see, it’s not all that difficult to find healthy lunch ideas for kids that don’t have nuts in them.

Plus, if all else fails and you simply feel like giving them a classic PB&J sandwich with plain fruits and veggies, just switch out the peanut butter for sunbutter (sunflower seed butter) and there you go with a nut free lunch!

Do you have any other nut free school lunch ideas that I missed? Leave a comment below if so, or with your childs favorite nut free lunch!

Don’t forget to grab these templates to help you prepare for healthy school lunches!

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