The Cutest Baby Costumes for Halloween 2019

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The Cutest Baby Costumes for Halloween 2019

The Cutest Baby Costumes for Halloween 2020

Did you have a baby within the past year liked I did and are now starting to wonder what you should dress them up as for Halloween? If so, you’ll want to check out the cutest baby costumes for Halloween this year, below!

These costumes were hand picked by myself, so I know they are the cutest!

You will find costumes for infants, both boys and girls, along with some gender neutral costumes (like an avocado costume!).

Be sure to click through and check them out, some of the prices are a great buy, and some are even available on Prime, so be sure to sign up for that if you aren’t already! Get a free 30 day trial here.

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The Cutest Baby Costumes for Halloween 2019

The Most Adorable Baby Girl Halloween Costumes

Baby Unicorn

This baby unicorn costume for Halloween would be absolutely adorable! Though, my 3 and 6 year old would never let their youngest sister out of it! I’m not sure what it is about Unicorns lately, but they seem to be everywhere.


Infant Flamingo Costume

Maybe you prefer something a little more unique and pink this year for your baby. Then purchase this cute little flamingo costume on Amazon!


Little Monster

Ever call your beautiful baby girl a monster? Yeah, me too! Actually, there’s times when all three of my girls seem like monsters, but that’s another story for another time. Look at how cute that monster costume is, though!


Little Lamb Costume

I think the infant costumes just keep getting cuter as the years go on, I don’t remember a costume this cute being available 6 years ago when my oldest was baby. Click on the image to go get it for your own baby girl!

Sunflower Baby

Is your precious bundle of joy your little ray of sunshine! Does she light up your day like a sunflower? Then go check out this costumer for Halloween, available on Amazon, by clicking the link!


Little Bunny

Or, your little one reminds you a bit more of a bunny. Who knows, maybe she’ll be able to wear this costume twice; now for Halloween and then again for Easter!


Alice in Wonderland Costume for Infants

If you aren’t a fan of pink, check out this adorable Alice in Wonderland outfit for your baby girl!

Kitten Costume

This kitten costume is adorable, even if allergic to cats, you can still pretend your precious baby girl is a kitten; at least with all the cat naps they have!


Baby Tink!

Do you love fairy’s or Tinkerbell? Or, do you think it would be cute for your little girl to? My oldest wore a Tinkerbell costume for Halloween a few years ago, had a Tinkerbell canopy toddler bed, with the full bedding and comforter set and piggy bank! Now she’d rather unicorns and Jojo Siwa stuff. But, for now, for you, when they are babies, you get to choose what they wear!



Baby Avocado

Are you a healthy nut like me?? Then this is the perfect Halloween costume for your infant this year! No having to worry about an avocado shortage with your little cutie being one!

A Calf

I wasn’t going include a baby cow costume in this article, but this costume was just so cute and is perfect for either baby girls or boys!


A Cub Infant Costume (available in pink or brown)

Do you have mama bear instincts? If so, get this cub costume to match your protective nature!


Duckling Costume for Babies

Do you want your little one to be like a duckling; that is, to follow you wherever you go and know that you are their mother? Check out this costume by clicking on the image above!


Baby Skunk

Let’s face it, babies sometimes stink! Why not buy them a costume to match this year for Halloween!



Winnie the Pooh

Fan of Winnie the Pooh? Maybe you should have your little one where this costume on Halloween! Just bee sure not to give them honey.


Little Boy Bunny

Your little boy could be the Easter Bunny for Halloween (and maybe Easter, too, if it still fits!) And yes, the carrot is a rattle and comes with the costume!

Baby Wolf

Want your little boy to have a bit tougher looking costume? Try this adorable baby wolf costume!


Baby Super Man Costume

Or, maybe your infant son is a super baby!! Get him his very own superhero costume and cape!


Baby T- Rex

Are you or your husband obsessed with Jurassic Park? Then this would be the perfect costumer for your little boy!


Little Monster

I don’t have a little boy, but I’m sure he’d be an adorable little monster like above, if I did!


Baby Dragon

Or, maybe, you have a little boy who is more like a fire breathing dragon? Don’t worry, this costume doesn’t really breath fire, just pretend that’s what the spit up and drool is!


Which Infant Costume Will You Choose?

I know, it’s hard to decide between the ones above! But, if one interests you, even if it’s not perfect, still click through to it to see what Amazon recommends.

Who knows, maybe you’ll find costumes for the whole family and have them delivered right to your front door in 2 days with free shipping with Amazon Prime.

Honestly, there is no better way to going shopping, even for the cutest baby costumes for Halloween!

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