2 Week Vegan Meal Plan With Back Up Meals!

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In this article you will find a 2 week vegan meal plan. The exact meal plan I used for my family of 5. With backup meals included!

…Because kids seem to go through growth spurts at the most unexpecting times

…And, I’m probably not the only one who can’t find flour and other regular vegan staple items right now…

If you’re trying to cut down on the amount of trips you’re taking to the grocery; whether it’s to save gas (money), time, or to comply better with stay at home orders during the 2020 pandemic. Then the meal plan below is for you!

2 week vegan meal plan and pdf vegan meal plan and grocery list

To give you some reference, the vegan meal plan below was created for my own family for two weeks. This is food for 2 adults, a 7 year old going through a growth spurt, 4 year old, and a 9 month old who is doing baby led weaning (real food, not ‘baby food’)

Unlike the last vegan meal plan I posted on this site, this one is for 2 weeks and is focused on nutrient dense comfort foods. (The last vegan meal plan was super budget friendly and for a family of 4.)

Before we get into the meal plan, let me first answer a few common questions people have about vegan meal planning. That way, you can have a little more knowledge when you’re trying to create your own meal plan.

What is a good vegan meal plan?

A good vegan meal plan focuses on whole foods!

Yep, it’s really as simple as that; focus on getting as many foods that can be grown from the ground, onto your kitchen table.

If you have a backyard garden and can eat from there, even better, especially if you can get your kids into it!

To get a little more specific, you can think about myplate (just sub water in where they put dairy, because we all know dairy is not needed in the diet and can cause so many different issues in the body).

For example, make sure you are getting a little protein, some carbs, and mostly produce for breakfast, probably fruit. 

Snacks should be similar to breakfasts.

Lunch and dinner should have about the same, protein, carbs, and then mostly veggies.

Of course, not all meals are like that. You’ll see that below. 

There is no such thing as a perfect meal plan.

I know, I know, such a let down. But, it’s true, and it took me quite a few years to get over the fact that there is no perfect meal plan.

The best thing you can do is avoid processed foods and eat whole, natural foods.

What does a vegan meal plan look like?

Vegan meal plans look different depending on the type of food you and your family enjoy eating.

For example, my family doesn’t like mushrooms, I know, so sad, because they offer so many great nutrients. But, we just find other food to eat to get our vitamins and minerals, no big deal!

But, a very quick example would be;

Of course, there are many combinations you can make, more than one person could probably ever come up with alone.

How do vegans lose weight fast?

Losing weight while being vegan isn’t something I usually write about, I focus more on health and feeding kids. 

However, it is relatively easy to lose weight while being vegan. And, not because there’s nothing you can eat. But, it’s because if you’re eating a whole food plant based vegan diet, then you’re eating the food that is intended to be consumed by humans.

When you eat food that humans are intended to eat, then it does what it’s needed to do, which is to keep us alive and thriving. It doesn’t cling to our bodies like processed food does; our body doesn’t know what to do with processed foods, which is why it doesn’t feed our cells.

It’s said that America is overfed and undernourished; this is why. We may eat and eat and eat, but if we don’t eat the right food, then our cells don’t get the food they need to be nourished and work properly.

That is how vegans who eat whole foods can lose weight so quickly.

OK, Now Onto The Two Week Meal Plan For A Family of 5!

I don’t know about you and the way you meal plan, but I’ll quickly go over the way I have currently been meal planning lately; especially since I haven’t personally stepped foot into a grocery store in almost a month, and there is always something that the store was out of that I needed.

  • Step one: research meals! Of course, there are always staple meals that our family loves and that we eat all the time, but I like to get at least one new meal in our rotation at least every couple of weeks. But, I also look at my fridge and cupboard at this point to see what needs to get used up before going bad, or what food we already have to base meals off of.
  • Step two: estimate how many meals the recipe will make and ensure I have enough days worth of food planned. Depending on how much food there will be and how much each person generally eats at a time.
  • Step three:  write the grocery list. At this step I’ll go through each recipe and write down what I need and omit what I have in the cupboards. And, to be honest, I failed at looking in the cupboards with one of our dinner recipes while writing this out. So, instead of having bow pasta with our vegan alfredo sauce, it’ll be penne with vegan alfredo or elbow pasta with it.
  • Step four: schedule the meals. For a two week meal plan, scheduling meals is super important. Need to make sure we use up the more perishable foods first. Which is how I set up the meal plan below.

Now, for the first meal of the day…

Maple syrup being poured from a white pourer onto fluffy vegan oatmeal pancakes with blueberries on top. These easy vegan oatmeal pancakes have no egg, no banana, and are easy to make.

Vegan Breakfasts

In our home breakfasts are usually pretty simple and easy. 

My husband doesn’t usually eat breakfast, and if he does, he adds what he wants to the cart and then gets it himself.

For the kids and me, there’s a selection of breakfast options I make sure we have or get ingredients for, and then we eat what we’re in the mood to eat.

For the next two weeks those meals are:

  • Oat pancakes with fruit on top (which I would make a few batches and then freeze)
  • Blueberry muffins (which I would make a few batches and then freeze)
  • Smoothies
  • Waffles with fruit on top (which I would make a few batches and then freeze)
  • Fruity moods
  • Fruit and baby cookies (banana, oats, coconut oil)

Back up breakfasts:


Any ‘fruit on top’ is frozen fruit that’s warmed up and added to the top.

Currently, I can probably only make 1 or 2 batches of oat pancakes because they require half oat flour and half all purpose flour; my husband has not been able to find all purpose flour for the past month and we’re running out.

I may not end up making the waffles because of the lack of all purpose flour.

The blueberries in the muffins and oatmeal start as frozen blueberries and the muffins are made with only oat flour (made from old fashioned oats).

Fruity moods will only be on the menu for the first week of the two week meal plan as they require fresh fruit. (The rest of the ingredients are nuts/seeds and non-dairy milk.)

Since most of the breakfasts in the selection aren’t really perishable, I don’t ‘schedule’ breakfasts.

*A baby friendly blueberry muffin recipe, 4 different flavors of overnight oats, and fruity moods recipe will be available in my soon to release ‘Vegan and Kid Friendly E-cookbook’!

salad. simple salad, salad with croutons, lettuce, tomatoes, red onion

Vegan Lunches

Lunch is similar, except my husband does eat lunch (and at home).

Our selection of lunches generally consist of a few basic lunches, an actual recipe or two that hopefully lasts a couple of days, leftovers, or back up meals. 

The selection for lunches for these next two weeks are:

Backup meals: 

  • pasta and veggies 
  • vegan nuggets
  • vegan chik patties


The mac and cheese recipe I use usually lasts us 3 to 5 lunches.

Salads are loosely scheduled for the first week.

*My go to salad recipe is available in ‘Vegan and Kid Friendly E-cookbook’!

Frustrated trying to come up with a meal plan every week?

Grab this healthy two week vegan meal plan now and gain the confidence you need to know you won’t be ordering out!

Grab the PDF Meal Plan Now!!

vegan stuffed shells, vegan dinner, tofu spinach ricotta

Vegan Dinners

Dinner is where I focus most of my meal planning efforts, as most people probably do. It’s the only meal that I know everyone will eat at the same time AND eat the same thing.

Because of that, and because in these times we want to try to avoid extra trips to the store, we need to be intentional about when we schedule each meal.

With dinners, or any meal really, we need to make sure we make the meals with the most perishable foods first. Aka, fruits and veggies.

So, this is the 2 week vegan meal plan for dinners:

Back up meals:

  • Spaghetti (we always get two boxes of spaghetti when we get it- it’s a great back up meal that is super quick and easy to make and no one ever complains about it!)
  • Quinoa stew (super easy and cheap- if bell peppers are chopped and frozen then the ingredients aren’t as perishable)


The lentils for the tacos are the same lentils I use for sloppy joes, so follow that recipe.

My kids do not like curry, yet. They’ve tried it multiple times and will not eat it, which is why they get an alternative meal. I’m hopeful they will like it in the future. If your children like curry, then by all means, don’t offer the alternative.

healthy kid snacks, strawberry cheesecake smoothie, healthy smoothie, smoothie for kids, vegan cheesecake smoothie

Vegan Snacks for Kids

To be completely honest, I don’t plan snacks.

However, I have kids so snacks happen regardless of being planned or not.

For snacks, I simply make sure there’s plenty of fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, nut butters, and baking ingredients in the house.

Sometimes it’s as simple as a cutie (clementine) with a handful of nuts. 

Sometimes it’s these chickpea cookies. 

Other times we have smoothies or make berry ice cream.

It’s really just ever what we feel like eating and have in the house to eat.

The only thing we actually have to keep in mind is to not use key ingredients that we have planned for other meals. For example, if we only have one can of chickpeas and no dried chickpeas (this never happens!) then we would have to save the chickpeas for the curry and not make chickpea cookies.

Over time, you may find this strategy for snacks works for you and your family. 

Or, you may find that over time, this tactic doesn’t work and you need to ration out (pre-make) snacks for your kids. Everyones different, what I do works for myself and kids while they are 9 months, 4 years, and 7 years old. In a couple years, it may not work anymore, who knows!

You Have the 2 Week Vegan Meal Plan, Now What?

Now, you need to go through each recipe, check your cupboard for ingredients, and write down what you DON’T have onto your grocery list. Or, write it down on a white board and then write it down in an organised fashion on your grocery list, separating the items on the list by where they are in the store; this way you save time and don’t have to be there any longer than absolutely necessary!

Grab the PDF grocery list for this 2 week meal plan here (vegan meal plan and grocery list pdf)!

Then go get your groceries. Or, order them online to pick up or be delivered. Whatever you feel most comfortable with.

2 week vegan meal plan and pdf vegan meal plan and grocery list

What to do when you have your groceries home (during the Pandemic)

I am not a health professional, so do what you feel is best to do for your situation.

Do your own research.

 If you want to wipe all packages down with clorox or lysol wipes, up to you. 

Want to leave non-perishables in your garage for a couple days; your choice.

Want to put your groceries away like usual, but then treat them as if the outside packaging is contaminated for the next few days and wash your hands after everytime you touch any of them; you’re not alone.

Produce may be another cause for concern.

Buying them prepackaged may be beneficial, because then you’ll only have to worry about removing the packaging and then wash like usual.

*Tip: What I have always done for most of my produce (mostly smaller produce like berries, grapes, tomatoes, etc) is give them a bath in a water and vinegar mixture. Lately, I’ve added baking soda to the mixture and let my girls stir it around, to have it make a fizzing sound.

Washing produce like this helps it last longer in the fridge, which is why I’ve always done it.

Next up, Vegan Meal Prepping

Either the same day you get your groceries, or the next day if need be; you should meal prep anything that makes sense.

This way you save yourself time in the future, save money from not wasting food or ordering in, and save your sanity by knowing you have an easy meal to pull out and eat (or heat up to eat).

For this meal plan I’d recommend making any foods that freeze well, if you have room in your freezer. For example;

  • Pancakes
  • Muffins
  • Waffles 

Also, make the homemade jam, chop up veggies for salads, tacos, and sloppy joes.

*At one point a few weeks ago I bought a bunch of bell peppers, chopped them up and froze them; now it’s super easy whenever a recipe calls for them.

I chose the pasta alfredo with broccoli for dinner on Saturday, the day you should get your groceries and meal prep, for a reason; it’s relatively easy and no dinner complaints!

Other than the frozen breakfasts you meal prepped, the vegan mac and spaghettios; the other breakfast and lunch recipes are quite simple and should only take a few active minutes to make.

For dinners, make them the first night you would eat them if you’re working from home.

If you don’t work from home, then you’ll want to make sure you chop all veggies and prep what you can before you go to work; this is what I did when I was working outside of the home. It takes a little more planning and being intentional, but it’s worth it!

For in depth meal prep directions, where I tell you exactly when to make each meal to make sure it’s made when it should be and making it easier on yourself and family, sign up to receive weekly emails and get the PDF ‘2 Week Vegan Meal Prep Plan’ here, including the shopping list and easy to read meal plan! Don’t worry, it’s not that difficult, just follow the simple directions.

More Resources for Planning Vegan Family Meals:

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2 week vegan meal plan and pdf vegan meal plan and grocery list

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