6 Snacks For Kids That Start With The Letter B

Do you have trouble getting your children to eat healthy snacks throughout the day?

Or have trouble coming up with healthy snacks for your kids?

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I used to!

With my girls being picky eaters, especially my 5 year old; I’ve realized how truly difficult it is to have my girls eat healthy snacks. That’s why this past year my two girls and I had an A to Z healthy snack challenge.

Over 26 weeks we came up with over 130 healthy snacks to eat. Some of the snacks immediately became favorite snacks that we all want to have on hand, while others weren’t so great. (It may have been a recipe I found, or the fact that it was the first time I tried making it. Don’t give up on the ones that didn’t work for us!)

Let’s have a look back on those 26 weeks, one letter at a time! With each letter, will come at least 5 healthy snacks. So, if you’re looking for snacks for your kids at home, or snacks to bring in to your childs school that starts with a specific letter; you’ve come to the right place!

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Snacks that Start with B

This weeks’ challenge was focused on the letter B.

B was actually pretty easy. Probably because ‘bananas’ start with B, and my daughters and I love bananas! Plus, you need bananas in almost any type of smoothie you have.

And then, there’s banana ice cream, banana bread, and banana muffins.

Don’t worry, I didn’t go crazy baking this week. I only made two baked items this week; one of them turned out gooey and gross. Note to self; don’t try to substitute avocado for butter in a banana bread recipe. The other snacks turned out amazing!

This week in the challenge was also a little bit of a busier week in my home; my husband started his new job. So, after about 3 and a half years of working full time, I finally had a chance to feel what it’s like to be a stay at home mom. It can be hectic, to say the least, and I wouldn’t have imagined it any other way. But I’m enjoying it, and my girls are too.

If you missed the first week to this challenge, click here to catch yourself up, or get some ideas for snacks that start with the letter  A.

Peanut Butter Banana Ice Cream

But, lets get back to this weeks challenge, or should I say banana week! My husband hates bananas, so this week is just for us girls here.

We started the week off with peanut butter banana ice cream for breakfast.

Yes, that’s right, we had ice cream for breakfast.

Home made ice cream.

And why shouldn’t we?

It is actually extremely healthy and contains plenty of protein and vitamins and minerals to start off the day. The consistency was just like regular ice cream, probably because I used a food processor.

And, it only calls for 3 ingredients: bananas, peanut butter, and soy milk. I had it later in the week as well, but put some cocoa powder in it for a chocolate version! Delicious!

Check out the full recipe here: How to Make 6 Different Kinds of Vegan Ice Cream

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Banana Bread or Banana, Berries, and Peanut Butter

Tuesday was the day I had attempted to make the “healthy” banana bread. I’m not sure what I was thinking. Well, actually, I do know what I was thinking; I was trying to turn a recipe with a ton of butter and a couple eggs into a healthy vegan banana bread.

Baking wasn’t my strong suit, yet (update 2024 – after 6 years, vegan baking is now one my strongest skills!). But, since that was such a fail back then, my five year old helped improvise on what we would have Tuesday that started with B.

We had mixed berries and bananas…and she also had peanut butter on a spoon. Because how could she have a healthy snack without peanut butter!? She loves peanut butter! 

Update: I have finally figured out a Healthy and Delicious Vegan Banana Bread Recipe

Vegan banana bread on a cutting board, sliced and leaning on each other.

Banana with Peanut Butter and Toppings

On Wednesday, my husbands first day of work, my girls and I had two snacks that started with B; peanut butter banana with raisins and berry chia smoothies.

For the peanut butter banana with raisins;  I did not put raisins on my younger daughters snack, and my five year old ended up picking the raisins off separately. So, do what you think your child(ren) would like best if you try this one.

I didn’t have any chocolate chips on hand, but those would have been a win in my household.

And, don’t forget to brush your little ones teeth if they eat the raisins. They can stick to teeth quite well and have quite a bit of natural sugar. Unfortunately, I know how horrible it is for children to have cavities and have to have them filled.

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Berry Chia Smoothie

The second snack on Wednesday was our afternoon snack, berry chia smoothie.

My five year old absolutely loved this. Although, she loves anything I make with my nutribullet, especially if I try to make something for only for myself with it. She usually ends up having half of it…my younger daughter is starting to ask for my food too. My younger daughter wasn’t much of a fan of this one. I think she was just a little too little. Maybe when she can drink from a cup without a top she’ll enjoy this a little more.

Hand holding berry smoothie topped with coconut flakes with a blue striped straw.

Berry Popsicles

Thursday was another one of my five year olds favorite snacks, home made popsicles.

She was so excited when I told her we were making these. It took awhile to find our popsicle molds after the move. They were in the box with the tupperware, that my daughters had played with while I unpacked everything else. When I finally found them, in my daughters room, my older daughter helped make hers and I made the other one for my 2 year old.

These are actually quite easy to make. I simply took the berry chia smoothie I made on Wednesday, poured it into the molds and put them in the freezer. My old daughter also wanted to mash up some extra berries and put them in the molds for the popsicles.

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Blue Berry Muffins

Friday morning when I woke up, I tried my luck at baking again.

Blueberry muffins!!

I originally used a recipe I found online instead of trying to make my own. It’s just easier some days to use what’s already out there, instead trying to create something new. But, even with recipes that other people have created and shared, there’s still going to be a chance that someone doesn’t like them. My older daughter didn’t quite like these, she ended up picking the blueberries out and eating those. So her B snack for the day was blueberries, she ate more than what was just in her muffin. She actually ate the rest we had. My younger daughter, however, loved these. She made a mess with it and it was all over her tray, but she ate most of one. And, they go quite well with coffee, too!

* Since this challenge, I have created my own blueberry muffin recipe that everyone here is in love with! The picture below is from my recipe, I hope you enjoy it too, if you try it!*

Blueberry muffins with oats, alphabet snacks that start with b, these 3 blueberry muffins are shown from an overhead angle, have blueberries surrounding them and are on a white plate.

So, we had some hits and misses this week. But we got through this weeks challenge and are looking forward to next week. We already bought a cantaloupe, for less than $2. I love when it starts to get warmer out and fruit starts to get cheaper.

6 Snacks that start with B

  1. Peanut Butter Banana Ice Cream
  2. Banana Bread or Banana, Berries, and Peanut Butter
  3. Banana with Peanut Butter and Toppings
  4. Berry Chia Smoothie
  5. Berry Popsicles
  6. BlueBerry Muffins
snacks that start with b, letter b snacks, alphabet snacks, snacks for kids, healthy snacks, healthy snacks for kids
snacks that start with b

Please share if you found this useful. Go ahead and try this challenge out yourself with your kids; we all know it can be a challenge to get our children eating healthy, and the more options we have to choose from, the more we can all be successful at finding something they will actually eat!!

It’s easier to show them how delicious fruits and veggies are now, than waiting til they’re older and hoping they will eat healthy. This is something we need to teach them and lead by example with.

If you would like to find out all of the other snacks we had on this challenge, from the rest of the alphabet, you can!

Leave a comment with other snacks that start with B. And, don’t forget to check out snacks that start with the letter C!


Or, if you want an amazing bundle to help yourself and children be healthy, check out this bundle I created specifically for moms who want their children to eat better!

Don’t forget to check out Prep Through Play: Letters to teach your little ones the entire alphabet through fun games you can play with them. It’s like a mini curriculum to help get them ready for school!!

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